Female Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy

Nude Woman StandingThe anatomy illustrations and photographs presented below are intended for both the layman and medical professional. A significant percentage of the information is of a medical nature, including dissections of the female genital and reproductive organs. The reason for the inclusion of this information is, medical professionals and women with medical concerns need access to detailed information addressing the anatomy of the clitoris, and the surrounding structures. This information can be difficult to locate, even for those with access to medical libraries.

To be a good sexual partner, or for a woman to experience her full sexual potential, you do not need to know everything presented on these pages. This information is intended to increase the awareness of the complexity of the clitoris, and the female sexual organs in general. You do not need to know the name and location of every muscle and nerve that passes near the clitoris to be a good sexual partner, or to be in touch with your sexuality. Being too concerned with the mechanics of sex can have its pitfalls. For most, knowing the names of the visible, and touchable internal parts, is sufficient.

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