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My boyfriend and I have regular sex but sometimes I don't feel like sex because his cock is huge but I am still horny.

He bought me a little vibrator and he loves to watch me tease myself and push it in and out of my pussy and rub it on my clit. He likes to stare at it going in an out so I usually sit just below his cock on his upper thighs with my legs spread, panties off facing him. Usually as I do it he slowly strokes his cock till im close to orgasm, then he speeds up and then cums all over me, when this happens I cum so hard!

Passionate Semi-Nude Couple Making Eye Contact
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My partner and I have a variety of ways to masturbate together. Being in  our fifties we both cum slower than we did in our younger years, but it gives us time to enjoy lots of playing and looking. I'll lay on my back and he'll play with my tits while I start to warm myself up. While my right hand and fingers play with my warm, soft pussy my left hand finds his hard cock. Squeezing at the base it brings him harder. I run my fingers all over and gently stroke...I feel him up just imagining how each part of his cock would feel inside me. His hands drift from my tits and he touches my hands...feeling himself with me...then moving his hand and feeling me touch myself. It can't be much more intimate than that...touching each other while touching yourself. As my excitement builds he keeps his hand on my pussy hand...and I just hold his cock tightly...he holds me tightly in a warm embrace as I turns into a mind body quivering orgasm. After relaxing a bit I sit between his wide spread legs and begin a slow massage to his balls, cock and ass hole. With candles flickering I rub olive oil all over his crotch. He loves it for me to finger his ass while I stroke his cock...his hands join mine in massaging everything. When he gets really excited he takes over stroking his cock. He loves to go slow and feel himself as he goes. With my pussy pressed as close to him as possible the back of my hand rubs my mound as I finger his ass. I can tell by the look on his face and the speed of his stroking when he's getting ready to cum. We get into a zone and we are rocking together. With my finger inside him, thrusting my pussy, it's just like I'm fucking him with my own cock! Ah he cums...I love watching him...he knows that and always tries to make it last as long as possible and puts on a little show for me 


H. (18)
I've always loved masturbating, but none of my boyfriends/girlfriends were comfortable with mutual masturbation, so I didn't get to enjoy this experience until a few months ago with a close friend of mine. We have a really interesting friendship, because my recent ex-girlfriend actually cheated on me with him, and then left me to be with him, but when I got to know him we got to be really good friends. We like to talk about sex and fantasies and masturbating, so one night we were spending the night at a friend's house after a night of hanging out, and we shared a bed and chatted for a while because that's just what we do. So I got really horny, and I told him that I often like to play with myself before I go to sleep because it tires me out and I fall asleep faster, and he said he likes to do the same; so after a while of more chatting he asked if I would like to join him while he masturbated, and I said "OK" and I took off my pants and my panties. He lied on his back, and I propped myself up on my knees and one hand as I watched him. I was a little embarrassed, but not in a shameful way, because of my unorthodox technique and the newness of being watched while I play with myself; but I liked the nervousness, it reminded me of stories and descriptions I've heard/read about being a young curious teenager, mutually masturbating with a friend, seeing someone being aroused and sexual for the first time or being showed how to do it.



When I was in high school in the 1975, I had my first true Girlfriend Nancy for the entire school year in our sophomore year. We could talk about everything to A to Z and we did - How long each of us had been masturbating, it seemed that we both started about the same time in our lives about 8 or so. She told me this but was not practicing it anymore at this as she had got caught masturbating in her bed this way; she would lay on her stomach starting at the foot of her bed, placing her arm under herself to her vagina and slowly crawled up her bed, I can only think it looked like a caterpillar so by the time she was at the head of the bed she would have had a her orgasm.

So my masturbating as for any male, is the standard way; Be on my back and rubbing the 'stick' until you shot your 'baby fluid' all over yourself, I sometimes used a pair of girls' underwear to catch the messy fluid. She demonstrated to me how she was masturbating at this time; She would kneel down on the floor legs behind her, spread her legs apart and place her palm of her hand flat on the floor, and move in to rub her forearm on her clitoris and labia's, once she started, she don't notice anything around, I wish I could use my forearm, but I was not able to talk her into that.

We also had sexual contact, her bra and underwear off and I also looking like that, naked when we had the time to do this as Nancy would babysit for someone or her parents were on the weekend trips.

She did it her way on me, on my back, but that was OK I still shot my baby juices on her some of the times... I would rub her clitoris the 'old fashion way' her on her back, and learned to tongue her clitoris and vagina opening to her great thrashing orgasms.

She was a virgin when we started dating and was a virgin when we broke up.

This photo looks like her

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The series of poses to start the way Nancy masturbated

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getting ready  [Photos were missing from submission] start the feeling hand positioning [Photos were missing from submission] lean into your arm [Photos were missing from submission] to masturbate  of the moment knees to floor and start rubbing.



My wife and I have been married for 40 years and for the past 21 have never had intercourse of any kind.  She thoroughly enjoys masturbating herself while making me watch.  I am NEVER allowed to touch her.  We used to masturbate together and then two years ago she suggested that I just watch her enjoying herself and when she is through she leaves the room without my being able to masturbate.  She tells me she absolutely loves to be in complete control and that if I want to masturbate then I should do so out of her sight.  After 21 years of not being allowed to touch her, I am stuck with it forever.  Sure do wish she would at least let me touch her once in a while but she insists she has too much fun reaching her own orgasm. 



I found this site one day while searching for erotica and masturbation stories. To my surprise I found something much better, a site will real women write about their own experience and encounters wow. I think this site is great and keep up the good work. I think female self pleasure and orgasms are the most beautiful thing

My wife like most women here is aroused by watching lesbian porn. Sometimes we watch it together while we mutually masturbate or making love. I am one of the luckiest guys on earth because my wife can achieve clitoral orgasms, vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasms, orgasms from nipple stimulation, and even orgasms from kegels.

Recently I purchased a DVD "Budapest part 1" but I didn't tell my wife about it. I left for a business trip and a few days after being gone I told her about the DVD. We were chatting via webcam and I told her that I wanted to watch her enjoy the film and herself while I did the same. She was immediately aroused and excited by this. I told her where to find the film and she popped it in. She slowly undressed revealing her glistening vulva and began to softly run her hands up and down her pussy. She focused the camera only on her pussy while I watched intently listening to the films sex scenes intensify, my wife began to press her clitoris and dip her finger into her pussy very gently and deep. This was almost more than I could handle as I squeezed and rub myself on camera for her. Her pussy begin to pulsate as the film progressed and the rhythmic dance of her fingers from her clit pressing to rubbing to fingering slowly increased in pace leading to a wonderful orgasm as I watched her juices run out of her pussy and onto the tip of her finger. She took her hand and spread her pussy open as I watched it pulsate sending my own cum flowing out. This session left us both desperately awaiting my return.



After many years of marriage, I didn't know quite what to expect with my first girlfriend after separation.  She is mid thirties very hot, and the sex was fantastic.  What a change from unimaginative wifely duty sex. 

My wife would never talk about sex, but I figured I had nothing to lose with a new girlfriend.  So I asked her masturbate for me.  I didn't think she had heard me, so I let it go.  Anyway the next night during foreplay, she suddenly straddles my hips while I am on my back, smiles at me and proceeds to masturbate to orgasm.  One hand between her legs and the other on her breasts.  It was amazing.  I had one hand on my cock and the other on her breast.  She had the most incredible orgasm and I brought myself to orgasm soon after.  She keeps her pussy waxed so the sight is amazing!

A couple of nights later she did it again while lying on her back and me watching.  Again she had an intense orgasm.  She then asked me to masturbate but soon changed her mind and gave me a mind blowing blow job.

I travel a lot and we now chat on the computer at least twice a week while I am away.  We each describe how we would like to have sex while we each masturbate to orgasm.  It is fascinating to watch her typing slow as she gets close to orgasm. 

All this has been a revelation to me.  I asked her if this is something she did with previous boyfriends but she says I am the first.  Though she was clearly experienced at masturbating.  She also admitted that while she loves putting on a show for me she does not get turned on by watching me masturbate.  I guess I can live with that!

Clearly a lot of mutual pleasure can be lost through poor communication

Sam and Kate

My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and are both in our mid 50's. Prior to our marriage while having sex, I accidentally pulled out. Before I could reinsert my penis she started rubbing the outside of her pussy. I just watched her, mesmerized.  She continued and then started rubbing her clit faster. I was so turned on by this I started stroking my cock and we both came very intensely.  It was the best orgasm i ever had. Since then we have incorporated mutual masturbation into our sex lives on a very regular basis.

Usually I start by during foreplay by slowly rubbing her and exploring her entire pussy, inside and out. I get her to a very excited point and then draw back and just play with her more lightly.  She can't handle that for very long and then moves her hand down there and rubs herself.  i like to pull back and watch, sometimes kissing her and telling her how turned on I am watching her.

Pretty soon she gets lost in herself and uses two hands, one pulling back her pussy exposing herself and the other hand franticly rubbing her clit.  By this time my cock is so hard and I am stroking myself. Sometimes I'll fuck her mouth while she is making herself come and sometimes I kneel next to her so she can watch me too. She comes very hard and so do I shooting my cum on her tits an stomach. Sometimes I'll hold off and after she relaxes a bit wants me to fuck her. She usually comes again right away, and needless to say I am so turned on by it all I come rather quickly as well. We also like to watch each other in the shower, she uses the shower head on her clit while I pump away on my cock.

Masturbating together has been a wonderful part of our sex life as you are opening up a very private part of yourself to your partner.


I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 29 (yes I know big age difference but it works for us) This is my mutual masturbation experience with him. We love having sex but sometimes we like to just touch and feel each other and he really loves when we masturbate each other. So anyway we have a few different techniques, one is to lay on our sides and touch each other while making out. The next is facing each other in a sitting up position while my hand is on his dick and his hands are on my pussy. Our favorite way to masturbate together is for him to lay on his back and me to kneel above him. When in this position I usually sink down around him for a second to get him well lubricated then he begins to masturbate with my wetness. While he's doing this I'm rubbing my fingers in and out of myself playing with my g-spot. Sometimes he reaches up with his left hand and rubs my clit. I'm a squirter so my boyfriend likes me to squirt on his dick. This usually makes him cum about a second after I'm done and then I usually taste our essence together. Masturbating together is a great way for people in a relationship to feel closer and really enjoy each other. Sometimes its not all about penetration and can be so amazing to just pleasure each other with mouths and hands. Happy masturbating. =)


Hi, my name is Margret.  I am 51 years old and I masturbate at least daily.  Often more then that.  This site is about techniques, so here is one I have not seen on here before. 

About 20 years ago, I was at a semi secluded park with a male friend of mine.  I was wearing a skirt and pantyhose. We were playing around and he was rubbing my pussy.  I know this doesn't sound like masturbation, but bare with me.  I love penetration and he wanted slip a finger or two into me to help me along, but the pantyhose were getting in the way.  So, he took out his Swiss Army pen knife and used the scissors to cut out the padded center panel of the pantyhose.  I never wear panties with my pantyhose, so he had full access and I had an orgasm. 

Now comes the masturbation part.  The tight pantyhose pressed the outer lips of my pussy together such that when I walked it rubbed my clit in the most delightful way.  Just a short walk would get me all worked up.  When we got back to the office and I started to climb a long flight of stairs . . . OMG.  I had to stop on the landing and hold onto the railing while I had an orgasm.  Good thing no one noticed.  I had to stop again at the top of the stairs.  It was fantastic. 

To this day I cut the center panel out of every pair of pantyhose I buy and I've had hundreds of orgasms on the stairs.  I wear skirts a lot.

Jon and Janis

My wife and I enjoy masturbating together and have been since early in our marriage (we are married 32 years). I found this site and have enjoyed the varies experiences and stories told by fellow mutual masturbators.

We were married for around 4 years and had a wonderful sex life, trying new things like tying each other to the bed posts and and playing with each other, it always would end up with me penetrating her or us performing oral sex on each other.

I would still masturbate mostly in the shower around 2-3 times a week but never really thought that she did the same thing.  That was until one day I left for work and about two blocks away realized I forgot to take a pill.  I drove home and announced I was home but got no response.  I went upstairs and the door to the bathroom was slightly open and saw she was showering.  We have a clear glass shower door that was a little steamed up so I had to look a little closer as I wanted to see her naked body.   Well what is saw was Janis with her back against the wall, her left hand pulling back on her pubic area and her right hand holding the shower head on her clit.  She had not heard me and had her eyes closed as she moved the pulsating showerhead around her pussy.

I got an immediate hard on, and opened my pants and started jacking myself as I watched her pleasure herself.  It was such a turn on and I came very quickly, shooting my load on the floor as I watched her shake and convulse in a powerful orgasm.

When she was done she opened her eyes and saw me standing with the door half open and my dick still hard in my hand. She kind of freaked out that I was there and realized I had been watching her. I  walked in and told her that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and that i couldn't help but jack off when I saw her.  She was embarrassed as we had never talked about masturbating prior to that.

I took her to the bed  and immediately went down on her, licking and lapping her pussy like a madman,(it was still so wet with her cum) and I got another hard on and we fucked like crazy. When we were done I told her how much it turned me on to see her pleasuring herself.  She said that she masturbated quite a bit before we got married and continued to do it since we were married around every other day, but felt bad that she was doing it behind my back.  I confessed that  I also masturbated and that she shouldn't feel bad about it. She said she often wondered if I was doing what she was doing and had always wanted to watch me pleasure myself. The funny thing was that for both of us most of our solo sex was being done in the same place, the shower.

Well since then we have brought mutual masturbation into our regular sex activities and enjoy watching each other come. Now when I tie her up or she ties me up we bring each other to a heightened point and then untie the other and then finish ourselves off while the other watches. It is such a turn on for me to jack off while she watches me as she also rubs her pussy.  She also says she enjoys being watched while she makes herself come. Every once in a while we role play our first discovery as I watch her come thru the shower door while I stroke my dick  to a great orgasm.

I'm so glad I came home that day as it opened a whole new experience to our sex lives and we now are so comfortable with sharing what was a private act before.


Lovely Rear View

After my wife and I had our first child, our sex life, which had not been too active for some time, decreased to virtually nothing. We have always enjoyed touching each other. However, we had masturbated in front of each other only once, at my prompting, and that was years ago.

Making things more difficult for me was seeing my wife every morning in her panties before getting dressed. She has a beautiful rear end - full, smooth, round - and framed by panties her ass is often all the more alluring. Seeing her like that every morning was making me more and more turned on, but she still seemed to have lost all sexual desire. Result, alone, I began masturbating more often. That can be very nice, but what I really wanted was more intimacy with my wife. So recently, after moths of her being cold to any sexual advances on my part, I decided I would masturbate with her present. I really hoped that something more exciting between us would come of it.

The first time I tried this I was lying naked on our bed. My wife had gone downstairs to do some work on the computer, but I knew should return to the bedroom soon. Our daughter was taking her noon nap. I lay down with my eyes closed, slowly stroking my penis. When my wife walked in, I still had my eyes closed and pretended that I had not noticed her. Well, she gasped in surprise and quickly exited the room, leaving me feeling a bit guilty. Later on she told me not to worry about it. She understood that I needed to touch myself sometimes, but she just did not have desire anymore.

The second time I decided to be bolder. The situation was similar; alone in the room at first, I started masturbating, knowing my wife would soon walk in. I was kneeling on the bed, naked, facing our huge mirror. Sometimes I like to get myself off using baby oil, wrapping my hand around my penis and using full, long strokes, alternating between slow, deliberate strokes and fast, desperate pumping. When she walked in I was slowly stroking my penis with one hand, and rubbing my chest with the other. This time she said my name, I in frustration, and said I really was desperate. Still, she stayed in the room, petering around doing odds and ends, occasionally looking at me with an exasperated smile. I continued pleasuring myself, smiling and sometimes moaning, but she didn't become more involved. She left before I ejaculated. I felt better about it, but was still unsatisfied. More and more I fantasized about my masturbating getting my wife hot and turned on.

Maybe we should have had an open discussion about it, but experience told me that it would be an awkward conversation that she would quickly beg out of. Things regarding sexual intimacy usually went better if we just did it rather than talking about it. In this case however, I didn't know what got her excited anymore. She had said time and again that nothing would. And I was still nervous that masturbating in front of her was actually a turn off - she thought I was weird, or too much of a pervert. The two times I had tried both seemed to have failed in arousing her. She said she didn't think ill of me for doing it, but I still was not sure what she really thought. With that fantasy still playing in my mind I was determined to try again. If I was going to be left masturbating for the rest of my life, at least I wanted to do it in my wife's company on occasion. Just please just don't think of me as pervert I thought to myself.

The third time I took a slightly different approach. It was early morning and we were both lying in bed. I sleep naked, and my wife often sleeps in just a small t-shirt and panties. This morning she was only wearing panties. When I woke my penis was already hard, and I was touching myself a little. My wife noticed. Still sleepy she said she didn't mind if I needed to masturbate. She then rolled away from me, and closed her eyes to look for more sleep. She had no sheets covering her, and seeing her bare back (also so lovely) and her bottom dressed in red satin panties was too much for me.

I rose to my knees and started touching myself, playing with my penis, exploring it with one hand while the other fondled my balls, all the while gazing down at my lovely wife. Soon I had an enormous erection, and the head of my cock seemed to almost double in size. I rubbed the head with my fingers, pushed my cock up and down, rubbed the area just below the head, ran my fingers up and down the shaft. I was dripping come from my cock and so horny. Wanting to see more of my wife's bottom, I reached down and ran my had across her panties before pulling them a tighter between her ass. She stirred a little at this, and gave a little moan. I am sure she could hear me as I grasped my fully erect cock completely in hand to stroke it, my own come sliding wonderfully between hand and cock, making slight watery or sucking sounds. My body was trembling now, making the mattress tremble as well. While one pleasured my penis, the other was still playing with my balls, and I was also running a finger further to press against my perineum.

In a quiet voice my wife said I could touch her bottom if I wanted to. With the hand that had been playing with my balls I reached out to caress ad fondle my wife's ass. Soon she responded by rolling her hips and moving her ass up and down. It felt so good. Finally, I was masturbating next to my wife, and she was turned on. She gave a moan of pleasure and the rolled over to face me. Her face was full of desire. To me it seemed like her body was glowing. My wife has small breasts, which I like. At the time she was breast feeding, and they were quite a bit larger, which we both liked. Seeing them now I wanted to rub my cock against them. Instead, to my delight, both our hands slipped her panties off, she rose up and told me to touch her, by which she meant her pussy (she only says pussy when she is really horny). My fingers went strait to her clit. She was already wet. She grabbed my cock and soon we were pleasuring each other, she rubbing my cock and I her pussy, much as we had done in the past. After a few strokes she fell back to the bed, and we embraced, kissed, and touched each other until we both came.

Our romantic life still remains very limited, and my wife still has little desire for sex. Perhaps that's the way of things after kids enter the picture. But, with some effort on my part I can sometimes light a fire inside her. I feel comfortable masturbating I front of her now. I don't do it too often, but it has twice again led to more intimate encounters. My wife does worry that I touch my penis too much (not masturbate, just touch). I decided to do a little research to see if this was unusual and stumbled onto this website, which I really appreciate for its candidness. (Reading these stories also turns me on.) Now, I fantasize that I will walk in on my wife masturbating. It's a long shot, but maybe we can make it happen. I do get a sense from reading these posts that human sexuality exists across a very broad spectrum. I guess I am much more sexual than my wife is. As long as I can continue masturbating in her company, that is okay with me. 


Linda and John

Hi all

This site is wonderful, the absolute antidote to the falsity of most sexually explicit sites.

A little history...back in the 60s my first partner was not slow in demonstrating the kind of clitoral stimulation she enjoyed (Ignorantly, I'd assumed that penetration with fingers was the answer). I went on to become more skilled at clitoral stimulation, and she enjoyed many orgasms from my fingers.

I married my partner (2nd wife) nearly 25 years ago. Her preferred masturbatory method was very rapid clitoral stimulation, almost drumming her fingers across her clit. Early on she would take my penis and use it to achieve orgasm, by rubbing it vigorously over her...ok if I was above her, but when below the stimulation of my frenum often caused me to come before she was ready.

Early on in our marriage I was abroad for 6 weeks and gave her a vibrator (the Non Doctor, remember those??...). She loved this and since then most of her orgasms are self induced following foreplay...we cuddle kiss and stroke, touch each other's genitals, but the final stage often involves my wife pressing a solid vibrator against her clit, watching me stroke myself slowly. She usually takes longer to come than I do and I'm left close to orgasm for several minutes while she thrusts and buzzes to a climax. Sometimes I'll masturabate to orgasm as she comes, others I'll wait and penetrate her afterwards, tho' often she's too tight to admit much more than my glans.

How sad that much mainstream sex advocates endless penile thrusting...I've only had one partner, once only, who got off with me inside her, and that was mainly with a forward and backward motion whilst on top, scrubbing her clit against my pubes.




I'm 23. I discovered mutual masturbation with my friend Kelly, when we were 16. She was sleeping over at my place. My parents as always had put out a spare bed for her, but we liked to share mine. We chatted for hours about boys, as girls do. And from boys our conversation logicaly turned to sex.

I'm not quite sure how we started talking about masturbating, but I remember feeling very embaressed, but also aroused, as Kelly told me she loved to masturbate. I told her, shyly, that I did too, and that I did it daily.

As we talked, I could feel myself getting really aroused. I really wanted to touch myself but I didn't dare !

We told each other how we liked to do it, and when and where. I told her that I masturbated almost every night. So did Kelly. She told me that she was kind of excited and I suppose I said that I was too.

Both of us knew what was going to happen but neither of us dared. I was already holding my vulva through my panties, pushing my fingers against it discretly.

"Let's do it" I said.

I slid my hand into my panties and began masturbating properly. Sliding my fingers between my wet lips and rubbing my clit.

We didn't really watch each other do it, We were under the sheets, but seeing her face, feeling her move, hearing her breathe made it just so much better.

Of course we had to try again. And the weekend after, I slept over at her place. We were still a bit shy about it. We kept our panties on, and did it under the sheets, but after a few sleep overs I became curious. I wanted to watch her touch herself. See her body. But even more I wanted to show her my body, my pussy.

We sat next to each other on my bed. She beagn masturbating as usual, her hand slid in her panties, but I pulled off my t shirt and removed my panties. We'd seen each other naked loads of times, but this time it was different. Exciting, beautiful, naughty.

She looked at me strangely but undressed when I asked her to. I just watched her for a bit. Her pretty breasts, bigger than mine, beautiful. Her discrete smile as she began to feel the pleasure. Her fingers slide in her pussy. I felt just so wet. I rubbed my clit till I came.

We still masturbate together. Of course not as often but quite regularly. We lay next to each other, or sit facing one another, and masturbate. I love it !



First let me say how much I enjoy this site, it is such a turn on to read about masturbation stories, since I love to masturbate, alone and with my husband. I am a 42 year old stay at home mom and have enjoyed pleasuring myself since I was 12.

My first time I saw my husband masturbating was one late night after we had been married about 1 year. I am normally a very sound sleeper but this night I woke up and heard the TV on downstairs, when I got closer I could tell there was some type of porn on, so I stopped and looked around the edge of the staircase. John was watching a woman on TV masturbating, rubbing her clit and moaning, and he had his erect penis in his hand slowly pumping it. My first inclination was to yell at him, but then I thought better of it and watched him and the woman on the TV.

I masturbated when I was alone about once a week but never thought about John doing it as well.  Early in our marriage we had sex about every other day but now it had slacked off to about twice a week, so as I watched him I thought that it would be pretty normal that both of us did it, but we had never talked about it before.

Well, I started getting wet watching this woman as she now had two fingers in her pussy while she was rubbing her clit with the other hand (one of my favorite moves) and John was pumping his dick harder, so I almost absentmindedly started rubbing myself thru my pajamas. Pretty soon he was ready to come and started jerking really hard, I didn't know he liked it so rough, then he came all over himself. I sneaked back to the bedroom with a wet spot on my pj's but pretended to be asleep when he came to bed.

I didn't say anything to John, but I kept thinking about it and the next time I masturbated I thought about that night and him jerking off all that cum, as I rubbed my clit to an awesome orgasm.  At that point I knew I wanted to watch him do it while I also did it.

So one night I suggested we turn on the Adult channel, he was kind of surprised as I never initiated that activity, but he was eager to do it and asked if I had any preference. I said no and let him choose which of course was a movie with all girl on girl. Into the movie a bit one girl started to masturbate as the other kissed her.  This was my cue and without saying anything I pushed my hand into my panties and started to rub myself in slow circles.  His gaze immediately went from the TV to me, but I kept watching the girls, then I pulled my panties down and started using two hands. I have to say between knowing how much I was turning him on and watching the girls on TV going at it, I was getting really hot and wet.  I turned and faced John and looked him right in the eyes and smiled then shut my eyes and got more into myself.  When I opened my eyes about a minute later John had his dick out and was massaging it pretty good, it didn't take long before it was at full attention and he was stroking it faster as he watched me.  I was now bucking against my fingers as I was being overcome with a huge wave of orgasm, and he got on his knees and was pumping his dick furiously about a foot away from me. He shot his cum all over my tits as I had one of the best orgasms of my life.

We lay there embraced for awhile as we recuperated and he then told me it was a fantasy he had that I would do that but didn't know how to ask.  He said he also had one of the best cums of his life, and within 5 minutes was hard again and we had great "regular" sex.

Since that night we have had made mutual masturbation part of our various sexual activities, and we are more open about ourselves and talk about when we masturbate by ourselves.  It turns him on when I'll say something like, "when you were out golfing I gave myself a great orgasm", Then he'll want me to demonstrate or describe it while he jerks himself off and I watch.

No, I never did tell him about the night I first saw him do it.



Hey, I'm Samantha. I have masturbated since about 8. I'm now 24 and married. I still masturbate. My husband and I often do it together-him masturbating is the biggest turn on for me. He will stimulate himself for a while-I guess a little over a minute. By then his penis is very hard and at a very sharp angle to his body. I love seeing him like this. Then he pulls back the foreskin. With his fingers right at the base of his cock he pushes down so it stands out at right angles to his body. He just holds it there till he comes, no moving or stimulation. It is such a turn on. When he is near coming his balls gradually pull up, tight, into the base of his cock. I know exactly the moment before he comes-his cock is super hard and his scrotum goes very tight and wrinkly-it is so tight it seems like a thickening at the base of his cock. And then he'll come hard-he shoots a lot of semen I think. I've not seen many other men come-my older brothers let me watch them masturbate sometimes when I was 10/11 -their semen squirted out, but nothing as big as my husband's. It surprises me that he can orgasm even without stroking his penis. Normally by this time I'm rubbing myself. He watches me while I finish. It's a very nice way to orgasm.



I like to use my electric toothbrush and do it in front of my partner while he watches and plays with himself. I make sure he has a good view by sitting in the chair opposite. I spread my legs and away I go. He loves it. Turned on now just talking about it so off to sit in front of mirror and rub my clit with my toothbrush.

I also like to do it when I might be caught, the window cleaner was a long time on my bedroom window when I gave him a fine display. He way watched to the end.

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