Is there anyway to make my clitoris larger, and what is clit pumping?

Question: I love your website, it's so informative! I'm a 25 y/o woman and my question regards clitoris size. First of all my clitoris works wonderfully, but after reading your section on massage of the clitoris, and reading how men could possibly grip it with two fingers or more, I decided I wanted that. I also saw two pictures of women with some sort of clitoral pump, one looked like a syringe. I was interested in knowing where I can get one of these. I have also heard on the Oprah show about a device by prescription only I think it was called Aero something or other and it was a little clitoral pump designed to increase blood flow, and sexual pleasure. Do you know if I can get one of those somewhere other than prescription? I hope you answer my questions. I would really appreciate it.

Answer: (Webmaster's Note: This Q&A dates from 2001, I don't believe the device mentioned here ever became as popular as the manufacturer had hoped. Ten years later, little information is available about it on the Internet.) The Eros-CTD is the device you heard about on television. This is the FDA approved "clit pump." This device costs around $400, and requires a doctor's prescription.

The woman in the picture you mention is using modified syringe, which are inexpensive and likely readily available. You simply take the plunger out, cut the needle end of, and insert the plunger back into the cylinder from the needle end; the opposite end from which you took it out. You then place the end where the finger tabs are located, and nice and smooth, around your clitoris.

Note: The other photograph, on the page linked to above, shows a woman using a vacuum cylinder designed to pump the nipples and clitoris.

You can also find suitable suction devices in the childcare section of your local store, including a syringe intended to dispense liquid medications. Hiking and outdoor stores often carry snakebite kits that have little suction cups in them.

I do not believe you will experience a significant amount of clitoral enlargement by applying suction to your clitoris. The woman shown in the photo was born with a large clitoris. If you are careful and dedicated you may experience slight clitoral enlargement, if you do this on a daily bases for several months; perhaps prior to a daily masturbation session.

The key thing with clit pumping is to use increasing amounts of time and light suction. Start with five minutes a day and only enough suction to be able to feel it. Too much suction will cause pain and potentially rupture blood vessels and damage your erectile tissues.

You have to do it frequently, as you want to keep your clitoris filled with blood for extended periods of time. It is one of those things where you want to do it for five minutes twice a day, at bedtime and before rising, versus thirty minutes once a week. Go slow and be gentle, and do not expect too much in the beginning.