Tips on Trimming & Shaving the Pubic Hair

Here is what a visitor had to say about pubic plucking

While it is not as painful as it sounds to tweeze pubic hair, it does often result in ingrown hairs. I only have experience with this in the bikini region, but I think I can safely conclude this would happen over much of the pubic mound. After you've had a lot of experience with this, the frequency of ingrown hairs lessens and managing them becomes easier and less of a pain. Dealing with ingrown hairs usually involves gentle squeezing (comparable to squeezing a pimple) and/or scratching at the site to scrape the uppermost layer of skin away from the concealed hair (this should only be done if you can see the hair quite clearly beneath the skin--I won't have anyone gouging out chunks of flesh under their fingernails!) so that it may be plucked. Also, while I've experienced frequent ingrown hairs along my frontal bikini line--the edges of my pubic mound, I suppose--I have never had this problem with my inner thighs at the border of my labia. If you are lucky enough to have a partner who tweezes, squeezes, and scrapes those hairs for you, then the whole ritual will definitely be more treat than chore.

Here is what a visitor had to say about using using conditioner:

Something I found that works much, MUCH, MUCH, better than shaving creams and gels is conditioner (yes... hair conditioner). You can just use a cheap kind and it softens the hair a lot more than warm/hot water. It's also great for your legs! Not only does conditioner make the skin softer, it gives you a much closer shave! Before, I always used sensitive/conditioning creams and gels, but NOTHING compares to conditioner! And to get your legs extra silky, put the conditioner on your skin dry, then shave and then wipe off with a towel (even though my legs turn out silkier, I prefer to do it in the shower). TRY IT!!!!!!! I SWEAR YOU'LL NEVER NEVER GO BACK!

Here is another suggestion:

After shaving rubbing a little Neosporin on the shaved area will reduce the chance of bumps and irritation. Even better is Neosporin Plus Pain Relief, which has a very soothing effect reducing razor burn.

Here is chilling suggestion ;-)

When I shave my bikini area, I take an ice cube in the bathroom with me and swipe the area to close off the pores right before I shave. I then use the ice again when I'm done. I find that really works to help prevent a rash.

Arabian Hair Removal Part I

After living for years in Saudi Arabia, I adopted the ways of Muslim Women. They mix sugar and water until it has a toffee consistency and in the manner of waxing, remove all the genital hairs, underarms, legs, etc. They do it right after their monthly cycle. The areas are abundantly soft and smooth and after a few months the pain of it is much less and after some years, there is very sparse hair to remove. I have done it for years myself, and it's wonderful. No stubble, no bumps and you are cooler and definitely cleaner.

Arabian Hair Removal Part II

The Arabs never measure anything like we do. But the best I can tell you is two cups of sugar to one-half cup of water. Add the juice of two lemons and one tablespoon of sesame oil. The oil keeps it softer and the lemon juice softens the skin and adds a little fragrance. Boil it until the sugar melts and begins to turn the color of toffee or a bit lighter. The sugar keeps cooking if you leave it in a hot pot, so you must spill it out right away on a piece of smooth tile or marble that has some olive oil on it. This prevents sticking. Most Arab kitchens are marble and I've found that to work the best. When it cools a bit, work it with a spoon so that it does not harden. While it is warm put it in a container. Plastic is fine. When you want to use it, it must be heated in some hot water or in the microwave. In the later, it turns liquid quite rapidly and is VERY hot, so about 30 seconds is enough. Work it well in your hands until it is soft and pliable. Small areas of hair should be removed at one time, as it can be painful otherwise. The more often you do it, the less pain there will be. It is really a wonderful technique. It also removes dead skin and leaves you very soft and smooth. Do not use deodorant after. You can remove underarm, leg, and pubic hair with an amount about the size of a heaping tablespoon.

Sue's Experience and Tip

You've given wonderful advice on shaving! Interestingly, I heard about using hair conditioner just last week, and your writer is absolutely right: there's nothing that will leave your skin as soft and smooth, or that will provide a closer shave.

For after shaving, the best thing I've found is the same thing I used to prevent diaper rash for my babies: zinc oxide ointment. No lumps, no bumps, no redness. Shave every morning and apply a small amount of zinc. 15% is fine, but higher concentrations are better if you're really sensitive.

From Maureen:

Here's a post that appeared on the "Ask Isadora" web page.


Manual Shaving.

From Darren:

I'm not a woman but I shave too -- for about 10 years or so since I was 15. And I have found that it is good to use a little bit of melaleuca (tea tree oil) mixed with water to rub on after shaving my pubic hair. It has antibacterial and soothing properties that reduce the after shave irritation and prevent bumps and red spots. You can get melaleuca at health food stores and a $5 bottle lasts for a long time if you use it sparingly.

From Mary:

Shaving with conditioner is a great idea, but I used a Creme Rinse/Detangler called Aussie Slip. It is unbelievable how soft your skin turns out and it smells good, too. I usually shave after I've finished with my shower, and then I sit on the shower floor, legs spread, and then proceed to shave. It works great.

From Connie:

I saw your shaving and trimming techniques. I have been clean-shaven for almost 24 complete years. One thing I found about 15 years ago that really helps after shaving is an Aloe-Vera gel from the No-Ad company. It has 5% Lidocaine. We bought it for sunburn and it worked so well that my Hubby started using it on his neck after he shaves and I (and my girlfriends) use it after we shave our pubic area.

From James:

I'm a 34-year-old male who's been shaving my Pubic Hair for about a year now. I find that using an electric trimmer, on an electric razor, helps cut down on irritation and blemishes. I usually use a little Witch Hazel before and after shaving. I don't seem to have any problem with "itching" either. It's a great feeling and the woman like it too!!!!

From Monika:

I read what the other person did. I use a beard trimmer and trim it down short rather than shaving the whole thing, that way you save all the itching and ingrown hairs when they grow back. Plus my boyfriend likes the smell that stays on the beard trimmer long after I have finished using it.

From Dan and Tera:

My wife and I both shave. I use conditioner. We also occasionally use facial clay to tighten up the skin; you may be surprised how this works. We use the St.Ives firming mask to apply to the area. It comes in a blue-green container.

From Johnny:

I found that using a swivel twin blade with sorbaline cream is much more user friendly than the old el cheapo Bic singles. Also it is much more fun when you can get your partner to do it, only if you trust her completely and can reciprocate. Then after a few times and after a two or three day itch. I know the hassles involved and "no more," I can understand why women do not want to persevere with it, so back to the jungle.

From Zach:

I have been shaving my pubic hair for years, and all I have to say is Gillette Mach 3 razor. It works wonders down below. My wife loves it also.

Angie's Tip

I find that waxing is great. It leaves your bikini area looking fabulous afterwards. So clean and smooth. It's the best!

Michael's Tip

I've been trimming my pubes for about 9 years now and my wife loves it. I never did like all that unsightly hair down there and prefer women who either shave or trim very sort, their pubic hair. My preferred method is a Wahl trimmer to trim the area above my penis and then a good foil type electric shaver (Braun) to keep my balls shaven clean. There is much less irritation with the Braun than with a blade. This is especially true for women who shave their pussy completely smooth. A blade shave tends to irritate and leave stubble and can be painful if done often. With the electric, all you do is give the pubs a few swipes twice a week and it stays nice and smooth and irritation free!

Laurie Beth's Tip

My boyfriend asked me to shave. At first I was really against it , but one day I got the nerve up to do it and I visited your web site for tips. Now I LOVE IT!!!! I thought I'd feel like a little girl, but I didn't, I felt sexy and beautiful. And just the act of doing it gave me the opportunity to get a very intimate look at myself I had never had, and I thought it was wonderful!!! I feel less self-conscience during sex, I will never go back! By the way conditioner is great+, it makes the hair softer and Curel therapeutic moisturizing lotion works great, to relieve irritation and make you feel soft

Holly's Tip

I have only been shaving my pubic region for only the past three weeks, however I have found out about a few things rather quickly. I found out that depilatory creams can really irritate the sensitive skin in that area, and on top of that it didn't get everything I really wanted it to, AND I got those annoying red bumps with it. I also found that shaving works MUCH better, and so far is the best that I've found. I started shaving with a duel blade disposable razor, but I didn't get the super smooth results that I wanted, and I had the red bumps big time.

I have found a razor that works wonders though. It is called Silk Effects by Schick. The razors that you buy for it have a thin metal wrapped around the blades to prevent nicks and cuts, but it also helps to keep the blade away from your skin so it leaves you super smooth and red bump free!!!! I will be using this until I find something that works even better, but I doubt that will happen. Good luck.

PS. I also found that Neosporin works really well to combat the pesky red bumps.

Dirk's Tip

I use a double bladed razor, simply under an abundant lukewarm shower, spraying on the area you want to shave. I use no product what so ever and get a perfect, smooth and clean result. The extra advantage of this technique is the fact that the razor is always clean and doesn't get clogged up with hairs. A great tip for people who have irritation or allergy when using shaving products.

Carmen's Shaving Tip

I found this great product. it is called Jergen's Naturally Smooth. Used twice a day for about two months it significantly reduced my need for shaving. It made the hairs much much softer and the growth sparser. And I'm a very furry person. If it will work for me-- it will work for anybody. It actually works well enough that I can use a 4 minute depilatory now-- leave it on for only 4 minutes, and get baby smooth results. But I've been using Jergen's naturally smooth for about 4 months religiously. Good luck to all. Also-- it has the added benefit of relieving razor burn.

Greg's Comments and Questions

I'm 31 year-old guy, have been shaving for about 2 years, and won't go back. Every 1-3 days, I shave everything from slightly below my bellybutton down to the upper part of my inner thighs, including the anal/perineum area and buttocks. It looks and feels great! The task of shaving is a small price to pay for the results; besides, I shave my face daily, so I treat my genital area the same.

In my opinion, pubic/body hair doesn't add to the aesthetics of the human body; it detracts from it. I think both girls and guys look a lot better without pubic/body hair, and recommend shaving to anyone.

Girls/women should be proud of their vulva, and not think of them as something 'down there'. Don't be embarrassed by what results in more hygiene, aesthetics, and increased feeling. IMO, a guy's genitals are ugly compared to what you have.

I use a Mach 3 razor & shaving gel, but I'd like to hear more recommendations on electric razors/trimmers in regards to the genital area. Also, is there a good way to get rid of--and keep off--chest hair (other than shaving?) I have a moderate amount, and would love to stay free of it.

BTW gals; what is your opinion on guys' body hair?

Chris's Shaving Tips

Here's my shaving secret, literally. has a picture of the packaging. They have it at one of the Wal-Marts in my area, but oddly enough the other two near me don't have it. It can cause a slight cold tingling sensation because of the menthol when rubbed on sensitive parts though. My girlfriend reported the same feeling I get when I apply it to my balls. Once you get used to it though, this is the greatest stuff on earth! I've even given up on shaving cream for my face as well. As for razors, I used to use a Mach 3, but the new Venus razors are almost exactly the same, just made easier to handle in the wet conditions of a bath. Hope that helps!

Marie's Warning

Please shave...don't do what I did! I sent for Epil Stop and spray and got horrendous burns to my bikini line. Thank God, it improved with care and medication. I always used to shave and am doing so again. I find an electric Ladyshaver to be good.

Note: My local TV station tested the Epil Stop and found it did not work as claimed. It is best avoided.

Anonymous Tip

The best stuff to use if you are shaving and this is for men or women is: Nioxin Scalp Therapy. It is a conditioner and has all natural products in it. You find it at hair salons only. It is also great to shave your legs with. Cool and minty.

Anonymous Tip

I have found that after you are finished shaving, it is useful to shave the stubble left over underwater with the razor. It removes the stubble, and is not painful.

Lisa's Shaving Tip

I have been shaving for a couple of years now. I find that solid stick deodorant works wonders on irritation and red bumps. Ever since I started using the deodorant method I haven't had ANY red bumps or irritation.

Right now I am using Lady Speedstick but I have used Secret in the past. I don't think it matters what brand. As long as it is a solid stick and not a roll on or spray. I swear by this method. :) Works wonders for me! :)

Brain's Shaving Tips

I am a man who has introduced a few women to shaving.

Darlene's Shaving Tip

Over the years I have tried a variety of techniques to remove unwanted pubic hair. The first time was when I was a teenager borrowing my mom's razor. I liked the clean-shaven look. It was great for a few days and then itchy stubble re-growth. Later I tried electric hair clippers with a trim attachment that at least keep the pubic hair about a quarter of an inch long and I felt fairly neat and clean. Then I experimented with Nair being careful to watch the time so I didn't burn my skin. After rinsing off I applied hand lotion. This procedure worked well for me. The re-growth was finer than when clipped or shaved.

A few years later I saw an epilator advertised and decided to try it. This particular product was called an Epilady. It consisted of a coiled spring driven by a small electric motor housed in an attractive plastic handle. The spring rotated around an orifice at the head, which caused the coils of the spring to open, grasp hairs before closing and remove the hairs by the roots. There was a brief stinging sensation as the hairs were removed, but the result was smooth silky skin on arms, legs and pubic area. I used a beard trimmer to keep the hair just above the mons but below the bikini line uniformly short. Hair above the bikini line and on mons and vulva were epilated. After doing this for several years the re-growth has become fine, the hairs remove much easier than when I first started, and a once a month touchup is all I need to have soft hairless skin.

I wanted to share this with you, and while many women won't want to bother with epilating it has worked wonderfully for me. My panties feel so smooth

[I do not believe the Epilady is still available, because it was removing skin in addition to hair in some cases!]

Eric's Shaving Tip

My wife was hesitant when I first suggested shaving her pubes but after we did it she quickly came to love it. However she didn't like the red bumps and itches and prickles that went with it. We tried everything from cheap disposable razors to a Gilette Mach 3 with several different shaving cremes and hair conditioner. Nothing gave a really smooth, comfortable shave. I read a reference to using an electric razor so I bought her a Remington Smooth & Sliky plus ladies shaver. IT WORKS GREAT. No more red bumps or itching. We shave every day and she loves it.

Kelly's Shaving Tip

I shaved my pubic hair for about a year before I decided to try waxing -- and I love it! I use Sally Hansen Sugar Wax Hair Remover. I find it can work just as well without even warming it up, but warming it makes it easier to spread. I actually enjoy the waxing -- I find it somewhat relaxing and therapeutic, even though it causes a little pain when i pull the hairs out. But generally, there is not much pain, especially afterwards, unless I rip a big chunk of hairs out at once. I've also found that if I don't trim the hairs, they come out easier with the wax.

I love waxing! It leaves my whole area so smooth and soft and sexy afterwards. It feels so good! I've even waxed my boyfriend's pubic hairs once. Most of the time he shaves, though, and it's great! :)