Masturbation Techniques & Experiences IV

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I'm 42 and masturbate as many as three times a day--in the shower by the strong water flow from the hand-held shower head directed alternately on my clitoris and to my lips, by my middle two fingers in front of the bath mirror with shirt pulled above my large breasts to expose them while I look at them, and often in the middle of the night when I wake up aching for a man, but I haven't had one in three years. I get headaches if I don't masturbate frequently to release sexual pressure.

Vania (Francais)

Moi aussi j'aime me masturber. Je suis clibataire et vierge. Aussi, j'ai besoin de me caresser seule. C'est vital pour moi. Ca me dtend.Ca me fait beaucoup de bien. Je le fais chaque fois que j'en prouve le besoin. Le fait de consulter des photos de sexe m'aide mouiller. Je commence caresser mes seins et plus particulirement mes mamelons qui sont trs sensibles. Et puis je me dculotte et je caresse doucement mon sexe puis en insistant davantage je touche mon clitoris et je pntre un doigt ou plusieurs dans mon vagin. Je fantasme pour maintenir le plaisir. Je m'imagine en prsence d'un homme dont le sexe est en rection et qui cherche me pntrer. Je me frotte contre les draps. Enfin j'introduis n'importe quel objet qui ressemble une verge et je le fais aller et venir dans mon vagin. Ca me fait terriblement jouir.

Vania (English Translation)

I like masturbation too. I'm a single woman and a virgin. I feel the need to give myself pleasure. It is vital for me. It relaxes me. It really makes me feel good. I do it anytime I desire. Looking at photographs of sex helps me in getting moist. I begin by caressing my breasts and more specifically my nipples, which are very sensitive. Then I take off my pants and softly caress my vulva, and then I must touch my clitoris and insert one or more fingers into my vagina. I fantasize to maintain the pleasure. I imagine myself with a man who wants to penetrate me with his erect penis. I rub against the sheets. Then I insert anything that looks like a penis into my vagina and move it in and out. It makes me have very pleasurable orgasms.


Hi, I would like to tell you how I masturbate. I never started masturbating until last summer. I remember like getting this really good feeling when I was in like 7th grade but I would never touch down there, because I was afraid I might "break" or hurt something down there. But I remember my first time. I was talking to this guy and he has asked me if I had ever masturbated, and I said no. So he told me to go feel myself. I trusted him, and I did. He also sent me to this site, where I read all the stories, and other stuff on here. At this point, I could feel myself getting wet, and I was horny. That night I masturbated, I don't remember if I had an orgasm or not. After that time, I used to do it like every night. I almost got caught twice, but I stopped. To this day I still masturbate. All my friends know I do it. And so does my Mom. I figure there's nothing wrong with doing it. I always have an orgasm when I masturbate. But for some reason, I never have one with a guy. I dunno why though.

I like to masturbate with one dildo/vibrator in me and one on my clit. I do this often I usually lay on my back. I sometimes fantasize about a female going down on me... I think about this too when I use the faucet. When I'm lazy, I usually masturbate with the faucet while in the tub. So there ya go ... that's my story.


I am Julie. I absolutely love my cunt! I masturbate 2 to 6 times a day, and my favorite is when I rapidly "butterfly" my clit with one hand while my middle finger on the other hand is up my cunt, stimulating my G-spot. I squirt female cum every time! Then I spread the cum on my tits mouth and tongue. Oh, I love it so much!


I am a 22 years old, bi sexual, female who loves to masturbate, almost daily, sometimes twice. I find the best orgasms are when I am alone. I used to fantasize about sex while masturbating, but unfortunately, that didn't do it anymore for me. I used to get off by lingerie catalogs, now I take pictures off the Internet.

I like to sit in my chair with one leg on each corner of the desk so that my legs are spread (almost like stir-ups at the doctor's office). Then I get out my vibrator or massager (depending on my mood) and play with myself while looking at the pictures on my computer, usually of lesbians. Also, a helpful hint one of my girlfriends told me about, Vic's Vapor Rub works really well. It is very stimulating to rub on the clitoris. At first, you think that it's painful, but actually the feeling is cold and hot at the same time. I think it brings a lot of blood to that area as well as stimulation while rubbing it on.

I really enjoyed reading about how other women do it. I will try some of the "practices" tonight. =)


I'm a 14-year-old female and I've been masturbating since I was about 6 or 7. I don't know about any other girls that masturbate around here, and I'm too scared too ask. They'll probably think that I'm sick or desperate. Anyway, I usually masturbate in bed or in front of the computer, (I like to look at porn). Both ways I try to get in a lying position. Then I start massaging my clit with one hand, and I pinch one of my nipples with the other hand. This makes me pretty wet, and if I'm looking at porn at the same time, it's even better. Then, after about a minute or two of doing this, I take one of my fingers and dunk it into my and out, at first slowly, then always faster. Then I just keep the finger inside and rub it against the walls of my pussy - from that point on it doesn't take long until I cum. I masturbate at least once a day, but I have a problem: My little sister, (shes 12). She caught me masturbating once, and I know, (actually I'm pretty sure), that she doesn't masturbate. How can I talk to her about this? I think she thinks I'm sick.


I am 18 years old and married. I had never had an orgasm in my entire life... until today. My husband and I have a very healthy sex life and I enjoy myself but I have never been able to let myself fall off of the edge into orgasm. I began having sex at the age of 13 and by the age of 16 I had gone through many partners but never found anyone that could push me far enough to experience the rushing pleasure that all of my friends were talking about. I had tried masturbation before but I was ignorant to the fact that I was stimulating the wrong parts of me. I would plunge my fingers deep into my vagina instead of playing with my clitoris. I gave up after only a few attempts at making myself happy. Today I found your website in a search for information about sexually related subjects. I'm fascinated by everything about sexual relationships. I decided to try some of the tips that were listed in your site. I found myself having an orgasm before I knew what hit me. I thought at first that I had urinated on myself and had to actually taste it before I could allow myself to believe what had happened. All it took was a warmed up and well-lubricated cucumber being rubbed against my clitoris very quickly to do the job. Had I known that the only problem I was experiencing before was inexperience then I would have been much better off.


Hi my name is Holly. My cousin told me about this site. I found it very informative and exciting. After reading some of the masturbating techniques I feel better about what I do. I started at a very young age. About 8 or 9 I remember just rubbing what I latter found out was my clit. It felt good and I did it every chance I got. The first time I had a sexual contact with anyone else was when I was about 10. My male cousin came to visit with his parents. Harry just had his 9th birthday. That night Harry and I were put to bed together. During the night I felt Harry moving. He was masturbating. I watched him finish then showed him how I did it. We spent a long time exploring each other and masturbating. Our adventure continued for several years from hand to oral sex but not intercourse.

I am now 42 years old and still enjoy the art of masturbation. I should tell you I have a very large clitoris. My GYN told me it is one of the largest she has seen. When erect it is about 1.5 inches. While I enjoy many ways to please myself the best is in a standing position. I take off all my clothes. My pussy is totally shaved. I like to look at my self in the mirror. I spread my legs so that I can see my pussy and my clit. With my left hand I hold my lips open and expose my clit. I gently start to massage my clit with my thumb and four finger of my right hand until it starts to enlarge as it starts to get bigger and extend from the sheath I move my thumb and my fingers to cup what looks like a small cock. I cap and uncap it until I cum.

While I know others who masturbate I don't know anyone with a large clitoris. I would be interested to hear from other women with large a clitoris.

Thanks for a great site


I love to masturbate a lot. My hubby knows I do it and so does my bi girlfriend. I love to shove large objects into me so I can get off. I have even used a pop bottle. It felt so good. My girlfriend knows how to bring me off even better. She is the one that taught me how to masturbate. All I can say is masturbation is healthy and it feels all sooooo good.


When I masturbate, I usually lay on my stomach and rub my clit fast. It's weird but I put my legs up, it just feels 100% better! When I rub my clit, I think about girls. I have masturbated in the shower before it feels great. Just let the stream run on your clitoris until you explode. Rubbing your clit against the corner of a bed, couch etc. is awesome. I have many ways of masturbating. I like to suck on my nipples when I'm in a position where I can reach them. My clit is a little smaller than a pea but it brings me great sensation.


I have to first start off and tell you that I love you site. I am less nervous when the subject of masturbating and sex comes up and it has even helped me out too. But I am here to tell you what I do, so here it goes.

I have been a very sexual young woman for as long as I can remember. I can remember when I was younger, about 10 years old to 15, my girlfriends and myself, use to explore each other and act out scenes we had seen in the latest late trip into our parents video cabinets. Those where the years I learned to kiss and how to give pleasure and I found out how to pleasure myself.

The first time this all started was when I slept over at the more "experienced" friend's house when I was 12 years old; was when I first started masturbating regularly. It was late at night and we were watching an adult film and I remember getting aroused. The more intense the scenes got, the wetter my panties got and the more erect my nipples became. My girlfriend had asked if I had even done that before and I said "no" and she wanted to show me how it was done.

I remember sitting there for a minute contemplating it and after her promising not to tell anymore and myself promising the same thing, we started. We started kissing at first and started touching each other's chests. She moved her hands down and lifted up my nightgown. I laid down and she started to take off my panties, which were soaked at this point and she just dived right in.

While she was doing this she started to talk about my clitoris and how it was huge and everything, I had no idea what she was talking about but she showed my where it was and what to do. I just remember lying there and getting so turned on. I never had an orgasm that night, but when she went to bed, I found my little friend again. Haha. From that night on, I have always rubbed it at least once a day.

I didn't have my first orgasm until I was 15 years old and that was the most wonderful experience. The feeling just came over me and I was hooked. I am now 23 years old and I've actually got bored of using my hand. Once in a while I will, but I have found the wonderful world of vibrators to help me out. And I can thank my Mom for that! Haha. She actually bought it for me, not knowing what I was really going to use it for. She thought it would help out with my back pains.

What I use is the Windmere Prelude 3. It has a little nubby part you can attach, which is called in some places, a clit tip. And by God, it's amazing. I recommend every women out there to get one of these things. It's wonderful! I can honestly say I orgasm each and every time I use it!

And Last night, I am proud to say, I had the best orgasm I have ever had. It just kept on coming and coming, I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Haha. To this day, I masturbate at least once a day and I am proud to say I do.


The first time I ever felt an orgasm I was about 6-7 years old. It was by accident as I was showering with a handheld shower. Suddenly I had this rush of feeling through my whole body and all the muscles in the backs of my thighs cramped up. I had to squat down in the shower to get them to stop cramping. But the rest of the experience was amazing, so I kept doing it every time I took a shower. Eventually I wanted to be able to have that feeling when I wasn't taking a shower, too. When I was 8 I started touching myself between my legs using Vaseline while sitting on the toilet. By the time I was 9 or 10 I could make myself orgasm without the Vaseline or the showerhead.

I'd always wanted to penetrate myself, but was too afraid to. I guess I also wanted to "save" that for my first love(r). Didn't even use a tampon. Then one night I was sitting in my living room watching a movie with my boyfriend. I was wearing knit pants and was able to discreetly slide my hand down between my legs and slipped my middle finger into my pussy as I looked at him looking at the movie on the TV. He never had any idea.

We dated for a long time but never had sex. Eventually we broke up and I've yet to fall in love again and I don't intend to have real sex with someone I'm not in love with. But I still love masturbating and pleasing myself. Along came the Internet and I started having private chats with men in sex-themed chat rooms. The men wanted me to touch myself as I talked to them. The more I chatted the more I wanted to experience the feeling of being penetrated and "filled" - even without an in-person partner.

I'd tried using a long taper candle to penetrate myself, but I really didn't get much feeling out of it. And living at home, I couldn't buy any "toys" that my mother or father might discover. So I had to find something more suitable yet innocent looking. And the more I chatted with men on the internet the more desperate I was to take that activity to the next level of feeling, finding an appropriate item for penetration. Finally, one day, I realized that this souvenir miniature baseball bat of my brother's was long, had a handle and was a little more than an inch thick and would do the trick very nicely. Every time I get on the Internet to chat about sex now, I come armed with my little baseball bat and a fresh condom for it to keep things clean.

As I chat or look at porn I begin to fondle my left nipple and type with my right hand. Sometimes I reach down to touch my blood-engorged clit/lips. Most times I'm amazed at how quickly I get wet. I find the more "taboo" the role-play in chat, the more soaked I get. I take the "dildo" and start rubbing it on my clit, my legs and my pussy crave to open wide. I slip my naked ass to the edge of my computer chair and spread my legs open wide. When my chat partner gives me the nod, finally I spread the lips of my pussy open and plunge the dildo into me. It fills me and penetration is the most amazing feeling. Finally I alert my chat partner that I will no longer be able to type too much back because I need my right hand to rub my clit and my left hand to plunge the dildo in/out of myself. This usually excites him beyond belief rather than disappoints him, as he pictures what I am doing with myself, imagining I'm doing it with him. I start out by simple in/out motions until I get the dildo wet and warmed by my own body. Then I start moving it around inside me in a circular motion, hitting my vaginal walls rhythmically over and over. The sparks fly in my nerve endings, until finally I have this amazing orgasm in both my vagina and my clitoris.

Another nice thing to do - when I don't necessarily want to get on the net and chat - is to put the toy bat inside me and then turn a hand-operated muscle-massager on and make contact between it and the toy and let it gently vibrate my vaginal walls. That is the only time/way that I can have a fully vaginal orgasm with no clitoral stimulation involved.


Hi, my name is Julie and I am 24. I have been masturbating since I am about 15 or so. I love it. You may say it's a hobby. First I look at pictures of naked girls of watch porn to get me nice and wet. If it is porn I always watch the girl on girl parts to imagine it's me they are pleasing. I use my fingers and rub my clit in a circular motion. I take some of my hot juices and rub my hard nipples with it and I rub my clit. This is such a great feeling mmmmmm. Anyway this always does it. Once I orgasm I shove my whole hand up in my pussy and thrust away. It's great and I love to do it.


I have been masturbating since I was a young girl. I have always liked it but now I enjoy it more than I ever have. My boyfriend and I live in different states so we have phone sex usually a few times a week. He will talk to me while I use my vibrator and it has really changed the way I cum. I start out touching my breasts and pinching my nipples, then I begin to move my hips up and down. As I move my vibrator in and out I start to have that feeling of wanting him inside of me, like nothing else matters. Mine has an attachment made to stroke my clit and it feels so good. Sometimes he talks to me sweetly and its like making love, but other times we talk dirty and I love that just as much. The more I hear his voice the wetter my pussy gets. He likes it when I tell him I'm about to cum and the more he says to me the longer and harder I can cum. I trust him so I can say or do anything and know he's getting pleasure from hearing me enjoy myself. It's the closest thing to making love with him that I can experience, which makes it a lot more fun!


My practice probably bothers most feminists. I'm 41 and I've always used both a vibrator and dildo. I start by watching a video and rub the dildo along my lips...then I insert the dildo and aggressively fuck myself...when I feel the buildup I turn on the vibrator and finish myself off...I'm hooked on this. Am I alone?


Hi my name is Nikki, I've been masturbating since I was about 10 years old, I'm 21 years old. I didn't think anything was wrong with it until one of my friends said she thought it was sick. I had this big fight with her about it and now we don't even talk. I still don't think anything is wrong with masturbating because it's a sign of self-love. And before you can love anyone else you have to be able to love yourself.

Well I got this way of masturbating; I don't think about anything when I masturbate. First I start out by touching my nipples, slowly and softly, I go around them with my index fingers on both hands. I don't have very big beasts but I love them, they're nice to touch.

I can feel my lips down there getting very wet, (I won't touch 'em until I can't take it any more. I rub my inner thighs.) I tease my clit by touching everywhere but it, I can feel it jumping out at me, so I apply only the softest of touches to it, It almost hurts, I explode with delight at the feel of something pushing my clit, I need more. So I get my dildo and rub like crazy then slow it down before going mad and do it again. I start moving my hips to the delight of it and before I cum, it's not like the orgasms I have when I have sex but it's more like 5 or 6 quick rushes before one long one. It's so good.


I've been masturbating since I was about 4 or 5, I remember having the urge to put myself under the running bathtub faucet. I didn't really know what I was doing until I was about 15. Then I realized I'd been masturbating, I used to think there was something wrong with me, until I realized almost all women do it. I had only done it in the bathtub and shower until I was 15, then I used to use one of those pens with the batteries in them, they vibrate while you write with them. I didn't explore myself until I was about 17, then I used to orgasm only with my finger, I thought that was wild, and I used to do it every night. Now my favorite method is using my dildo, I place it on the side of the bathtub (it has a suction cup on the bottom), and then I pile up pillows on either side and put my knees on the pillows while I straddle the dildo, first I just rub it against my lips until my juices are flowing, then it just slides right in, and I hump until I orgasm. It is so wild; I'm shaking when I stand up. I love it!!!


Hi, I am a 14-year-old girl who just discovered an awesome way to have a mind-boggling orgasm. First of all, I go into my bathroom all by myself and take off all my clothes. I put my hair up so it doesn't get in the way, you can't have any distractions! Now I let the tub water run until it's hot but not scorching hot. Now I lie back in the tub and spread my legs in a very sexual way. I put my vagina at the front of the bathtub under the faucet (resting my butt on the tub floor) so the water is hitting my clitoris. I instantly feel a sensation. Now I crank up the water temperature just a little and it makes me start to breath really heavily. Then I thrust my wet and throbbing pussy up to the faucet then back down again. I am breaking out into a sweat and my clit is pulsing and is about to explode. The next thing I know I'm feeling this rush all over my body and I am trying to catch my breath. It goes from the inside of my thighs right to my toes, up to my bubble breasts then to my brain. I am out of breath and I clumsily turn the water pressure on as high as it will go and the temperature a little bit higher. I am so intense as I grasp for the faucet or anything I can hold on to. The feeling is so heavy right now I scream out in ecstasy!! I feel warm liquid running out through my pussy as fast as a speeding train. It's all over and now I just lay on my back, in a sweat, breathing very hard, thinking.

Caution! When you are sexually aroused your muscle coordination decreases and your pain threshold increases. Adjusting the hot water faucet after you start masturbating could result in your making it too hot, or not realizing how hot the water really was. You could accidentally burn your vulva, ouch!


One technique I haven't really heard mentioned here, but it's a technique I love, is lying down in the bathtub under the rush of the spout. It's a lot more intense than a showerhead I think and I like relaxing on my back with my legs up on the walls. I control the heat with my feet, making the water hotter as I get closer to orgasm. Just be careful not to make it too hot. With this method I don't even need to play with my clit. The power of the water does it for me.

I also masturbate with different dildos. One actually cost me $75!!!! It's called The Tongue and it moves in many directions. It's awesome. When I was younger I used those bending hair sticks that you use to put waves in your hair. I would hold a few of them together or split them up between my ass and my vagina.

Unlike most women, and very politically incorrect, I think about two men together or different scenes of incest in which I'm a young girl again. I was never molested but for some reason these ideas turn me on though I am aware of how unhealthy the reality is. I love the idea of getting someone to do something they would never admit to wanting. Like a gay man seducing a straight man. I love anal sex too so many times when I masturbate I imagine penetrating my boyfriend, which we have tried a few times.