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Well I am 14 years old and I have been masturbating ever since I was about 10. I think a lot of the girls that wrote in are lucky because they had friends who masturbated when they were young. My friends don't masturbate and I don't want to tell them I do because I'm afraid they will think I am sick or something. So I keep it to myself.

My favorite way to masturbate is to rub my clit against the arm of my couch, while watching porns. Preferably lesbian porns. I like to get totally naked and I rub while I am caressing my tits. I usually do this when everyone is sleeping or when I am home alone. It takes a while 'til I climax but the pleasure while doing it is unbearable.

Note: The videos belong to her parents.


I start by taking off my clothing and going into the bathroom. I like to look at my breasts and let my hand roam from my lower abdomen to my breast and stroke the underside, and around my nipple. This starts to get me wet. I usually think about being penetrated by my partner, but sometimes I will think about a women touching my breasts or kissing me all over. I will then let my roaming hand dip between my legs, and start to rub my outer lips before actually going for my inner lips or clit, but I can definitely feel my lips start to swell and my lubrication start to flow. I then make it to my bed where I lie with one leg spread out and the other up so that my foot is flat on my bed. I slide my left hand between my legs and start to rub with my middle finger. After I am very wet and near cumming, I usually will let two fingers enter my pussy and with my right hand I will stroke my clit. It is not long before I cum. I have been known to use dildos and I am happy to say, thickness counts, because I have that ache. And it's twice as much fun to be watched.


I love to masturbate!! I used to have a fear of anything sexual, until I made myself do it. I started out at the age of 17 or 18 and I always left my underwear on. I didn't want to do the skin touching skin thing yet...I was nervous after all. Then I finally made myself do it without my underwear on and it was even better! Masturbation is not just touching yourself between your legs, it's feeling your way around your whole body. Run your hand around your legs, arms, neck, stomach, breasts, try licking or sucking your own nipples. It's amazing what kind of sexual level you can get to. One thing I have been doing is...placing a ball (like size of a tennis ball) where my clit is. I'm sitting and I kind of rub against the ball, or kind of hump the ball. It took a while to get it, but when I got it...the feeling that built up inside of me was wonderful. Masturbation is one way to help you find out what you like and don't like. I'm glad I made myself do it!!!


I use my middle finger in either a small circle or directly on my clit. I alternate this with dipping into my vagina (for more moisture and g-spot).

I do this flat on my back with my legs slightly open. When I cum my legs go together tightly, and my clit seems to grow larger.

I've taught my husband how to do this and he is great! I can relax and not have to worry about finger coordination.

I fantasize about all sorts of things while I do it, too much to go into here.


I wonder if an older woman can make a contribution to this page. I am 65 years old and masturbation has played an important part in my sex life for over 30 years now.

When I was growing up in the 50's, most middle class girls hadn't even heard of masturbation, let alone done it. Like most girls of my generation I was totally inexperienced and ignorant when I married, and frankly my marriage was a disaster from the sex point of view. It was only when the sexual revolution came along in the 60's when I was over 30 that I started to read about and experiment with masturbation and finally discovered sexual pleasure.

Like Jenny (previous contributor) my activity mainly took place in the toilet (at work) as this was one place I could guarantee privacy, as my husband would come into our bathroom, which was never locked. I therefore had my first ever orgasm in this rather unromantic place, and I still sometimes do it in there because of some sort of association of ideas I suppose. Unlike Jenny I've never heard anyone else doing it, perhaps my hearing is not so sharp!

I am long divorced, but still masturbate quite frequently (about twice a week), although now it's mainly in bed. I'm afraid it's nothing more imaginative than middle finger on the clitoris, which usually takes only 2-3 minutes. Still, it works every time.

One thing I regret, though, is that my generation doesn't have the same frankness in discussing sexual matters as the younger ones, as I would love to speak with other women about these things. This is why I find your site so valuable and I hope others will continue my education process with their contributions.


When I masturbate I usually wait till I'm home alone. I get completely naked and go outside to the pool. It feels so good to play w/myself outside where the sun beams down on my body. I usually lie on a raft and float in the pool where I then fantasize about another woman caressing my body. I take my index and middle finger and go back and forth with my clit in between my fingers; I take my other hand and finger myself. After I reach my orgasm, I get off the raft and sit on the creepy crawler hose (it vibrates really fast.) I adjust my lips so the hose is hitting my clitoris in the perfect spot! When I'm done with that I go inside and rub myself some more until I cannot do it anymore. I do this almost everyday, it relieves a lot of stress and tension.

She added: The creepy crawler hose is a long hose (It shakes or vibrates). It has a vacuum at the end of it that cleans the pool while you swim. It stays in the pool!

I would guess the water pulsing through the hose creates the vibrations. Now how is it women discover these things? ;-)


I recently found this page, I read all the techniques and even tried most of them, I found some of them to work great, and some not so great. When I'm getting ready to masturbate, I search my house for any items resembling a penis. I've used items such as cucumbers, carrots, candles, fat markers, and even water bottles, then I place a condom over it to lubricate it. I slide the item all over my body, sometimes I squeeze the object between my breasts and "Tity-fuck" myself while moving my pelvis around.

Once I'm finished doing that, I start off slowly rubbing my fingers on my clitoris getting faster and faster, I then stick the object in my vagina and w/my other hand I pinch my clit when I'm coming to a climax, and do that repeatedly.

If I am at work (desk job) when not many people are around, I take the phone handle and place it on my clitoris and rub it up and down till I am satisfied!


I am 26 I started masturbating around 4 or 5. Strange but I saw this picture of myself (in my head) pleasuring myself in a certain position and something told me 'Try this' and I did and I have been an avid masturbator since then, but only possible in one position, until about 2 years ago. I must be on my stomach and with both hands down in my clit area. I rotate my hips and move my hands and I can have several orgasms often. 2 years ago I was able to simulate this on my back-but it takes muscle clenching in the legs and arms and holding my breath several times to get there. I think I can't cum with a guy because my first love was someone who didn't love me- it wasn't a relationship, I was used. He was a neighbor who was 8 years older, I was 15. I had very crooked teeth and didn't have many friends, so I hung out with the 3 boys next door, and got a crush on the oldest one 8 years older. By the time he wanted a relationship I was done with him.

I have a friend that masturbates in the same position that I do, we both can orgasm in that position when being made love to like that. It's killing my current relationship. He is a very sexual person. How do I master this??

As mentioned on the second page of visitor's masturbation techniques, Kimberly is not alone in using this technique.

My reply to Kimberly;

"First you are normal, second it affects your sexual relationship with your partner only as much as you allow it to. You have a means of reaching orgasm, explain and show your partner what works for you. Do not try to be someone you are not. They can sit back and watch and share your pleasure, and masturbate along with you. Engage in sexual acts that you enjoy. Do them for as long as you both are comfortable doing them. Partner sex does not have to include orgasm to be pleasurable and fulfilling. Do not try to have an orgasm, just enjoy yourself. If you try to have an orgasm, it is less likely to happen."

"As far as learning how to have an orgasm in other positions, I recommend Betty Dodson's book and videos. In her second video, Celebrating Orgasm she coaches a woman in your situation how to have orgasms while lying on her back. She teaches the woman how to use a vibrator, which may work for you. Check out her site at the link below."

Betty Dodson


My name is Fran and I am a 53-year-old woman who has masturbated for the last 5 years. I got into it since I was married to an older man who didn't want to satisfy me any longer. I was too young to do without one of the greatest pleasures of life, and so I bought a few videos and tried various techniques in them.

All seemed to work fine if you have privacy, but the one that works for me is this one. Put on a pair of rather tight-fitting jeans (the ones with the denim seams across the pubic area). Sit down any where there's a hard surface and start to move your hips until you experience a "sensation". If you couple this feeling with some vivid thoughts, you will experience a wonderful orgasm and no one will know it. (unless you're a real screamer) I've used this technique very successfully while driving on long and boring trips (I have a long commute every week). It sure makes the time go faster!!!!


I was told about your site and visited it after I was assured it was not a porn site but a genuine one with real aims and beliefs.

My name is Annabelle but my friends call me Belle. I am 15 and British but I live in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia because my father got a job here and brought me and my sister here (my mother died three years ago).

I am still unsure of my sexuality because although I like boys I got far stronger crushes on females, sometimes other girls at school, sometimes teachers or other adult women I meet or see on television or in magazines I started masturbating just after my Mum died although I think I used to do it without thinking when I was younger.

My technique is to lie on my tummy across the bed with a picture on the floor and trap my wrist between my legs so the bones in my wrist are pressing hard against the base of my clitoris. By sort of sawing my legs and slowly rotating my wrist the pressure is heavy-light, heavy-light and I can control how fast or strong, or slow and light, as I want it.

My current fantasy is Brittany but I have also fantasized about K.D. Lang, Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain and Kylie Minogue (Australian actress and pop singer)

I often cyber with two girls, one I have met, one I haven't. The one I met is a girl I knew in England. She went to the same school but we didn't know we were attracted to each other until we met in a chat-room and recognized each other.

The other (the Traci) in my screen name, is 17 and lives in New York, USA. we met three years ago and we don't cyber as much now, we just chat about things and it's great.

What I would like to say is that after my Mum died, I was sort of thrown into being the woman of the household and I had to try to be more mature for my little sis who is 4 years younger than me (nearly). My dad doesn't really like me dating. I've been out with a few boys but they were just friends. As I write this, I realize that I have never fantasized about them, even when I was going out with them.

I am still technically a virgin but my hymen is no longer there as I bought myself a vibrator, which is pretty nice.

Anyway, thanks again for a smashing site. hope it gets bigger and bigger and better and better.

If you feel you want to use any part of my letter on your site I would be honored.


My name is Geena. I am 23 and have been masturbating for over three years. I have been sexually active since I was 17 and never experienced an orgasm until I finally spoke with a friend about masturbation and the techniques. I spent almost a year trying different styles and tools, but was unable to orgasm. Finally, I tried vaginal penetration and anal penetration at the same time and it worked really well.

I lie on my back on the floor and insert a slender, lubricated vibrator into my rectum and turn it on low. I then rub my clitoris in a back and forth motion and increase the power on the vibrator as I grow closer and closer to orgasm. By the time I am cumming, I will have the vibrator on high. This has given me the most intense and longest lasting orgasms. I would recommend this technique to any one who has trouble masturbating to orgasm.


I'm 23 and have been masturbating since early childhood. It took me a long time to discover I had a clitoris. I usually would just rub the outer lips of my vagina until I climaxed. Since my late teens, however, I've started touching my clitoris, with my left index finger, sort of tickling it very fast. That is great, especially because I suck my thumb while doing it, and fantasize about fellatio. But lately it has gotten harder and harder to orgasm. It takes me fifteen to twenty minutes of continual stimulation to get there. I've tried vibrators, the round kind that you lay against the clit, rather than the penetrating ones but I don't like the numbed-clit feeling I get. I love it when my lover touches my G-spot, but I don't know how to reach it by myself. And since I usually lay on my back while masturbating it's hard to insert fingers into my vagina. Any suggestions? I'm tired of being dependent on "him" to get off.

Some tips:

Keep in mind your brain is your largest sexual organ and it needs stimulation too. The mental stimulation of sucking on your thumb and thinking about fellatio may not be sufficient today even though it once was. You may need to find a different form of mental stimulation. This could be simply sucking on a dildo that looks just like a penis, or finding some erotic pictures to look at, an adult video, or erotic stories to read.

Reaching orgasm in fifteen to twenty minutes is not all that long, even if it is not as quick as before. Look at it from the standpoint of "making-love" to yourself versus just as "masturbation." Try to make yourself feel good, do not try to have an orgasm. Being goal orientated may make things worse, not better. Do not expect nor try to have an orgasm every time. Relax and enjoy yourself. If it does not feel good, you will not have an orgasm.

Pressing a strong vibrator, like the wand shaped one you mention can cause some numbness if you press it directly against your clitoris, especially if you press too hard. Place a small folded towel between your vulva and the vibrator or leave your pants and underwear on. Do not put the vibrator directly against your clitoris, place it to one side against your outer labia. Do not try to have an orgasm quickly, build up to it slowly. If you feel you need intense physical stimulation it could be a sign that you actually need more mental stimulation.

As mentioned in the section on Female Ejaculation it can be a bit difficult for a woman to stimulate her own G-spot during masturbation. Women who do, use many different methods and sexual aides, but they usually insert an object other than their fingers into their vagina. Your fingers simply are not long enough. We make some recommendations as to suitable sex toys to try on the page linked to above. I recently saw an ingenious dildo used in a video about Female Ejaculation that was made of clear acrylic and shaped like an "S". I have found one like this called the "Crystal Wand" and is sold by many adult stores. Check out the stores linked to on the Links page. It is expensive at $50 US. A visit to your local produce isle may result in the discovery of suitable objects at a lot cheaper price. ;-



I'm 14 and I masturbate just about every day. I lay on my back, with nothing on below my waist. I start to rub my breasts and fantasize about my boyfriend going down on me. Then I move down with my right hand and rub my clit. I rub hard and tighten all of my muscles until I orgasm. I usually hold my breath, but I'm trying to do it without having to hold my breath. Does anyone have any suggestions on doing this??

There is nothing wrong with masturbating as you do, but it would be beneficial to explore other methods. You need to slow down and explore your body. You are trying too hard to reach orgasm. As pleasurable as orgasm is, it can be even more enjoyable to see how long you can go without reaching orgasm. You want to try and stay relaxed. Gently caress your entire body, not just your breasts and vulva. Trying breathing deeply, panting, versus just holding your breath. Try masturbating while sitting, standing, or leaning against a wall. Try rhythmically rubbing your vulva, bare or clothed against furniture, pillows, or stuffed animals. Explore water spray in the shower or tub. Keep your mind entertained, build on your current sexual fantasy involving your boyfriend. Read through the suggestions on this website. You are young so take your time and explore. Do not take it too seriously, just have fun.


I am 17 years old and have been masturbating since I was about 12. I usually lie down on my bed (when my parents are asleep) and after reading a hot story or looking at some pictures I begin to rub my clit and pinch my tits to a frenzy, while thinking sexy thoughts about women licking me... until I'm so wet I can't take it anymore. Then, I have this brush, the handle is large, metal, smooth, and cylindrically shaped, I insert the handle inside myself and slide it in and out. It feels great! Then I have to cum before I orgasm. I usually use the brush and then as soon as I can't come anymore I begin to rub my clit at the same time until I explode! It's the best feeling in the world, takes away so much stress and no guy has ever been able to do that to me!!!

Jodie's clarification of what she means by "cum" versus "orgasm."

I don't know if it's normal but sometimes when I masturbate I cum (female ejaculation) and then I have a really intense rush all over my body. Sometimes they happen together and sometimes not so I call the rush an 'orgasm' and the ejaculation 'cumming'.

I don't know if that's normal or if I got the meanings wrong but it feels good anyway.

Jodie's use of her hairbrush as a dildo is likely stimulating her G-spot, this may account for her orgasms that are accompanied by ejaculation. Her clitoral stimulation appears to result in a different type or experience of orgasm. This is normal. How women experience orgasm, and the types they have is a very individual thing.

As I explained to Jodie, it can be real difficult to describe our physical sensations. This is especially true of female sexuality since there is not a lot of open discussion of the topic or a large vocabulary to choose from. There is also no correct or normal way to enjoy sexual pleasure. It is all normal if we enjoy it.


This is to Helen, the 65 year old divorce. I too am older...58 to be exact...and I feel the same way. I knew nothing about sex, stimulation or orgasms when I was young, and like you it wasn't till the 60's that I learned about my body and the pleasures of masturbation. I frequently masturbate now.... because no man has yet to make me cum. I also attribute that to the fact that I have never really enjoyed being with a man...and only realized two years ago I am a lesbian. My usual method is start either by reading something very erotic, or just fantasizing about what I'd like to be doing to another womyn. I play with my breasts and rub my clit...and using pocket rocket vibrator inside me.. and a egg-like vibrator on my clit.. It is very intense...but there are times its just nice to play without reaching a climax.


I am a 26-year-old mother of 2 and have found an excellent way to masturbate. I use the showerhead and pulse water directly on my clit. I fantasize about all kinds of things, like my husband going down on me, or another woman grinding her vulva against mine. It is so awesome and the orgasms is mind numbing.


I love to masturbate!!!! I've been masturbating since I was about 5 yrs. old. I used to love to touch other girls and for them to touch me when I was a little girl. I don't do it now cause I can't find any of my girlfriends to do this with me.

What I used to do when I was younger was I would get my Teddy Bear turn him up side down so that his neck would be between my legs. I would pull him up by his legs but still hold him tight between my legs and I would rub and hump on it until I reached orgasm. Now I use a few different methods. I lie down on my back in the tub while the faucet is going full blast on my clit and I put the water hotter for it to become more intense or until I come or I lie down on my stomach with a pillow between my legs and hump on it till I reach orgasm or I get this stuffed animal that I have that vibrates and I lay down on my back while its pressed on my clit and I come. Either way is really good! I always fantasize too I find that really important!!!!!


It was interesting to learn that many women fantasize about other women during masturbation. My two main fantasies are of a woman, or of two men. My friend showed me how to masturbate when we were around ten years old. She placed a pillow under her and "humped" it. That is the only way I have been able to climax. I sometimes use a vibrator and move on top of a firm pillow with the vibrator inside me. I would love to be able to climax lying on my back and using my fingers, but so far it just hasn't worked for me. My husband doesn't know I do this. He likes to watch me masturbate sometimes, but I fake it and do it like "they do in the porn movies." I usually masturbate four or more times a week when my husband is sleeping or when I am home alone.


Hi I'm Nikki and I'm from England, I found your website by chance and I'm glad that I did. I'm 17 and I love to masturbate. I've been doing it ever since I was around 4, and then I didn't know what it was but it 'tickled' so I kept on doing it.

I haven't told anyone because I don't want my friends to get the wrong idea. I don't know if I'm a lesbian or not but what I do know is that I love to look at lesbian porn, whether its pictures or films.

The ways I do it are either lying on my back with my legs spread out and rubbing my clit up and down rapidly with my middle finger, or I lie on my stomach doing the same but with my legs bent at the knee and open. While doing this I fiddle with my tits and pretend that someone (usually a woman) is licking me or doing it to me.

I've had many boyfriends; they can't give me such a thrill, even when we're having sex.

I don't like dildos, but I love vibrators, but I must be the only woman on the planet that uses a vibrator on my clit. If I don't have access to a vibrator then I take the head off my electric toothbrush and use that.

I've kissed a couple girls and played with many girls sexually, but only above the waist. While I'd much rather have sex with a girl, I like guys to so I think that I'm definitely bisexual.

The greatest thrill for me though is doing it on the stairs right in front of my front door, so then I have a chance of getting caught. I read the stories on here and I will masturbate cause I can feel my clit throbbing for my finger.

I asked Nikki if girls in England had easy access to erotic material and this is what she had to say:

Thank-you for showing my 'story' on the website, I'm on there frequently. I get some pictures off the net but most of the time I have to 'borrow' stuff from my brother. There is a lot of stuff on TV though, thanks for replying to my e-mail, its nice to know that you read them. I really love the website, its helped me a lot.


I wanted to share my experiences with masturbation....... I too am like some of the others in that I can only reach orgasm when I am lying on my stomach with something pressing against my clitoris. I have just recently bought a vibrator and that works wonders..... but only in the one position. I get nothing out of laying on my there something wrong there?

I am 34 years old and surprisingly still a virgin.....(I have very high morals and will not have sex before marriage.) ... after reading this website I realized that it is ok to masturbate. It is actually a very needed time for me and I love the fact that so many women do it.

I do get off just watching some shows, reading juicy books, and thinking about my married friends doing it........

I just wish I could do it in other positions.... any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


I love to fantasize when I masturbate...I have been masturbating since I was a teen...I would look at a book with pictures...usually naked men...I love oral I just imagine someone's tongue against my clit as I slowly finger my pussy...I love to start slow and barely touch my sensitive button...usually slow circles against the side is more sensitive... I love to spread my lips just enough to feel my clit get swollen then as I'm about to cum I slowly insert one maybe two as I cum.......I imagine a hard cock inside me...usually making me shiver...OMG....its so awesome....