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Abuse, Sexual: The multidimensionality of sexual abuse, rape, and incest.

Adult Sex Education Videos: Pay per view educational videos with adult themes

Aerobic Orgasm Exercise: Dance or exercise your way to orgasm

Anal Sex & Intercourse: Information about anal sex, specifically how to make it pleasurable

Anatomy: Anatomy of the clitoris, vulva, and internal organs.

Anatomy Research, New: Anatomy Related - Information about past and present anatomy research

Androgens & Androgen Deficiency: The hormones of female sexual desire and the absence of desire

Anorgasmia: A Struggle for Control: Presents a possible cause for and solution to the absence of orgasm, and explores the urinary tracts role in female sexuality.

Arousal, Perception of: A Q&A that examines a woman's mental perception of physical sexual arousal


Better Teen Sex: Advice on how to avoid and overcome the sexual challenges teens and young adults frequently experience

Breast Anatomy: General information about the breasts.

Birth Control and STD's: Learn about birth control and sexually transmitted infections, and possible ways of avoiding them

Body Image: Photos and illustrations reveal what "real" women's bodies, breasts, and vulva look like.

Breasts, Natural: What breasts truly look like

Breast Size, Ideal: What size is most common and desired?


Casual Sex: Is it common for young adults to engage in casual sex and hookups, and what is the orgasm gap?

Clitoral Adhesions: Information about how the clitoral hood may adhere to the clitoral glans

Clitoral Massage: A guide to massaging the vulva and clitoris

Clitoris, Locating: How to locate the clitoris

Clitoris in 3D, The Internal: Most of the Clitoris is Hidden Inside the Body

Communication: Links to sexual communication resources is provided

Cunnilingus: Information about oral stimulation of the vulva and clitoris

Cunnilingus - How to Guide: Advice on how to perform cunnilingus


Desire, Sexual: Information about female sexual desire

Desire, the Experience of: How women experience sexual desire

Desire's Influence on Behavior & Risk Taking: The hormones and pheromones of sexual desire alter our behavior

Development: Information about the development of the clitoris prior to birth

Disability: Information about how disabilities influence female sexuality

Dissatisfaction, Sexual: A discussion and information about female sexual dissatisfaction


Emotional Response: Nonsexual Response to Sexual Stimuli: A woman may anticipate nonsexual responses to sexual situations and believe them to be sexual

Educational Videos: Pay per view educational videos provided by The New School of Erotic Touch

Enhancement: Information about ways in which women modify their clitoris and vulva


Fantasies: Information about female sexual fantasies

Fantasies, Shared: Women share their sexual fantasies

Female Ejaculation: Learn the facts about female ejaculation and the G-Spot

Female Figure Studies I: What women truly look like under their cloths

Female Figure Studies II: What women truly look like under their cloths

Female Hygiene, Smegma and Clitoral Hood Adhesions: Explores the function and care of the clitoral hood

Female Orgasm on DVD: List and description of DVDs that feature real female orgasms

Fisting: Basic information about vaginal and anal fisting.

Flat Stomachs are Abnormal and Harmful: The media is sending a harmful message

Fluids, Female Body: Information about the different body fluids that a woman's body produces


The G-Spot & Female Ejaculation Reexamined: Why do women have a G-Spot and squirt?

Gender Wars and the Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction: Some doctors are trying to use public pressure to force the FDA to approve treatment of female sexual dissatisfaction


Half of All Teens and Young Adults Experience Sexual Challenges and Distress: Examines the nature and frequency of sexual challenges faced by teens and young adults

Health: Information about how female sexuality is influenced by a woman's general health

Hormone Levels: The hormone levels throughout the menstrual cycle

Hygiene: Proper care of your vulva and vagina

Hymen: Anatomy Related - Information about the hymen and what they look like


Ladies Do You Measure Up?: Some blame the female anatomy for lack of orgasm during intercourse.


Masturbation: Information about female masturbation

Masturbation Experiences: The masturbation techniques and experiences of women who have visited this website.

Masturbation Methods: Information about female masturbation techniques

Masturbation Statistics: Statistical information about female masturbation

Media's Influence on Body Image: The media is sending a harmful message

Menstruation and Sex: Information about engaging in sexual activities during a woman's menstrual period


Nervous System, The Female Sexual: An in depth study of the sexual communication pathways of the body.

Nipple Piercing: Basic information on female nipple piercing


Orgasm and Sexual Arousal: Information about female sexual arousal and orgasm

Orgasm: Did She? Is there an easy way to know and should you ask?

Orgasm, Importance of During Partnered Sex: Many individuals are over or under estimating the importance their female partner assigns orgasm during their sexual activities.

Outercourse: An Alternative to Intercourse


Piercing, Female Genital: Placement, jewelry, risks, and benefits

Positions for Intercourse: A pictorial guide to sexual positions that can be utilized

Premature Ejaculation - Why Does Sex End With It?: Society and couples often assume a sexual experience is over when a man ejaculates, but it doesn't have too.

Pre-orgasmic Women: Information for women who have not experienced orgasm

Prostate Gland, Female: Information about the female prostate gland

Pubic Trimming and Shaving: Information about trimming and shaving the pubic hair

Pubic Trimming and Shaving, Shared Techniques: Women share their shaving secrets


Questions and Answers: Visitor's questions regarding female sexuality are answered


Risk, the Clitoris at: The clitoris is at risk in many societies and cultures


Secret to Great Sex, The: It probably is not what you would expect

Secret to More Female Orgasms, The: Learn how to have more orgasms

Sensitivity of Female Erogenous Zones: The sensitivity of potential erogenous zone varies among women

Sexual Orientation: This complex subject is explored

Sexually Stimulating the Vagina: Techniques and methods for stimulating the vagina

Size, Clitoral & Labial: Information about the normal range in sizes for the labia and clitoris

Size, the Truth About Size: Information about women's preferences regarding objects inserted vaginally

Surveys, Female Sexuality: Surveys that allow women to indicate their sexual experiences, feelings, and desires.

Surveys, Archived: Results of closed surveys, presented graphically.


Tampons: Information about the insertion of tampons and health risks associated with them


Urethra, The Female: Basic information about the female urethra


Vagina, Anatomy of: Anatomy and function of the vagina

Vagina, Locating Your: A guide to locating and exploring your vagina

Vagina, Sexually Stimulating the: Techniques and methods for stimulating the vagina

Vaginal Infections: General information about common vaginal infections

Vaginal Intercourse: Discussion about vaginal intercourse, why it is different for each woman

Vaginal Orgasms: Information about why vaginal orgasms do not occur as often as expected

Video, Female Orgasm on: List and description of videos that feature real female orgasms

Virginity: Information about virginity, sexual development, and first experiences with vaginal intercourse

Vulva, Anatomy of: Detailed discussion of the anatomy of the vulva and clitoris

Vulva, Artwork: Plaster castings of the vulva

Vulva, Photographic Guide to the: See the natural diversity that exists


Weight, Appropriate Body: How much should women truly weight?

Who Isn't Having Sex: Every teen is not participating in vagina intercourse

Women's Sexual Experiences: Women relate their sexual experiences

This index was first published April 8, 2000