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My name is Katrina and I'm 16 years old. I've been masturbating since I was like about 7. I used to think I was kind of weird for masturbating but when I came to your site, I found out it's not wrong to experiment. First, I play with my breasts, and then while I'm doing that with one hand, I gently rub my clit to an orgasm. Or, I'll lie on my stomach and push hard on my clit, this usually is what feels best. I like to fantasize about being a young, virgin (even though I AM one) ancient princess, who's getting ready to be "taken" by a handsome prince. First, I use scented body oil all over my body, then, when everyone's gone, I run to my room and picture the prince on my bed waiting. I slowly undress and lie on the floor and masturbate, picturing him watching me. Then, I think of him slowly entering me and then I have an amazing orgasm. Well, that was an embarrassing confession! ^_^ But I hope some people will give it a try! Well bye now!


I am so glad that I'm not the only person out there who loves to do this. I usually start by gently massaging and tickling my nipples while I fantasize, until I can feel myself getting wet down below. I am probably really weird, but my major hot spot is my belly button and I often use a small make-up brush in it as I find the tickling sensation SO SEXY! By now, I'm really turned on and will begin to stroke my clit, gently, picking up speed until, just at the crucial second, I push a finger inside my vagina and tickle the front wall. GOD! It's like magic! (Sometimes I use the base of an electric toothbrush against my clit too!)


I am a 35 year old woman who has masturbated regularly since I was about 13. I have used a variety of techniques, but mainly settle on the "missionary" position of flat on my back just gently circling my lips and clitoris, enjoying the different feelings that wash through you till orgasm approaches. If I keep going, I can easily have 2 or 3 in succession, but most times, one nice one is more than sufficient. I sometimes insert my fingers (mainly so I can lick them) to help and very infrequently I insert my vibe, but that's more fun with a partner. I do it most days just before turning over and sleeping - it acts as a beautiful (if addictive) sleeping pill. I sometimes do it in the car on long country (solo) drives and I have done it in the loos [bathroom] at work when the hormones are rampant. I have always done it, before, during and after my marriage. It's a harmless, fun pastime that's over quickly and leaves you feeling so much better. I've had a couple of what I think are G-spot orgasms, but I need a (patient) partner - but wow, when it happens.. and yes, you do get very wet.


Love your site, having discovered it totally by accident one day while surfing for some erotica to masturbate with. Want to share my way of intense personal pleasure with all.

I love to get comfortable on the bathroom floor, get completely naked, position a magnifying makeup mirror between my legs and assemble all my vibrators, dildoes, and lube by my side. I start by spreading my labial lips wide open so that I can examine my vulva in the mirror. I lube my index finger and start stroking my clit in an up and down motion. I finger my vagina and touch my g-spot, which really gets me going. I get out my jelly pink vibrating dildo, turning it on low, and move it gently in and out of my vagina... very slow on the outstroke, brushing my clitoris. I continue to do this until my clitoris begins to swell and get aroused. I remove the vibrator, and use my finger to rub tiny little circles around my clit. Sometimes the pleasure is so intense it almost feels as if it is 'burning' my clit--mmmmm it feels so good. I have a little vibrator egg with a flexible tip that feels like my husbands tongue when pressed against my clit. I press the egg against my clit and feel the sensations warm my entire body. The other day, I discovered how good it felt to insert the vibrating egg into my vagina, while using the tip of the vibrating dildo to stimulate my clit. I also love to lube up my butt plug and insert it into my anus. I will periodically stop to view my swollen pussy in the mirror. I frequently fantasize about making love to another woman--after all, who better to pleasure a women than another woman. I envision us suckling each others nipples, and spreading our vulvas wide open to each other. The thought of touching another woman's clit to the point of her orgasm is so erotic...fingering her vagina and g-spot, rubbing our pussys together and then collapsing from shear orgasmic exhaustion in each other's arms, breasts touching is such a rush. I also had a very exciting experience while recently shopping for some vibrators. I went into an all women's store, was browsing around, when one of their friendly 'consultants' asked if she could help me. Being a little embarrassed (I think she could tell), she immediately put her hand on my shoulder and tried to make me feel comfortable. She asked if I was shopping for myself or a partner; asked what kind of stimulation I was looking for--clitoral, vaginal and anal and then proceeded to help me choose 'toys' that would give me the most pleasure. She even discussed with me how to best enjoy them. By the time I got home I was so horny it was all I could do to get them out of their packaging, put the batteries in and rip my clothes off. I masturbated for at least an hour until I couldn't take it any more. Speaking of being aroused.


I have just re-discovered the joy of masturbating, and I can't get enough of it! My favorite method is to use a child's rubber "bouncy ball" and I cover it with baby oil. Then I rub my clit area with baby oil and slip the ball in beside my clit in my underwear. I have it in there all day long while I'm working and running errands. In the car is great, I get the seat pretty far forward so I can have my legs pressed together, and sit on something else so there's good pressure on the ball. The other day I noticed a full water bottle someone had left in my car and I slipped that underneath me. The water was cold since it was cold outside, and the sensation was great! I have the water bottle in the freezer right now getting ready for some driving around I have to do in a couple of hours. Whew!! Also, I have gotten some great ideas from reading everyone else's stories, and I tried the water thing today at the YMCA. They have some "special needs" locker rooms, and I decided I had a special need! I was in there all by myself, and I sat down on the bench in the shower and took the head off so the water stream was stronger. I like to have the water really cold because my poor twat is getting so much attention now-a-days, and that helps to relief it, plus it feels great!


I'm Carla 36 yo. married woman. My favorite way to masturbate is sitting on the edge of our bed and rubbing thru my panties. The feel of soft nylon is wonderfully sensual. Looking down at my vagina seeing my pubic hairs sticking out hightens my arousal as I see my panties becoming moist and knowing I'm near I concentrate on the clitorial area flicking it with my finger to a most satisfying orgasm. Its even better when my husband watches.


First of all I'd like to say that this website is just great and I'm glad I found it. I'm 16 and I've been masturbating since I was very little I think 5. I think this is because I was molested when I was young, by someone I used to live with, and now those memories really turn me on. I used to think masturbating was really dirty but now I love it. Usually I like to look at porn and when I'm all wet I roll up a blanket, take of all my clothes and basically just ride the blanket till I come. Once a friend of mine and I were talking on MSN and we cybered and that really turned me on. What I really would like to try is to cyber with a female while they masturbate. I know that I am not a lesbian but I think a female would understand my needs that bit more. So do any of you know where I'd be able to find some one willing to???? As I say you got to try everything once......and happy masturbating.


I am 17 and have been masturbating since I was 11. The first time I was sleeping on the sofa at my uncle's house and he was sitting on the floor watching the telly [television]. He thought I was asleep and was watching a film with several sex scenes in it. I remember watching over his shoulder and getting incredibly turned on. I slipped my hand down and rubbed my clitoris gently. It felt amazing, and I had to stop because it felt so good I was afraid he'd notice. When he went to bed I masturbated for a couple of hours, having orgasm after orgasm.

I have an extremely high sex drive; I'm always thinking about sex or fantasizing about people, men and women. I like to watch myself masturbating in the mirror and imagine it is someone else. I haven't got a vibrator but I wish I did.

I'm always thinking up new techniques, and when I'm in the house alone, which isn't very often, I spend almost all night masturbating, while watching my brother's videos. I love to read peoples experiences and erotic stories, they are such a turn on.

The most exciting orgasm I've ever had was when I was on a late night train once. I was in a carriage with a couple that were kissing and touching each other, and I got so excited I pulled my bag onto my lap and started masturbating. Just as I was about to reach orgasm they got off the train and I was in the carriage alone, so I was able to finish in peace, they didn't have a clue, and I've done it in public since, in the toilets at college and in the park. I even did it in the staff room at work once.


My name is Jenn. I am 18 years old and I have been masturbating since I was about 2 or 3 years old. At first, I used to lay down on the floor and rub up and down and I didn't know what I was doing. All I knew is that it felt really good. Then I started to rub up and down on my stuffed animals. The technique I have found works the best for me and I still use it till this day is lying face down and spreading my legs open and I rub up and down on the corner of my bed. Late at night when my parents are asleep, I use this form of masturbation. I have to be sure not to make the bed shake to much. It is hard to keep myself from moaning. Just thinking about it makes me horny.

I have also used the finger technique. I take off all my clothes and I first start playing with my tits. Then after I get all hot and aroused, I take my right hand and start rubbing my clit. I start off slow are first and then I go faster and faster. Using ice is also a great thing to use during mastubating. While I mastubate, I dream that my friend is watching me and mastubating also. It gives me a higher pleasure doing that. I haven't yet tried the shower thing yet. I think I may have to soon. One time, at a friend's birthday party, my friend brought out a back massager and told us to turn it on and hold it down there. Well..we all were in a state of ecstacy. I was getting horny just watching all the other girls do it. I got caught once at school rubbing my pussy up and down on the corner of a desk when I was like 6. I didn't know any better.

Thanks for this wonderful website. I have enjoyed reading all the personal masturbation stories. I must say that masturbation is far better than sex. I mastubate everyday. While watching porn or reading playboy of thinking about some of my hot girl friends. Thanks for letting me share my story. I think I may go masturbate right now!


Hi. My name is Mitra, 25 years old. I congratulate you for a lovely web site. It is very interesting and exciting for learning and sharing experiences.

I pleasure more from masturbation when I feel flowing of a warm fluid in myself during orgasm. Therefore, I apply a glass bottle with a long neck, which contains warm water, and its neck has been lubricated by lubricant jelly completely.

I start my masturbation by rubbing my sensitive parts and them stimulate my clitoris directly while I move bottle in my vagina. When I become near to my orgasm, tilt bottle slowly for flowing the warm water in my vagina. Ohhhhhhh, it's not believable but I feel very strong pleasure at this time. When warm water flows in my vagina and comes out from it and wets my vulva and its surroundings, I experience my most pleasurable feeling. Finally at my orgasm, I tilt the bottle completely for emptying it suddenly and gushing the fluid from it.

Also I feel a unique pleasure when I apply my lovely method in anal masturbation too but it has a few differences so that because of space limitations and specific conditions of anal inside that at the same time fluid cannot come out, the amount of warm water in bottle should not be much. I make myself ready with rubbing clitoris and then inserting lubricated fingers in my anus. When my anus becomes ready, I insert my lubricated bottle in it and finally at my orgasm with moving my body and tilting the bottle, cause to water flowing in myself. Feeling the warmness of water and its flowing in my anus during my orgasm is very exciting too.


I have read most of these women's techniques of masturbating and some seem very similar to mine. I agree with whoever likes to think about other women while pleasing myself, I find that if I were to give another girl oral sex I would give her great satisfaction, so I fantasize about her doing the same to me. If I am not in the mood for that, I think about my boyfriend and giving him oral sex. While keeping these naughty thoughts in my head I lay in my tub with my knees to my chest and work all the different pulses of my handy dandy shower head on my clitoris. Works just fine for me and I've counted up to 12 multiple orgasms in one sitting. (It took 2 hours but what better things could I have been doing?)


I have tried the water technique, which I found very satisfying, but usually I lay on my back and begin by stroking my tits then move slowly down to my clit. I use baby oil to lubricate my vagina. I start by slowly stroking my clitoris in an up down movement. I squeeze my nipples when I am fully aroused. I take my vibrator and insert it in to my vagina, I push it as far as I can then I carry on rubbing my clit very fast until I can stand no more, sometimes I use a thinner object and penetrate my anus for a wilder orgasm.


First, I take off all my clothes and rub my tits...I slide my left hand down to my pussy and rub my clit...I go slow and then I think about a girl eating me out and licking me until I cum...I go faster n faster and then I lick my finger...mmm tastes good...hopefully a girl will join me so I can please her too.

I like to fantasize about women licking I want to eat someone out now...Licking their clit until they shake and licking their warm cum...Making them scream...Anyone willing to let me do this?

My way is to get my girlfriend and strip her naked and start licking her clit like crazy and then she licks mineuntil all juices come outThen I will take my finger and caress my clit and then stick it up and finger myself...I will take it out and she will lick it...Then I'll suck on her tits...and finger Eating girls out is great.


I'm Marjan, 28 years old. I made my private dildo for masturbation by myself.

For this, I prepare some big boiled potatoes first. While it has its warmness, I make puree (Mashed potatoes) and then fill a condom with pushing this puree in it completely so that the condom finds an erect and dense condition. Then I close open end of it by knotting.

This dildo has very suitable consistency that keeps its lovely warmness for several minutes. When it becomes cold, with pressing, its internal warmness can spread outside and can provide warmness for next minutes too.

I use this pleasurable dildo for getting an exciting orgasm through Vaginal or Anal masturbation. It's very wonderful because is erect, elastic, soft, smooth, slimy and warm and with this specifications can satisfy me with the highest degree of orgasm.

Also, I can prepare it so that ejaculates! I fill it with a little warm water first and then push prepared puree in it. Finally, I make a narrow hole in the tip of condom by a needle.

During my masturbation and at my orgasm time whenever I press the body of my dildo, a warm liquid gushes from its tip. Ohhhhhhhh my god, it's the best filling in my life.


I am fourteen, almost fifteen, and I just got back into masturbation about six months ago. When I was little, I would do anything and everything I could to excite myself. I would use brushes, bottles, chairs, couches, pillows, stuff animals and various other toys and such. My mom had a day care and the kids and me would always do stuff together. Then my parents moved me to another city with them and I didn't do anything for a while. Then I met some neighbor girls and we would watch their parent's pornos and would play with each other. It seems weird to me now but I was first eaten out at age eight. I haven't had anyone perform oral sex on my since. I would love this boy to do it to me. Just recently I got back into it, but I'm not sure how to satisfy myself anymore. I don't quit know how to make myself feel so good that I cum. I would love to cum so bad. I have tried the water and the rubbing of the clit. I even have a massager that heats up and vibrates that I use while I sit at my computer in my room. I love to rub my clit with my index finger and then plunge it into my vagina as far is it will go. I love to put three or four fingers in and play with the little ribs of my vagina. It feels so good and I get wet really quickly but I've never had an orgasm. I don't know what it is like to have a load of cum squirt out of me. Although I would LOVE to experience this. Unless it is happening and I don't know it. I would really like someone to help me by telling me erotic ways and things I can use. The plain fingering and water just isn't cutting it. I need something more.


I've been masturbating since I was about 2. I would hump and rub my favorite blanket. Then my parents told me to stop, but it was normal for young girls to do it. Eventually I did stop because it was too weird for me as I was entering my teens.

Now I'm 16 and after reading everything I realize it's normal. I don't do anything special-just using my hands. It's a great feeling though, visualizing my crush touching me in ways none of my past boyfriends have done. It really turns me on.


I have been masturbating since I was about 12. While my bathroom was being remodeled, I showered in my parent's bathroom. Their shower had a removable showerhead with a massage setting. I don't know how I discovered that it felt really good when I had the showerhead down there. I would sit on the edge of the tub with my legs spread and focus the jet on my clit. It would make me cum so hard. I still do that now. I also use my fingers and rub and flick my clit. I also like rolling up a blanket or pillow and riding it. Making my clit run back and forth on it. It feels so good. I can bring myself to the most powerful orgasms. I masturbate at least once a day.


I started masturbating when I was 6. My 9-year-old sister used to masturbate when we were in the bath and encouraged me to copy her. I did it because it felt nice, but I didn't have an orgasm until I hit puberty at 12. I was playing with my nipples and when I felt down there, I was wet. I'd never been that wet before so I thought I ought to do something about it! After a while I slid my middle finger inside my vagina, I didn't get much pleasure to start with but I loved the intensity. I pushed two more fingers in and when I started pushing them in an out I started to enjoy it, I got close to orgasm but never actually reached it, which was very frustrating.

I spent so much time on my vagina after that I didn't find the joy of my clitoris. I'd used my fingers several times on myself and I worked my finger up my labia and found my clitoris erect. I played around with it for a while and after rubbing it for a few seconds I was closer to orgasm than I'd ever been, for the first time really longed to have sex with a man. I pushed 2 fingers into my vagina very hard, I was quite rough as I pushed them in and out but it didn't matter because I was so wet. After a minute or so I had my first orgasm.

At 14 I had my first boyfriend and he contributed a lot to my knowledge of masturbation. He taught me how to move my fingers inside myself and to use two hands at once, one for my vagina and one for my clitoris. My favorite positions to this day are flat on my back with my legs pulled up to my breasts, kneeling and bending forward and with one leg against the wall facing forward which increases the sensitivity. Thanks for your great site.


I am 28 years old. My girl friends and I always "played" when we were younger. I think it was more exploratory than erotic. I thought it was bad and I felt guilty about it, but I knew I liked it. As I got older my boyfriend tried to get me to touch myself and I refused, it grossed me out for some reason. I couldn't even stand the sight of him jerking off. Later in our relationship, he bought me the pocket rocket...OMG is all I have to say! After having him use it on me, I soon took over. The second this little tool touches my clitoris, I orgasm. It is the only way I have ever been able to. My boyfriend gets upset that I can't orgasm during intercourse or while he's playing with my clitoris. I don't know what it is about this vibrator. I bring it with me everywhere I go. I have yet to discreetly pleasure myself in a public place, but recently when I was traveling and forgot my pocket rocket, I made my first visit to an adult store on my own, just to buy a new one. My boyfriend laughed at me, since we were going to be back home in 3 days...I just couldn't wait!!! I love to make myself cum now!! He often says he thinks he created a monster. : )


Hi! My name is Furide. When I masturbate, I often do it in the shower. I never touch my breasts or nipples, that doesn't feel good to me. I massage my sex and I touch my clitoris. Sometimes I insert a finger or two in my vagina. I also play with my outer labia. I'm not masturbating for orgasm, mostly just for the pleasure, but when I want an orgasm, I take the shower and rub the nozzle against my clit or take the nozzle off and flush a jet of water straight on my clit. Then I have an great orgasm, it feels like a wave of pleasure starting at my clit and going across my skin and body over and over again. My orgasm last in 15 to 20 seconds only (Since I'm young, I suppose.)


I love this site. I'm a 17-year-old girl. Reading the different stories of girls and women masturbating makes me really horny and hot. I like to just lay back and play with my clit while fantasizing about other girls playing with me. I would like to talk to other girls who are interested, and cyber with girls. I read a story by "Tasha" she wants to cyber with a girl, I'm willing to try cuz I never tried.


Hello, everyone. My name is Rita. I am 53 years old and have enjoyed reading the many secrets all of you have shared about masturbation. Probably my first serious attempts of performing this wonderful intimacy started during my early adolescence. I was really a rookie back then and I am very happy that first awkward attempts has grown and evolved as I have. I like to think of masturbation as a special time that I set aside for myself. It can be a time for experimenting and it can also be a precious space in which to relive some wonderful moments.

Before I continue, let me say that I feel that I have been blessed with having two very special people in my life. The first is a man, who I met when I was in my early twenties. He is and always has been a very sensual, very caring man who taught me how to relax, take my time and let sex become a long and wonderful adventure that can open the doors to those secret places we dream about but seldom are able to discover. Interestingly, he told me many years ago that he thought my most beautiful physical feature was my vulva. He called it a precious flower and I can remember thinking, "Oh, God, do I ever love this man!" Since his favorite flowers are orchids, my vulva became first his orchid, then his wild orchid and finally, a very wet and wild orchid. Unfortunately, life circumstances have prevented us from making our relationship more permanent, but we continue to share a wonderful bond that has kept us together for almost three decades.

My second blessing came more recently and is still in the beginning stages, but has been equally as satisfying in many, many ways. Jillian is a woman I have known for almost fifteen years. She is a delightful and lovely woman in her early forties who has always maintained a youthful passion for life. Her sexual orientation seems to change as frequently as the weather, but this is something she has always seemed to be very comfortable with. Over the years she has often teased me by saying that she would love to have one night of pampering me. This did nothing but embarrass the hell out of me, but for whatever reason, when she made this offer again about two months ago, I surprised even myself by saying yes. Her pampering has literally sent me over the moon and I kick myself for not having agreed to this much sooner. I'm still learning but have quickly fallen in love with the pleasures two women can share. I look forward to many, many more lessons and as much pampering as Jillian wants to bestow on me.

So, that's how I came to be where I am now. And fortunately, for me, these two very special people in my life have taught me that there is a third very special person: me! So, when it comes time for me to take care of me, I try to make it eventful and meaningful. Masturbating can be can be down and dirty fast or as long as we care to make it. However it's done, if you're not mentally into it, it isn't going to happen. So, when I make a date with myself, I take the time to prepare and get ready for a wonderful evening.

I do my nails, I shave my legs, I shower, fix my hair and in short do everything I can to make myself look and feel attractive. I pull down the bed, light candles and, depending on my mood, may add a little background music. I place a soft, fluffy bath towel on the bed. I fill a small cup with K-Y Jelly; I select some toys that I think will come in useful. I have a lacy, white, silk bed jacket that I save for this occasion and when I see that everything else is in order, I slip into it, hop into bed and away we go.

My favorite place to go is, "Here's what I'd like you to do." I imagine that either Dan or Jillian is in the room and watching. My role is to show them exactly what it is I would like them to do to me. I start by kneeling on the towel and sitting upright. I make sure that I am generously lubricated and this normally leads to some playful touching. Being on this date, is no different than being on any date. I know that this bed is where I want to end, but what happens when I get there depends I'm how I'm feeling and how I'm responding once the real action begins. It always amazes me that I can end up in places that I didn't think I would.

I lift my body slightly so that both hands have free access to my precious orchid. A slow massage begins the journey and my mind is focused on what do I what you to do. Sometimes I want to remain the perfect lady and let the sex be slow and tender. Sometimes I'm feeling a bit whorish and want to fucked hard and fast. Sometimes I like a little anal stimulation; sometimes I want every inch of that wonderful cock buried in my ass. Sometimes I want to remain in control and stay kneeling and on top; sometimes I just want to bury my head in a pillow and in this doggy position, say do whatever you want, but please do it soon.

One word of advise. If you're going to use toys, dildos and vibrators, experiment, buy what works and buy quality merchandise. After all, you deserve the best.

I like to think of that first orgasm as the beginning. I usually get very wet which is why the towel comes in handy. From that slow massage, I usually begin fingering myself. My clit is very sensitive and responds quickly to any stimulation. While I don't find touching my breasts really heightens the experience, I do like the feel of the soft, silk sliding against my nipples. Touching leads to inserting a finger, sometimes two. I have an anal vibrator, that is long, but not too thick, and with a little coaxing and a lot of lube, it provides some wonderful attention to this often neglected area. Turn the vibrator on low and I normally start to cum in buckets. The clitoral stimulation is where it all comes from, but being an old fashion girl, I like the feel of something inside of me. This lady uses a soft jelly vibrator, called Magic Fingers, that turns, twists and finds every area of my vagina while the "magic fingers" go to work on my clit. That whorish little me likes a big time dong, called "The Kong," that does nothing but stretch the walls of my vagina till they absolutely ache and I let my fingers take care of the rest.

It's dreamy. It's passionate. It can be tender and loving. It can be hard and rough. The one thing that it always is, is look, watch, this is what I want. If you really want to fuck me and you want to do it right, then pay attention. And when your turn comes, you'll know exactly what to do and what will make this lady very happy and very grateful.

No, I haven't shared this with either of those special people in my life. I like keeping this evening to myself and when I am with either of them, I let them explore and discover what makes me tick.

So, ladies, time is passing. Make plans and make that special date. There's a wonderful person that's waiting to meet you and don't be surprised at how easy it is to misbehave.

Love to you,


My name is Mary and I started masturbating around 10. I didn't know I was having an orgasm until I was in middle school. I love touching myself and looking at my body while I'm having an orgasm. Sometimes I act like I'm someone else. I like to play the maid or the secretary. After everything is over, my orgasm is the best thing after all that hard work!


WOW these stories are intense....I have been rubbing my clitoris while reading and have had three orgasms. This really turns me on to know other women have the same fantasies as I do. I have great sex with my husband and can orgasm at least once with every encounter....guess you can say I learned how to use a man ;o) I still masturbate often, mostly when I'm alone and no distractions. I like to imagine being with another woman, even just to see her lying in front of me looking at her beautiful body. I often just use my fingers and play with my clitoris; I like to squeeze my nipple as I reach orgasm as it intensifies it for me.

I have had cybersex with other women while in lesbian chat, and it is highly erotic. I have been masturbating since I was 4, when I was molested by a male sitter. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't ok, but since then I have pleasured myself as I realized how good it felt. I have also had experiences with a couple of friends when I was 8 - 10....I often think of that too and wish I could go back to that.

I wouldn't mind having another woman join me and hubby, but I think sometimes that can ruin a relationship, so I don't think we will go there. We talk about it while having sex, pretending there is someone sucking his cock while he is eating me out, or vice versa.

Well happy masturbating!!!!


Thank you for doing this site! It's a great resource and I'm glad so many women are taking the opportunity to share their personal thoughts.

I'm 28 years old, and I love to masturbate in many different ways, depending on my mood. Sometimes it is just very straightforward (but still very pleasurable rubbing of my clit; other times, I make a bit of a project out of, using dildos, vibe, anal stimulation/penetration, extended fantasies, telephone chat lines with other women, etc. I won't bore you with all of it, but I will share a thing or two I've indulged myself in recently:

One thing that really works for me is getting myself turned on before I even begin touching myself. I have always been easily aroused by the sensation of a wedgie or "camel toe" from my panties or jeans. This is actually how I started masturbating when I was about 13, and I often masturbate feverishly after being out for a long walk in panties or jeans that have the desired affect. Part of the turn-on is to be in public getting turned on and wet, and thinking about how I'm going to play with myself when I get home . . . . this makes me feel very feminine and attractive and I often fantasize that I'll meet another woman who notices my arousal and comes home with me to play. I fully intend to make this happen someday, so if you see me walking along with a sly smile and a blush on my cheeks, say hello!

I love quality porn and wish more women were willing to be open minded about it. For me, it's very empowering, not objectification. Porn and raw lust are NOT just guy things!

Part of my attraction to porn is probably my attraction to women. I don't necessarily consider myself "bisexual," but I have had some very great sex with women, and am open to it. While I love hot sex with a guy, my fantasies are more often than not about women. So I love looking at pictures or videos of two women going at it - I especially like the more amateurish, low-tech ones, which seem more genuine, and often involve women who really ARE bisexual or lesbian. It really gets me in the mood, and it's great to already be soaking wet when I start masturbating - the orgasms just keep on coming . . .

My first experience with another woman was a few years ago with a good friend. The most memorable thing about that first night was the kissing - incredible! We sat on my couch making out for over an hour (really!) before anything else happened. I often think of that first kiss with a woman while I'm masturbating.

I also love to masturbate in front of my boyfriend, either solo, or while he is inside me. He gets really turned on lying back and watching me rub my clit while straddling him, and I find it really exciting to have an audience that way. Sometimes I'll just stop whatever I'm doing around the house and open up my jeans and masturbate for him, putting on a show while he makes suggestions about what to do to myself. We both enjoy this sleazy little bit of exhibitionism on my part, and he always rewards me for it with lots of oral sex and a good, long fuck.

Ok, that's enough for now. I need to go masturbate . . .



I've only been masturbating for a few months with my fingers. I used to never really think about touching myself "down there" until I found this website. I got in my shower one night when everyone was gone and let my hands wander. I started massaging my clit and was brave enough to stick a finger in my pussy. I used to horseback ride and I heard that sometimes can break your hymen-not me! I was too afraid to go further when I felt the pain. Does anyone have tips on how to help me?


I always felt like the horniest little girl around because when I was a kid, it was widely believed that girls did not masturbate. Since I did, and still do, I felt different - but that didn't stop me from doing it. I love to imagine a man seeing my pussy for the first time. It is the only pussy in the world, and is just being discovered. He explores everywhere inside me, falls in love with it's erotic aroma and reaches out with his tongue to taste. Once he has, he can't stop and the more the juices flow, the more he laps it up. Oh! I want to cum right now.


I am a 47-year-old happily married woman. When I was about 6 or 7 my mother found me asleep with my hand in my pajama bottoms and she told me I shouldn't do that. I don't think I was actually fondling or rubbing myself, I just liked the way it felt with my hand down there. But I quit doing it. Later it was DRILLED into me that "nice girls didn't have sex before marriage" and I turned that around somehow that nice girls shouldn't like sex. Imagine my guilt when as a teenager I would be kissing a boy or have him fondle my breasts and it felt good and I liked it. I thought I wasn't a "nice" girl. I thought only males masturbated and none of my friends ever talked about it. I thought the only way a woman would achieve orgasm was through intercourse and I didn't know anything about my clitoris or what it could do for me. As a teenager the only thing I did that might pass for masturbation is I would rub my breasts if I read a dirty book or something. But I never touched myself below the waist. I got married at 20 and had a satisfactory sex life and had orgasms through direct clitoral stimulation by my husband. I still wasn't touching myself. Then I got divorced at 25 and my first b/f asked me to bring myself to orgasm because he wanted to see how to stimulate me. That really opened my eyes to something. Then b/f #2 had me get on top of him for intercourse facing his feet and I stroked my clitoris and watched myself in a mirror at the end of the bed. After that I was off and running.

I've been married for 15 years now and masturbate 1 to 3 times a week. I consider it my little self-indulgent treat, like getting my nails done or buying a candy bar. I have several different ways but my favorite is to sit on the floor with my back against a piece of furniture. I put my knees up and my feet are flat on the floor. My legs are spread as wide as I can get them. I have a full length mirror that pivots and I love to watch myself. I shave all my pubic hair except a tiny patch in the front so I can see everything. I might start out by gently rubbing my nipples but in this position it is usually not necessary because as soon as I look at myself I am plenty wet. I use my index and middle fingers on my left hand to spread my inner labia and then with my index finger of my right hand I massage my clitoris with a circular motion, dipping down to get more lubrication as necessary. Sometimes I insert a hairbrush handle or small plastic bottle (like a hairspray bottle) in my vagina but because I am so visual I feel sort of stupid looking at myself with a hairbrush hanging out my twat. When I come I close my legs and rock back and forth and I might put my fingertips just inside my vagina because I like to feel the pulsation.

Another position I like which I have not seen mentioned here is kneel like you would in church with legs bent at a 90 degree angle. There's something about the gravitational forces at work.

I wish there had been the Internet and this web site 30 years ago when I was a teen. Even now I am thankful I found it because during sex with my husband my visual fantasy is women's vulvas (shaved, with legs spread) and I wondered if that was normal for a heterosexual woman. And I found that it is.


I take a washcloth and soak it with ice cold water, spread my legs all the way open and place it on top. Then I take an electric toothbrush and go in circles around my clit- superb!


I think that I may be a bit unusual. It seems that I can't get off without anal stimulation/penetration in conjunction with direct clitoral stimulation. I am 31, married for 5 years, only having worked up the courage to relay this to my husband this year. I began masturbating when I was 15. I'm catholic, and was very aware of the importance of maintaining my virginity until marriage. Still curious about the sensation of penetration, I began using the handle of my hairbrush to penetrate my ass. I still recall the sensations that washed over me the first time that I touched my clit with my brush inside of me. I've masturbated this way ever since, but have moved on from my trusty brush to more tailor-made tools. Up until this past year, my only orgasms were solo endeavors, save for my last 2 years of university. This is when I first discovered the soft touch of another woman. My dorm-mate cut out of her class early one Friday, and caught me in my desk-chair, with my feet firmly planted against the desk, my hairbrush firmly planted elsewhere, in front of my mirror. She was extremely gracious as I recall, and instead of making a scene, recognized enormity of my embarrassment, and immediately slid her hand up under her skirt to join me. We either masturbated together, or masturbated one another, on a regular basis until we graduated and went our separate ways. I'd had a number of partners prior to meeting my husband, and at no time was I orgasmic with any of them. Any time that I tried to incorporate masturbation into the routine, it still fell short without the anal component. With my more committed lovers, the attempt at anal love never lasted long enough, or was skilled enough to incorporate the required clitoral stimulation. Though disappointing, I've always been able to live with the solace of my personal escape. This now, thankfully, has been enhanced with my admission to my husband. We have now incorporated anal play, and blissful orgasm, into our lovemaking, which has not only saved our marriage but much more. I love my husband, my anal-beads (thank you, and my life!


I use a refrigerated carrot (you know, those little ones) in my vagina and I stimulate my clit with my middle finger.


First of all I like your site very much. I'm glad it's not pornographic. My name is Sara. I'm twenty-one. When I was about five a little boy and me were good friends. We used to make cubby houses in dark rooms and explore each other's bodies in the dark. It was very exciting. We would both take our clothes off and I'd feel his penis while he touched me. That was about when I started masturbating. I did it all the time, usually with a teddy bear. First I'd drink a lot of water. Then I'd put my teddy on my bed and rub myself on it. I liked urinating all over it, and then I'd orgasm. As I got older I used different things at the same time - ice, warm water (instead of wee - though my mother never complained!), baby oil. Once when we were camping near a creek I lay under the waterfall and let the water come down onto me, hard. That was better than the tap!

I never put anything inside me and I don't use tampons. I only just lost my virginity, and I like the closeness of sex with a man, not the orgasms. On my own, I still like the wee method though! It feels wonderful to let go and get that warm wet feeling. Doesn't anyone else do it?


Hi... the first time I ever masturbated I was about 6 or 7. I had a twin bed in my bedroom and it was shoved up against the wall. One morning I woke up and I was about to fall through the space between the wall and the bed... needless to say my pussy was RIGHT there on the side of the bed... and it must have felt good because I rubbed back n forth on it... after that I (of course) did it on purpose. Hehe I had this thing I would do.. it was basically me trying to stay on the bed while almost sliding off.. I am on my stomach... and my pussy is in contact with the edge of the bed... (Wow I hadn't thought of this n a long time haha...) I even got my first experience of "pain" turning me on and causing "pleasure"... cuz the inside of my leg I would lay on the bed board.. and it would kind of hurt... I got off on the pain and the struggle to stay on the bed while I masturbated to orgasm...

Now that I am grown up.. I usually masturbate laying on my back... I think about a woman eating my pussy... I think about her sticking her tongue inside me... then moving down to my anus... and licking there for a while.. then back up to my pussy... then when I am good and lubricated with my own juices.. (I never use lube haha) I take a long appliance light bulb... like the kind in a fish tank... and insert it into my vagina. I think about her moving it in and out of me... and I stoke my clit at the same time and pretend its her tongue licking me... I have had the most POWERFUL orgasm doing it this way... hehe.. I even caught it on tape one time!!!! oh ummm audio not video lol.

It is not safe to insert fragile glass, like a light bulb, into the vagina or anus.


I am twenty and have been masturbating since I was about 9 when I put my mom's back massager 'down there' and it felt so good. Except if I held it there too long I'd have to pee. So when I could get some private time I would put a towel on the floor take off my panties and sat there until I couldn't take it anymore and would pee, I don't know if I was orgasming then or not. Eventually I gained enough control that I could use the vibrator to cum without having too pee. I also get really horny when I have to pee really bad, so that took some practice. For the longest time the only way I could successfully masturbate was to lay on my back with the back massager between my legs. One night I was so horny that I couldn't wait until there was no one around to hear the vibrator so I decided to try humping my pillow--it took a long long time, but I finally came. I realized I needed to find a new method that worked before I went to college though. And found that if I balled up a blanket on my bed, and humped it I could cum really easily. All it takes is muscle tension and something rubbing my clit for me to come. And I have gotten so good at knowing my own body that I can come within a couple minutes. What['s great about my methods is that I can stay completely dressed. In college I wanted to try new things for fun. I masturbated at night with my roommate in the room, one time I masturbated with the door open to the hall and someone could have walked by and caught me at any second. I am horny all the time, and usually get myself off at least once a day. I find often times when I am bored, like in class, I start to get really horny. One day recently there was this really hot chick sitting in front of me and she was wearing a thong, and her pants were way down low and I could see her ass. I sat there and got more and more horny, and my panties were becoming soaked. Normally I would go home right after class and get off, but this time I didn't think I could wait. So during a short break in class, I went into the little bathroom with one stall, waiting my turn to use the toilet, while I was waiting, I discreetly rubbed my crotch on the corner of the sink, and when I got in the stall, I learned up against the wall, I frantically stuck my hand down my pants and started rubbing my clit. I fantasized about the girl in my class and I started breathing really hard and let out a couple little moans. I was so paranoid someone was going to figure out what I was doing, but I really needed to cum, and fast, so I tried to focus all my attention. I grabbed the handicapped bar in one hand and continued to rub myself hard. All of a sudden I came. It was the first time I had orgasmed standing up, and my legs almost gave out beneath me. It was sooo great to try something new like that. Now when I get horny I masturbate in the bathroom at work and other places and it is so nice.