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I love this site, I finger myself over it daily!

If you lie on your bed, facing downwards & your legs are spread & your leaning on your knees, your vulva comes widely open & start rubbing your clit. I always orgasm like crazy.
I like to lay on my back and spread my legs apart and rub myself and sometimes my older sister will help me and i help her

I just recently turned 14 and have been masturbating since I was about 11. It may seen young but I can't help it. It feels like I'm addicted to masturbating or something. I tried to stop a while ago but I couldn't. Now, I do it almost every night. I used to get an object like a marker (something long without poky edges) and place it between my outer and inner lip and just rub the marker up and down till I reached my climax. I get a lot of shoulder stress so this summer my mom got me a massager that vibrated, it didn't take me long to realize that this would make masturbation so much easier. Looking at a picture of someone or lesbian pictures always makes it more pleasurable. Another thing is if you have a handheld shower head. Just spray it somewhere between your legs and it will come.

At camp this past summer, I thought everyone was asleep so I grabbed my marker and hot to it. Not till the next morning had I found out that my bunkmate had felt the bed rocking and heard me! I was so embarrassed.


Well, for me I started to know how to touch myself was when I was 11. I use to touch myself down there, then I noticed that each time I touch my clit and around it felt good. Then soon after I learned.

Now I'm 18, and I can't get enough of masturbating. Its the best thing to me, the sensations, the feelings, letting go from your thoughts and worries (which I finally knew how to do by practice)

Well I cum a lot, I wet my panties so much. I usually start off my rubbing myself against the edge of the bed, wow it hits the spot and I just keep going on...

Recently I started to touch myself without undies. It use to feel good cause the friction and so..

I usually do while I'm watching porn or two girls kissing, just turns me on so bad. I rub my clit, stroke, tap, tease the opening, and when I feel I started to cum, I insert one of my fingers. And I rub the clit while  I insert deeper...

Now I'm starting to insert the 2nd.. which I'm kinda worried...


NeedWell, when I masturbate, I always fantasize two girls kissing, touching, rubbing.. it turns me on. I wet myself so much, I read romance novels and I do watch porn to help me... I started to masturbate everyday now.. Its just so good.

I rub myself against the edge of the bed. Well 1st I take off all my clothes, start touching and imagine to guys are doing with me, its usually something really rough... I start to cum so much. I moan so much too, it helps.

I'm always aroused, and horny which I just love ^_^

I started to finger myself in the bathroom, first I just tap my wet pussy, I usually play around the clit..and i ease my finger in, it feels good, so hot I start to cum more but sometimes arhh i get no feeling..so I start rubbing my clit, and moving my hips... Other way I use a stiff pillow, with no undies, I rub and rub and i think, 2 girls rubbing, kissing..

Last time, I wanted to try...

I was laying flat on the bed, of-course I was so horny.

I took off my clothes in bed, I started to rub myself, touch my clit slowly, tease, and just let my mind wonder off, I try to think about my bf, but doesn't seem to turn me that on ( I dont know why, I wish ).. but when he moans yes... I then slide my 1st finger in deep, and the 2nd a bit close just rubbing... soon after I use my left hand, to rub my bum, when I press and tap, it feels so good... ( I dont know how to explain sorry )

I just love to masturbate. This is an awesome site.

But I always want more and more.. ^-^



I wrote twice. hehe..

I just wanted to say, This is an amazing site.

I've been reading about what some ladies wrote and it got me so horny..

I'm proud I'm a girl!! hehe...

I love your site!! :) Made my night


Hi, I'm Sarah and I love masturbation!!!! I started when I was about 6. When one day I went over to my same aged friend and she told me to play doctors...(you can guess that part) Then we started rubbing our pussys' together....When I got to the age of 10 I was scared of the dark so I slept with a light and the door wide open. One night I heard my parents, from the room next door, doing it,  and  the screams made me really horny......


I am quite young, lets just say below 14. I only started masturbating this year and I love it! At first I start caressing myself- my boobs and my stomach area. I play with my nipples. When I do this I wet my hands with spit at first and then tweak, pull, flick etc them. I then suck on them since I have very big boobs. Then I start rubbing myself in my pants, then under my pants - on my undies and then get a whole lot of spit and get two fingers and make large circles around my clit, getting smaller and faster. I then start flicking sideways my clit back and forth and stop and rest about 3 times before I let myself orgasm. It is fantastic!!!!!! I usually imagine myself being ate out by a girl when I masturbate and looking at this site. Thanks for reading and I hope I made you a bit horny!!!!!


When I was younger, my friend and I would play "doctor" in her basement. That's when I started to first masturbate. Of course, I didn't know what it was then. Now, at 16, I masturbate at least once a week but I would like to do it more. With 5 siblings, it's hard to get alone time though. The biggest thing that gets me aroused is the possibility of getting caught. I love sitting at my computer with my hand rubbing my clit in circular motions reading these stories or watching porn.

To really get myself going, I dress up in my sexiest bra and panties and I slowly strip down before showering. I play with my breasts for a while until my nipples get hard. Then I get in the shower and position the head towards my clit. It's a fixed shower head and it has a jet setting so both my hands are free to do other stuff. I explore my breasts, my clit, my inner thighs, and I stick my fingers in my vagina. The water pressure really gets me going. After I shower, I like to sit on the side of the bath tub and finger myself. I also stick a hairbrush in my vagina while I have an electric toothbrush pushed up against my clit. I've never had an orgasm but I would love to experience one.


I like to fold a baby wipe a few times and then rub it all over my clit- it feels just like someone's going down on you! Try it sometime!

Seductive Hispanic Woman
This is not the author of the stories presented above or below.

Phases & Fantasies

I began masturbating when I was 7. I "played" with barbie dolls and other dolls that I had. I had my first orgasm from humping a teddy bear when I was 10. It's nose was a hard little thing, just felt so good and I used to rub it against my clit. I also had a sleepover experience with a friend around this time. She was a girl, very aggressive, and I didn't know how to respond to what she wanted to do to me (kissing, touching, humping, etc). I regretted not responding to her that night and began to want to pleasure girls.

I discovered porn/adult movies when I was 11, and leaned toward girl-girl types at first. Later on I started liking to see two guys together. I loved it when my guy friends would mess with one another in a playful way. They had no idea I'd go home and touch myself to fantasies of them. I also first started stimulating my clit at this time. I was thinking of one of my male friends who I'd had a crush on at the time and accidentally brushed over my clit. I've been stimulating myself that way ever since.

I've liked boobs all my life, no idea why. My fantasies these days often have a man penetrating me and a woman smothering me with her breasts. I have fantasies where I'm kidnapped and taken to dark places and my captures have their way with me-- usually one or two men at a time. Three if I'm in a really good mood.

I'm 20 now, and a virgin. I tend to be selective with who I date. I just met a guy, dated him for two weeks, and then broke it off. I would literally get home from a date with him and masturbate to the thought of him, and now I just touch myself to a fantasy version of him.

I can't say I prefer masturbation over sex because that's something I've never done, but I can say that I need to pat one out once in a while to de-stress from daily life.


Well, I'm 13 and I've been masturbating since I can remember, I usually use the bathtub faucet while rubbing my clit. I think there's something wrong with me, but I know it's natural.


My first masturbation experience was when I was 11 years old. I snuck into my mom and step dad's room while they were involved in some heavy foreplay. My dad was rubbing my mom's clit and she was moaning "that's it, right there, ooooh it feels so good!!". I didn't really understand at the time, but my pussy was getting wet. That night I went back to my bed and started rubbing "down there". I had my first orgasm that night and almost fell of the bed because it was so powerful.

My favourite technique is to fuck myself with a huge carrot really fast while my electric toothbrush is on my clit. I come so hard that way.


Reading all these stories gets me sooo horny, I need to go masturbate and orgasm right now, but before I do I will try and finish writing my technique. First I like to read erotic stories like the ones on this site, they get me sooo wet and horny my pussy starts throbbing, then I get completely naked and I start caressing my nipples this feels really good, then I slowly move my fingers down towards my throbbing clit, I stroke it and play with it, then I start to rub it in circles, I do it harder and harder until I can't take anymore and then I CUM and hav the best orgasms ever! My only problem is I can only orgasm once does anyone have any advice on how to achieve multiple orgasms?

Okay so I'm new to this, my fantasies are involved around rape. This is sexually pleasing to me, I find myself fantasizing of it during the night before bed and in the morning in bed and after I get up, I might be thirsty or hungry but after I satisfy that, its onto the masturbating. My peak horniness is morning and night. And the urges are so strong. I will often find myself on this beautiful website reading others experiences, while I lift up my dress, or pull down my pants and rub my clit against my panties with my finger, this requires little energy and I can go along time. And let my mind explore. When the energy builds I get hornier and work harder. Then I pull down my Soaked by now, Panties, and tease the parted soft lips. Sometimes I might incorporate a nipple or both to the play. But I don't get off that well without some form of clit play. I'm usually breathing hard and heavy during this and my energy begins to lower itself fast. So finally I slide in 1 to 3 fingers into my pussy and sometimes 1 in my ass and I stroke my g-spot until I climax. and when I do, wow it leaves me energized but also tired as heck , happy pleasing girls. It was fun to share =)
I chose Alexa cause its not my real name. I enjoy masturbating on a daily basis and enjoy reading techniques from this website, its highly addictive, but fun =)
Hi everybody:). Ok, so I started masturbating when I was six or seven. I would just use my fingers, of course I didn't know what I was doing. I stopped when I was about 10 because I never got an orgasm. I just started again last year. Now I'm almost 13 and I do it regularly. I watch porn or just think of hot guys or, yes I admit, girls. One of my favorite things to use is the Neutrogena Wave vibrating face washer. AMA-zinggggggg! That's about it. I love this site! 
I started masturbating when I was about 14 and now I am 16. I absolutely love it.

I had never been curious about what was down there, until I read some very naughty  Harry Potter fan fictions (I'm a huge fan of the series). I was turned on by what I was reading, and I noticed that I would get this warm feeling in my lower abdomen and that my panties would get all wet. I decided one night, while everyone was asleep, to try out what I read about in the fan fictions, about touching this little button that I had no idea even existed, which was my clit. I started rubbing myself with my thumb, and before I knew it, my body was sweaty, my face was flushed, and I felt like something huge was building up within me, and if I didn't let it exploded, I would die. That's when I had my first orgasm. It felt soooo good, yet strange at the same time, since I wasn't really sure of what I was doing. I wanted to tell someone, but I knew that wasn't such a good idea, since I was doing something so private.

Now at age 16, I have never told anyone this and I'm glad I've found this site. I don't feel so alone anymore. I love masturbating and having an orgasm, it just feels so incredibly amazing. When I get home from school, I usually have about 2 hours before my parents get home, so that's usually my time to explore, or at night when everyone's asleep. Sometimes I watch girl-on-girl or straight sex online, though I am not bi, or a lesbian. It really turns me on to see a girl getting eaten out, and I imagine my crush would do the same to me. Or a guy making passionate love to his partner, and I fantasize that that is how my lover will treat me in the future. I get so wet that my panties get soaked, and my thighs get all slippery. I take of all my clothes and start rubbing my body, my thighs, and I can even suck my left breast a little. Since I am still a virgin and I'm afraid to put anything too big inside my pussy, I use a lip gloss bottle that is just a little thicker than my finger, but not too thick. I grab a pillow, put a towel over it so it wont get wet, and I start grinding against it. I feel so sexy when I do that. I grab the lip gloss bottle and insert it inside my aching pussy, and it feels really nice, I can feel my face getting all flushed. With the lip gloss inside me and my pussy on the pillow, the lip gloss slips out and pushes back in as I hump the pillow, without my having to use my hands. I feel as if I'm riding my crush and my body is on fire. I start to hump the pillow faster and faster and my whole body becomes super sensitive, with my 38C tits bouncing up and down sexily. Sometimes I start rubbing my nipples, and that feels extra good. With my index and my middle finger I start to rub my clit to finish myself off and I clutch my head board as I open my mouth and cry out in ecstasy. My whole body starts to shake and I want to keep humping my pillow, I never want to get down from that high. I feel the lip gloss bottle slip out and as I stare at it I am amazed at what I've just done, as I notice my juices covering it and dripping down it. If riding a little lip gloss bottle feels that amazing, I can't wait to see what riding a real penis will feel like (with someone that loves me of course).
Just rub up and down your clitoris really fast and wait till you can't rub no more cause it feels so good, wait five minutes and repeat as many times as you want

I like to lay on my back and tap my clit then spread my legs really wide and rub little circles on top of my clit.

It feels soooo good.

Sometimes I bring myself to the edge then stop and tease myself. It feels so good. I always cum so hard when I do that.

I love being teased.

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