Body Image: Photographs of Natural Breasts

The photographs presented below demonstrate what natural breasts truly look like. When a woman's concealing clothing is removed this is what you see. The common use of bras and absence of public nudity combine to cause everyone to believe women have breasts that are perkier and more spherically shaped than they truly are.

This is great for the manufacturers and distributors of bras, as it creates greater demand for their products, but not women. The media is also misleading women into believing every other woman has larger and shapelier breasts, as mentioned in the article titled Ideal Breast Size. These photographs, and those featured in Female Figure Studies I & II, clearly demonstrate this is untrue.

These photographs demonstrate how wearing a bra doesn't prevent changes in the breasts over time, as I am pretty sure all these women have worn a bra daily since puberty. The breast tissues normally change over the course of a woman's lifetime, as a result of the normal aging process and changes within the breasts during pregnancy. Bras only serve to conceal these changes, at the expense of women in general.

These photographs also demonstrate that "training bras" don't influence the final shape of an adolescent girl's breasts, heredity and diet does; diet influences the amount of body fat present. Training bras only serve to get girls buying bras at a young age, perhaps years before they actually need to.

While bras are intended to support and conceal a woman's breasts, they create a considerable amount of "false advertising" that all girls, teens, and women are falling victim to. By wearing a bra that alters the appearance of their breasts women are inadvertently adding to their own anxiety, because they are supporting an ideal that few can achieve.

It is a vicious cycle that is adversely affecting the body image of all. Unfortunately, short of a major shift in morality that allows women to appear bare breasted in public, women must believe what they see and read here rather than what they see and hear in public.

Plastic surgeons and the media are frequently telling women that increasing numbers of their peers are getting breast implants. They say an average of 300,000 women annually are undergoing augmentation surgery in the US. While that sounds like a large number, it actually represents less than 0.3 percentage of women over the age of 17. (In the year 2000 there were 116 million women over the age of 17 in the US according to the US Census.)

Plastic surgeons are generating more business for themselves at the expense of the body image of all women, which is good for their wallet but bad for girls and women. As the article titled The Media's Influence on Body Image demonstrates, even if breast implants give a woman larger breasts they don't necessarily give her perfect breasts, or result in a more fulfilling life.

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