Mutual Masturbation Techniques and Experiences - Collection 2


Illustration by Patsy

When I saw that you had a mutual masturbation section I just had to write in!

My ex used to lay on her stomach and press the pads of her fingers and move the hood of her clit up and down and around her clit! She would be very calm and you could hardly tell she was doing anything. As her excitement rose she would start to lightly clench her ass cheeks together and press her hips down against her hand! I would be stroking my cock and caressing her ass cheeks as she did this! As she got more excited she would start to lift her hips off the bed more and her ass would stick up in the air. I knew then it was time to get more involved and I would begin to rub a finger tip over her pussy lips as thrust her ass up!

As her excitement rose more she would keep her ass up in the air for a few seconds which meant it was time for me to rub her pussy lips with my finger and then drag the fingertip over her "anus" (which is what she liked to call it when she was really horny). I would drag a moist finger over her pussy, that skin between her pussy and ass and then press the pad of my finger ever so gently into her anus! She would clench her ass cheeks together and hold my finger there, moan and then go back to humping her hand. When she got almost ready to cum she would raise her ass in the air and I would plunge my middle finger deep into her pussy and drag it over her anus and press and push it back into her pussy as her ass jerked against my hand! I would be stroking my cock getting ready to cum myself. She would look at me with those horny and glassy eyes and ask if i was ready! I would say yes where by she would clench her ass cheeks tight and cum against her hand. When she finished cumming she would smile and raise her ass in the air in expectation of my hot cum. I would press the head against her anus and shoot off on her ass hole and slightly rub it in. She would moan and squeeze her ass cheeks together to feel the hot cum oooze out. She then relaxed her cheeks and
shook them until my cum thinned out and ran down over her pussy.

Remembering this has my pumping my cock like crazy and I think I am going to cum soon! lol


I teased him on the boat. My boyfriend Danny and I took an overnight ferry boat trip with my sister. The room has a double decked type bed on one side and a single bed on the other side. My sister and I got the double decked and I was below. Later when we were almost calling it a night, he whispered to me that he wants to see me play with myself. He had seen me before playing with myself to orgasm because he was the one who taught me how to masturbate by rubbing my clit and caress my vulva till I had my first orgasm by masturbating in front of him, as he stroked and masturbated his gorgeous cock in front of me. It was an exciting experience because I have never thought of masturbating in my entire life, much more masturbating in front of a man. I felt so sexy and so so hot spreading my legs oh so wide for him to devour me with his eyes as he watch me play with myself to orgasm. As each cum flowed out of me in silky wet delight, he also shoot his cum and landed in my wet hot pink pussy. I mixed his cum with mine and spread it all over my virgin pussy lips and clit. Delicious!

I decided I to tease him that night and give him a treat. I ask my sister to switch place with me so I will be on top of the double deck bed. I sat up on the bed and lean my back on the wall. I raised my skirt, removed my panties and spread open my legs to reveal my hot pink pussy. He watched me from across the room on his side of the bed with delight. With my legs wide open, I started to played with myself by rubbing my clit shaft and pressed my clit hood in a circular motion just like the way he taught me. I tucked my right hand under my right butt and reached out to spread open my pussy lips with my fingers. I started a slow up and down motion at my pussy lips. I rubbed my pussy hole with my fingers as if it was a cock. It felt good to see him watch me masturbate. I was so wet and so aroused that I want him to come near me, touch and suck my pussy himself, but I was afraid that my sister might notice it. So he just has to watch me play with myself from afar.  He motioned me to plant a finger inside my pussy hole, I was so hot to see him watch me as I did it with my right index finger in an in and out motion and continue to rub my clit with the other. My body got so hot teasing him and playing with myself as I finger fucked my hot pink virgin pussy. I unhook my bra and raised my blouse to reveal my breast, I started rubbing my nipple in a circular motion the way I rubbed my clit and pussy lips. I was so hot masturbating and even hotter knowing someone was watching me play with myself.. My hot pussy just glisten with my pussy juice as I watched him got so aroused. He motioned me to lick the fingers that were going in and out of my pussy. I didn't hesitate a bit as I took them out of my pussy hole and sucked hard with my mouth. I tasted my pussy juice for the first time. It was sweet and tasty. I could see the bulge in his pants and imagine how hard and long his gorgeous cock would be by now.

My sister suddenly got up because she wants to go to the bathroom outside our room. I stopped and covered myself till she was out of the door. My fiancée took no time to lock the door behind her and quickly moved to my bed. He stood in front of me and inserted his hand into my blanket and started rubbing my now very hot pussy. I took away his hand and leaned back against the wall. I spread my legs again to show him how wet I am and started playing with myself again by rubbing my clit and showed him spreading my pink pussy lips with my right hand fingers. I was so hot now that I could feel myself about to have my orgasm. I stared to rub my clit faster as the intensity build up. I could feel the warm flow of my juice inside rising to its peak as I opened my mouth and let out a deep cry and burst into an intense orgasm. He took that queue and stepped on the lower bed, opened my legs wide and went down on me. He sucked my pussy as I came hard with my pussy juice flowing out my virgin pussy hole. He sucked and licked my pussy and slurped my juice as my orgasm came one after the other continuously for more than a minute. I was so spend and so juice up that I just spread my legs wide and open my wet glistening pussy spreading in front of him. I wish we could be closer. Not being able to hug him as I came was totally new to me. I have always hugged him every time I orgasm since my first one.

Just then, my sister knocked on the door. I quickly covered myself with my blanket as he unlocked and opened the door for her. As if nothing had happened. I know he had a big hard on going to bed that night because he was not able to come with me. I wished I could do something about it but the situation would not allow. But I know I owe him one and he knows he's gonna get it soon. But that's another story to tell.


One of my most memorable masturbation experiences was on a trip with my husband.  We were stuck in traffic on the interstate.  We had been discussing sex that would occur when we reached our destination.  I had on a skirt without panties  I slowly slipped my hand beneath my skirt and began to masturbate.  We were in a small car.  Other motorists could easily see inside.  We continued to talk and I continued to masturbate.  My husband rubbed my neck and drove.  I prolonged the experience to over 30 minutes.  This was 10 years ago and we still wonder if other motorists viewed our excitement!  FYI...We were 42 years old at the time.  We are 52 now and VERY active!  He loves to watch me masturbate!


I like it when my husband has fucked me and his come is still inside me. I roll over onto my stomach and use the slipperiness of his come to make we wet while he rubs my clit with an up and down motion until I am really close. I know when it is about to happen as I press my stomach down towards the bed and he knows I am about to come and then he moves to put direct pressure on my clit and rubs pretty fast back and forth in a really rhythmic motion, actually it seems like he goes slower at this point, and I start to have my orgasm. He also likes to put his thumb inside me while he is rubbing my clit. His hands and fingers are pretty big so its almost like he is back inside me while he rubs my clit. I usually clench my legs together then and hold his hand there while I come. If he keeps rubbing me, I can usually come twice or more. Unfortunately it gets too sensitive and he can't keep making me come. I usually cry out too with a very deep almost growling sound he tells me.

The other way I like it is not really masturbation I guess, but through oral sex, my husband will use a big dildo and rub my lips and clit up and down and then use his tongue on my clit. He rubs back and forth, not up and down, and inserts his finger right deeply inside me and rubs somewhere that makes me really turned on and when the orgasm suddenly hits me, I have to pull away from his tongue. It takes my breath away and he can't even touch me anywhere after that. I shudder involuntarily every few seconds for about a minute after that.

Wim and Katrien II

We read all masturbating comments of the couples on this information page after our own comment here above.

Like we are addicted masturbators and practicing advanced masturbation as a married couple together since many years without intercourse's at all, we want to tell you we have an immense joy together and became craving for pleasures of masturbation. We recommend all couples searching for more or some special joys to practice this way. If the couple stops having intercourse for at least three months and changes sex life in exclusively together masturbating life (mutual or solo together!) a new world of joy will open to them, and after three months practice 2 or 3 times a week or more going on for hours always a bit longer, retaining orgasm so long as possible before squirting, the couple cannot return anymore to the normal sex life because the joy is much preferable and genitals will cry for more training.



When I saw that you had a mutual masturbation section I just had to write in!

My ex used to lay on her stomach and press the pads of her fingers and move the hood of her clit up and down and around her clit! She would be very calm and you could hardly tell she was doing anything. As her excitement rose she would start to lightly clench her ass cheeks together and press her hips down against her hand! I would be stroking my cock and caressing her ass cheeks as she did this! As she got more excited she would start to lift her hips off the bed more and her ass would stick up in the air. I knew then it was time to get more involved and I would begin to rub a finger tip over her pussy lips as she thrust her ass up!

As her excitement rose more she would keep her ass up in the air for a few seconds which meant it was time for me to rub her pussy lips with my finger and then drag the fingertip over her "anus" (which is what she liked to call it when she was really horny). I would drag a moist finger over her pussy, that skin between her pussy and ass and then press the pad of my finger ever so gently into her anus! She would clench her ass cheeks together and hold my finger there, moan and then go back to humping her hand. When she got almost ready to cum she would raise her ass in the air and I would plunge my middle finger deep into her pussy and drag it over her anus and press and push it back into her pussy as her ass jerked against my hand! I would be stroking my cock getting ready to cum myself. She would look at me with those horny and glassy eyes and ask if I was ready! I would say yes where by she would clench her ass cheeks tight and cum against her hand. When she finished cumming she would smile and raise her ass in the air in expectation of my hot cum. I would press the head against her anus and shoot off on her ass hole and slightly rub it in. She would moan and squeeze her ass cheeks together to feel the hot cum oooze out. She then relaxed her cheeks and shook them until my cum thinned out and ran down over her pussy.

Remembering this has my pumping my cock like crazy and I think I am going to cum soon! lol



After reading most of the stories on your masturbation experiences visitors, I decided that I could tell you my experience, too.

As a 15 year-celibate, forced to sexless life after marriage I "resorted" to masturbating. It have been an amazing experience. I never felt that wonderful with my husband and his efforts to please me were weak.  He just could not do it. He tried and we ended doing oral sex on each other first and then the "missionary."

Few months ago I met Craig. He told me kind of early that he is no good in bed, so I should not expect no great sex life. Well, I did not mind due to my renewed found "entertainment"of masturbating. I used to masturbate while in college. At first I did not tell him what I have been doing.  I was kind of afraid, I guess.

One week end he asked me to go with him to visit a sick friend.  I felt that was not only nice but very caring of him.  We went to his cabin in the Sierra Mountains.  The sick friend turned out to be his penis.

After entering the cabin Craig asked me if I wanted anything to eat. Well I was still expecting to see a person who was sick so I just wanted to talk.

Craig opened a bottle of vine and served it with sliced apples and cheese (while we waited?). I took few bites and asked him what was the plan.  He just told to be patient. I tried. Few hours went by.  We lit the fire place and had more food and wine. Eventually Craig started to "feel" hot  so he removed all his clothing one by one.  I was curious of his private parts and he was not at all bashful or shameful.  Actually he sat on the floor right in front of me and I can see that he was not really attracted to me. 

Then he simply suggested that if I felt too hot it was ok to remove any clothing too if I felt it necessary.  I took of my sweater and shoes and socks first. Also opened the few more buttons of my shirt.  I let my bra show but that did not seem to do anything to Craig.  I felt slightly disappointed.  Some how I wanted him to touch me already then.

There was a silence now on my part for awhile.  I did not know what to do or say next. The following conversation took place, after awhile: "Anna, I have had erection problems but I have wanted to be with you so much ever since we met.  I thought that this place could make me feel relax and I could help make your life a bit more pleasurable.  Oh. Anna, you just don't know how my mind races when I think about all the sexy things we should be doing."

"Craig, I don't mind", I said. He did not seem to like that really, I could tell. So I continued:"How do you feel about masturbating?" "OK, I guess",he said, "I just never thought of really doing it. Do you do it?" "Well, I...I.  Well, I kind of do", I said.

"Oh, that is a delicious idea. Lets do that. Can you show me how you do it? I always liked to watch people having sex.  Can you do it for me?"

I felt self conscience over this so I said that I did not think I could. Craig then put his hands on his penis and said:" I will try to help this sick old friend to make this a sensual week end, perhaps you feel OK to join us."

I laughed. He was talking about his penis as his "Old Friend", the friend he wanted to see.  I was all for it since I get pleasure too looking at private parts. So I was seeing his sick Old Friend after all.

I went closer to him and touched his penis. I wanted to care for this Old Friend. "Oh, that felt good. Can I have more TLC ?" I took his penis into my hands and squeezed it and he went Ahh, again. It felt nice to hold a penis in my hand. The softness of it skin was actually intoxicating.  I wanted more. I wanted to be touched too.  I did not say so, though. I actually love the silky feel of a penis.

I rubbed his penis for a while and I felt It come to "life".  It grew into a nice pretty large vessel in my hands. "Oh, Anna. You do not know what this means to me.  This feels wonderful.  I want you.  Do you want me?"

"I do but I am not ready", I said.  Craig started to help me with my clothes and I did not resist. It actually felt right for him to do so.  Eventually I was naked too.  Craig had stayed hard during my disrobing. Nice!  He did want me after all. Aaahh!

I said: "I think I could show you how I do myself'.  He said: I can't wait to see". I could hear his husky voice was urging me to go on so I started. Slowly and gently I put my hand on to my vulva. I rubbed it up and down for a while slowly. Craig looked mesmerized.  I opened my legs and let him see my "insides" when I wanted to touch my clit. I heard a sigh.

"Anna, is it all right to kiss it? I really need to have my lips on you, please let me kiss it."  "OK", I said.  He bent over to kiss me and his tongue was gently rubbing my clit.  Ohh, what a heaven. He did this for about an hour, until I could not take it anymore.  The explosion was unbelievable.

He was still erect and he wanted more.  I rubbed him again and touched the tip of it and I kissed it too. Our emotions ran very high. The lust in both of us went wild. He started to rub me while I rubbed him and this time we cummed to together.

"Ohh, Thank you. I haven't had sex like this since I was a teenager", he said. Craig took me in his arms and put his hand over my vulva and kept on rubbing. I got seven or eight orgasms with him this way. I felt exhausted but happy.  He was so unlike my husband, no hurry, no need to finish, just enjoy the moment.

We eventually covered up with blankets and tried to rest but by now Craig was ready again. He actually had an erection without assistance (I wanted to do that again for him). He said that I made him feel good and we made good team.

We pleasured each other this way the whole week end and we did end up having an intercourse at the end of the week, because I felt that my experience was not complete without it.  I do not recall being that tired ever.

Needless to say we are now nightly masturbators or suckers or what ever we feel we want,  I did not know that at my age (60) I could enjoy sex this much.  We have invested on material to try in our efforts to enjoy life's pleasures and one another.

Anna 60 and Craig 65 say thank you for letting us share.



I've masturbated since about 12yo but was introduced to mutual masturbation when I was in my mid teens during World War II by a woman of 28 whose husband was overseas. I used to sit with her evenings to keep her company. It started when she began to breast-feed her baby in my company. She said from the look of the bulge in my trousers her breasts excited me. We went on to talk about sex and later that evening she undid her blouse and invited me to caress her tits (her words) this I did and we both became horny. The next evening after the babe was in bed she again undid her blouse and bra and told me how much she enjoyed me playing with her breasts. She then proceed to pull up her skirt and had left her knickers off. She guided my had between her legs, she was wet and slippery. At this stage I was introduced to her clitoris, which she referred to as the "little man in a boat." A description I have used with many women since. We never engaged in activities involving penetration, but I learnt how to excite women. She's long gone but many women have befitted from what she taught me as a young lad; my long lasting marriage still does.

Angela & James

My name is Angela and I would like to share my story. First off I would like to say this site is great! I've only known about it for a short time, but I've spent a lot of time on it. The person that told me about it, is the person I will be telling you about now. His name is James and we "met" through the internet. Our conversations started out very casual and we had a lot in common. It didn't take long for them to turn to sex though. I still remember the first time we had phone sex, it was amazing! That was 4 1/2 yrs ago and we still talk almost every day. We lost contact for awhile but I am very glad to say we found each other again. We've gotten very close lately and our mutual masturbation sessions have gotten very intense and a lot more intimate. With just his words he has helped me achieve orgasms that were so strong I thought I was gonna pass out. I have never achieved that with anyone I was with physically (not even my ex, who I was with for 8 yrs!). He has never even touched me, but he knows exactly what turns me on and he can always tell when I cum just by the sounds I make, he knows me (and my body) so well. We have viewed each other masturbating on our web cams and exchanged private pics of each other. We will be on the phone and the cam at the same time and that can get really intense. Sometimes I will use my vibrators or other objects (which really turns him on) when I'm on my cam for him but most of the time I can achieve amazing orgasms just using my hands. He doesn't always have to watch me masturbating, he likes it just as much to be watching my face as I cum for him. He loves it when I describe to him in detail exactly what I want to do to him and I love it when he talks really dirty to me. A lot of people may not understand our relationship and the closeness we share but it's real and the feelings are very strong. Over the years we've become extremely close and have grown to truly care about each other and love each other. I am happy to say that we will finally be meeting each other in person at the end of next month. We are both extremely excited just to see each other and to bring to life everything we have talked about and shared over the phone. I know it's going to be amazing. I will be back on here after we meet to let you know how great it was. April 24th, 2007


I lay on the bed with my legs spread apart and my partner is right next to me. I take his hand and insert his forefinger into my hot pussy up to my clit and move it around in slow circles. With my other hand I grab his cock which is already getting very hard and start to stroke it. My clit is ready to explode with ripples of orgasmic pleasure as he keeps going round and round with just the right pressure. His cock is getting bigger and we are both ready to cum. We scream out in mutual pleasure and orgasmic release as his cum shoots over my belly.


I am in a long distance relationship, and my fiance and I are a very horny couple. Because we don't see each other everyday, we have phone sex. I use my electric toothbrush on my clit as he talks dirty to me on the phone until I explode. When we are together, I sometimes use my toothbrush as he fucks me....OMG....ITS THE BEST OOOOOOOOO ever....I recommend soundproofing your walls!!


My wife enjoys using my rock hard penis as her fleshy dildo to self masturbate.

She will use my penis dildo for over an hour bringing herself to orgasmic climax many times, I have to use large self control not to ejaculate all over her and ending her enjoyment.  She knows how hard I self control myself and she takes great joy in watching me fight ejaculation in agony as she uses my hard pulsing penis for self masturbation time after time.  After each of her climatic orgasms I gently massage her breasts giving her the deep desire for another orgasm self induced using my trusty penis.  While she is using my hard penis as her throbbing dildo it is never penetrated into her vagina for more than just a few seconds in her rhythmical use of my resistant penis in her hands as a pulsating dildo largely messaging her clit.

My wife will do this many times for more than an hour, taking me to many un-ejaculated orgasms, until she takes me into uncontrolled agony when I can no longer fight my own paramount climatic orgasm and I come all over her as she is still using my solid penis as her fleshy dildo.

Kristee and Jesse

My boyfriend and I live about 6,000 miles apart, so we can't be together in person very often (it'll actually be almost another year until we can meet up again face-to-face).  Thanks to the miracle of instant messaging, we still talk a lot but if either of us gets really horny (and, being teenagers, this does happen quite a bit) there's not really anything we can do involving the other person.  We often send each other little "flirts", where we take turns writing little erotic scenes between the two of us, but last night we decided to try something different.  Initially the plan was for us to both have our web cams on, me sitting back on my bed to masturbate in just a t-shirt while he stood nude in front of his camera to give me something to look at (and of course to watch me on the screen).  After a few minutes of watching me tease my clit, he was masturbating too, I took the shirt off, and then we were just watching each other.  I thought him watching me would be the hottest thing, but being able to watch him touching himself while knowing that he was watching me do the same was almost more than I could stand!  I came relatively quickly and while I was catching my breath I watched him have the most intense orgasm I've seen him have.  His jaw went slack, his head fell back and, though the sound wasn't on, I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd screamed.  I wanted to cum again after seeing that, and he watched while I continued to rub my clit and inner lips (thought I was almost too wet at this point to create much friction) until, shaking, I came hard.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, couldn't have been better unless he was here in person (so he could help me out a little more xP).  I would totally recommend something like this to any couple willing to try it, and I'd tell other long-distance couples to consider investing in some web cams.  They're relatively cheap, they really are the next best thing to in person, and think about the possibilities...


I too think this site is great in the discussion and tips on masturbation.  I am 25 years old and only last month did I have an experience that was on the same level as my first experience.  Like some, I too am waiting till marriage to have sex with my husband; however, I am human and also get horny.  My boyfriend has been very understanding, but at times gets frustrated. 

On this particular day, I was feeling exceptional horny and told my boyfriend that he could lay next to me on the bed while I masturbated under the covers (I really didn't want him to see me naked prior to the wedding night).  As I started, I was already wet just at the thought of him in the same room with me much less in the bed as I was rubbing myself.  I was covered with the blanket only exposing my head.  My boyfriend way laying to my right and had started to kiss my neck, moving to my cheek and ears.  The intensity grew and I now found myself with two fingers in and out of my pussy.  I then heard whispered in my ear my boyfriend say that he wished his friend Irving could have watched also.  Without hesitation, my thoughts immediately put Irving to my left side also kissing on my neck and ears.  With this new fantasy in my head, I was vigorously rubbing my pussy and worked my way to my anus.  My boyfriend then pulled the covers down to my stomach, exposing both of my tits.  He then started to suck on my right nipple while pinching my left one.  I wanted to tell him to stop, but instead found myself imagining Irving sucking on my left nipple.  I kicked off the blanket and found myself slapping my pussy lips in a complete frenzy.  I then blurted out that I wished Irving was here also, so you could both suck on my nipples.  And nothing could have prepared me for his response, which was that they could suck on the same nipple.  Oh my goodness! For whatever reason that was so hot to me, that my boyfriend was suggesting bisexual acts with him and another guy.  I pulled him closer as he began to grind on my leg, while fingering myself.  I began to visualize him sucking on Irving's cock to the point I came like never before.  It was strange to me because I had never even thought about that before, but I wasn't opposed to seeing it.  I hope to be able to tell you another story......

Carrina and Jonathan

I have yet to experience the intensity that all of the above stories of mutual masturbation is concerned.  I'm in the process of letting go of some inhibitions as I've never shared mutual masturbation with anyone as far as pleasing ourselves in front of each other is concerned.  I plan on changing that.  I got off to a good start last night.

The thought of self pleasuring in front of my boyfriend is an erotic fantasy for me.  We're in a long distance relationship, but when we're together the sex is amazing.  I get an orgasm every time now.  Most of the time when we do see each other is via web cam.  We frequently talk about what we want to do to each other and he loves it when i do a strip tease for him. 

Last night when I was dancing for him via web cam he mentioned that he was close to orgasm, so I took that opportunity to push my own boundaries and dance more erotically.  I began moving my hips and swaying around while caressing my body.  I continued with the swaying movements and began massaging my breasts.  And next while I was massaging one breast with one hand I was caressing my body up and down my sides and between my breasts down to my belly.  I continued on with the swaying movements and and moved both hands back to my breasts, held them up and kneaded and played with my nipples. 

Next while continuing with the swaying, I added even more hip action to the dance and kept one hand rubbing and playing with my breasts and nipples, my other hand slowly moved downward and I opened my vulva lips with my 2nd and 3rd fingers.  While doing that I placed one leg on the chair to spread them farther apart and to get closer to the screen.  Both hands now were between my legs spreading apart the lips and I added some thrusting movements with my hips along with circular motions.

I wasn't quite ready to stimulate myself for him as what I was doing already took some guts on my part.  I was fighting my inhibitions so I wasn't as aroused as I may have been, however when I write about it now I'm getting very aroused and wet.  He liked the dance and hopefully I'll be able to give him more next time as the thought of it right now is getting me going.


I find that there is nothing more exciting than sitting in my chair in my bedroom with my legs draped over the chair-arms and exploring my body while watching my lover stroke himself off (by watching me). Seeing his excitement literally swell up from within, and knowing I cause it, gets me soaked. I can have several orgasms before he can finish. It's a very good way to start an evening.


My ex-partner and I used to start off by peeing on each other. It sounds weird but its fun. She would straddle me and let out little squirts to get me hard. Once hard, I would get on top and do the same to her. We would both masturbate for a little while then pee on each other again. We would always masturbate right to the point of climax then jump up top of each other and have the best sex. Each time felt like the first.


My wife and I have been together for 9 years.

I am able to find her 'G' spot within her vagina, and her anus... The fun thing, is that I can also find it while she lays on her back. I can massage right above where her spot is an make her feel so good. (outside on her lower tummy)

Thank you for this site. I have been with 4 women in my life, I am now 40. My wife has been with many, many men. I know more about her anatomy than she does. This is a great factual site that lets both of us learn together. 

Our sex and general enjoyment of ourselves sexual and non sexual, has been a lot of fun lately. It is great to understand what makes arousal feel good... Sometimes it is not a penis and a vagina. sometimes it is just the thought of love and really great understandings. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE slow cunnilingus, but, that is not the best thing in an evening/morning/life.

My wife can get the best orgasm ever when we both find ourselves with manual arousal (That does include kisses).


A lady friend and I were relaxing one night, sipping one and sharing a smoke, and the conversation somehow got around to masturbation.  We were talking about techniques, and things we fantasized about while masturbating, and when I told her that I almost always fantasize that I'm with a woman who is masturbating with me, she teasingly suggested that we should try it! 

To make a long story short, we did follow our instincts and, after some initial shyness, found ourselves engaged in an incredibly erotic shared masturbation session.  We wound up stretch out on the sofa together, lying at opposite ends and facing each other with our legs crossing one another's.  She brought out her favorite vibrator, and provided me with a bottle of massage oil, which I poured generously over my shaft and balls. 

We masturbated together like that for close to an hour, during which she enjoyed several very intense and obviously pleasurable orgasms.  The whole while I just stroked myself slowly, building up the pressure, and when my time finally came, I could not believe how intense and powerful it was!

We had a number of similar sessions, experimenting in different ways, but always restricting ourselves to masturbation and exploring ways in which we could intensify our orgasms together.  We even bought a set of anal beads, and used them on each other while the recipient continued to masturbate.  All I can say about that is "INCREDIBLY PLEASURABLE!"

She has since moved to the other side of the country, but we still continue to share an occasional masturbation session together using Yahoo Messenger chat and web cam.  It really is the next best thing to being there!


My boyfriend and I love masturbating together. I find it such a turn-on on when he's watching me as I pleasure myself, and then he starts pleasuring himself as well. I rub my clit while he rubs his cock. I feel so exposed when I do it in front of him because masturbation is such a personal act, and I feel that doing it together heightens the intimacy between us. I love the expression on his face when I moan. He gets turned on even more and he'll increase the speed at which he's rubbing his cock and then I get turned on even more. It's like a spiral and it's great when we both climax together. I love turning him on. After that I'll let him come in my mouth and then I swallow. Sometimes that's the end of the sex act, but sometimes we continue to do other things as well.

I find that starting off a session with mutual masturbation is one of the best things ever, at least for me. I get all turned on, and my pussy gets wet, which is brilliant for when he starts touching or licking me. Also, my clit is much more sensitive and touching it feels more pleasurable after some masturbation, so when he goes down on me after we've masturbated for a while together...the feeling is just so much more explosive. Mutual masturbation, oral and then penetration. That's the way I like it. :)


My ex and I spent more time masturbating together than any other form of sexual activity. She wasn’t able to achieve orgasm by vaginal penetration but only by masturbation either by herself or with my help. I was so inexperienced in knowing what to do so she had to show me; up, down, round and around, fast or slow, exactly the way she wanted it done. My first attempt was pitiful but improved as time went on. She was always very vocal and used to tell me to make her feel like a tart.

She loved me to lick her pussy lips and suck her clit until it popped out from the hood and got good and wet to get her started. Then she would suck my cock until it got rock hard and the first bit of pre-cum would dribble out from the head. We would then lie at opposite ends on our backs until our genitals were level so she could start pumping my cock and I could finger her clit at the same time. We learnt self-control this way as she knew if I came too soon the fun would be over. She never wanted me to stop fingering her and could orgasm 4 or 5 times before I shot my load all over her tummy and tits. We would rest for awhile before starting all over again.

She had her favourite, using the head of my cock to stroke her big clit that would protrude to become fully erect. This always made her ejaculate soaking my cock with her hot cum by plunging it inside mixing our juices together when I came. After resting she would ask me to jerk her off by using a finger and thumb to squeeze and pump her clit until she came again. I found this to be exciting being able to jerk her clit up and down like a cock.

That lady really liked masturbating more so than any other woman I have known. Just the thought of sex started her off fingering her slit until her panties were soaked, insisting we do it together as watching her doing it made me horny. I really miss that lady and wish she was here right now.

Wayne and Kaye

My wife and I have been married for 14 years and we just started touching ourselves in front of each other.  It all started last Christmas Eve when we were having great sex.  I asked her afterwards what she thought about while I touched her and made love to her.  After walking through some embarrassment she said she thought about the times we had made love, and she thought about things she would like to try. I said, Like what?  to which she talk about a few places in the house she would like to have sex, but then she surprised me.  She said she wanted to undress in front of my while I masturbated.  I said really, she said she did not know how to ask but that was not all, she said she wanted to masturbate for me. 

Some six months later almost every time we have sex we masturbate in some form for each other, but what really turns us both on is when she or I uses the head of my hard penis to bring her to orgasm.

Carolyn and Jimmy

I'm 29 and my boyfriend Jimmy is 23. We have been living together almost a year. We had great sex but had never really masturbated each other until a few months ago. We touched each other naturally but never to orgasm. It actually started when I walked in on him jerking off. He was a little embarrassed that I caught him, but I didn't say anything and just walked over to him and took over until he came, and walked out without saying a word to him. From then on we talked about it and thought it would be fun. We tried a lot of different ways to satisfy each other. One day he asked if he could tie me to the bed and promised to to really satisfy me. I was more than willing and it was something new. He tied me spread eagle to the bed and just started to kiss and caress my whole body. I felt myself getting wet and then he blindfolded me and started to finger my vagina. The next thing I knew I heard a buzzing noise and a vibrator coming in me. I never used a vibrator before but did have a few dildos. I was so aroused I was almost screaming as he also but a dildo in my anus. It was the first time for that also. I just had orgasm after orgasm and was completely satisfied. Jimmy untied me and I was so tired I slept for a few hours. Later that night he said it was his turn. So, I tied him up and asked him what he wanted me to do and he just said "surprise me". I blindfolded him also and started by playing with his scrotum and kissing his penis. When I started to masturbate him he told me not to make him cum to fast. Well, then I started getting more ideas and got out the vibrator and started moving it all over his penis and balls. I kept this up for quite awhile and also kept kissing him between his thighs and even on his balls. As I was kissing him I put the vibrator at his anus and was surprised at his reaction and knew he like it. I stopped for awhile and went to get some skin lotion as he kept asking me were I was. When I came back his penis was half down and I started all over again. This time I put the lotion on his penis and started to masturbate him again. He got rock hard and I put some lotion on the vibrator and started putting it slowly in his anus. Within seconds he ejaculated and I never heard him moan like that before even during intercourse. We take turns at least once a week tying each other down. And we just tell each other anything goes. I thought I had a good sex life before but it even better now. 


I have to say I enjoy mutual masturbation immensely. My husband and I have a great sex life and he always makes sure I cum when having sex, he licks me every time. My husband loves to masturbate because when we have sex he cums way too fast. So he will masturbate for an hour or more and stop when he's almost ready to explode and waits and starts again. When he decided to masturbate in front of me the first time I instantly got a hard clit over that. I was MORE turned on then anything else he could of done.. I whipped off the blankets, spread my legs and dropped my knees and went at it on me, OMG, it was wonderful,,, I just wish I could take my time like my husband does, lol... Any suggestions????


My ex-fiance and I used to engage in mutual masturbation very very often. She was a fairly ardent Christian, and this was as far as we allowed ourselves to get other than Oral sex, but eventually she even decided that anything sexual whatsoever was too much, but that isn't what I wrote in to tell you. When we would get riled up we would lie in bed, and I would tease her a bit, rubbing her breasts and kissing her. Then eventually we would remove our underwear and I would place her leg between mine, and hump her leg with my bare cock, the whole time I would be gently rubbing her clitoral hood (She was amazed when we first started getting sexually active because I knew what to do) until her pussy was soaking wet, where by I would put two fingers in, and make kind of a "Come here" Inside her pussy, rubbing her G spot, this would drive her wild! She would pant and moan, and make the most sexy faces...90% of the time I was rubbing her pussy and clit I would also be kissing her, which was also great for both of us. She loved for me to grind my bare cock against her thigh while I laid next to her and rubbed her excited little clit. I would alternate between fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, while kissing her and sucking on her big tits and nipples, then I would rub her clit in tiny circles(always on the hood, her poor clit was so sensitive it would get sore with direct contact)until she came, then I would finger her pussy, rubbing hard on her G-spot during her orgasm. She absolutely loved it until her religion made her leave me. A few times I was able to finger so deeply in her tiny pussy that I was rubbing behind the underside of her cervix, which she seemed to like a lot as well, sometimes flicking her cervix with my fingers. And a few times I even fingered her anus, which she only like the first time (No lube, the excitement was the pleasurable part for her the first time) Most of the time I just masturbated her to several orgasms, with no release for my self, but sometimes Afterwards she would lick gently on my shaft, or just stroke my cock until I came, while I played with her pussy to excite myself more.

Sorry if I rambled. Love your site!


This site does a great job of describing how masturbation can be a wonderful aid to women during sex, but it overlooks how wonderful female masturbation can be for BOTH partners.  My wife and I discovered this a few months ago--I think we'll be reaping the rewards for some time. 

She wanted to try something different.  She wasn't quite sure what; just something other than the usual "Saturday night exercise." 

Female masturbation, orgasms--really anything to do with clitorises--has always been a huge turn-on for me.  I've also always loved watching my lovely wife finger herself; mixing such things with sex just never occurred to us.

I'm not totally sure where the impulse came from, but it was so strong I let it become spoken words instantly: I asked if I could make love to her while she masturbated.  A few moments later we discovered something very special.

My wife plays with herself almost every time we have sex now.  I love it.  Words fail to describe the feeling of watching the love of my life masturbate with my penis in her vagina.  There's just some kind of perfectly innocent intimacy there.  Our orgasms are amazing, too.

I just have to say I feel sorry for all the men who've never had sex with a woman while she masturbates; you don't know what you're missing.

Sk8r Grl

Me and my boyfriend cyber, "like phone sex online" on private message in a chat room. Unfortunately I don't have a camera and neither of us have web cams so we can't see each other. But we LOVE talking dirty to each other and saying all the things we wanna do to each other. We both get off from it and he tells me how he's making his big cock throb like hell and I tell him how wet he's making me and how I'm falling out of my chair with orgasm. People can't understand how amazing cybering can be or how you could be in love online but we get it and it's amazing.

BTW I love your site, keep up the good work!

I'm Just Me

I have read a lot of masturbating posts.  Male, female and couples.   I am sure we are not the only couple to do this type masturbation.  I never have found any one posting about it.

Wife and I were making love and I backed out of her a little and started to masturbate while I was partly in her.  She grins and ask what I am doing. I told her.  She says do it all the way.  I would stroke my penis a little then want to hump.  She would not allow me.  She says all the way.  When I was cuming I had to hump.  The next time she masturbated me like this.  This is absolutely great.  It is difficult to keep from humping but well worth it.


Once several years ago I spent the weekend visiting a cousin of mine, Kate in her tiny apartment. I had not seen her in almost 10 years but we hit it off well after having dinner and a few drinks. She told me all about her life and how she was unhappy as she was unable to find a boyfriend.

That night I slept on the sofa and was a but drunk when I went to bed. In the very early morning, about 5 AM; I awoke with a bit of a hangover and a nasty backache.

I got a drink of water and some aspirin form the bathroom. I tried to return to sleep on the sofa but could not. I then got up and got in bed with Kate.. She asked what I wanted and I just said I can't sleep on the sofa anymore. She made some room and I quickly fell asleep again. At some point I rolled up against her and we 'spooned' with my penis pressing on the crack of her ass. Kate pushed me away gently but I still woke up. I soon realized that she was masturbating by lying on her stomach and slowly rocking her hips on her hands. I got incredibly aroused with a large erection but did not say or do anything. After a few moments, Kate's breathing slowed and she lat out a long sigh as she climaxed. She then got up and went into the bathroom. I could see she was wearing a sheer nightgown with no bra or panties. When she returned she was wearing some underwear and a t-shirt. I was lying on my back pretending to be asleep with my dick making a bulge in the quilt.

Kate got back into bed, blushing as she knew I was awake. I said nothing but I was so horny I had to get off. I asked Kate if she would mind if I masturbated, and said if it was a problem I would go into the other room. She said it was fine and rolled over away from me. I started to stroke myself but after a moment could tell I was not able to cum. I usually masturbate with a lube. I stopped and asked Kate if she had any lube, she got out of the bed and came back with some KY.

This time she sat on the edge of the bed to watch me. I had never masturbated while someone watched before. As I was very nervous it took me a long time to reach orgasm, but the time spent getting there was wonderful. I came, shooting semen high in the air, then relaxed and fell asleep again.

When I awoke, Kate was also in the bed but this time naked. She said that she had masturbated a 2nd time when I was sleeping.

I got horny and tried to convince Kate to have sex with me but she would not but she did let me see and touch her vagina while I jerked off. We also sat with our legs open, facing each other, my penis very close to her vagina but not touching as we masturbated together. Kate was not using any birth-control and did not want any semen near her. I had to lie on my back and cum onto my belly.

We were planning to go to a museum in the morning but spent most of the day watching each other pleasure yourself. We talked openly about our sexuality, loss of virginity and. masturbating.

The next night we slept together again however nothing happened. The next morning we both slowly masturbated together while holding hands. It was beautiful. I then had to leave for the airport and get my flight home. Kate and I don't see each other very much but always talk on Facebook. We have never talked about what happened.


I love to watch my wife masturbate. She usually uses a large vibrator. She orgasms rather easily and will bring herself off several times during each session. She will often masturbate several times a week. After she was come several times we usual have sex. I can make her come several times with my cock before I orgasm


It's rather exciting to read your web site. We have been married for years and have had a good sexual life together. But as I have aged, my desires have declined. Not so my wife's. I noticed about a year ago that as the foreplay progressed, she became increasingly excited until she took over from me. I was at first surprised and a bit embarrassed, but I have rapidly come to expect and desire her to continue what I have begun. I love to watch her play with herself and to hear her moans of pleasure. One day as I watched and listened to her, I began to beat off myself. She obviously liked it and derived excitement from my own self-pleasure. More and more we end up our sessions by mutual masturbation followed by mutual sucking. Curiously I find it more erotic to cum "in the open air" than within her body. Though I prevent her from completing the sucking phase of the ceremony, letting her masturbate me until I cum, I'll admit this is what I want her to do, and I think this is what she wants, as well. So it is likely to happen in the near future as have all of the other supposedly forbidden games such as anal play which has ended up being a regular and highly appreciated aspect of our games together. The forbidden pleasures are the best.

In the end one might observe that where the penis dares penetrate, the tongue gladly follows, fore and aft.


My lady was shamed at age 7 when her mother caught her masturbating. She never masturbated again until she met me. We began exploring ways couples can share mutual masturbation. Here are our two favorites.


My wife had not ever masturbated in front of a man before we got together. Slowly we introduced masturbation into our lovemaking. She was uncomfortable with it at first but then she began to enjoy it and and now makes her feel very sexy.

One of our favorites is when she lies on her back and spreads her legs wide.

I kneel in front of her. I jerk off my cock and she plays with her clit and fingers her pussy while we look at each other. She likes rolling one of her nipples while she rubs her pussy. I stroke my cock right in front of her pussy sometimes just rubbing the tip of my cock against her swollen clit. When I'm ready to cum I tell her to spread her pussy lips wide so I can see her beautiful wet pussy. I then shoot my cum all over her wet pussy. She then rubs my cum into her pussy and clit and she has a huge orgasm. Seeing my cum and her juices mix over her pussy is so hot.


My name is Sarah, I'm 16 years old. My boyfriend and I haven't had sex yet, but we use mutual masturbation as release for both of us. To make sure things don't go to far, we have what we call "the pants rule", that is, one of us MUST have our pants on at any time. So when we masturbate together we take it in turns.

Ok...may favorite way of doing it is I will lay on my back on my bed or couch and make out with my boyfriend until I am REALLY turned on! then when I'm ready I take my clothes off and while he is deep kissing me, I will masturbate till I orgasm...I like to REALLY tease myself and stretch is out as long as I Once I am done, I put my pants back and we switch places

Rob & Dot

We are a couple in our middle sixties. We have been married for 35 years our sex life now is as much fun as it was thirty five years ago in our marriage we had two children now grown up and married we are grandparents and still we are at it on a twice weekly basis. All this because very early in our marriage we realized to be able to keep up our frantic fucking we would have to do something to remain fit and able coupled with the pregnancies. It was by accident we came across The Joy of Sex by Dr Alex Comfort and in particular his liberated views towards sex and the use of a electric vibrator on the clit whilst fucking. we bought a Whal electric vibrator then highly recommended for scalp massaging this was about 1978. whilst the children were growing up we were able to enjoy our sex at least twice a week and my wife having many multiple orgasms. At all times our sex life was wonderful. When the children left home my wife was determined that we would not suffer with the empty nest syndrome. The first that was to go was our pajamas, we sleep naked, second we installed a hot tub we, secured our home, it is now totally private. And then we joined naturist clubs and now we are ardent naturist spending all our free time at naturist resorts. As for the Whal machine we have during the thirty years burnt out 4 we have ordered The Magic Wand so new ways more fun. Masturbating between my wife and my self is very natural if I feel like jerking of all I do is start stroking my wife will walk past notice what I am doing and pass me a towel, and often I wake up with her buzzing herself next to me. With age we now unitize sweet almond oil and we still fuck at least twice a week and masturbate when ever the hits us very natural and what a wonderful 35 years.


Hi I started masturbating with my husband couple of years ago. We start by him kissing, licking, tonguing and fingering my pussy. When I get good and excited, I tell him to put his cock in my month. While I suck him off I begin to finger myself and as I get ready to climax I moan and really suck his cock hard. He gets harder and harder and fucks me in the month. Then as I cum he shoots hot cum in my month as I cum and swallow his cum. A variation is for him to lick and tongue my ass while I finger myself to completion.

Dean and Kandy

Often we get in the masturbating mood and we sit in bed facing each other, her legs over mine, I insert finger in her as she grabs my cock to get things going. After a little play we move to enjoying ourselves, I love to stroke and touch her clit and hand with my hard cock as I watch her finger and use toys on her nice pink pussy. We talk about how it feels and let each other know when the climax is cumming. I love to then lick her clean as she cleans me up in the 69 position.


Me and my sex partner have been having sex for going on 3 years now. Personally, I prefer being teased and masturbating with him and having oral sex performed on me more than actual sex and so does he. Sometimes we would start off doing the usual kissing and touching of the body (seeing how the skin is the largest sexual organ) and before long, I'll begin to touch myself which turns him on even more knowing that I'm THAT comfortable with him and to him - it's as if I'm denying him access to being the one to bring me to orgasm. Before long he'll start to stroke himself. We touch ourselves as we continue to kiss each other. Sometimes, he'll stop stroking himself and go down on me but instead of "finger fucking" me AND sucking on my clit - he allows me to keep moving my fingers in & out of my vagina as he sucks and rubs on my clit. We continue to do this until I reach orgasm. Afterwards, we turn our attention to his still hard dick and I help him masturbate until he cums. Sometimes, we like to take a shower afterwards where he'll finger me and I, most of the time, perform oral sex on him. But if we don't feel like its shower time just yet, we start to touch each other & get each other horny and eventually begin to have sex. Who said you can't have a bit of everything in one night? =)