The Female Sexual Arousal and Orgasm Cycle Explored

Frequency of Orgasm During Partnered Sex

Survey Results: Jane Magazine
June-July 2004 (Data from 2011 is presented below)

Based on 2,137 responses to an online poll, this is what their readers had to say about their frequency of experiencing orgasm during sex:

I have an orgasm (or five) every time I have sex - 43%
I've had "the moment" a few times - 38%
Still waiting for that one - 19%

Their readers' comments:

"It's happened twice to me. But if you ask my boyfriend, it happens every night."
     - Savana, 18, Niagara Falls, NY
"Not intercourse, but all the time in outercourse."
     - Lola, 28, Merced, Calif.
"Only if one of us is double-clicking the mouse."
     - Christen, 21, Leola, Pa.

Photograph of Nude Asian Woman

To be honest, I am surprised 43% reported experiencing orgasm every time they engage in sex, which for some could be masturbation, but on the other hand, the 19% who have not experienced orgasm exceeds the 10% commonly reported. I suspect Jane magazine has a young readership, which may explain a better success rate during partnered sex, and higher than expected pre-orgasmic rate.

Many young women don't learn to masturbate to orgasm until their late teens or early twenties, often times after being sexually active with a partner for several years. Young men today have access to the Internet, which may provide some enlightenment on how to pleasure a woman, versus prior generations, who acquired their sexual knowledge from locker room conversations and Penthouse Forum, and similar magazines.

The 38% of women who experience orgasm irregularly, and some of the 19% who have never experienced orgasm, may have inexperienced sexual partners, and/or experience the reality that every woman isn't going to be in the mood, or able to experience orgasm, every day of her life, which brings the 43% into question, but perhaps this later group only engages in sex when they are in the mood, or they are always in the mood, being young and all. Overall, the data and comments provide some insight into how varied women's experiences with orgasm really are. One size does not fit all.

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