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Okay so I am 16 and have never had a second thought about being straight. It just seemed to be the norm and I myself get incredibly turned on by an attractive male. So never have I had the need to think I would like my own gender.

Until about 2 weeks ago...

I was reading this article that my best friend Melissa wrote that she submitted into the newspaper and it somehow had an edge to it that made me sussed.

I stayed at her house that night after a long party and we were talking (as usual) before bed. I asked her about her article and we got talking about our previous relationships etc. I finally admitted to her I'd been thinking about what it would be like to kiss a girl, like really kiss a girl, like I would a boyfriend. She said she'd been thinking about that as well. Then it was awkward. We were both thinking it, but nothing happened and no one said anything. And we decided to go to sleep.

That night I woke up to the Mel tossing and turning, while she was sleeping. I thought nothing of it, until she started to moan like she was about to cum. I was instantly turned on and stayed awake to listen. She kept moaning and then to my surprise she started moaning my name and groaned louder that signified she had cum hard, in this dream she was obviously enjoying. The second after she stopped moaning from her 'dreamy orgasm' she woke up and looked straight at me watching her. The moon was lighting up the room and she was so embarrassed, but also breathing heavily.

To brake the obvious sexual tension, I said, ''Nice dream you had there'' and laughed nervously. I whispered softly, ''I'm just a tad turned on by you right now''

She leaned her face towards mine and I could feel her panting, and then her hand up to my face and kissed my ever so softly to see my reaction. I instantly pulled her back and kissed her passionately wanting more and more. We rolled around and we were feeling and touching our bodies that were pretty much glued together. We ended up hot and naked in each others arms and our breathing was heavier than ever. I was now on top, and Mel's hand then went from behind by neck down my shoulders and caressing my size 10 D breasts and walked her fingers down my waist past my hips and as she slid her hand into the space between my crotch and hers maneuvered me to be side by side with no one 'on top' but facing me.

She then slipped hand into my slit and the squelch of my wetness was no surprise. She felt around and traced my swollen lips, and tugged on my hair. She slid one finger inside me and Jilled it around and brought the moisture to my throbbing clit. As I exhaled heavily I let out a moan. She teased me and circled all around my clit and finally circled the head poking out of its hood. I groaned heavily at the pleasure I had not felt in a long time. I then slipped my hand into her crotch and found she was as wet as me and just as sensitive as I was.

As we continued to pleasure each other our moans got more desperate and our hips were bucking into each other as were pleasuring as we would ourselves. I felt the first pang of my orgasm hit me and I let out a loud groan and as my whole body spasmed in orgasm Mel came also on my fingers. But her reaction was different. Arched her back backwards and let out this scream and I could feel her body spasming and bucking as she came really hard.

After we were breathing heavy and I kissed her forehead and whispered softly, ''let me try something''.

I felt her nod and I slowly positioned myself on top of her with my legs spread over hers and I half sat up at a 45 degree angle. I made sure our pussies were together and thrust forward and felt both our clits clash and we both moaned not expected such intense feelings.

We thrust for a little longer and I reached behind me to find her hole seeping juices and I shoved two fingers inside and did the 'come here' motion inside her clearly hitting her g-spot. She screamed as I was thrusting harder now pleasing myself as much as Mel. We were both now on the very edge of exploding when she bucked her hips and let this blood curdling scream loose and I felt the walls of her spasming vagina contracting and clamping my fingers in place only allowing movement of come here.

I collapsed to the side of her as our spasmed ended and we regulated our breathing.

We kissed some more and fell asleep entwined in one another with our hands in each others crotches.

In the morning I woke with Mel's fingers inside my vagina and she was slowly twisting and turning making me very hot and horny. I didn't stop her and she continued to fuck me and started to thrust them in hard. With her other hand she went and started to play with herself and I played with her small budding breasts and nipples that were now rock solid. She started moaning heavily when I took over her side and started to finger fuck her hard and fast to make her cum hard on my fingers. We both came hard and were moaning and squirming around as our orgasms wore off.

We talked after, about what all this meant and decided not to jump to conclusions and the next time I stayed at her house we tried some other stuff as well ... But that's another story.

I am now contemplating whether or not to tell anyone that I'm bi because of certain reactions and assumptions people make.

This story/experience is a recent experience of mine from the past 2-3 weeks and is very true, to every word and full stop. I hope you got something out of it, and helped or made you rethink your sexual status.

I'm pretty wet and horny after writing all that so I might just have to finger myself to release some tension. Happy masturbating and sexy experiences everyone!

From Danielle


Okay so I've been masturbating for a few years, I am 16 now.  It all started when I had this dream that I was being licked out and having sex with a really hot brunette chick. I am blonde, and have had sex with 2 different guys in the past year or so. I have only orgasmed once during intercourse but it was doggie style, and it was the most amazing feeling.

Okay so here is how I started my masturbation. When I was 13 my cousin moved over from Melbourne to stay with us, and for the first month she slept in my double bed with me. She was 14 and was there when I had that dream. It was early saturday morning when I woke up from it and told her every detail. When I finished she told me she was feeling tingly and that she was wet. I was only young and it didn't really click. She grabbed my hand and showed me. I felt around and she was really really wet. She told me when to stop and where to touch and now I know I was touching her clit. So as I was rubbing around and around on this one spot I didn't take my eyes off her face. She got my and more intense and started to moan and squirm around. Then she gasped and arched her back and moaned and when she was done she was breathing heavily and looked at me straight in the eyes and said ''its your turn''.

She leant in to my face and waited for my reaction, I leant forward and we kissed and kissed and kissed. As we were passionately kissing her hand was wandering down my tummy to my puss and she slipped her fingers down into my pool of wetness. Just the feeling of someone touching me like this sent me over the edge and I exhaled and moaned a little. She knew exactly what she was doing and started to circle and flick my clit in rhythm to our kissing. As I let go to breathe she lowered and went down under the sheets and spread my legs. I had no idea what she was doing and then I felt the most awesome feeling of her licking and circling my clit with her tongue. It was so amazing just the thought of someone licking me 'down there' threw me over and I felt this pang and tingle and my whole body went crazy as I moaned and gasped until the orgasm finally stopped and she came back up to my face.

We didn't say a word but I knew what was coming next. She slowly moved me to mount her and we matched ourselves and started to slip and slide our clits together and I felt the contractions from last orgasm come back to me and I felt it all pang together. We were both moaning and sliding on top of each other and we both screamed and came together.

We did this every night since and then she had to move to another city and every time we see each other we experiment and try something totally new. I have had three boyfriends and I have only told one of them about my cousin and our 'sex lives'. He didn't mind it and came camping with us once and joined in with us.


Last night I spent the night in my friend's home because my parents were out the country. We were sitting on the bed talking about some stuff, school, friends, personal life, word to word we found ourselves in the middle of sexual talking, I started feeling horny, slowly she moved closer to me and started to kiss me on my lips softly, as I felt more and more horny. I kissed her harder and made out a small moan, said to her, "You have such a soft lips'" as I slide my hand down to her pajamas and rubbed her clit slowly with soft circles, as she took my shirt and bra off, and I helped her with taking her bra off too, tasting her breasts, kissing and sucking her tits. I felt them becoming hard, as she rubbed my clean shaved pussy with her fingers, just feeling someone teasing me down there make me feel like flying, up and down with her soft fingers, I slowly got down to her tummy kissed it, sucked her lips up and down with my tongue, teasing it, she let a moan asking for more, saying, "Ohhhhhhh, don't stop pleaseee." I put my finger in her vagina, in and out faster and faster, hearing her let out a moan, "Mmmmmmmmmm ahhhh keep going." Then we changed the position, she slid over me, and ohhhh my god I just wanted her tongue inside me, she started eating me out, teasing lucking kissing sucking, ahhhh awesome feeling, put her tongue in and out as fast as she could, "Ahhh dadoo don't stop please moreeeeeee." She put two of her fingers in my vagina, they moved quickly in and out, then we become like 69, she licking my pussy and I'm kissing and licking her's, letting out together a moan with ahhhhhhh, then I slept over. Her feeling our pussies with each other, up and down on her as our boobs  squeezing together, and we felt our wetness, then I let her come up a little our pussies facing each other, cummed together ohhhhhhhhhhhhh it was the most wonderful sex I have ever had with her. Happy sex all.


Well, I would like to share the experience of my first orgasm.  I know that most girls experience their first orgasms through masturbation, but it wasn't that way with me. 

It was the summer after I had turned 12.  Mom was at work, and of course since it was summertime I didn't have school.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV when Mom's boyfriend, Keith, came into the house. 

Keith was about 40.  Not a bad looking guy, but I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to him.  He sat on the couch next to me and we watched TV for a while.  Suddenly, he started tickling me.  Looking back, I realize now that he was just seeing how I would react.  I was laughing, "Keith!  Stop!!"  But like I said, I was laughing not frightened or anything.

Keith stopped tickling me...for about three minutes.  He would start and stop.  Then the tickling turned into caressing and fondling.  I didn't even try to stop him.  He started kissing the back of my neck as he fondled me.  My voice was different now, and I was saying, "Oh, Keith!" 

Then we started kissing.  I had kissed several boys my age, but never a man.  It felt really good.  I feel kind of bad about it now, but at the time, I barely thought about Keith being Mom's boyfriend.  Keith stood up, and without a word, took my hand and led me to my room.

When we got into my room, Keith stood behind me and continued to touch me all over as he kissed my neck and face.  I was trembling with excitement.  I was letting him do whatever he wanted.  I could also feel his hardness against my butt.  He was hard as a rock.

Keith eased my t-shirt over my head and gently pulled my jean shorts down.  I wasn't wearing a bra (I didn't need one at the time) and Keith didn't try to take my panties off.  As he continued to kiss me, he pulled down his own shorts and underwear.

He then gently eased me onto my bed and opened my legs.  He laid on top of me and began to grind against me through my panties while he licked and sucked my little puffy nipples.  It felt amazing. 

I didn't say anything, although I remember moaning a lot.  I do remember exactly what was going through my mind as Keith humped me and sucked my breasts..."this feels good..this feels good...this feels SO good...oh my God this feels good...mmmmmmmmmm.... oooooooooooooooooooo"

I was so enraptured by that feeling.  Keith kept doing what he had been doing.  A few minutes later, that same feeling began to overtake me, and then Keith screamed, "I'm cumming!!" and he came all over the front of my panties and belly.

It was just then that I realized that I had just had my first two orgasms. 

Even though Keith and Mom broke up later that year, I never forgot him.


I'm Kim and I'm 15.

 I was at the movies with some friends when a guy and I split apart for some... *ahem* alone time. He started kissing me and pulled me onto his lap. He was aggressive and I liked it. He laid me back and put his hand under my shirt to grab my boob. He then pulled down my shirt to expose my nipples. At first I wanted him to stop, but he didn't listen. He put his mouth on my nipple and started to lick and suck it. It felt so good that I didn't want him to stop anymore. He then put my hand on his huge dick. I rubbed it and the harder I rubbed the harder he sucked, which made me rub harder. He then stopped sucking and looked at me, then got up. I didn't understand what he was doing until he picked me up. He put me on my knees and shoved his dick in my mouth. I sucked on his cock while he twisted my nipples. Then he laid me back again, and I thought he was going to get on top of me. Instead he opened my legs and started sucking my cunt. I was so wet and it felt so good. At first I tried to get him to stop, but he just pulled my nipples and my objections became moans. He ran his tongue lightly over my clit, and it felt amazing.

After I came in his mouth he got up and put a condom on.

"Oh no! I can't do that. I'm a virgin!" I told him, but it was a weak objection.

He must have heard my wanting because he rubbed the head of his penis right outside my vagina. I leaned my head back and moaned which was all he needed. He plowed into my pussy, ripping through my cherry. He grunted and moaned and rubbed my erect nipples. I moaned in ecstasy, I had never felt anything like it.

Then he bent over and whispered, "Can I take off the condom?"

At this point I felt so naughty. I gave him a coy grin and nodded. He smiled and began taking it off when I flipped over. He looked confused, so I held my butt in the air. His face lit up and he realized what I wanted. He pushed his dick slowly into my ass and moaned in pleasure.

"You're so fucking tight." He moaned. uhhhh. it felt so good.

Once he finally got it in he started ramming me, and pinching my tits, and nipples, and pulling my hair. I had never felt so good.

"Oh! I'm cumming!!" I yelled as he pumped in and out.

"Oh yes baby. Fuck you feel so good." He said.

We both came at the same time, he moaned so loud and I nearly screamed. It was amazing, and he kissed me. Then we met back up with our friends for some even more fun.


It started when I was very young. I would pull my night clothes up and my panties down and would hump my stuffed toys. I did not know what I was doing but it felt really good. I guess I was about 5 years old at the time. Occasionally I would get up at night and go into my mothers room and climb in bed with her and her boy fried.They were often naked. I began rubbing my pussy against his leg and he never stopped me. Eventually I would rub my hands on his body as I rubbed my pussy. One time as I was rubbing his body I felt his cock which was very hard and he moaned as I touched it. I began touching it a lot and sometimes he would touch me and it felt really good. One night he was watching me as my Mom had to work the night shift. I went in to his bedroom about three in the Am and I took all my clothes off he was sound asleep. I saw my Mom laying on top of him one time and she had her pussy in his face and she was moaning very loud and I heard her say how much she loved him to eat her. Anyway I climbed in bed and mounted his face he awoke and began kissing my pussy and then he put his tongue in me and I experienced my first orgasm. He was stroking his hard cock and shot a load of cum onto his belly and I decided to taste it. I loved it and began kissing his cock as he fingered my pussy and he shot off in my mouth as I had another orgasm. It was the greatest feeling I ever had. This continued for many years and when I turned 18 I knew I wanted to fuck him so I set the stage for it to happen. I enrolled in a college which was about two hours away and he was going to take me up to see if we could find an apartment. We left the night before and got a motel room when we got there. Needless to say I masturbated all the way on the ride up there and my pussy was hot and ready for the big event. When we checked in he went in to take a shower and when he came out I was laying on the bed naked and told him to eat me. He began licking my pussy lips and then my clit which sent me over the edge. I was sucking his cock and then told him to fuck me he hesitated but then gave in and we fucked for hours and each time he came in me he would go down on me and eat my creampie pussy which was fantastic and so hot. We have now been fucking for years and it is the greatest thing and I love him for being so gentle with me and giving me such a great sex life. The only thing left is for us to talk my Mom into a threeway with us, which is about to happen soon. I want my Mom to watch him eat his cum out of my pussy and then have her eat his cum out of me. Its been great all these years and I am now 29 and have never been with another man. I have the greatest orgasms when he eats me out after cuming in me.


I'm 35 years old and my pastor is 44 years old. I never looked at my pastor romantically or sexually until the day he kissed me while counseling me at my house. I was quite shocked but didn't know what to do. I was confused. Then he left without saying a word. He is a divorced man and one day I remembered we were discussing marriage, divorce, and sex. He said I should keep myself until I got married or found my Boaz. In the old testament, Ruth was a widow and Boaz was a man of means. Ruth's mother told her to go find Boaz in his tent and lay by his side, which she did. The pastor had asked me: what do you think happened in that tent? And I replied: they slept together. And he said yes. Boaz married Ruth after. Some cases are different. Afer that kiss, I couldn't get him off my mind. I wanted him. He is not traditionally handsome, but has a rugged look about him and he has such a nice athletic body. He'd said he hadn't been with a woman in 4 1/2 years since his divorce. A few days after debating whether this was crazy, I decided to stop being a wuss, stop avoiding him, and face the reality. I was attracted to my pastor and was not going to feel bad about it. I went to see him at his office and his secretary let me in. He was alone at his desk. He was so happy to see me that he almost lept off his chair to come greet me. After making sure the secretary was out of earshot, I grabbed his head, pulled it down and kissed him ferociously. He grabbed my ass and was caressing it. We kissed each other as if we each had been stranded on a desert island and hadn't seen the opposite sex in years. He whispers to me: fruit of my life, I love you. To that I reply, I love you too. And in between kisses, he says: I want to marry you. To which I reply: I know, just not now. I'm kinda in the middle of something. I direct him to his desk and sit him down at his chair. Standing up in front of him, I remove my blouse and take off my bra. He leans forward, grabs my breasts with both his hands and sucks at my nipples simultaneously and I start moaning like crazy. I myself hadn't been with a man in a couple of years since my divorce and he knew that. I knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick and long dark cock. It was a wonder to behold. I took it in my mouth and salivated all over it. He closed his eyes and was moaning uncontrollably. I then heard the secretary knock at the door. I quickly grabbed my bra and blouse on the floor next to me and hid between the pastor's legs under his desk. I heard the secretary starting to say something but paused and asked where I was. The pastor said uncomfortably that I had left. There was a side door that led to the outside. Then she said that a Mr. Moises wanted to see the pastor and that it was urgent. The pastor had no choice but to tell her to let him in. The man came in, greeted the pastor who still had his penis out under the desk. The man started to talk about a trip he was organizing. After a few minutes of listening, I started to get bored and uncomfortable under the pastor's desk, so I grabbed the pastor's cock and started stroking it, to which he gave out an uncomfortable whimper but made it seem like he was yawning. I found this quite amusing and knelt on my knees and started sucking his cock as he was listening to Mr. Moises go on and on. He tried his best to control himself. And when he couldn't anymore, he told Mr. Moises that he was to have a conference call and needed the privacy and if they could continue the conversation at a later time. As soon as Mr. Moises left the room, the pastor stood up from his chair, pulled me up from under the desk, pulled up my skirt and sat me on the desk in front of him with my legs wide open. He pulled my undies to the side and took his throbbing, erect beyond imagination, cock and thrust it in my pussy. Feeling his man machine inside me made me lose control and I yelled: Oh, my...fuck me! He obliged me and started pounding his cock in and out of my pussy like crazy. The sensation was so overwhelming and so powerful that we didn't care if the secretary heard us anymore, even though we knew she couldn't. I wanted to grab his ass so I undid his belt so he could drop his pants. His cock came out of me for a few seconds and it was excruciatingly painful when he pulled out but insatiably delicious when his cock slid back inside my wet and pulsating pussy. I grabbed his ass with both my hands and moaned and said: Yes, fuck me pastor. Fuck me hard! I'd always had a problem with authority figures but I'd never enjoyed asking an authority figure to take complete control of me, overpower me, and have their way with me as that particular moment. Faster, pastor, faster! Fuck your pussy...YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! He had hit the spot so many times at just the right speed at just the right angle that I came in the most powerful way. When he realized that I'd come, he slowed down his pace then came out of me. I was shocked that someone who hadn't fucked a woman in 4 years had that much self-control, but he did. He spread my legs and started licking and sucking my clit. I went insane again. And a few minutes later, I came all over again. He then entered me again and lifted me up by my legs and stood up, went to the middle of the room in front of his desk and started fucking me standing up. I could feel his whole shaft banging against my uterus and his balls against my ass and the noise our bodies were making, the aroma that came from the pounding organs sent both of us over the edge. We both started screaming as he came close to an orgasm himself. That's when the door opened the secretary stood there watching the pastor with his pants down fucking the beautiful woman who was coming for counseling. She was in such a shock that she quickly closed the door. The pastor was too caught up in the middle of the most powerful orgasm he had had in years to care, so he kept pounding at me until I felt his load inside of me and he started panting uncontrollably as I was. After he was done coming, he slowly walked toward the wall and had my back to it. He wouldn't let me down and we stood there, my back against the wall, legs wide open, cum dripping out of my pussy onto the pastor's leg. He kissed me passionately, then asked me: Ruth, will you marry me?


I was brought up Catholic and we lived on a small veggie farm in Wis. I went to Catholic elementary school and then went into a convent school to study to become a nun. I had 3 sisters and 4 brothers. I was the youngest and was a mistake. I was 9 years younger than my next youngest sibling.

I grew up almost by myself. They all married or went to college. I hardly knew them.

When I was in the 11th grade a 12th grade girl transferred in from a Catholic school 200 miles away. She had got in some kind of trouble and they moved her to this one, as it was very strict. They moved her into my room. There were two beds and my roommate had graduated early and I was alone.

The 3rd night I heard an odd light thumping noise from across the bedroom. I thought my new roomy was ill or something, as she made small moaning noises. I kept still as I was not sure.

A few nights later after midnight I was woke up again with the same noises. The bathroom door was slightly open and the night light shown throw. I could see.

Linda was naked and was very carefully rubbing herself with her hand-I thought anyway. It was a bit dark. She moved her hand faster and moaned again lightly.

I didn't do anything but I was sure curious. I made a point of trying to set my mental clock to wake up around midnight. Sure enough about 4 nights later the same noise. This time I slipped out of bed and crawled on hands and knees and got close. She appeared to be inserting something into her 'hole' - that's what I called it in those days. Just as she finished I slipped back  into my bed. She went to the bathroom and with the night light on I could see a smile and a pleasant look on Linda's face-although it was red in color.

The next afternoon after classes, I confronted her and asked her what she was doing at midnight. She looked embarrassed at first and surprised.

"I thought I was being very quiet." I said, "You were until the very end just as you stopped." "Yes! That's true, but sometimes it feels so good I have to make a little noise."

"What feels good Linda? You almost sounded like you were in pain." "No! No! It may be pain but it is wonderful. Let's go to our room and I'll show you."

She locked our dorm room door and started taking off her clothes. "Take your clothes off Fran." I was a little shy but did as she said. We both got on her bed and she reached over and stroked the hair around my 'hole' --"How does that feel?"

"I don't know. I can't explain it. Odd and it tingles. I do like it though."

Linda carefully stuck one finger in my hole and moved in and out. I had the most strange sensation. I cannot explain. She used her other hand and did the same to herself. She was in timing and both her hands were going fast at the same rhythm.

I fell a strange feeling-I thought I was going to pee. She was breathing hard. For some odd reason I was breathing hard too and I suddenly did not want Linda to stop. She said, "I am going to finish. Finish with me." I had no idea what finish meant but oddly I was getting a odd tickle inside my hole. I breathed harder. She suddenly moaned and stopped with her hands. I said, "Don't stop. Don't stop. Go faster." She evidently understood and speeded up her left hand. I felt like I had to moan too. She had her right hand going again and fast. I pushed her hand out and stuck in two fingers and went 90 miles an hour-I was rested and she was tired. She was moaning an gain and so was I. We cum together.

From that late afternoon on we masturbated each other or did it mutually from across the room. I was 16 and a 1/2 when I first found my 'hole' and I have been masturbating about once (sometimes twice) a week ever since. I lost track of Linda. She graduated and I spent another year. I went on to college and did not become a nun.

I was married for 5 years and my husband was killed in Iraq by a road bomb. I did not masturbate while I was married but I started up again after about 6 months after Ralph was killed.

I am older now and probably won't bother to get married. I have had some one-night stands but they were just ok. I recently discovered a vibrating penis.  I saw it on a late night TV show--came in the mail wrapped in packing paper and a fict. address. The mail man nor none of my neighbors would know where it came from.

It is about the size of a standard Zucchini at the market and the vibe has 3 speeds. I have not been able to stand #3 on my clit yet. #2 feels really good and the last minute I have to thrust it inside. Wow! Sometimes I get OFF more than twice in a night.

Hope you enjoyed my story. I enjoyed telling it and I am hot. Got to go find my new "tool"


Webmaster's Comment: For me it is a tossup as whether these are real experiences or someone's fantasies. Some aspects are believable, like the 'toes', and some girls respond to early sexual experiences differently than others. During most of these experiences the girl believes she maintained some level of control, which probably isn't true of the vast majority of situations like this. Even so, it doesn't mean she wasn't taken advantage of. An adult has no way of knowing how a child will respond to their sexual advances, and extremely rarely is the outcome similar to what is described here, and that is why it is illegal.

I was about four when an uncle actually had sex with me.. I don't know how I felt but I just cummed. As I grew up, I had a friend. We both used to play with each other with our toes until one day she told her parents, who told my parents and I was badly scolded. Anyway, as I grew up, there was this really hot guy, and we used to play with me. He used to rub my breast (they were very small, I was hardly 10!) and he'd pick me up and rub me against him and we jiggled together. He said it'd be good for my breasts and they'd grow. It used to give me pleasure so I played along. He used to live in my house so we did it all the time possible. In the bathroom as everyone slept and all. He told me he used to do it with his girlfriend too! He used to rub my clit. As soon as he touched me down there, I'd clamp his hands by closing my legs and move to get maximum pleasure. He'd be very turned on and the best part was, he didn't expect anything from me. It was all just dry but very hard humping. I really wanted to let him enter me and he wanted it too but we didn't. My cousins (older than me) would play with me. Once, one of them tried having sex with me while I was asleep. I was awake but pretended I was asleep and didn't allow him to. I wanted to maintain my virginity.

Then we had this horny guy who offered to wash our car, and my parents allowed him. Every night he'd slowly creep into my room and rub my clit and I'd clamp him too and we'd enjoy dry humping and he'd suck at my breasts and I'd just move.

It happened every night. I'd pretend I were asleep, he'd put his hands down there, I'd clamp it and move. With my crotch on fire.

And then, my best friend and I would make out and he'd try fingering me but I'd never allow him. Besides his girlfriend was really sweet. So we'd get all hot and then throw each other away and warn them about what was about to happen if we didn't stop..

But I never tried this with my boyfriend. He's too nice!


I'm 17 and recently my friend Ashley had a slumber party. Her parents went out for a party at her Mom's work so Ashely invited me and our other friend Sara over. Her parents left and we all sat in a circle on her bed. Sara suggested we all touch ourselves and mess around. We all agreed and started rubbing our breast and our clitoris. We all got horny and started to take our clothes off. Ashely came up to me and started making out with me on her bed naked and I couldn't control my self. Soon Sara joined in and we rubbed each other. I got really horny then and went up to Ashley. I pushed her against the bed and started to suck her nipples hard. She let out a moan and I started to rub her clitoris. I spread her legs and teased her making her whimper. Sara gave up and went to bed but me and Ashley kept going. We laid in her bed humping each other and moaning out loud. She cried my name and I started to thrust my fingers up her vagina. She then hurried and ran into her mom's room bringing out a vibrator. She laid me against the bed and spread my legs out wide. She turned it on and rubbed it against my clitoris and the lips. She teased me and I could feel myself getting wet. She then quickly shoved it in making it go in and out. Crying in pleasure I told her to go faster and she did. I moaned loud and she went deeper making it vibrate faster. I rocked my body against her and she continued to make me moan. She let it stay there and she came up to me and pressed her vagina to my mouth. I sucked her dry and did the same. She took out the vibrator and rubbed my clitoris. OHHHH YES BABY!! I WANT YOU.. PLEASE FUCK ME! She did as I commanded and went all the way. We did so many positions and had so much fun! That night was my best night every and every time we have slumber party's we satisfy each  others needs!


I had just ordered a pair of silver Ben Wa balls.  In anticipation of their arrival, I shaved my entire labia and vagina and massaged daily with lotion.  It was completely silky smooth.  Since I was now bare, I noticed for the first time that my clit is very big and actually sticks out of my labia about 1/4 of an inch when flaccid.  I could also now feel so much more touch on my clit now that it was open to the air!  I found myself cumming all the time.

The day my silver balls arrived, just looking at the unopened package made me feel aroused. I took the package into the bathroom and took off my jeans and panties.  I was wearing a tight white shirt with no bra and noticed my nipples were already erect.  When I looked further down, I could see my clit was engorged and actually bigger than my erect nipples!  That turned me on even more.  I sat on the floor of my bathroom and put my feet up against the floor-to-ceiling mirror and spread my legs open.  Before even unwrapping my new silver balls, I saw my wet vagina and huge throbbing clit.  I started to rock and stare at my wetness and almost came just watching my clit.  I stopped rocking before I came and unwrapped my package.  I took one ball and rubbed it all over my wetness.  Just holding the ball in my hand made me excited.  After it was wet, I put it slowly into my vagina.  It was an amazing feeling - sort of like feeling a large penis slowly enter me.  I rocked back and forth, as I heard I should, and the internal vibration was indescribable.  I saw my clit throbbing and starting to ache from so much excitement.  I quickly put in the second ball and could now feel the two balls hitting each other and causing me to almost cum.  I stood up and walked around the bathroom, looking down at my huge throbbing clit through my bare labia.  I made it about 3 feet out of my bathroom before I started to have the most amazing, all-body orgasm.  I had never had an orgasm standing up and I wasn't holding on to anything so I was just shuddering and groaning and rubbing my huge clit in the middle of the room.  Amazing.  I use the balls every day. Sometimes I go to bed with them and wake up a few hours later to a spontaneous orgasm. 

Webmaster's Comment: I don't know what type of Ben Wa balls she used but these doesn't sound like the little gold balls you commonly see for sale, which likely have no erotic value. The larger variety may provide a feeling of fullness, and when used with a clitoral vibrator, transfer vibrations. They can also be used for Kegels, those which don't absorb body fluids being good for longer periods of insertion. The little gold/silver balls will likely just sit in place and fall out when you stand up, unless you have very good muscle tone. If you have experienced otherwise, please let us know.


Young Woman Masturbating on BedHi, I am now 22 and started to masturbate when I was 10-12 years old. When I was 10 or 11 I watched my older brother stroking his dick in the shower without him ever knowing. I knew a bit about sex from all the adult magazines hidden under his bed. While I would watch him masturbating in the shower and his room, my panties would get very wet and I started to rub my pussy while watching him get off. When I was alone I would spread my legs open and watch myself open my pussy. I am a slim girl and i have a larger than average vulva. I used all kinds of things to slide into my pussy like flashlights, spoons, candles, hair brush etc. I watched my brother and his GF having sex a few times and he would tell her to finger her pussy! I would finger my pussy while watching them have sex and at last I had a ORGASM! Wow, It was great. When they would leave I would go into his room and smell the sheets and his used underwear where they were fucking. I did this until I was 15-16 and never got caught. One weekend our parents were gone for the weekend and I had some drinks along with him and his GF. He was a nice looking guy and all the girls liked him. Joe was 4 years older than me and his dick was 7-8 inchs long. That drunk night I told him I watched him jerk off and fuck the last few years! He smiled and said he knew I was watching all this time. I turned bright red and he said it was ok. After a few more drinks he asked if I would like to watch them have sex and masturbate at the same time? I was shocked and my BF was on the way over, whom I had never had sex with yet! My Bf came over and I just asked him if he wanted to watch them fuck and masturbate with me at the same time? His dick was rock hard. They said please come in and watch us? We walked in and she started to suck his dick 10 feet in front of us! My brother went down and started licking her pussy while we took our clothes off. After 30-45 minutes he laid he back and held her legs while he slid his dick into her deep! I said slow down we want to do the same ok? He said ok and I laid down and took my Bf's dick and slid it in. It hurt a bit but felt good! My brother told my Bf to do it like this. My bf slid his hard dick in to the max and my brother started fucking his GF slow and deep at first ! I came on the 10th stroke of my BF and started humping hard and fast. I was saying very nasty things just like the other girl, under my brother. They finished fucking and I wanted more while they watched us fucking. I would open my pussy and tell my bf I am his slut and please fuck me! The 4 of us did this many times over the next year . When my brother and me were alone we would sit down and watch each other masturbate many times!  I came so close to just asking him to fuck me and he said the same? He would take my panties sometimes with my cum still in the crotch and place around his dick while I watch him masturbate. I did the same with his underwear. I still get off with him when we are alone  and enjoy it. Hope this makes some of you wet! I am Julie

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