Mutual Masturbation Techniques and Experiences - Collection 1

This section of the website has been created to allow couples, heterosexual and lesbian, to share their mutual masturbation techniques and experiences. Share how you and your partner masturbate together.

Russ and Judy

Couple Exploring BondageMy wife and I are into masturbating together. We enjoy watching each other hit the orgasms at the same time. Both of us have TEN's units and various instruments for masturbation from special vaginal and anal inserts to clitoral and penile stimulators, but the most exciting and intense orgasms we achieve together are from urethral inserts. Hers is 3 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter, mine is 10 inches long and 3/8 inches diameter, it reaches my prostrate. We sit facing each other and she inserts mine into me and I insert hers into her, lubrication is KY-liquid, and at the same time we insert an anal probe into each other. This is so that the electrical contact is made between the anus and the urethral probes and the vibrational sensations are working on her anus, G-spot and clitoris and my anus, prostate and penis. She controls my TEN's unit and I control hers. We both start out at a very low frequency and then continue to build it higher as the orgasms get closer, then when the orgasms start coming we hold the units at that frequency. I have had some multiple orgasms about one to two minutes apart and maybe three to four at the most, but my wife hits orgasm after orgasm until she has hit ten to fifteen and then she is just spent and we have to stop for a while. We do this a couple of time over about an hour, and then we have our sex together, again hitting an intense orgasm. The next thing we are going to try is getting two Sybian Sex Machines, one for her and one for me. Thanks for letting us write our experiences to you and the readers.


I'm a 21 yr old guy and I met my girlfriend a few weeks ago and since we ARE so far apart I've decided to start having phone sex with her. She loves it VERY much and we do it AS much as we can. At least 5 or 6 times a week. This site has actually helped me to understand that what we're doing isn't necessarily a bad thing and that when the time DOES come for us to actually HAVE intercourse that I will now know what to do with her and what turns her on. She has been using a vibrator recently and I LOVE to hear when she cums. Its SUCH a turn on. She imagines my penis in her vagina and I imagine myself inside her when I masturbate. It tends to be QUITE the orgasmic time for the both of us. I've cum MANY times over and I've actually gotten her to cum many times as well. For those who say that phone sex can't help a relationship.. They're WRONG. If you get the chance and your away from your bf/gf. Take the chance and call them up. See what they say about that type of sexual relationship. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


Mutual masturbation has given us the most incredible orgasms we have ever experienced. A video always seems to get us in the mood quickly. We lie next to each other, and once aroused by the video, began to slowly touch each other. Her left hand stroking me while my right hand, middle finger, caresses her clit. She is normally already wet from watching. I'm hard just anticipating about our mutual masturbation session. Our breathing gets harder, she begins moving her hips up to meet my caress, I'm throbbing in her hand. Soon she slides her hand down between her legs, spreading her lips, touching her clit. She moves my hand to her breast, her nipple. I pinch it gently feeling it grow and harden under my touch. Her fingers circle her clit, rubbing harder. She slips a finger between her lips, pushing it inside. Then back to her clit, caressing the right side, her sensitive side. Her left hand continues to stroke me; I'm beyond excitement knowing she is touching herself. I put my right arm underneath her and reach around so I can pinch her right nipple, still continuing to pinch her left with my other hand and fingers. Her nipples are large and long and very hard from my pinching. I have to be careful, stopping from time to time, for she will climax just from nipple stimulation. Her hips began pushing her pussy upward straining to meet her fingers. She's moaning loudly, uncontrollably now. I am close to a climax myself. Her stroking has increased, her fingers squeezing me hard. She's telling me how wet her pussy is, how hot she is, how good her fingers feel caressing her clit. She tells me how good my cock feels in her hand, how hard, how big. I can barely keep myself from orgasm. Her legs are spread wide, she pushes two fingers deep between her lips, reaching for her g-spot. She uses her thumb to rub her clit while her fingers are moving in and out of her pussy. She's moaning loudly now, screaming how hot she is, that she is going to "cum" soon. She starts to climax. Knowing she is bringing herself to orgasm begins mine. I can't stop it, I'm throbbing, I'm cumming. She's moving her hand up and down me so quickly now that my "cum" shoots up and all over the both of us. I can't stop cumming. It is so intense I can barely control my body, I'm jerking around the bed like I'm having a seizure. She is in full orgasm by now; screaming obscenities, moaning, her hips grinding upward trying to force her fingers deeper between her lips. Her orgasm seems to last forever. She begins to beg me to "fuck" her, she needs to be filled with "cock", she's telling me her "pussy is aching for something hard". But this my friend is a masturbation session; I hand her a favorite, a life like 9" dong. She can barely contain herself, she grabs at it and quickly pushes it between her pussy lips. Her two hands now on the dong, she pushes it deep into her pussy. She's so wet it slides in effortlessly. She buries it, all of it, then begins moving it in and out in 4 or 5" strokes. Each stroke ending with all 9" fully inside. She quickens her strokes. Soon she's pounding this 9" wonder into her pussy; her hips bouncing off the bed, pushing upward to meet each stroke. She's screaming "fuck me, fuck me" as she starts her 2nd orgasm of the night. This one is more intense than her 1st. She's moaning and screaming, crying, tears coming from her eyes. After her last orgasmic ripple her body collapses into the bed, exhausted. Her dong filling her now soaked pussy, she slowly moves it in and out, a sensuous pleasurable finale to her climax. I reach over to caress her pussy, her legs are wet to her knees, the sheets under her are soaked. She asks me to very slowly pull that wonderful 9" dong out from her pussy. She rests her head on my shoulder, we both sleep. It was another terrific night of masturbation.


Hi, first I want to say how much I like your site. My husband and I just love it, it has made me feel absolutely confident with me and my sexuality. I'm 29 years old and have been masturbating since I was 13. I have tried different techniques and there are quite a few that work very well for me but probably what I enjoy the most is mutual masturbation with my husband, we have a very open relationship so we know that we both masturbate. We started mutual masturbation since we were dating especially because we didn't have a place where to make love so, we used to do it in the car after long beautiful kisses. He then used to start caressing my body, my shoulders, breasts and getting closing to my waist that used to make me very hot so when he finally decided to go down I was already very wet and almost begging him to touch my clit. Then I returned him the favor by masturbating him and some times with a blowjob which by the way excites me very much because I have been always very attracted to cum its texture, smell and taste. After few times I started guiding his fingers when he was masturbating me, this opened the door for talking about our own masturbation. We have been married for more than 3 years now and we still like including mutual masturbation in our sex life.

One of the most beautiful techniques we have discovered is making him finish on my pussy (I love this word) and then using his semen as lubricant to masturbate me. We usually start with oral sex but when he is getting close I let him finish on me be his self, I love seeing it while I open my lips with my fingers and then I can feel his warm semen running all around I cannot wait any more so I usually start rubbing my clitoris immediately with this beautiful warm fluid and then he puts one or two fingers inside me to reach my G spot and also plays with all this wet a little bit around my anus (love it). We love doing it very slowly but anyway it is a matter of minutes till I reach the orgasm. Some times we swap hands and he plays with my clit while I put my fingers inside, both ways are great. I also like getting my fingers wet and then suck them, love the taste. Quite often at this point he is very excited again so we make love and he can cum one more time but now inside me.

Cheers Maria

Wim and Katrien

Like Russ and Judy, we have as a nice married couple also in secret a mutual masturbation relationship together. We can talk with nobody about it because it is considered as a disease and perversion by most people. We consider it as an excitement to enjoy in the perverse way, and to have trained our genitals to a development state of flesh and mind kicks receiving the most intense masturbation techniques, also with toys if demanded, dilatations, very deep introductions in both bodies, electric orgasms etc...We are 38y and 56y and practice together since marriage 12 y ago, without any sexual intercourse, always perverted, nobody could believe because we are very classy and normal looking. She has a real masturbating-body look and addicted already before marriage by her earlier lover before we met. She introduced me in this sexual discipline and makes me addicted to her in all the masturbation perversions she knew and practiced before. We can only recommend to couples who want more and more to try, there will never be adultery because of the immense variation-possibilities and because nobody else can give this joy, only the real married.

Wim and Katrien


My girlfriend and I started masturbating together by accident. Or maybe it was destined to happen! I enjoy massaging her arse and licking her pussy (yes, and sometimes licking her arse and massaging her pussy, too), but often, I can't quite manage to bring her off, no matter how much I lick and nibble and suck on her clit. So one day, I gave up and gently led her right hand down to her pussy so that she could finish herself off. I really like her having orgasms! She was so horny, that she didn't take much persuading. Her lips were swollen and dark red, almost purple. Like an exotic, tropical flower. So she started stroking herself quite naturally, while I sucked gently on her nipples. It wasn't long before she had this big, shuddering orgasm, stronger than anything I'd managed to give her in the past. After some recovery time, she started stroking up my erection and put some oil on her hand to make things go more smoothly. However, she couldn't compete with the years of experience that I've developed in stroking and teasing my own dick and, in frustration, I gently moved her hand lower to the base of my cock while I took over the most sensitive part around the head. My girlfriend sat up and watched with fascination, hardly even blinking while she helped me. Then she started nipping on my own nipples with her teeth (I think she was teaching me the right amount of pressure and technique for when I did it again to her!) and watched in the wardrobe mirror while we both stroked me to a big orgasm. She told me afterwards that she's never masturbated with a man before. She now thinks that being wicked like this adds a forbidden intensity to orgasm. Now we are happy mutual masturbators and look forward to our sessions together.


First I want to say how much I love this website. I know how many people say that, but for me it has been simply stated…an awakening of sorts. I'm a 42 about to turn 43 year old woman who is happily married for 20 years and going strong. Like many of you I started masturbating a young age. I first remember fondling at about 5-6 years but didn't have the big "O" until 14 or 15 I think. Since that time, I perfected a few techniques that work well and efficiently. I have to say that I love my genitals as much as many of you, mainly due to the fact that they give me so much pleasure.

This website for me was one of my personal guilty pleasures that I didn't tell my husband about because I did want him to think I was a little strange. He did know that I did masturbate, as I knew that he did from time to time, however we had never done it together or really openly discussed it. Sex between the two of us has always been great as my husband has always been open to new ideas and he would be very excited when I rubbed my clit during sex while he fingered my G-spot. We had (I thought) a pretty good menu of positions and techniques but after coming here I began to realize a few things about myself and preconception that I needed to let go of.

About 3 weeks ago I showed my husband this website and he thought that it was pretty darn great. (Big smile) In exploring it he came across the tab for "Fantasy" and of course asked the inevitable question, "Sooooooo…….what do you fantasize about?" At first I was very reluctant to share that info with him. However, with much pressure brought to bear I finally told him that I love girl-on-girl sex thoughts. Wow, that was the last thing he expected me to say! But, being the red-blooded American male that he is.....he was pretty ok with that. So, of course one conversation lead to another and a couple of evenings later we were laying in bed having one of the most intimate moments I think we had ever had. I told him how much I love to masturbate, how often I did it, what I used to do it, and where. He wanted to know everything and then he told be everything. I cannot begin to tell you how liberating this experience has been for me and my husband. One of my very favorite places to masturbate has now become one of his to "help," (big smile) of which I will share.

I sit on the toilet, legs spread wide, my clit is hanging down engorged almost immediately. At this point my husband kneels in front of me and slips a finger in a rubs my G-spot while sucking on my breasts. Needless to say this feels pretty great, all this while he saying some very erotic things to make me hotter and wetter as I'm rubbing my clit. These things are going on and just before I climax I ejaculate and then come all over his hand. God this is all so sexy and he is so hot that as soon as I recover enough to walk to the bed he's in me so fast the whole process seems like one big blur. Now this is my favorite part, after pumping on me for a short while, just enough to get lubricated he pulls out and starts rubbing his cock. (My favorite term in the middle of things.) I tried to perform this task and I do pretty good, but naturally he's better at it having so many years of practice. I love to watch him do this, it is so exciting and just when he is about to come I'm given the option to come inside me or outside. I love outside and watch the come shoot up between my breasts and all over. It is all so great I love the texture and smell.

This is one of many new things we are trying together and we are having the time of our lives. I only wish I would have come out of my shell sooner.

Thanks So Much



Wow - what a bunch of great ideas!!! I would love to share mine and hope that it brings as much pleasure to all as it does to my fiancé and I.  We are in our hot tub w/the jets on low to begin with. I straddle a jet and hold my pussy lips apart with my hands on either side; this opens me up so that the jet circles all around my clit and the bubbles start to hit it making it swell and throb. My fiancé usually sits right in front of me and begins by stroking my nipples (I have very sensitive titties and this really gets my pussy throbbing). I start to get really hot and he begins licking my nipples and flicking them with his tongue. I can't help but moaning and talking to him about how hot my pussy is getting and how much I love it when my clit feels that hard and throbbing and this causes him to start biting my nipples (gently) at this point he will usually reach over and turn  the jets up higher so that the bubbles are hitting my pussy all over and even harder, by now I usually have my head right next to his while he is laving my nipples and I am telling him every detail about my pussy and he is just sucking away, this all brings me to totally intense orgasms and he is so rock hard by the whole scene by the time I have finished that he turns me over and we have the best sex.

Thanks, Kim

See Ya'


Hi I am Kat and I love to masturbate. Its wonderful. My boyfriend and I rarely get to see each other so we take the chance every time we get one to do things together. Recently my boyfriend wanted me to masturbate in front of him, so I did and as I was doing it I felt so good because out of no where he started to lick my pussy and clit while I rubbed my clit. It felt so good then he and yes HE had this idea to maybe put a flavor into my juices so he had me take a cherry tootsie pop and slowly turn it in my pussy for a few minutes. Just doing this felt great then I took it out and he started to lick my pussy and he said it tasted just like a tootsie pop (cherry flavored) this turned me and him on and after that we had so much pleasure, that night I lost my virginity to him. it was amazing, I encourage woman to masturbate with there men because you never know the greatest thing can happen to you.


Jill's Way

Jill and I were into a game of Top and Bottom where, for a couple of months at a time, one of us would serve the other, sexually. Whoever was on Bottom didn't necessarily get to have orgasm; it had to be earned by a very good performance (the idea being that the person who was Topping would get much better service that way). When I was Bottoming for her and she wasn't in the mood to let me inside her, Jill had several techniques that she used to enjoy me without letting me come to orgasm. Since her usual masturbation technique was to straddle a pillow and rub against it, she would have me lie on my back and she would pull her vaginal lips back and straddle my upper thigh. Then she would wrap her legs tightly around my leg, like she was climbing a pole, and hump my leg while hugging me tightly. She would have me work her nipples with my hands as she did this, so the best I could get was to try to use my other leg to squeeze my dick against her side (which didn't do much for me, but she liked knowing how hot and helpless I was). She would rock away for more than an hour, usually having a couple of slow orgasms. Occasionally, when she had trouble getting "over the top", she would have me open my legs so she could squeeze or slap my balls. My squirming reaction never failed to bring her off. Usually, she would have me eat her afterwards, or would climb on top and fuck me.

Another masturbation technique she liked was to lie on her back with her legs apart and have me kneel between her legs so that my dick lay across her pussy with the head against her clit. After having me dip just the head into her to wet it, she would have me hold her lips wide with my hands. Then she would grab my dick and use it to masturbate with, rubbing it really hard, back and forth against her clit. When she wanted to get off quickly she had me spank her clit with my dick, then she'd grab it and resume masturbating fiercely, using my dick. That got her off and fast! It took a great deal of self-control on my part, while she was using me, to keep from coming, and (especially!) to keep from pulling my dick back and just shoving it into her! Even though this technique gave her very strong orgasms, she always seemed put out with me afterwards. Being a man, it took a half dozen repetitions of this scene and some heavy hints to figure out that I wasn't supposed to resist temptation, that the idea was to get me to fulfill her (very strong!) rape fantasies! However, this web page is about masturbation, so that's another story...


To begin with, my husband considers me to be a masturbators' masturbator. When we make love, I always give him a show first, getting my pussy off. I have a nightstand drawer full of vibrating sex toys that I've pleasured myself with for my hubby, but the thing that gets him beating his cock off over me more than anything else is when I hump some inanimate object. I regularly hump my pillow, stuffed animals, or bunched up blanket while lying face down on our bed. But I only recently rediscovered the joy of just having sex with our bed! I lay flat on the bed, with my legs spread apart and slightly bent, and press my pussy against the mattress. Then I start pumping my hips back and forth, going faster and faster as I fuck the bed. Uuuuummmmmm, it feels so good in my clit, that I can barely stand it! As I'm humping faster and harder, the bed springs are crying out beneath me
Creak creak creak Creak Creak Creak CreakCreakCreakCREAKCREAKCREAK!!!! Cumming once isn't enough - I'm already humping the bed even harder and faster, while my hubby is watching from behind, as he beats off and watches my pussy pound on the bed! He can barely keep from squirting his man goo while watching me, till he has to shove his dick in me. Turning over for him with my legs open for him, he tells me to say: "Fuck me like I fucked the bed," as he mounts me to gush his seed in me!


My girlfriend and I (we are no longer together) used a technique that I have not seen here. After plenty of foreplay and she was good and wet, I would lay down on the bed and she would straddle me and spread her lips apart and put my dick between them. I have a slightly above average size penis lengthwise, but my girth is what made this really good for her. She would rock her hips back and forth against my penis, no penetration. This only slightly stimulated her clit, but she really got going when she would lean forward a little more and when I would grab her hips and guide them and she moved back and forth against it. This was also very stimulating for me, most often we came around the same time, but if I came before her it was good too, she would take it easy on me for a minute before she got going full speed again because I am very sensitive after orgasm, but starting up again with my cum as lubrication was a real turn on for both of us, she always had great orgasms this way.


I have fond memories of my boyfriend and I masturbating each other in broad daylight in parking lots when I was a teenager. Masturbating while a man watches and pleasures himself is probably my greatest turn on. The best idea I ever had was keep my pussy waxed. It really turns my man on and I love showing it off. I particularly enjoy riding his face while he masturbates. It's also preferable to 69 since the closer I come to orgasm the less I am able to pay attention to his cock in my mouth and the rhythm he needs. The best ever is when he stands or kneels over me in a dominant position and cums all over my breasts.


This isn't a question, but it seemed to best be directed this way. I just wanted to suggest that perhaps a useful addition to the masturbation section would be to point out that many guys find it to be extremely sexy. I recall that in middle school, while all of the guys that I knew, as well as myself, had begun to masturbate, I only encountered one girl who would openly admit to masturbating. Whenever she would talk about it, however, I distinctly remember that the guys would all have to cross our legs. To this day, ever other guy I've talked to about it finds women masturbating to be a huge turn-on, and I love watching my girlfriend masturbate. I've always been a proponent of more acceptance for female masturbation, I think it would help combat the repression of female sexuality and help make sexual experiences more enjoyable for men and women. Perhaps a section briefly mentioning the appreciation that many men have for women masturbating would help put women who feel awkward about it at ease, and help them realize what a beautiful thing it is.


As desired, we submit our techniques.

We are a mature couple.

My wife cannot engage in intercourse, as this causes her pain inside her vagina.

But to improve health, we help each other with mutual masturbation.

I please her with cunnilingus, after preparing her yoni with yoni massage. When she is completely aroused, she pulls my hair and makes my mouth touch her vulva.

I start licking externally, without opening her labia majora. I lightly bite the mound above her vulva, the clitoris, and when she completely opens her vulva with her hands and retracts her clitoral hood, I suck her clitoris, entire vulva, putting one finger in vagina. If she does not like the finger, I remove it slowly.

When she reaches maximum arousal, there is an orgasm with a strong sound due to deep breath, which is involuntary.

Throughout the cunnilingus, I fondle her breasts, squeezing hard.

When her ORGASM is over, she stops all actions from me.

Only then am I allowed to cuddle her.

She never helps by sucking my penis. But I take out my penis from my underwear, keeping the penis in her hand, for slow motion masturbation.


I've enjoyed your website very much, and I want to thank you for the time you commit to maintaining it. It's awesome.

My husband and I love sex, group sex, constant sex, and most of all each other. We have many different ways that we employ often, but let me share this best form of mutual masturbation. Everyone should try it.

After the tease of seduction (by which he caresses my breasts and gently bites my nipples, followed by a perfect tease of fingering my pussy) he has to have my pussy in his mouth. More teasing by fabulous cunnilingus, and he's got me wrapped around his finger (so to speak, or sometimes for real depending on where his finger is, haha!) Finally, he moves on top of me, but doesn't let me put his cock inside of my pussy. Instead, I use his cock to masturbate with.  His juices are already flowing, and act as a perfect lubricant on my clit. I love it, holding his hard, hot cock, and stroking my clit however I like.  Rubbing his cock quickly and horizontally across my clit, feels like a great vibrator's tease, and rubbing it slowly and vertically up and down on my clit makes me want his cock inside of me so bad! We both hold back, knowing the best is yet to cum... He seems to get more excited when I move his cock vertically on my clit, so I change the move often to tease him along. My clit gets harder and harder, which makes for even more stimulation in the big, wide crack of his head, right where he is most sensitive. He leaks more of his hot juices on my clit, and I in turn get crazier with my masturbation! (Ah, his cock is my favorite toy...) My horniness drives his horniness, which drives me even more nuts. When he starts talking like he can't hold back from cumming any longer, the thought of his hot cum squirting into my pussy fuzz drives me over the edge, and I cum so hard and long. Sometimes, I cum and I can feel his hot cum at the same time, squirting on me, and other times I cum and he hasn't cum yet, so I shove his cock into my still throbbing pussy, and he cums inside of me a second later. The best times, he cums in my pussy fuzz, and since he's the type to cum and stay hard, I put him inside of me, and we continue having
sex until he cums again. Then there is a lot of sticky cum to clean up...  thankfully, he is happy to oblige.

Hold nothing back. "We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time".


Harry and Alice

Hi, my name is Harry. My wife said I should send this. We have been fans for  a long time. We read your stories together and masturbate each other while reading. Recently we were taking a shower together. I was washing her and was soaping her pussy as she was doing the same to my cock. Needles to say I had a great hard-on. Her other hand moved down to her pussy and we both had our fingers in. My left hand moved to my cock and we jerked me off together. As I started to cum we stopped and let my hard-on die.

I continued to finger her until she said, stop. We just stayed in the shower for a while. My wife then asked if I wanted to watch her masturbate using the shower head. We had seen it on your site and she wanted to try it (although I think she had done it before). She turned the shower head to stream. She moved the head between her legs. I asked her to sit back on the edge of the tub so I could see her Pussy better. It gave me a great look at her open pussy. She opened the lips with her left hand and moved the spray up and down that lovely pussy. Then after a few minutes she moved it on to her engorged clit. her left hand moved to her clit and pulled the hood back to reveal the head of her clit. It was getting bigger. My wife has the largest clit I have ever seen, fully extended I would say it is over an inch long and looks like a small cock. My cock was standing straight out as she played the stream of water on her erect clit. she started to moan and I know she was getting ready to cum. I moved closer to her and she took my hard-on into her mouth and sucked on it as she had a fantastic orgasm.

My cock was still hard as a rock and throbbing. She recovered and seeing I still was hard she directed the stream of water on the head of my dick. God it felt so good . She took me in her left hand and started to jerk me off while spraying around the corona of my cock head. It was intensifying, I thought my cock would explode. She continued to jerk me off and the water on the head was making me shake. I'm going to cum, I said. She moved her hand faster moved the spay head slower. I'm cumming, and I started to cum, she moved closer and took me in her mouth for one of the best cum's I ever had. Needless to say we have found a great way to enjoy our mutual masturbation.

Thanks for a great site.

Harry and Alice

Happy Texan

Hello! First off I have learned so much from your site so thanks for having it! My fiancé and I live VERY FAR away from each other ( I live in Texas, he lives in Ontario, CA) so the one way he and I maintain our intimacy is through mutual masturbation (i.e. phone sex). I agree with the 21 yr old guy above, mutual masturbation through phone sex only enhances the physical connection as well as gives you a chance to explore what pleases your own body as well as your partners. I prefer face-to-face intimate contact of course, but this is a pleasant alternative for couples who have to endure long durations of time away from each other. Keep up the good work!

Happy Texan


Hello, I'm Jennifer and I'm 17 years old. I first discovered masturbation just about a year ago. I was actually surfing the net and came across this website. So, I started to read about different techniques and tried one. I was amazed at the result. I was so eager to tell someone. I felt as if a whole world had opened up to me.

So, I told my best friend what I had done and she admitted that she had masturbated before but that on her depression medicine, her sex-drive had been low. She had not felt the desire to masturbate in a long time. At that time, she was dating a boy who I really liked. Now, that very boy is my best friend. My former best friend is out of the picture, but the boy and I experiment with each other.

My guy friend and I are very open about sexual experiences, especially masturbation. It is so nice to be able to talk to someone about those things, especially when it is not a commonly discussed subject in high school. It may be said jokingly, but the actual act of masturbation is not discussed, even among close friends, especially in my small town high school. And I enjoy being able to talk to the opposite sex about my experiences. We learn new things from each other about the body of the opposite sex.

My friend and I are both virgins, and we don't plan to have sex with each other, but we have fun mutually masturbating or pleasuring each other. I have masturbated him to orgasm about three times and he has masturbated me once, but I didn't orgasm. He used his finger to penetrate my vagina and it was a very pleasurable experience, but I needed something more. His fingers got tired after a while, and the circumstances were not ideal. I hope to try it again soon.

Also, he enjoys touching my breasts and nipples and using his lips and tongue to gentle suck or lick them.

Sometimes we "dry-hump" each other with clothes, which usually produces arousal very quickly in each of us.

We constantly share masturbation stories with each other. The day following a particularly blissful masturbation session, we normally chat or share details. Since neither of us has been sexually close to any other person, we find it interesting to understand the natural processes of the opposite sex. We ask questions and share knowledge all the time.

Ours is a very open and unique relationship. Not many people understand our connection. I feel very privileged to know him and trust him enough for us to share our bodies and experiences with each other. And I also understand our experiences will not change us or the relationship we have. Not every time we meet alone do we share sexual experiences. Our friendship is full and honest and very refreshing. I wanted to share our experiences because mine have opened me up to being a more accepting person when it comes to sexual matters. I wish our society was more open about these things, especially masturbation.


I'm a lesbian and mutual masturbation takes a lot of space in my sexual life. Anyway, I think a sexual intercourse is just that, masturbation, whether people use the other person's hand, penis or whatever. Yet, what makes a mature sexual person, for me, is when one really share sexual pleasure with his or her partner, and not just use the person to jack off. Mutual masturbation is a turn on when someone is already experienced and imaginative... The smell, the noise, the sight, everything is great.

As a lesbian, I like sex with my partner, I like to take the time to come. That is, a bit of frustration at first, is a turn on. I like to lay down on my back and have her kneel between my legs. She's on her knees, standing, and she rubs my belly, my breasts, and teases my hips and pussy. I watch her breasts move. I always turn on a small lamp to have some light, but not day light. At some point, she takes my hands and make me rubs her pussy lips. So I'm touching her while I'm laying down and she's standing on her knees between my legs, and her hips roll. Then she starts rubbing my clit and we touch each other like this for a long time and moan. I keep watching her breasts the whole time.

Another position I love is me laying down on the side, and my girlfriend behind me, spooning. I put my arms around her body and grab her round ass and we start moving is a slow motion, and I can feel her pussy on my butt. She rub my breasts, and my thighs, and of course, she starts masturbating me. I put my hand between her legs. It's not easy but this spooning thing makes me come hard. She licks my ear, bites my neck, I hear her moaning. When we're in the position, I get more physical pleasure than she does, but -as she says herself- she gets turned on by the motion and the noise, my breathing the whole scene. That's what interesting with adult masturbation, it's the play, and the brain orgasm.


First of all, as a guy, my girl and I read this website frequently, and I for one have learned a great deal so thank you to all who have posted here. I wanted to relate a mutual masturbation relationship I had while in college.

I lived with a female roommate, a girl called Alex, who would spend a great deal of time out of the apartment. We got used to living separate lives, as it were, and one night, since I was more or less used to living by myself, I walked out of the shower naked, only to see Alex sitting in the living room, looking at me. Normally I would have shrunk back into the bathroom to cover up, as I am often quite shy, but that night for some reason I didn't. I ended up sitting around naked with my roommate, talking about our day, what we had been up to, and so on. After a while the conversation turned to sex and I began to get an erection, which I could not hide and which Alex was quite happy to look at. Nothing happened that evening, but a few nights later, we were having a cup of tea and talking when we heard our next door neighbors having very loud sex. Not only could we hear them, but we could also see them too as the lights were on and the curtains open. This had the result of making us both quite horny and again the conversation turned to sex. I was in pajamas this time but in no time I was hard. I couldn't take it anymore and pulled down my pajamas, so that my hard, glistening cock was standing out from my body, and Alex once again was looking at my penis, just as I was looking at the gentle swell beneath her nightshirt, topped by her small, hard nipples, and the curve of her panties (we were both in our nightclothes).

Aside from the shyness mentioned above, I am a fairly open person, not ashamed or too proud of my body. I like being naked and I am open and free about my sexuality. I offered to rub myself for Alex, and she eagerly agreed. I came within seconds and I loved watching her watch me have an orgasm, as I came so hard that the cum shot over my shoulder, that I was so happy to share with someone who had, by this point, become a good friend.

She said that she did not feel ready to take part at that time, but after some time had passed and many more orgasms on my part, Alex surprised me one evening after a night at the local pub by stripping off her bra and panties, revealing one of the most beautiful vulvas I have ever had the privilege to see, and then stroked herself to orgasm while I held her in my arms and rubbed her breasts.

For the curious who might read this story and wonder, we never kissed,  masturbated each other, or had sex, but we shared this simple, wonderful experience on a number of occasions and I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity with someone who is still very dear to me and whom I see regularly. We have moved on - I am now happily married (she came to my wedding two years ago) and she is in a long term relationship, but we are both very close and, I think, grateful to have found each other so open during a period of exploration.


Let me start by saying that I LOVE this site.. Its wonderful! But what I really wanted to email you about was the mutual masturbation experience I had last night.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half or so and I am very open about everything with him. So he has known for a long time that I masturbate at home. Last night we were laying in his bed talking and watching a movie and he starts taking my shorts off. Then he begins massaging my vulva. He does this slowly for a long time and I am EXTREMELY wet at this point, but then he stopped. Well I was just enjoying this way too much for it to be over so I put my hand down there and start lightly rubbing my clit. Without saying a word he held me and put his hand on top of mine so we were pleasuring me together. Then his hands wondered to my thighs and he lightly stroked them while I was slowly speeding up and increasing the pressure on my clit. Then he begins kissing my neck and chest and at this point I about to cum. Then he sticks two of his fingers inside of me and rubs my G-spot until I can't stand it anymore and have an AMAZING orgasm. It was great doing something like that and sharing my masturbation with him. He enjoyed it quite a lot himself because he has always wanted to see me masturbate ever since he knew that I did, and he said it was great that he got to take part in it too.


Well I have to start by saying I'm a guy and I don't have a clitoris, but my girlfriend does and I loved reading this site, not just because it helps me understand her, but because I also found I had some things in common with the women writing here.

I love sex and it is wonderful to read about so many woman who love it too. I love knowing that women have sexual desires and cravings, that it is not just young boys who are touching themselves at night while girls are soundly sleeping, innocently dreaming of being the perfect wife and mother. I love that you are sexual, I crave it and to ask anything else of you would be to stifle my own satisfaction, my own pleasure. I'm never truly free unless the women I'm with are free.

One of the most fantastic girlfriends I've ever had took the time to show me how to masturbate her, I loved that moment so much, felt so close to her. She was so free in bed, always made me feel like I might just understand her, that I was really seeing her. The moment of an orgasm is a very honest moment in a person's life, you can't hide how you are feeling, your body is so wrapped up in that moment, absorbing that moment. I love being free in that moment with my girlfriend, pleasuring her, being allowed to pleasure her, learning about her, being taught by her, sharing my own feeling with her. She becomes so alive to me in that moment, so real, all her worries are thrown away, all her masks are withdrawn, all her self control is set aside as she enjoys that moment. In that moment I find something so strong that binds me to her, I find common joy, I find her waiting for me and in that moment I feel closer to her than I ever feel.

I may ask my girlfriend to visit this site in the hopes that she will then feel completely free to share her desires with me.



I love to masturbate with my husband. We have turned it into an art form that starts with me doing a slow strip tease. We like low lights, soft music and lots of lubrication. We masturbate sitting in chairs, facing each other, with our knees touching.

We also like to masturbate while driving around in the car. Sometimes another couple comes along and sits in the back seat. All four of us drive around and masturbate together.

One of our favorites is sitting naked in bed, ass to ass with our genitals touching. We play with ourselves and each other. My husband gets excited hearing all my moaning, wailing, whining and screaming. I love to masturbate while he gets his rocks off. He shoots the biggest loads I've ever seen. Not to be outdone, (ahem) I am also a squirter and spray all over his cock when I cum.

Our highly sexed girlfriend often comes over to masturbate with us. She sits at the head of the bed with me. My husband is on his back in front of us with his ass propped up on pillows between our legs. We both help him masturbate, while we play with our pussys. It's much more erotic with another woman helping. Especially one with such an inventive mind. She is always coming up with new ways for us to masturbate together. What fun!

"Loads" of love,