Women Reveal Their Secret Sexual Thoughts - Collection 1 Part 1

This section of the website has been created to go hand in hand with the shared masturbation techniques and experiences. The masturbation techniques may tell us about the physical aspects of masturbation but they don't always address the mental stimulation that often accompanies it. Here women share the details of the mental stimulation that is often crucial to their sexual activities.

Nude Woman with Handcuffs

If the brain is not involved in a sexual activity it may be impossible to get the body sexually aroused to the level necessary for orgasm to occur, or the intensity of the physical stimulation required to do so is stressful for the body, or becomes less effective over time, resulting in the need for even more intense physical stimulation. Relying solely on the body to achieve orgasm can be detrimental to experiencing sexual pleasure.

I have found that for women who are experiencing difficulty experiencing orgasm, it is often the mental stimulation that is the missing ingredient. They are so focused on what they are doing, and their physical responses, or their mental and physical frustration, that their brain is in a logical or emotional state, when it should be in an erotic and sexual state. For any sexual experience to be successful the brain must be an active and willing sexual participant.

Sexual thoughts and fantasies often need to precede the physical aspects of a sexual activity, to prepare the body for the physical sexual stimulation that is to follow. While the brain and body may work together to signal their desire for sex, as a result of innate biological sexual desire, women may desire sexual pleasure and orgasm more often than this event occurs on its own.

Some women have learned to overlook the physical and mental indications of sexual desire and they need to learn to recognize them for what they are, and to be more open and willing to explore them.

Women have sexual fantasies that involve every conceivable subject and possibility. The more taboo a subject is, as determined by each society and social group, the more likely it is to be erotic and sexually arousing, as mild stress and anxiety enhance our sexual experiences. This is why sexual fantasies often delve into forbidden or unusual subjects. There are no forbidden subjects here.

Women frequently have more than one fantasy they choose to explore depending on their mood and current sexual activity. Women are welcome to share as many of their sexual fantasies as they desire.


I've rested now, having come down from the hottest, most passionate moments I've ever known. My heartbeat has slowed, my breathing is normal. My body is tired and sore, but my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the one who knows me and loves me so well. I rest my head on your chest and hear your heartbeat and your deep, even breathing, so content and peaceful. Your hands are gentle now as they caress my arm, laid across you. I love you completely and feel secure in the knowledge that you will never release me. I am yours.

A smile plays on my lips at that thought, so warm and tender. I am yours. Yes, I am yours and that means that you are mine. Another swelling of gratitude goes up, this time to the fate that brought us together. I turn my head enough to kiss the place where my cheek had been. One kiss isn't enough. Another kiss and another are set lightly over your chest, lightly, lightly, like the wings of a butterfly. The hair on your chest tickles my nose and I barely suppress a giggle.

Now my hand begins to wander, my fingers twining through that thick dark hair, feeling the silken coarseness. But where my hand goes, my lips follow, leaving more butterfly kisses in their wake. I look up and see you looking back at me, your deep brown eyes sparkling in the moonlight, a trace of a smile on your lips. I have to reach up, to touch your cheek, to trace your bottom lip with my thumb. It's not enough. I must kiss your lips, tenderly, so tenderly. I kiss you, and it's not enough. I kiss you again, and again, and again, and still I want more.

My hand begins to wander again. I have no idea where it is going, but it does. It wanders from your cheek to your neck, warm kisses close behind. From your neck to your chest, playing over a nipple that hardens at its touch. My heart is beating faster. Mine. You are mine, and if you are mine then I can play. I'm feeling bolder now, more free. Across your belly I roam, over your hip, down your thigh. I know now where my hand is wandering and I must follow.

I lean over you and trace my fingers back up your thigh, claiming their prize in my grasp. Their prize? No, MY prize. This thick, long shaft that has freed my body and enslaved my soul. This is what I dream of. This is what I desire. I can feel it swell and lengthen under my soft, feminine touch, and I can't help but lean down and kiss the sweet, silken head. Yes, very sweet. I can taste the mingled flavors of your juices and mine. A kiss is not enough.

With one hand on your belly and the other gently stroking your shaft, I begin to taste more and more. My tongue swirls around the head of your cock, licks your shaft. This is us, you and me, both our essences mingled into one being. I want it all, to suck it into my mouth, to feel it pressing the back of my throat. My heart is racing now and my breathing is quick. Slow, take it slow. There is no need to hurry. You are mine and I need to know you completely.

You are so patient, my love. You have mastered me and now you give me the freedom to explore you. But I can feel your need rising as I take you fully into my mouth. Your sweet cock grows more rigid by the moment, longer, thicker. I know I can't possibly take it all yet my desire grows as quickly as yours. The heat in my mouth fans a flame that spreads through my belly and into my groin. I must have all of you. I must. I wish I had your patience, but I don't. I need all of you and I need you now.

My body aches and my cunt is so sore, but I cannot wait another moment. I rise over you, straddle your hips and guide your hard cock into my wet, hot pussy. I sigh and become still while my swollen lips stretch around your thickness. Mmmm...yes, that's good. Now I'm settled and I place your hands on my hips. Guide me, love. Together we can set a slow, sensual pace. Oh, this is bliss, rising and falling like a sleek ship on rolling ocean swells. You have enslaved me yet again, my darling, and all you did was let me love you.


Since the moment you went to bed, I have been thinking about the lovely picture you painted tonight. I can not only see it, but feel it. That vision makes me sooo hot....my ass in the air, my face on the bed, hands tied behind my back, completely helpless while you take me to heights of ecstasy I have never reached before. One hand holding me down while the other spanks my white ass, turning to flaming red under your touch...your strong fingers squeezing my flesh, making me cry out in pain and with love...your teeth leaving their marks on my back and my ass...

I know you will hurt me, but you will never harm me -- you know my body's limits -- you must and will master me, mind, body and soul. I can feel your hand squeezing my breast, bruising me, while your fingers plunge into the deepest recesses of my cunt. The mixture of pleasure and pain is excruciating.

I'm sure I can't take another moment of the torment. I am screaming and crying out, "STOP! NO! DON'T STOP!" but you know those words mean nothing. What I want is no longer an issue. It's what you want and that is to free me from the bonds of my own control. I try to move, to take your fingers deeper into my pussy but you hold me still, I can't move, so I cry out again, this time begging, "Give me your cock?" and begging more, "Please, S, I need your cock!"

You hear me, but don't give in. You continue biting and spanking and squeezing my flesh, plunging your fingers deep inside of me, bringing me to the edge of ecstasy then slowly bringing me down, only to do it all over again, until I am screaming and crying and begging you with every breath. You know my body. You know my limits and when I reach the threshold of both pain and pleasure, you turn me over and sheath your cock in my aching, wet pussy. Riding high, you take me to paradise and back again, releasing my body from it's seemingly endless torment. You have mastered me, body, mind and soul and my heart swells with deepest love for you.

Mel, England

I have a fantasy where I go into a sex shop and decide to try out a few products. A lady comes over and asks if I need any help. I tell her that I'd like to try on a negligee but I'm not sure how to get into it, so she comes into a room with me. As she bolts the door we start talking about our fantasies and I tell her I've always wanted to suck a pussy. Anyone's pussy. At that she jumps up onto a table hitches up her skirt to reveal a huge clitoris. I can't contain myself and start sucking her pussy like mad. She's really enjoying it and I make her come then we have sex.

For some strange reason a lot of my fantasies involve women. I'm not a lesbian and have a long term boyfriend but the thought of being with a woman really turns me on.

Another fantasy I have is where I'm in a job interview for a really prestigious job at Harvey Nichols, an assistant brings me into the interview room and the female boss is sitting behind a glass table in a skirt and shirt and glasses. The assistant leaves and the interview begins. The boss keeps telling me how hard it is to get a job with such a prestigious company and that you have to have certain qualities to be successful. At this she closes the blinds at her door and locks it. She then takes off her glasses stands beside me leaning on the table and begins to play with my hair. She then leans down and kisses me. I grab her and put her on the table, rip off her knickers and begin sucking her pussy she's moaning really loud but advises me the rooms sound proof. We have sex on the table and arrange to meet up again out of work.

Another naughty fantasy I have is where I sleep over at my friend's house (who I suspect is a closet lesbian in real life) we're in bed together and I suggest we cuddle up for comfort. I put my arms around her and she grabs them and pulls them up to her breasts, she tells me she wishes she had breasts like mine and asks if she can feel how heavy they are. I agree and she does. Then she tells me she has a pain in her groin and asks me to see if I can massage it away, so I do. Then I start to massage her clitoris. we kiss and then she takes off my shorts and sucks my pussy. I suck hers and then we have full blown sex.

So those are a few of my fantasies. Mel, England


My fantasy is of me being caught by four men. They laugh and I can see their long cocks stiffen at the sight of me, they walk around me and pull me close to them so their cocks stroke me, they pull my clothes off and kiss me all over. Then they pin me down and rape me one after another with their hands, mouths, and cocks. Then they push my head to their cocks and slide it deep into my mouth again and again until they have all finished.


My fantasy is that I'll be lying in bed in my underwear, and suddenly wake up. A woman is taking off my bra and gently licking my breasts. She goes down, carefully pulling down my g-string. I now notice she is naked too. She licks around my clit, and then inserts a vibrator into me. Then we are kissing and she presses her hot naked body against mine while we orgasm with the vibrator still in. The she takes it out and we spoon. I am just going to sleep, when I feel her hands touching my vulva and I orgasm, so does she. Then she says "Now me" I lick and suck her clit and pussy and then she handcuffs herself to the bed lying there completely naked, and I get dressed and go to work, knowing she's waiting for me!


One of my big fantasies is this.

My boyfriend and I are hanging out at his house. His mom announces that she is going to the store and will be back in about an hour. My boyfriend jokingly says, "Well, with that out of the way, let's get to work!" and picks me up. He flops me down on his bed. I yank on his shirt collar and kiss him. We kiss again, and start making out on the bed. His warm tongue slides into my mouth, and I feel my clitoris getting hot. I begin to unbutton his shirt, and when I have it open, he slowly slides mine up past my breasts. He raises my bra, and starts to suck on my nipples. I let out a moan of pleasure, and I feel his long, hard erection pressing down on my leg. He kisses me down my belly, lower, and plays with my pubic hair. He licks me, and sticks his fingers into my vagina. Suddenly, he flips me over and licks all the way from my clitoris to my bottom. I let out a long moan of pleasure. He has found what I like, and does this for nearly 10 minutes. Then, suddenly, he stands up. He unzips his pants, pulls out is long, hard penis, and slides himself into me. A strong, sexy warmth takes over me. He lays on top of me, playing with my erect nipples. I feel his warm seed flow, and I once again moan with pleasure. We do this, until we glance at the clock. His mom will be home any minute, but we don't care. We continue to dance our long, passionate dance, wishing to never end.



I'm at a night club enjoying the night and Justin Timberlake spots me from afar. He starts staring at me and watching every move I make. I make my way over to the bar where he is sitting and we are now close enough to touch. His eyes are undressing me with that "I want you look in his eyes". He ask me to dance with him, so we make our way on to the dance floor. The music is loud, the lights are dim and a strobe light is going. He seems to be taking his time with me and making sure he doesn't alarm me with any sudden gestures, but in my mind I'm thinking, take me. He pulls me up against his strong and tight amazing body. He smells so good and beads of sweat start running down his face and neck. As we are dancing he doesn't stop looking into my eyes still with that I want you look. The music ends and we go to have a drink together. Justin ask " did you come alone?" I tell him "yes I did". Justin replies "then you better let me take you home, I would feel more comfortable knowing you made it home safe". "Ok" I told him. We get into his Esclade and head for my house. The whole time we are riding Justin keeps looking over at me, checking out my body. He finally decides to reach his hand out and start playing with my hair and rubbing his fingers softly on my neck. We reach my house and he opens the door for me to get out and he steps up closer before I can get completely out of the truck. He steps in between my legs and cups his hands on my cheeks and slowly leans in to kiss my lips. He nibbles at my lips for a moment, teasing me and then he slowly slides his tongue into my mouth, making me moan with passion. Justin's hands begin to wonder down my chest and softly slides his fingers across my nipples, making them stand at attention. Then, he pulls back and looks into my eyes and ask " Can I take you inside and make love to you, I want you so bad. I want to taste you all over." With a low voice I tell him "yes, I want you too, so bad." We make our way to the door, the whole time I'm unlocking the door Justin can't keep his hands off me. We finally make it to the bed room door and he grabs me from behind and spins me around to face him. He begins to kiss me heavily with moans and grunts of passion rising up in him. He shoves me up against the wall and starts peeling away my shirt. His lips start wondering down my body and back up again. While his lips reached my lips again he starts slipping my bra strap off my shoulders to uncover my breast. I tug at his t-shirt to come off, he is so tall he has to help me. His body begins to touch my breast has he pushes his self up against me. He unsnaps my bra from behind and it hits the floor. Then he rubs his fingers slowly down my breast to my stomach and then to unbutton my jeans. His fingers slip just inside of my pants to push them down while his hands are caressing my hips and legs. While he is pushing my pants down he starts kissing my thighs and teasing me on the inside of my thighs. Then his hands reach for my panties and slowly peels them down off my warm wet groan. He can see how worked up I am. He then guides me to the bed and slowly lays me down. While I am laying there he stands on his knees above me rubbing his hands over my body and gazing into my eyes. My fingers reach to touch his lips as he kisses my fingertips. My hands wonder down his amazing body and unbutton his pants and slowly unzip his zipper. I can feel how hard he is and how big he is. Justin then helps me pull down his pants. Then I slide his boxers down. We are both naked and he slowly lays his body on top of mine and begins to kiss me deep in my mouth while we are both moaning. He has one arm underneath me holding me tight while the other arm is exploring my body. He starts to work his way down to my swollen breast kissing me and breathing on me. His lips barely touch my nipples, teasing the hell out of me. All of a sudden he cups his mouth over my nipple and begins to kiss, lick, and suck on them. I cannot hardly contain myself. I begin to shack and moan, bending my body up to him wanting more. Then Justin looks up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says in a low sexy voice "I want to taste you". He bends his head back down and begins to kiss me down my stomach and hips. Then, I felt his warm wet mouth touch my cunt. He starts kissing it, lightly licking, and slips his tongue into me and slowly licks me up and down, while nibbling on it some. My body feels like it's changing gears constantly, not knowing how to drive, but I am enjoying every second of it. Finally I couldn't handle it anymore. I had to take him and have him my way. I push him over on his back and begin kissing him deep in his mouth while my breast a sliding back and forth on his masculine chest. I begin to work my way down his his amazing body, kissing and licking him all over. I reach his huge cock and lightly lick him saying to him " I love your dick it's so big and wonderful". I slip my mouth over his huge cock and slowly deep throat him and my tongue is licking it while I'm stocking him. I begin to lick the head of his cock and he's moaning and groaning saying softly with a groaning voice " you feel so good to me, don't ever stop. I want to be with you like this forever". I continue to pleasure him, enjoying watching him want it more and more. Then he stops me and says " I have got to have you now. I want to be inside of you." He lightly throws me back over. He pulls my legs apart and touches my groan with his fingers softly, then slowly lays down on top of me. He asks me to put it in because he wants to feel my touch. He slowly begins to push his huge cock inside of me. He takes his time because he wants to be gentle and not hurt me. He starts grinding me slow and ask in my ear softly " are you ok?" I pull his face to mine and say "yes" and begin kissing him again deep and hard. My legs are wrapped around his waist and our arms are holding each other tight. Our bodies are getting sweaty and we begin to slide against each other. He is not completely all the way in and I tell him "deeper, I want all of you in me". He shoves all of him inside of me and we begin to move together. Our bodies are tensing up, we are both breathing heavily, moaning and groaning, and then he looks me in the eyes and says " I love you, I can't live without you. My heart belongs to you and no one else. Tell me you feel the same way." And I tell him "I love you too, I don't want to live without you either. My mind, body, and soul belongs to you. You are the only one I want." We begin to kiss again with moaning and groaning. Then both of our bodies begin to tense up. My fingernails dig into his back and his arms are underneath my body holding me tight. I scream out " Oh Justin, it feels so good, more, more, more. Don't stop." He begins to moan louder and grunt out loud, " oh yeah, you feel so right. Your so warm, wet, and tight. You are perfect." Then all of a sudden we get off together. He shoots off in me and I can feel it feel me inside. Not caring what the results could be because of our passion for each other. He lays on top of me while he finishes and I can feel his big cock throbbing inside of me. We once again, start kissing each other and on the face and neck telling each other how much we love each other. After the wonderful love making we lay in bed holding each other and talking. Our eyes meet and we are ready to go at it again.


I dream of oral sex, I want it all the time...my fantasy is to be upside down, legs spread apart at the entrance to my church, and instead of people having to dip into the holy water font, they have to dip into ME, with their fingers, and then with their tongues...over and over...

The other fantasy is to have a girl with huge breasts fuck me with her big distended nipple, run it up and down my slit, swirl it around my hole and then rub my clit over and over with the nubby end of the nipple till I cum all over her breast. Then, while I am wet, I want her to spread her legs and have our pussies slide wetly against each other till we both cum together...



Last night, I had the most amazing dream which gave me sexual release to all my phobias. But the most important part of the dream came when I woke up and found new life in my ability to pleasure myself. I dreamt I was naked aside from a dressing gown which the wind kept blowing open. I could see my naked breasts as the cloth came off, and this excited me. As I looked further down I could see my gown was exposing me and my most intimate parts. As I saw this, I imagined a warm water trickling over me, washing my gown away. The water pushed my hand over my parts and pressed into my clitoris. The feeling buzzed at first, then throbbed, and as it throbbed and pulsated I felt myself being carried away. I screamed with pleasure!


I am with a man I barely know but I know his fantasies from cyber sex. We are at my house. I am wearing a black dress coat unbuttoned to play peek- a- boo with a sheer blouse and no bra underneath so that my nipples can be seen. A soft black skirt, covering silky black stockings and garter belt. With my head laying on his chest, I rub my knee into his knee and we tease each other while watching a movie in the dark. I can't help myself I place some popcorn in his mouth and while he's distracted I take off my dress coat. I snuggle closer to him, allowing him to feel the silkiness of my blouse. "Come here" he tells me and he pulls me closer. I am on top of him. I love the feel of him beneath the fabric of my soft, silky panties. I feel his warm hands on my thighs holding me down, and without resistance I begin coasting to ride every wave of his body. "Does that feel good" he asks me smiling. "Yes", I whisper into his ear. He slowly unbuttons my blouse watching to see my reaction. He likes what he sees and begins caressing my breasts. I unbutton his pants, and then begin to slide my panties off. He is laying back on the sofa playing with his throbbing penis. I remember his fantasy and I hike up my skirt and like a magnet you pull me onto you. I feel your hot penis glide inside, I want all of you, but first I want you to feel how soft I am, how wet, how tight. It feels so good to feel your skin under mine. Please grab my ass and glide me up and down. How do you like it? Fast or slow? So, you like it fast? Or is it the friction from your body to mine? You pull out and cum in ecstasy. "I'm tempted to put my head between your legs." You say. And, I lay back on the sofa smiling and saying, "Why Wait?"


I have always wanted to dress up as a school girl, in a plaid skirt and perform a strip tease. I always wanted a body massage with oils and to give a body massage. I always wanted to put a condom on my partner with my mouth. I always wanted to make love outside by a lake or in the rain. I always wanted to pure honey, chocolate syrup , caramel you know what I mean all over my body and let him lick it off. I love to have my neck kissed, behind my ears.