Real Female Orgasms: DVD Reviews

Men and women frequently enjoy watching women experience sexual pleasure and orgasm. Many are curious to know what a woman looks like when she experiences orgasm, especially one that is not faked. Actually witnessing a woman experience orgasm conveys much more information than written word ever could. Even though you may stimulate a woman to orgasm you may not know what she looks like during orgasm, especially if the lights are normally off. Unless your partner masturbates with you present you probably do not have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy their experience of pleasure and orgasm. Others want to know what female orgasm looks like so they will have a better likelihood of knowing when their partner experiences orgasm. Women who have not experienced orgasm may want to watch others masturbate to orgasm so they have a better idea of what to do when they masturbate, as they can learn subtle details from video that cannot be learned from books. Women are sometimes curious to see how other women experience orgasm, alone and with a partner, even if they do not find women sexually desirable, they are simply curious. Many find watching female masturbation and orgasm sexually arousing and enjoy masturbating or making love while doing so. Watching provides mental stimulation that enhances their physical experience, for men and women. The DVDs listed below feature women experiencing real orgasms. I believe they are both entertaining and educational. I own them, believe they are authentic, and highly recommend them all. They all have something unique to offer the viewer.


Selfloving DVD

Selfloving: Portrait of a Women's Sexuality Seminar

This DVD by Betty Dodson features nine women who attended one of her masturbation workshops, ten women in all. Women would come to Betty to learn how to have better orgasms, while masturbating with a vibrator. It features women of all sexual orientations, ages, and body types. The tape is intended to teach the female viewer how to have better orgasms. The women are taught different breathing patterns and sexual positions that enhance their sexual enjoyment. Each woman examines her genitals in front of a mirror, as the other women look on. While it teaches women how to have better orgasms, the best part about it is, we get to see ten different women experience orgasm. We get to see their facial expressions and body movements. We also get to witness women discuss very intimate and private issues regarding their sexuality. Since Betty no longer does these group sessions, this is the only way to experience it. 60 minutes. Available from Betty Dodson.


Orgasmic Women DVD

Celebrating Orgasm: Women's Private Selfloving Sessions

This is the second DVD by Betty Dodson. It features five women who came to Betty for one-on-one sexual tutelage. Taking a motherly role, Betty guides women to increased sexual pleasure. She helps women to learn new ways of masturbating that increases their enjoyment of masturbation and sex in general. Much of what is covered in the above DVD is covered again, but in a more individualized manner. There is also a great deal of emotional intimacy and trust involved between these five women and Betty. 60 minutes. Available from Betty Dodson.


The Orgasm Doctor: Two Private Hands-On Sex Coaching Sessions DVD

The Orgasm Doctor: Two Private Hands-On Sex Coaching Sessions

This is the fourth DVD by Betty Dodson. In each hour long session you observe as Betty teaches two women how to masturbate to better orgasms. Envision a mature woman teaching younger women how to masturbate, and this is what you will witness in this DVD. With each woman, Betty covers vulva exam, breathing exercises, pelvic muscle exercises, clitoral and vaginal stimulation techniques, and using a vibrator. Betty demonstrates how to use a stainless steel vaginal barbell, but a glass or Pyrex dildo will also work (the weight of the dildo is the key factor). A woman's partner can also learn how to stimulate her clitoris and vagina while she masturbates, by mimicking Betty's actions. Observe as Carin demonstrates how she masturbates to orgasm by rubbing against a blanket, a technique she learned at the age of three. In the final segment a couple demonstrates how to use a vibrator during sexual intercourse. Additional information about the contents of this DVD is available in the Q&A section. 120+ minutes. Available from Betty Dodson.


How to Female Ejaculate

How to Female Ejaculate

Fanny Fatale and three other women demonstrate female ejaculation. The anatomy and physiology of female ejaculation are discussed and demonstrated. You get to watch four women masturbate to orgasm, each in her own way. They discuss their experiences and feelings regarding female ejaculation. The one woman, Shannon, appears to be squirting urine verses ejaculating, since she squirts so much, and so many times. She has an interesting personality as well. Carol Queen is also featured. Each woman demonstrates her technique, and the toys that work best for her. 60 minutes. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD help support this website. Available for purchase and online viewing through


Safe is Desire DVD

Safe is Desire

This video features and was produced by lesbians. It addresses the topic of safe lesbian sex in the era of AIDs. The hottest sex does not involve the two main characters, but rather the supporting cast, in my opinion. In a series of scenes that take place in a lesbian sex club, women of all types, femmy femmes to leather dykes, get involved in some serious sex. The diversity of the lesbian women shown is perhaps one of the best aspects of the video. Oral, dildo, strap-on, group, bondage and S&M sex is shown. (If the sight of a woman whipping the back, and slapping the face of another woman bothers you, do not get this video. This scene is short in any case.) The use of dental dams, condoms, and plastic wrap for safe sex is demonstrated. Approximately 50 minutes. Available in VHS from


Tantric Journey

Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm: Unveiling the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

Presented from the perspective of Tantric sex and Goddess ritual, female sexual pleasure, orgasm, and ejaculation are addressed. A male Tantric sexual healer guides a postmenopausal female Tantric teacher in sexual healing through communication and sexual massage. The woman relieves negative energy and emotions while crying prior to experiencing sexual pleasure and emotional release through orgasm and ejaculation. Her face becomes full of joy and happiness after experiencing orgasm and ejaculation, after not having been able to for an extended period of time. This couple demonstrates the importance of communication during sex and the benefits of maintaining eye contact with your partner. The second couple demonstrates female genital massage and cunnilingus, including orgasm, prior to intercourse and penile massage. The woman then sits in her partner's lap and using a Crystal Wand, a S-shaped acrylic dildo, masturbates to orgasm and ejaculation. The camera focuses on her vulva, allowing you to see her full puffy inner labia and hood, her clitoris though hidden from view is obviously erect. Includes an interview with Dr. Gary Schubach who has studied female ejaculation. Written and directed by Deborah Sundahl, who is also known as Fanny Fatal and mentioned above. 75 minutes. Proceeds from the sale of DVD help support this website. Available for purchase and online viewing through


Viva la Vulva Video

Viva la Vulva: Women's Sex Organs Revealed

This is Betty Dodson's third DVD. The DVD does not feature female orgasm but is extremely important to female sexual pleasure and happiness never the less. Betty and ten additional women show off their vulva for the camera and viewer. They have come together for genital portraits, and to celebrate the twenty-five-years Betty has spent educating men and women about female sexuality and pleasure. The women discuss their vulvas and their relationship with them, or lack of a relationship. Many women have negative experiences involving their vulva during childhood and puberty, often as a result of exploring their vulva and being observed by an adult who then reprimands them. This DVD is aimed at helping women, and their partner, to love their vulva and to acknowledge its beauty. The DVD seeks to help women feel comfortable with the idea of showing off and touching their vulva, privately and with a partner or friend. Genital massage and full body massage is demonstrated as well. At the end of the DVD the women create works of art out of the photographs taken of their vulva. Since this DVD does not feature "sex" many may be reluctant to purchase it, this is unfortunate as it is perhaps more important than the DVDs that feature female orgasm and masturbation. This is because if a woman does not love her vulva, she is less likely to experience her full sexual potential. 51 minutes. Available from Betty Dodson.


Bend Over Boyfriend DVD

Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB)

This DVD is not about female orgasm, it is about women assuming a dominant or controlling roll during partnered sex. There is a significant and empowering mental transformation that occurs when a woman assumes the roll of the penetrator versus the penetrated. She is no longer making room within her body for her partner, but rather she is requiring the same of her partner. This surprisingly popular DVD explores the idea of men allowing and wanting their female partner to penetrate them anally with a strap-on dildo, as well as exploring anal pleasure in general. The mechanics of anal sex presented apply to all couples regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and regardless of the orifices being penetrated. Many women are afraid to strap on a dildo for fear of being seen as masculine. This DVD demonstrates that a woman can still be very feminine even when she has a penis. Remember ladies, you already have a penis of your own, you are merely exploring the idea of having a larger one. Men are often curious to explore anal penetration and fellatio, but are not interested in sex with another man for fear of being labeled a homosexual. The popularity of "she-male" themed websites, magazines, and DVDs document how some men are curious about having sex with someone that has breasts and a penis. As long as their partner has a feminine identity and appearance some men seem comfortable exploring and utilizing her penis. Other men do not want to be the one controlling what happens every time, they want their partner to assume a more aggressive role during sex, and this allows this to occur. Carol Queen is in this DVD and she is apparently the only woman who experiences orgasm. Female orgasm is possible since the base of the dildo can be positioned to rub against the clitoris and some dildos have a place to insert a small egg shaped vibrator. The mental orgasm a woman experiences during this form of sex may be more enjoyable than a physical orgasm. The men experience intense sexual pleasure through penetration, not just through orgasm and ejaculation. The men are obviously enjoying themselves even when their penis is not erect. 60 minutes. Available from

Bend Over Boyfriend Vol 2

Bend Over Boyfriend 2: More Rockin' Less Talkin'

The first DVD was so popular they produced a second. As the title states, the DVD features more couples having sex and less instructional discussion. This DVD presents four couples and a threesome in five different scenes. They explore role-playing where the woman is in control and dominating, as well as casual sex. A couple of the women become very aggressive during role-playing. This DVD features cunnilingus, fellatio, vaginal penetration, and both male and female anal penetration. During the threesome the two women also use a strap-on dildo together. If after watching the first DVD you want to see more, and have practiced the basics, gets some more ideas from this DVD. As expected Carol Queen experiences a couple orgasms, and possibly Chloe, she is a professional adult actor. Be sure to watch the closing credits for some funny bloopers. 80 minutes. Available from


Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels

Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels

A lesbian produced DVD featuring real lesbian sex that is scorching hot. Simply put, it puts the majority of mainstream DVDs to shame with its quality and intensity while including genuine female orgasm. If you want to see some hot sex, regardless of your sexual preference, this DVD is for you. The producers of this DVD honed their skills while working on some of the DVDs mentioned above. The first part of the DVD features two lesbian couples that are exploring new relationships together while two of the characters are struggling through their separation. Two of the characters are feminine; the other two are masculine, butches with strap-ons. Jackie Strano, one of the creators and directors of the DVD, does a scene where she strokes her penis with one hand while stroking her clitoris with the other. In the process she has an intense orgasm and treats the viewer to a mind-bending experience. The other butch woman reminds me of a teenage boy about to have sex for the first time, she has an orgasm as well while receiving fellatio. These butches demonstrate that you can be "butch" and still have breasts, and share your orgasms with a partner. The feminine women are attractive and energetic. The couples and their relationships are what you may expect of two heterosexual couples in a similar situation. Indeed their sexual relationships fit the "heterosexual" stereotype much more than they do the "lesbian" stereotype. The first part of the DVD features striptease, vaginal finger play, vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, mutual masturbation, and fellatio. The second part of the DVD features feminine Shar Rednour, the other creator and director of the DVD, using her strap-on to give pleasure to other women, while as the title implies, wearing high heels. It is a comical, tongue and cheek, yet informative and entertaining tutelage on how to use a strap-on. A cornucopia of lesbian characters engage in some very naughty sex with Shar. These are not the girls next door. If you are tired of anorexic bleach blondes with over-sized breasts, these "real" women are an interesting change of pace. Shar both straps on a dildo and is on the receiving end during various scenes. Shar changes her dildo to fit the various scenes and to meet the needs of her partners; one gal wants something bigger and gets it. In one scene, Shar slips her entire hand into her partner's vagina and brings her to a seriously intense orgasm. (U.S. laws do not allow the showing of "fisting" but you are shown enough to know it actually takes place.) There is some campy foot and star worship as well. The second part of this DVD features fellatio, vaginal intercourse, cunnilingus, anolinctus, fisting, and foot worship. Because of the emotional intensity involved it is easy to forget the penises in this DVD are not organic. Some of these lesbians know how to perform fellatio better than most heterosexual porn stars and exhibit more emotional involvement while doing so. Some scenes do not contain nudity or close-up genital shots of penetration, which just makes you more acutely aware of the intensity of the scene. Regardless of whether you are heterosexual or lesbian you can learn a lot from this DVD about giving your partner pleasure. A steamy 96 minutes. Available from


The Best of Vulva Massage Volume 2

The Best of Vulva Massage Volume II: An Anthology of Erotic Touch

This is a wonderful DVD that provides you with a sample of fourteen video segments from eleven full-length DVDs. From it you will learn a multitude of vulva stimulation techniques, for use during solo and partnered activities. Witness women experience relaxation, intense sexual pleasure, orgasm, female ejaculation, and multiple orgasms. We are allowed to observe women masturbate to orgasm, and watch as multiple heterosexual couples and a female couple explore sexual and intimate pleasure. Hands, dildos, and vibrators are shown giving women pleasure. Some scenes even feature a pregnant woman. Clitoral, vulvar, G-Spot, and anal stimulation techniques are demonstrated. Many scenes feature beautiful settings and attractive women and couples. From this DVD you can get an idea of which of the full length videos will best meet your needs and expectations. Video segments vary in length from 2 to 13 minutes: total play time is 90 minutes. There are also DVD previews available in the resource section. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD help support this website. You can purchase or watch the DVD online by clicking here.

Featured DVDs:
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Lovers getting started with Erotic Massage DVD Exquisite Anal Massage DVD Divine Nectar: Exploring Female Ejaculation
Zen Pussy: A Meditation on Eleven Vulvas DVD How to Be a Sex Goddess in 101 Easy Steps DVD Genital Massage for Women DVD
Fire in the Valley: Female Genital Massage DVD How To Find Your Goddess Spot Anal Massage for Lovers DVD
Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions DVD    



Guide to Cunnilingus DVD

Nina Hartley's Guide to Better Cunnilingus

The DVD begins with Nina giving a lecture reminiscent of a high school biology class about female sexual and reproductive anatomy that includes information on sexual function, which is unfortunately left out of those classes in school. She then uses a Vulva Puppet to demonstrate the anatomy of the vulva and techniques for stimulating it using the fingers. She then presents a short slide show of various vulvas noting their differences. The DVD then switches to a scene where Angela Faith is nude in a body sling, providing easy access to her vulva. First Nina and then her husband Dave give advice on a slow approach to the vulva and communication, verbal and non-verbal. Moose then demonstrates some basic cunnilingus skills while Nina narrates and provides Angela with additional physical stimulation. Angela communicates to Moose her needs and he fulfills them. They also describe and incorporate G-Spot stimulation. Angela is shown having two orgasms in this scene. While some basic techniques are demonstrated, they are not numerous. If you are looking for 101 ways to orally stimulate the vulva, this is not it. The first part of the DVD lasts thirty-five minutes, and the next twenty minutes shows Nina and Angela acting out a fantasy involving French lessons. Two women on a train cannot communicate because one speaks French and the other English, but both are able to communicate through cunnilingus. They both perform cunnilingus on each other, one at a time, resulting in each having an orgasm. They are shown stimulating their own clitorises, and in one scene using a dildo. The DVD is fifty minutes in length. Nina has breast implants. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD help support this website. Available for purchase and online viewing through


Female Ejaculation for Couples DVD

Female Ejaculation For Couples

Female Ejaculation For Couples is a great DVD not simply because it features female ejaculation, but also because it shows diverse sexual techniques for couples that focus on a woman's pleasure. Deborah Sundahl, the woman who created some of the other DVDs I review on this page, produced this DVD, the third in a series on female ejaculation. Three heterosexual couples share with you their experience of female ejaculation, through discussion and demonstration. These couples are like the couple next-door, not porn stars. While the DVD features men, it is clearly about female pleasure.  A lot of territory is covered in seventeen sections. The DVD is 50 minutes in length and moves along pretty quickly. There is no filler or long drawn out scenes. The DVD starts out with Deborah asking guys at a convention and on the street what they know about female ejaculation and if they have experienced it. In the next section the three couples talk about what female ejaculation means to them, and their enjoyment of it. The three women then talk about their first experience with ejaculating, followed by Charles talking about his first experience witnessing it. The next section explores how female ejaculation is a release, physically and emotionally, followed by a section on multi-orgasms. We then get to see Elaine masturbate in front of a mirror while John is in the background watching and masturbating. She ejaculates a significant amount of fluid that even gets on the mirror placed at least a foot away from her. The fluid she releases, as is the fluid released by the other women, is clear in color and plentiful in quantity. There is no doubt she enjoys herself. The location of the female prostate gland, G-Spot, is then discussed and demonstrated in the following two sections. Deborah talks about the different types of female prostate glands and we are shown a close-up view of the lady's G-Spots, and the release of fluid from them, as Deborah points out and caresses them. The couples then talk about what they do, prefer, see, and experience during female ejaculation. Charles is then shown using his fingers to stimulate Leila's G-Spot, as she at times strokes her own clitoris. Female ejaculation without orgasm is then discussed, how the women experience different types of orgasm and how they at times ejaculate without experiencing orgasm. Shelly and Jeff are then shown engaging in oral and digital stimulation with pronounced squirting of ejaculate, followed by a discussion of how the fluid that is released is not urine. Shelly and Jeff are shown again, demonstrating orals stimulation of the breast, and vaginal stimulation during which she ejaculates abundantly once again. The following section looks at why some women ejaculate while their urethral opening is stimulated. Elaine and John are then shown engaging in kissing, fellatio, cunnilingus, and digital stimulation of the vulva. Followed by a section that explores the use of toys and tools for G-Spot stimulation. Elaine and John are shown using his penis to stimulate her vulva and vagina, basically as a tool for her pleasure; in a way, his penis is for her pleasure not his. Leila is then shown lying on her stomach holding a vibrator to her clitoris while Charles uses an "S" shaped glass dildo to stimulate her vagina, and then his fingers to stimulate her vulva. Elaine and Leila then discuss the different types of orgasms they experience, followed by discussion of the different positions the women find results in ejaculation. Leila proceeds to talk about how she takes control during sex, to fulfill her wants and needs, when she wants to ejaculate. We then see Leila and Charles engaging in intercourse while she is seated on a table or dresser and he is standing. They then engage in kissing and manual stimulation of Charles' penis. Leila then uses to Charles' penis to stimulate her vulva, followed by intercourse where Leila is on top, allowing herself to stimulate her clitoris with her fingers. They are also shown engaging intercourse lying bottom-to-bottom, and with her legs raised up in a modified missionary position. They are then shown engaging in intercourse where she is bent at the waist at the foot of the bed with Charles behind her. We then get to see and hear her ejaculate, leaving a sizable puddle on the wooden floor. The final two sections look at how it is messy but fun, the need for patience when exploring female sexuality, and the need for women to make a connection with their body and partner to enjoy sex. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD help support this website. Available for purchase and online viewing through


Tie Me Up Over and On

Turn Me Up Over and On

If you would like to witness two young women experiencing fun healthy sex this is a DVD for you. This short artsy black and white video features an attractive lesbian couple having enjoyable sex that is both honest and a pleasure to watch. There is no story line or dialogue to distract you from the sexual interaction and the soundtrack is hardly discernable. Even if you are not necessarily interested in lesbian erotic DVDs this is an excellent example of "couple sex." The video opens with a short clip titled "Titillation" that features a woman moving her tasseled breasts in sync with the sounds of women having sex and then burlesque music. The main segement features an attractive and vocal femme named Ava who has small perky breasts, pierced nipples and tongue, a couple tattoos, and neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her butch partner Luke looks much like an attractive if not feminine teenaged boy with short hair and breasts; her breasts remain covered by a sports bra throughout the DVD. Luke has natural body hair and wears a realistically shaped dildo in a harness that remains securely in place. The DVD starts with the Ava waiting for Luke to arrive home. When she does, they proceed to make out and undress each other. Ava then gives Luke a brief spanking with her bare hand and then a small whip. She then orally stimulates Luke's anus while using a safe-sex barrier, and with her gloved finger provides some additional internal stimulation. She then inserts her gloved and lubricated finger into Luke's anus. While her anus is being vigorously stimulated Luke proceeds to massage her own clitoris until she experiences a strong orgasm, while lying on her stomach. Ava then strokes Luke's dildo with her hand in a way that makes you believe it is a real penis, while they kiss. The second part of the DVD starts with Luke stimulating Ava's vulva and clitoris with her fingers and hand. Ava then skillfully performs fellatio on Luke before they engage in intercourse with Luke on top. Ava stimulates her own clitoris to orgasm and obviously enjoys the enthusiastic efforts of Luke. Ava then proceeds to get on top before they takes turns stimulating her clitoris until she experiences intense orgasms. Luke is also enjoying their efforts, as is evident by the vaginal lubrication that is visible between her inner labia if you look closely. The black and white format of the DVD does not subtract from its quality, and flesh tones are not necessary to get the message across. There are only a couple scenes that focus in somewhat on their genitals. The DVD was the winner of the 2003 Fatale Media Real Lesbian Sex Contest. The main video is a little less than twenty minutes in length. Available in VHS from


Orgasmis Women DVD

Orgasmic Women: 13 Selfloving Divas

In this magnificent DVD thirteen women ranging in age from twenty-one to forty-five are shown demonstrating their individual masturbation techniques and discussing their masturbation histories with Betty Dodson. If you enjoy the diversity of masturbation techniques shared on this website you will love this DVD. We witness women masturbating with their fingers, hands, cloth pins, a butt plug, silicone dildos, sexual lubricants, massage oil, Betty's vaginal barbell, insertable, wand, coil, pocket rocket, and rabbit style vibrators, a stream of water, a bunched up blanket, a pen, a small gardening rake, a stone, and a tooth brush handle. They mention using pool jets, poles, furniture, water spray, soft blankets, children's toys, Popsicle sticks, and vibrations from an electric razor in the past, particularly during childhood and adolescence. Some of the topics discussed briefly are first techniques, frequency, their parents' attitudes towards masturbation and reaction to their masturbation activities, owning your own sexuality, and masturbation's role in partnered sex. We witness the movements of their body and facial expressions during sexual arousal and orgasm. Their vocalizations don't always following the usual Hollywood script and rhythmic pelvic muscle contractions are not always obvious, but the pleasure of orgasm is. Towards the end of the DVD there are sexual meditations that feature four of the women in greater detail. In these longer segments we witness the women using various positions, techniques, and sex toys. The main video, 60 minutes in length, is a great warm up to the "extras" included on the DVD. The extras are lightly edited videos featuring three of the women shown in the main feature. We get to witness what the experience of being filmed was like for the women and the interaction between them and the film crew. We are able to see in greater detail some of the techniques shared in the main video. The titles of the short videos are A Quickie with Romona, Darcy Cures Her Cramps, and Kiley Stays With It… And Doubles Her Pleasure. Romona uses lubrication, her fingers, a silicone dildo, and a coil vibrator in her four-minute segment. Darcy changes position several times and uses her fingers and hands over her underwear and fully nude, and a silicone dildo. She is menstruating, free bleeding, but this is not obvious unless you look closely. Fans of large nipples are in for a special treat. Her segment is seven minutes in length. In Kiley's segment she is using Betty's vaginal barbell for the first time and enjoys it immensely. After her first orgasm the film crew recommends that she continue to explore and she does, experiencing another orgasm. She is also shown using lubricant, her fingers, and a pocket rocket vibrator. This segment is twelve minutes in length. This DVD is great for anyone wanting to know how women really masturbate, and the diversity of their techniques and experiences. Available from Betty Dodson.


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