Flower: Phalaenopsis OrchidTM
Flower: Phalaenopsis Orchid

Welcome to, a website dedicated to a woman's sexual pleasure, health, and happiness. The clitoris is the key to sexual pleasure for the majority of women. Only women are endowed with an organ that has no other purpose than to give them pleasure. This website has been created to provide a healthy and open forum for the discussion and dissemination of information about the clitoris and female sexuality.

The clitoris is often overlooked and neglected. While there are billions of women, it is extremely hard to locate factual information about how the clitoris functions and contributes to the pleasure of women. This website intends to correct that wrong by making information about the clitoris and female sexuality easier to obtain by all.

This website is educational in nature. Teenagers are just as welcome as adults. The material presented is done knowing it is viewed by people of all ages.

This website contains close-up photographs of the female genitals, but no pornography. The photographs are presented to provide visitors with the opportunity to see how every vulva is uniquely beautiful. There is an enormous number of people who have never seen a woman's genitals up close, or had an actual clitoris pointed out to them. Women are often times insecure about the appearance of their own genitals and these photographs allow them to see first hand the natural diversity that exists. Everyone is welcome to fulfill his or her natural curiosity.

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