Female Masturbation Techniques and Experiences - Collection 9


Sexy Woman with Umbrella

My name is Lisa and I'm 44 and married. Over the last 7 or 8 years my sexual drive has increased, as has my enjoyment of masturbation. I now masturbate 5 or 6 times a week. My husband is aware and quite supportive, which has helped me become more comfortable with a pleasurable practice I used to consider dirty.

I lay back in bed and spread my legs, and with one hand I rub my clitoris, and with the other I caress my breasts and stomach. As I get more aroused, I concentrate on my clitoris and pull the hood back so I can feel it better. My fantasy at this point is generally to pretend that I am being watched by 4 or 5 people, men and women, all of whom are becoming aroused by watching me and begin masturbating themselves. I then make it a point to display my vulva to the fantasy audience, and then generally start using a clitoral buzzer, while inserting a finger or two into my vagina, to stimulate my G-Spot. I pretend that someone from my audience is slipping a finger in me too. Sometimes I will insert a dildo into me and hold it tight and still while I use the buzzer on my clitoris.

It's even more exciting when my husband watches me do this. And twice now I've invited a girlfriend and her husband to watch. That was intoxicating!


Hi. I am 15 years old. I discovered masturbation when I was 7 or 8. I was drying myself off, when I realized that it felt very good to dry myself off "down there". I tried using my fingers, but it was too intense for me. So I started to hump things. I would hump almost anything that was soft, pillows, and chairs. Once, I sat on a washing machine naked and that was the first time I came, with my legs spread wide open. I liked it so much that I did it everyday when my mom was doing the washing.

Then I found out that I could use my hood to reduce the intensity of the stimulation, making it bearable to use my fingers. I was about 11 then, and I was beginning to get small breasts. They were so sensitive, I could play with them for hours, just teasing them under my thin cotton bra.

Now my latest technique is to lie on the washing machine when it is spinning and hump a chair at the same time, I come in like 3 minutes thinking of the hottest guy in our class.


Hi, I think your site is great. There are so few sites that talk about masturbation from a woman's perspective. I'm a 36 year-old, single, working mum with a 10-year-old daughter. I masturbate frequently and regularly using various techniques, although my favorite technique is probably squeezing a pillow between my thighs and humping it. I prefer indirect clitoral stimulation. Trying to balance home life with a career can be very stressful and I find masturbation is the best way to relax. I often masturbate myself when I come home from work in the privacy of my bedroom. My daughter Tara is engrossed in the cartoon channel downstairs at about this time so it's the only time I have to myself. :) I'm too tired for anything later on in the evening! :) What I'd really like is some advice. The other day after I came home from work, I went upstairs to masturbate, thinking my 10-year-old daughter, Tara, was watching TV. She must have heard me moaning or something because the next thing I know she's in the bedroom tugging at my foot begging me to stop what I'm doing. I had my back to the door so didn't see her enter, and I have no idea how long she was there watching me, but it was too late by then. The urgency to cum was so overwhelming that, to my shame, I continued to masturbate furiously to orgasm. The only saving grace was that I wasn't naked and so it wouldn't have looked overtly sexual; in fact I still had some of my office clothes on: a white blouse, nude pantyhose, and a pair of black patent boots. I had a pillow between my thighs, which I was humping, but it would have been all fairly ambiguous to anyone with no idea about masturbation. My daughter was clearly distressed at the time and I was wondering if I should talk to her about it or let it pass. I have no idea how to broach the issue or how to explain to a ten-year-old about the sexual needs of a grown woman and the sexual release that masturbation affords. Please Advise.

Webmaster's Comment: When children observe adults engaging in a sexual activity it is best to be calm and honest. While the sounds and movements of sex can confuse a child, it is how the parents react that potentially harms a child. If you yell at them and chase them out of the room they will believe they have observed something bad and/or have done something wrong themselves. When this happens, a child has a very bad introduction to sex.

How you describe what you are doing, giving yourself or your partner pleasure will depend on the age and knowledge of the child. If you have always been open about the discussion of sex and sexual anatomy it will be easier than if you have not. If they have been permitted to masturbate they will already know about sexual pleasure. If they already know about partner sex and masturbation there will probably be no need for an explanation and they may simply be curious, or need your attention.

In this case the daughter may have known what her mother was doing and believes masturbating is bad, as a result of messages she has received from society and at school from her peers. It is important for the mother to discuss with her daughter what she was doing, why, and the pleasure it provides. If there is not a discussion, the daughter may be very confused by what she believes she has seen or how she feels about what her mother was doing. You do not want the daughter to believe what her mother was doing is wrong or harmful.


I WAS QUITE IMPRESSED AND EDUCATED at stumbling into your so apparently needed and appreciated website. I am also amazed with my sisterhood. Everyone that has shared her delights of sexual masturbation seems very comfortable (finally) being able to "shriek out". Speaking about or writing about our sexual experiences is such a personal communication it becomes a wonderful catharsis. (Those of you that don't know the word I will save you the time from looking it up. Catharsis simply means a purification or purgation, making free of something, as guilt of emotions, primarily through art. Your "art" is your writing. Catharsis brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension). And I've never known so many different (and exciting) ways to relieve tension until I've read all that my sisters had to tell. I am proud that you want to share and relate, learn and yearn for more. I am so grateful we have this healing and revealing place to go demonstrate our art. The point of my writing is to encourage all of you that want to read to also write your personal experience. You will feel a renewal. Not only sexual.

As for myself, I cannot remember, like most of you can, my age of awakening. But, I do remember my daughter's. I was changing her diaper, with her Nana (Italian grandmother on her father's side), and when opening the diaper my child's 4 month hand went directly to her labia and not only touched herself but as we watched in awe her eyes started to roll back and her lids slowly closed. We looked at one another in shock and pure splendor that we knew what was happening and wanting to giggle but did not for fear we would lose that special moment for all three of us. After she was asleep, we did giggle as we talked about those precious minutes we witnessed. I had forgotten it ever happened until two months later when I was walking from the kitchen to check on her and found her squatted in the doorway to the living room, her backside to me, stuffing a D-cell battery up her diaper!

You draw your own conclusions.

I come from a large family (I don't want this to be as embarrassingly long as it was for Rita. Though, I relate to her) and I know masturbation is natural (at the earliest of ages). As yet, American families, haven't discovered the best way to talk about masturbation and sex to our children, even our lovers, but through communication as we are doing here I think we have learned to speak out and hopefully evolve past our parents taboos and realize sexuality and masturbation is healthy and quite normal and moral. Let's shriek about it and speak about it girls! Call me SQUIRT


Well I knew that women do masturbate but I had no idea this many did! My best method is to lie on my back and spread my legs wide apart, and with my right hand I begin to touch my clit, it feels so good, and as I feel it getting harder and my body starts to tingle I start to fantasize! And then reach an exploding orgasm. The orgasm lasts a few seconds and maybe even a minute! It only takes me about a minute to reach climax! I know it sounds weird but once I have 'let it go' I feel completely amazing and a lot happier!


Thinking back, I realize that I masturbated since I was at least six years old. There were climbing poles on the playground at school, and one day I discovered that after climbing for a length of time with my legs wrapped firmly around the pole, it produced a very nice sensation. Once discovered, I climbed the pole daily. At that time, I did not associate the experience with sex.

A year or so later, I discovered a stash of my Dad's porn, and from that time associated masturbation with sex. Having moved away from the climbing poles, my masturbation consisted with rubbing the entire vaginal area, usually in the bath. As I got older, I devised a number of penetrating devices. My most complicated was a pencil, wrapped in quilt batting from mother's sewing room, and sheathed in a condom from my dad's sock drawer. Rigid, but still soft enough. I also used the legs of my Barbie doll and other items. I did not buy a vibrator until I was about 18. I now own about 20 different vibrators and a number of dildos. They're pretty much all the same, but size and color vary. Today, I feel like pearl blue.......

I continue to masturbate almost daily though I have been married for 11 years and have a very creative and fulfilling sex life with my husband. He enjoys my masturbation and encourages it, as he believes it keeps me in a sexual state of mind.


I have been masturbating since I was a teenager and still love it. I recently bought the Clit Kisser that is a jelly, oval shape vibrator. It fits over your clitoris and has an extension in the middle that flicks your clitoris like a tongue. You can control the speed and move it around. It feels just like a woman eating you out. I have to stop occasionally so I can let the pleasure last longer than one minute. This would be a great toy to use between women who want to masturbate each other. Just lovely! I am thinking about buying a clitoris pump, has anyone here used one? I'm told the sensation is terrific with the suction it holds on the clit and that it makes the clit bigger for more exposure to stimulation.


Masturbating used to be so easy - just stimulating the clitoris. But now that I'm older, I find I have to stimulate my nipples, clit and vagina at the same time to experience the ultimate orgasm. My preferred method of masturbation is with a cucumber - nice and cold and BIG. I stimulate my nipples and clit simultaneously until I can't stand it any longer and then insert a well-chilled cucumber into my vagina. I then stimulate my clit, usually with my finger and fuck myself with the cucumber at the same time, reaching my g-spot just beyond my pubic bone and come with amazing spasms that no man can make me achieve.


I am a mother of 2 small children and have been married for 12 years. My husband is an amazing lover, but I have not been able to achieve orgasm the traditional way. Recently, I learned from a friend the joys of a "good" shower. After a long day with the kids, stress, housework, etc. my husband comes home from work. After everyone has had dinner, I ask him to watch the kids while I take a shower. Keeping the light dim in the bathroom, I LOCK the door. :o) I use some folded up bath towels on the bottom of the shower for comfort and I slide in and relax. Turn the shower on "warm" water so you're comfortable. Recline back and prop up my legs on the sides of the tub. Make sure that the showerhead is directed on me between my legs and hits my clit directly. A firm strong stream of water, such as the "massage" setting on a good showerhead works the best. I close my eyes and relax. Closing your eyes is key; a blindfold will help eliminate the urge to open your eyes. Keep your hands off yourself and just let the feeling of the water massage you to utter bliss. The feeling is so intense that I have to constantly talk and coax myself into not moving away from the stream of water. After about 2 minutes, you'll start to feel the orgasm coming on. The best part about pleasing yourself this way is that the water never stops! You can stay as long as you want! It is incredible! I guarantee, it's the BEST shower you'll ever take!


I just wanted to say that I have come a long way since I first found this site (pardon the pun!). It has helped me a great deal in coming to terms with my own thoughts about masturbation. I wanted to mention though, that the idea of having multiple orgasms in the literature here can seem like pressure that having multiple orgasms is better than just one. I don't think I have ever had multiple orgasms and I don't actually seek to do so. This is because I feel that one great orgasm is complete and I feel total relaxation and rest afterward. Further stimulation just feels like an unwelcome intrusion. For me it is a bit like having a bowl of ice cream. One is enough, and more just makes you feel off. I don't mean to discourage other people but I wanted to point out that for some women or in my case at least, one good orgasm is to me total fulfillment and pressure to continue actually diminishes that. My last boyfriend wanted me to have multiple orgasms as though that were a superior experience. I never quite managed to make him understand that to me that was not an appropriate goal.


I lived in a small southern town until I was 22. We went to church every Sunday and sex before marriage was a no no. Self stimulation was also a sin.

I met a nice young man when I was 26 -- and he was four years younger than me. It took him about three minutes to finish. Afterwards I was "emotionally" empty. He was killed in a truck crash four years ago. His rig jackknifed and he was actually "drowned" in a bayou. Now at 34 I have finally discovered that I have a clitoris.

One of the girls at work invited me home to dinner (she is 22 and her boyfriend was in New Orleans on business). We work in a Real Estate office. After dinner and a glass or two of wine she turned on a Playboy channel. The lady moderator was talking about the clitoris. I had never heard the word. At first I was embarrassed and then found it interesting. The next Saturday I went to the city library and looked up the word. It led me to medical books and one listed a website. I looked at the clitoris on the web. I discovered I had one.

It also listed average clit sizes. Mine seems to be a little larger than average and I don't have much of a hood. I discovered that if I place my first two fingers in parallel and moved up and down I got a sensation. I must use oil though or it hurts. I can "finish" in about three minutes and have now found that I can "get off" from three to four times at one event. I do this at least once a week and sometimes twice a week. At age 34 I have climaxed for the first time and it is fantastic. I feel a little guilty though. Not because of masturbating, but because I am not helping some man enjoy sex with me. Maybe I will go looking one of these days. Meanwhile I am having too much fun. I ordered Playboy and a couple of other sex channels for my TV. Now I can watch sex on the screen and masturbate in my bedroom. The movie helps for some reason. Francine in Mississippi.


I am so happy to have found this site! It is nice to know that masturbation is practiced by so many, and is not such a bad thing after all! I am a virgin. I have always wanted to save myself until I have found someone I care about, and have not found that person yet. Also, as of yet, I am not ready to have children, and fear that the one time will get me pregnant. (But, all that could change if I find that special someone.) I have only started masturbating for a few months now. I never really had a sex drive sort to speak, but lately it is intense. My first time masturbating happened after I started fantasizing about a guy I really liked. When I experienced my first orgasm, It was wonderful! I went on line to research different techniques, and I have to say, I now use most of the ones mentioned on this site! I was so happy to find others who also enjoy the intense pleasure that comes with masturbation and orgasm. I just bought my first vibrator through the internet, and am looking forward to having some fun with it!


I'm twenty-one years old and I have been masturbating since I was six years old. I started by just fondling my pussy in bed at night, but as I got older I was constantly in search of more and more satisfying methods. I have found that the most satisfying way for me to come is by direct stimulation on my clit while I am visually stimulated by Internet porn (mostly girl on girl or just girls by themselves) and by the sight of my own genitals. I lock the door to my dorm room and take off all of my clothes and turn on my computer. Then, I sit in my study chair with my feet up on the desk while I visually stimulate my brain (the biggest sex organ) with the naked pictures. Then, I stick out my clit by pulling back my clit hood with the index finger of my left hand and the middle finger of my right hand. Now, I have my right index finger free and I put it to "work." I insert it into my vagina (still with my clit completely sticking out) and I make slow circling motions around my clit with this vaginally lubed right index finger. When the lube starts to dry up a bit, I insert it back into my vagina for more lube. I keep doing this until I give myself a huge female hard-on (my erect clit is about a half an inch long) as I get hornier and hornier all the while watching the Internet pictures. When I can't take it anymore and I'm ready to come, I circle my clit with more pressure and lightly touching my female knob every few seconds. Finally, I bring myself to a thundering orgasm like no other I've ever experienced. This direct clitoral stimulation along with the visual stimulation of the porn as well as the visual stimulation of my stiff clit sticking out and being stroked is by far my favorite masturbation technique after a long night of studying.


I start by my rubbing my palms over my nipples over my T-shirt till they become hard and erect. I go on rubbing and tweaking them till I'm wet in my pussy. Then I rub my juices on my nipples till I feel I'm ready to explode. This is when I like to lie down and spread my legs wide apart. I close my eyes and think of a woman taking off her bra and jiggling her voluptuous breasts in my face. Then I imagine sucking hard on her hard nipples while my index finger finds it's way to my clit. I love to move my finger around my clit in circles rubbing the sides every now and then till I can take no more. Then I insert a large carrot or hard cucumber deep inside my vagina in and out while I rub my clit hard till I come in an explosion. The best sensation comes when I tug at my left nipple while rubbing my clit. Ummmmm...even as I am typing this, I am all wet and ready for another lovemaking session.


I was just reading the experience of the woman whose 10-year-old daughter walked in on her while she was "pleasuring" herself. I too had a similar experience several years ago. I have masturbated since I was a young child and always enjoyed the experience. As I married and had children the rigors of family life sometimes curtailed my own "private" times. It seemed that the most convenient time was after the husband and kids were off to work and school around 11:30 in the morning. I would go to my bedroom slip off my clothes take a nice hot bath or shower and then retire to my bed where I would begin by twisting and rubbing my very large nipples. It only takes a matter of minutes before my vagina becomes wet and I cannot resist reaching my fingers down to my clit to start rubbing. We had a very large full size mirror opposite the bed and that was always a huge turn on to watch myself. Well on this particular day I was into my weekly routine and in the full throws of passion just about to cum when I opened my eyes and saw the reflection of my 14-year-old daughter in the mirror. She was feeling ill and had come home from school early. Of course I was embarrassed but also at the point of no return. So I decided to finish myself off and explain later. As my body finished its last spasm my daughter approached the bed with wonder on her face. My parents had never been open about sex and so I had had some hang-ups so I decided I would approach things differently with my daughter. I sat up and asked her to sit down so I could explain what she had witnessed. I told her of self-love and pleasure and how wonderful it made me feel. I asked her if she had ever touched herself and felt pleasure and that if she had it was ok. Then she shocked me. She said she hadn't but her friends had talked about it but she didn't know what to do and would I show her how. Wow! I asked if she wanted to watch me again and she nodded yes. So I began slowly to pinch and stroke my nipples and explain the feelings I was having. I then ran my hands slowly down to my vagina and slipped my finger into my vagina and began stroking my clit. I found I was getting very wet again. As I looked over I could see her hand going up under her shirt and under her bra. I could see her nipples becoming erect. Then I saw her hand slip down into her panties and she began stroking herself. She began to slowly moan and I stopped to watch my daughter sink to the floor and pull her panties off and rub her clit until she came with that same spasm I had just experienced. At first I thought maybe it was really weird but when we spoke of it later she expressed gratitude that I had not reacted in a negative way and had given her a positive outlook on masturbation. We didn't speak of that experience for a long time after that, but I knew she was enjoying herself because occasionally I would hear her in her room. Then one Fall I was invited to Mom's Week at her college and had the chance to spend several days with her in her dorm room. One night as we were sleeping I was awakened to the sound of my daughter masturbating. It was such a turn on for me that I too started to stroke myself and soon found myself cuming. She was fully aware of what I was doing and said "it's ok mom" "In fact I think it's cool that we can be so open." So now on occasion when we share a hotel room or go camping together we often find ourselves masturbating together. In fact she has even informed me that several years ago she taught her sister about self-love and they often talk about their favorite masturbation techniques. We have planned a girls retreat next summer and so I am wondering what will happen at that time. We have never touched each other and I have no desire to do that as I think it would be inappropriate but I love the sound of our mutual ecstasy. I have told my husband about this and he thinks it's really special. Both my daughters are married now and say that they have very fulfilling sex life's both with their husbands and with themselves.

I have no way of knowing if this is a true account or fantasy. I am led to believe this does occur occasionally between mothers and daughters. It is not something we can usually discuss openly.


I am so glad to find out I wasn't weird by starting masturbation early. From the time I was 7 or so, I would put the body of my electric toothbrush between my legs because it felt good. Then when I was 10 or 11, I took the toothbrush off the end and put the little vibrating nub right on my clitoris while I watched in a mirror. Suddenly, my vaginal muscles started contracting in and out in what was my first orgasm. It scared me silly, especially after I noticed some milky fluid dripping from my vagina. I had no idea what had happened (no one had told me about the clitoris, or orgasms, or that sex was actually supposed to be pleasurable in any sex education I'd had). Anyway, after deciding that it hadn't killed me and that it had been a lot of fun, I learned more ways to pleasure myself.

My parents had this Dr. Scholl's foot massager. It had a 5" wide vibrating dome on a tilted base that was supposed to sooth tired feet. Humping my clit against the vibrator while I was on my stomach on the floor or my bed always resulted in wonderful orgasms. I always made sure I was well lubricated first. I've always needed that slippery feel to come. I've never dry humped pillows, etc., to masturbate. The foot massager and the toothbrush made too much noise, so it was frustrating because I didn't know how to masturbate with my fingers and had to wait until I was really supposed to be brushing my teeth or my parents were out.

While I was on vacation with my parents and sister when I was 12, I didn't have either vibrator with me, of course. I was so horny, I finally discovered the bathtub and swimming pool methods. I loved to push my rear right up against the end of the tub and let the water rush right down onto my clit. I would prop myself up on my elbows, and watch the water push my clit from side to side until I came. I was a very clean girl that summer!

I finally discovered how to orgasm using my hand when I went to summer camp at age 13. After everyone was asleep, I spread my legs while laying on my back, and played with my nipples with my right hand, and my clit with my left. I fantasized that I was being watched and came with a very satisfying orgasm. It wasn't until high school that I put anything of any size into my vagina. I broke my hymen with a carrot and still like organic things inside me like Japanese eggplant or zucchini, rather than a dildo. I decided that my early sexual exploration with my own body made it much more pleasurable when I finally had sex with a man in college. I still masturbate to this day, and I'm now 40. It's an important part of my life.


I always thought that masturbation is something dirty and wrong even though I indulge daily in many of the ways listed by the other ladies in this website. It is really comforting to note that I am not sick or a pervert, because that is what I used to think about the fact that even though I am still a virgin (I would like to be a virgin when I get married next year) I masturbate to achieve orgasm.

It is also liberating to be able to note that my masturbation techniques are not perversions but rather an interesting way of expressing one's own sexuality.

My own techniques are listed in this website so I won't go into them. But I would love to say a big "thank you" to whoever submitted their views on masturbation. I really needed to see that I am not sick, but a normal 25-year old who just needs to experiment and experience her sexuality.


I have never talked about masturbation before; it has always been a closed subject. I think it is great that so many women are now more open with the subject as well as them selves. I discovered masturbation at an early age, 3 or 4. I remember putting stuffed animals in my panties and rubbing it around to get a "special feeling" My young friend and I would spend the night at each other's houses or take a bath together and we would play "operation" on our genitals. We would take turns "examining" each other's genitals. I remember it feeling very good and looking forward to her comming over to play. We started this when we were about 4 and continued until we were 11. I masturbate at least once a day. I lie on my back, spread my legs, open my lips and begin to fantasize. I am not gay, I know that I want to be married to a nice guy some day, but I often fantasize engaging in mutual masturbation with a female friend. I would really like to try it sometime, I am just shy. I like rubbing around my clit until I am very wet then I rub on my clit slowly to maximize the intensity of my orgasm.. I love it; I just wished it lasted longer.


Lets leave age out of it.

This site is titillating. I am one of those "stomach masturbators".

My earliest memories of self-pleasure were at the tender age of five. I would straddle my Grandmother's bathtub and "rub" myself off.

My mother found me several times, masturbating on the floor in the living room. I was chastised but knew that sex, in any form that felt comfortable was OK.

Masturbation is a personal pleasure, married or not. For both sexes. I continue my practice of lying face down, left palm cupping right, massaging my vulva. I imagine women enjoying my pussy. Or, men masturbating me. Anything sexual works. I can come in less than thirty seconds. Every time. For years. So, if the method I (and many others, it seems) is not correct", so be it. Whatever floats your boat, I say!


I discovered masturbation quite late, I think I was 19. I am 30 now and still a virgin. I'm in a very serious relationship and still waiting to have sex after marriage. Yet during the waiting period, I have needed to satisfy my sexual desires.

Despite my ultra conservative look, I have body piercings on nipples and clitoris hood. They really do wonders. They increased the sensitivity on those areas.

I'd lie back and spread my legs, and start caressing my nipples. Even just from rubbing my pierced and *now* super sensitive nipples gives me tingles and makes me really wet down there. As I get so aroused, I'd start rubbing my pierced clitoris hood and continue rubbing my nipples at the same time. This will give me double pleasures and make me even wetter. I usually rub slowly to prolong the pleasure and as I get more and more aroused I'd rub faster with index and middle fingers.

I know when orgasm is close and I'd slow down my rubbing and let the pleasure go down a little bit. Then I rub faster again, and slow down again. I vary the rubbing speed all the time, and I can do this for a good 30-minute pleasure!

If I cannot wait any longer to explode, then I'll rub really fast and have an explosive orgasm. It is out of this world!


When you are on your period and you like some fun, as I am now. LOL

Hello. I've been surfing the net today looking at adult pictures and reading a bit. Love your site and as soon as I can will be trying some of the technique listed. Thanks.

I wear pads, so the best way for me is to rock back and forth against the pad while sitting in the computer chair. Putting pressure on my clit make it feel so good. Breathe deeply up and down on the chair feeling the throb of my clit and want so badly to slide my finger inside. You can also raise your body up and down against the pad and the chair. I still live at home so to the bathroom I will go after I finish this e-mail. If your period is still light like mine is not it won't be messy. If your period is heavy, take a bath and before the flow starts again slide your finger inside. Or wear gloves. You can also bunch a sheet against your clit and move back and forth.

I love to masturbate, but it still if a mystery if I've cum or not? I'm a 32 year old virgin and experience the quickness of breath and the release but I've yet to be "dripping wet" so to speak after I stop shaking. Just a little damp. I use my middle finger of my right hand. Write with the left. The only time that I do become extremely wet is when my friend and I talk on the phone about fantasy love making stories about two guys that we both have crushes on. The conversation gets me so wet that I have to finger myself while we talk.

I lay on my back and slide my finger inside. I touch the stickiness and wetness inside of me. It's like dripping your finger into a pool of creamy liquid. I love the feeling. I twist my finger to the side and try to get a second finger in, but I'm too tight still and one finger has to do. Bumping against my hand faster and faster I experience the shaking and the release but I have never felt it run out of me or a gush.


I am 14 years old and love to masturbate. I have been masturbating for two years now. I went on vacation and had to go take a shower. The water hit my vulva and it felt real good. I must have been in there forever. I couldn't take the showerhead down so I had to stand on the bath sides. I wanted to moan and scream but couldn't because my parents would have heard me. When I came home I was looking in my Mom's closet because I wanted to know if she was having sex with her boyfriend. What I came across was a dildo. I was so surprised because I would have never guessed my Mom would use one. No one was home so I took it out and started playing with it. I didn't know what to do with it really so I just put it down there. I then found a plug that you put in it so it can vibrate. That felt too good. When we got cable I would turn to HBO and play with the vibrator. Then one day when I came home it was gone. I think she hid it because I was also in her closet and she didn't want me to find it. After a few months went by I noticed that we had a removable showerhead. I was so happy. I would take a shower every night. I would be scared though because my family could have came in and seen me masturbating. I always thought that I was the only person that would masturbate but since I found out about this site I see that I am not and I feel so happy. I love to read the stories and how people masturbate because it will get me so wet and I would start feeling myself. I masturbate almost everyday know.


It helps relieve tension. I started to masturbate when I was 10 yrs old, I had just read the book Deenie by Judy Blume and wondered what her "magic spot" could be. So for months I rubbed my tummy but eventually worked my way around until we had a health session in 4th grade and I discovered that I had two separate holes and a clitoris, I was amazed. Now I am almost 19. I have done it in my room, bathrooms, weddings, all over. I have released my tension in ways others probably could not think of. Thanks for making this public and human act a recognizable public and human act.


Hi there! I think your site is terrific. It's really fascinating reading about all the various masturbation techniques that people use. It really helps to put your own practices into context. I'm a 22 year-old single woman, and masturbation is my most important sexual outlet. I thought I'd share my own masturbation experiences with you in the hope that you might find them interesting and perhaps rather amusing :)

My first experience of masturbation was when I was about 7 or 8. I used to shinny up the vertical poles of the swings in our local park. Of course, I didn't know what masturbation was then - I just enjoyed the sensation of climbing to the top of the poles, holding on tight, and then just pumping away with my legs until orgasm. Of course, I didn't know what an orgasm was then either! :) I just knew it felt reeeeeeeeeally good. Not content with limiting these moments of ecstasy to the park I soon found that I could get the same sensation by pulling myself up the banister rail on the stairs in our house. I would drag myself up the thin polished rail, groaning unashamedly with the pleasure of it. I'm sure my mother knew what I was doing but she didn't seem to mind, although she did tell me off once or twice.

As I got older, 13 or 14, it became a bit difficult - not to mention limiting - to masturbate this way (I knew what masturbation was by then!) and would usually hump pillows or my hand. My techniques to this day still involve rubbing up against something rather than direct clitoral stimulation. By the age of 16 it had been some years since I had used the 'banister rail technique' :) although I had even more opportunity since I was home by myself quite a lot. And so one day, when I was feeling particularly horny, I decided to give it a try.

My first attempt was a bit of a mistake. I was wearing just a pair of panties and an old cotton tee shirt, and my bare legs got rather badly chafed as I attempted to shinny up the rail. Not to be put off I tried it wearing slacks and then jeans, and although it was a lot easier (i.e. no chafing!) neither gave me the sensation I was after. I was about to give up when a thought occurred to me - pantyhose! It seemed a really good compromise between pants and bare legs. So I went to my bedroom, opened my hosiery draw, and slipped into a pair of sheer-to-waist nude pantyhose. Tentatively I mounted the banister rail. Success! I began pulling myself up. The pantyhose stopped the chafing and I got all the sensation. They also felt a lot sexier against my skin than jeans. Soon my nylon-clad thighs were pumping away as I shinned up the rail bit-by-delicious-bit groaning with pleasure. As I got near the top I held on tight and just kept moving my legs up and down as the sensation grew. When I came it was absolutely delirious. Needless to say over the next weeks and months I got through quite a few pairs of pantyhose :) My mom was always asking me how come I got so many runs in my hose. I don't know if she guessed.

I hope you found this amusing - and not too weird :)


I like to get totally naked then lay in my bed with my head at the foot end, then put my feet up on the head board. Then I spread my lips and then I insert my vibrator into myself, and rub it in and out. I have to keep a pillow over my mouth, so I don't make a lot of noise (Don't want parents to know what's going on). Then I after a few minutes I have an explosive orgasm.


I started masturbating at age 4 or 5. I would "hump" pillows or stuffed animals. It wasn't until about 10 or 11 did I have my first orgasm - I got undressed and spread my legs wide for that wonderful stream of water in our bathtub-my little pussy was so overcome with pleasure I could hardly take the entire orgasm. My toes curled- I squealed, it took my breath away. I always felt ashamed that maybe I was dirty or perverted, but at 21 I still do it. I also have a vibrator-waterproof. I cum so hard I get a pulsating ache that makes me crave my engorged walls to be filled - my wet throbbing pussy- intercourse and hand stimulating has never done it for me-but a warm thick loving tongue sliding between my thighs and the 2 others mentioned brings me to such a erotic state it cannot be described in words.


Hi, my name is Stacy, I am typing this on my boyfriend's computer so he doesn't know. I only masturbate in the shower, I spread my legs so the warm water bathes my clitoris, but I never touch myself down there, I let the water do all the work. I slowly rhythmically start to pump my butt up and down as the warm water starts to bathe my throbbing clitoris. As I can feel my clitoris swelling and beating under my pussy lips I stroke my breasts gently letting the warm water flow around my fully erect nipples. As I approach orgasm I start to breathe deeper and deeper at this point my heart is ready to leap at from between my breasts it's beating so hard. The orgasms I get in the shower are the most intense as waves of pleasure flow from my clitoris and anus to my heart and I almost pass out. I urge other woman to do it in the shower too. Thanks


Thanks for developing this website! It's truly wonderful! I'm 29 years old, and I masturbate frequently. Sometimes, I do it just for sexual release, but when I have a lot of time, I like to turn it into a full-blown lovemaking session where I treat myself really well. I tend to fantasize when I'm just masturbating to come, but when I make love to myself I focus entirely on what I'm doing, and it's this incredibly engrossing experience, both physically and mentally.

I always start with lots of foreplay. I stroke my entire body all over, and very slowly build up my excitement. When it comes time to turn to my genitals, I approach that area gradually--first by stroking the hair on my mound and my outer lips. I like gentle pinching and tugging at this stage. As my excitement builds, I stroke my shaft with a dry finger ever so lightly, over and over again. I also like rolling my inner lips between thumb and forefinger. When it comes time to move from foreplay to being "in the act," I have several ways of doing this.

Sometimes, I like to rub myself without dipping my fingers in my juice first. I like the sensation of a dry rub on my clitoral hood as I move my index and third fingers in a firm circular motion.

Wetting my fingers gives me more options. I can touch my clitoris directly and make that same circular motion with wet fingers as I do with dry fingers. Sometimes, I flick my fingers back and forth rapidly over my clitoris. I also like to do figure eights where I take my fingers up from the vaginal opening over the clitoris, down the crevice between my left outer lip and left inner lip and repeat the motion on the right side. When I'm in the mood for penetration, I lube up both fingers really well and insert them in my vagina. I withdraw them in an upward motion moving my palm over my genital area so that my clitoris gets stimulated by passing through the crevice between my fingers, and then I reinsert the fingers into the vagina by reversing the motion. Repeat until desired effect.

I usually have only one orgasm, but it is enough. I like to lie with my arms wrapped around myself afterwards and breathe deeply.


Hi, I'm 38 and I started masturbating when I was ten. On that long ago evening, my family and I had watched a variety show that featured a belly dancer, who gyrated her hips in a low-cut bikini: I still fantasize about this. It's a relief to learn that other women began masturbating at early ages. I've always loved to "play with" myself and have been fortunate that my partners have always been an indulgent audience. As I have gotten older, I have become hornier and I masturbate several times a week. My favorite technique is to place my index and middle fingers of one hand in a V around my clit and labia and to squeeze and release while I use the index and middle fingers of my other had to "beat off." Another favorite way is fold a damp towel into a mound and to place it on a corner of the bed: I stand and hump it, while I pull and twist my nipples. I usually position a mirror so I can watch myself over my shoulder. When I've gotten off this way, I've had really intense orgasms that lasted a couple of minutes. I have never felt guilty about masturbating and I never will.


Hi there. I just wanted to share with you the most amazing experience.

Before I do I just want to say what a revelation it is to find such an informative site. I had no idea that my feelings and needs were shared by so many women. Reading the experiences of your contributors has been so enlightening. Especially those dealing with fantasies of having another woman go down on you. This is something I have often thought about but have never plucked up the courage to do. I thought I was strange to have such feelings and desires. I have been happily married for many years but have often fantasized about being caressed and licked by another female.

Anyway last night I was surfing the net when someone contacted me through instant messaging. I have not been using the computer for very long and this was a first for me. I was intrigued and we got chatting and as we did so the conversation became more racy until she started to describe what she would like to do to me and I did the same back. It was not long before I started caressing myself and imaging it was my new friend. I started by caressing my nipples until they were hard and sticking out. I then moved my hand slowly across my stomach and down to my clit. All the time thinking that it was being done to me. I was getting very wet chatting to her and slipped my fingers inside and started rubbing my clit. My heart was racing and my throat went dry it was amazing. I had my legs apart and was enjoying the experience with my new friend telling me that she was doing the same and what a pity we were not there together. I came quite quickly and we continued chatting by describing our vibes to each other.

It was quite difficult to type and feel myself at the same time but it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately her computer crashed just as I was describing my second orgasm to her.

Fortunately we made contact again today and had another session and both brought ourselves off. I have done little but think of her all day and my husband benefited this afternoon with us getting together. I pretended it was her that had gone down on me and was kissing and licking my clit. I came much quicker and harder than normal. I think it was the pent up feeling I had had all day. After my first orgasm I went on top but with my back to him so that I could close my eyes as I caressed my breasts and played with my clit as I imagined my friend doing the most amazing things to me. Needless to say I came again very quickly.

Afterwards I sent her an e-mail describing my feelings. I have never done anything like this before and would love to get together for real but am quite frightened and nervous. Whilst it is in the mind it is not really cheating on my husband is it? But actually carrying out your fantasy is something else. I am in such a quandary I don't know what to do.

I would like to have a few more sessions over the chat line first before committing myself one way or another. As a 50 year old I feel like some lovesick teenager.

Thank you for such a wonderful site and thank you for listening. I have told my new friend of your site - I hope she likes it too.


I am 18 years old, and I have been masturbating for about 4 years now. I don't remember where or why I started doing it, but I'm glad I discovered it. The technique that I use the most is actually one that my boyfriend just recently got me hooked on. When we're "fooling around," sometimes he'll stick a finger or two in me and move them around while he rubs my clitoris with his thumb, and it makes me crazy. I tried it myself a few weeks ago, and I just can't seem to get over how great it feels. Thank you to whoever started this site - I just stumbled across it tonight, and I'm really glad that I did. I've been thinking about possibly having sex with my boyfriend for a few weeks now (and I'm a virgin, so it's a very important subject to me), but now that I read a few of the posts (particularly Angel's), I don't think that I'm quite ready for sex. I think I wanted to do it for all the wrong reasons (just plain heightened sexual pleasure), but now that I've read all the different ways to make myself even happier with "myself," I think I'm going to give them a try before I make any further sexual decisions regarding me and my boyfriend. Thank you, the-clitoris.com!


I will try to explain and describe what I fee and how I try to satisfy my appetite. It is difficult for me to describe while typing, words seem so useless at times for me.

Sometimes at work, I find myself breathless, wanting to flee to my house so I can touch myself and have privacy to explore the waves of emotions washing over me. All of the muscles in my vagina are pulsing, wanting to grip my fingers. All day long, I may fight the urge to leave my work, to take the day off, and work all ways wins out.

At night in my bed, this is how I touch myself, how I try to tame the passions that are set raging in me. I re-live times that I have spent with my lovers. I watch them undress. I visualize in great detail, their bodies, I replay certain particularly exciting experiences.

I feel ripples of heat flowing over my breasts, up my thighs, and I am tightening to a rhythm that has seized control. My thighs tense and my pussy contracts with the pace of my heartbeat. I am wearing my panties. I leave them on for a while and I stroke myself through the fabric and reach under it.

I pull off my shirt, and then my panties come off. I open my legs. My fingers begin combing my long fur up and out of the way. I am slippery and my fingers move lovingly, pretending to be a lover's tongue and mouth. I insert then squeeze and tighten on one or two, even three fingers. With my other hand I caress my breasts and pull gently on my nipples. I pull my outer labia apart and stroke my fur until every part of me is craving my touch and I am lifting my hips and arching my back at the thrills that are overwhelming me. I am soon distracted by the sensation of being touched and touching. I find my smooth wooden handle. It's made of maple and used to be the handle of a spatula. It's shape is similar to a penis and it allows me to feel more like one half of a couple, rather than both at once. It is hard to explain how I came to begin masturbating with this tool because I am innately modest and I had never done this until recently when my desire to have a lover inside me became too great to bear. The little handle has a rounded end, very smooth. But I cover it with soft fabric. The tool provides more flexibility and is portable. It allows me to change positions more naturally - natural being how I behave (or misbehave) when I am making love. I find that sometimes having my hands attached to my arms, puts them at unuseful angles! Mainly, it is the mixed signals to my mind when my fingers are sending messages about my touch, texture, warmth - that's when I switch to the "tool". I find that the resistance is very pleasant lying down or kneeling, plus it leaves me a free hand. I only let it penetrate maybe an inch because it is does not have any give, no arch. I know my body and my energy and how I make love. I try to imitate that as much as possible, because the pleasure that I find alone is due to probably 90 percent imagination and memory. I resumed my lifting and spread Vitamin E on my labia to make them even more slippery and soft. I might use my little tool and have another orgasm and clasping it with my muscles, hold on as long as I can. It feels heavenly. I had never been in the habit of masturbating until I divorced and became more sexually active. Before that, I didn't dare to imagine love with other men and so it kept me from imagining it at all.

I also love to masturbate in the shower. After I wash my hair, I wash my muff. When I get lost in the sensations of touching myself, my fingers slip inside and I explored the inside of my vagina pushing against the soft cushioned walls. I stand there straddling the drain, my hips rocking against my palm, my fingers stroking inside until my orgasms subside. I sometimes go through months where this is a daily indulgence.


Hey! First I'd like to say I love your site! It's awesome. Secondly I'd like to give you my masturbation technique. I'm 16 & have been masturbating for about a year. I can't do it as often as I'd like because my parents & sisters might get up & find out. I lay towels on my bed so that no juices get on my bed. First I rub my vulva through my pajama pants to get wet, then slowly slide off my pants & shirt & my fingers rub around my clit. I rub my clit vigorously until I get a sensation. I visualize two women having sex because it turns me on. I can usually orgasm 2-3 times. It's not a great technique but I figured I'd send it.


First I have gotta say this my first time visiting clitoris.com and I am hooked. I never knew there where so many ways to masturbate. I feel the need to share with you my favorite positions, which are probably not unlike the others. My favorite when I'm in a rush or do not have access to a flat surface (cuz normally I like rubbing my clit on my palms facedown) is to angle my pussy on the counter top by the sink in the restroom. My body is heavy on the counter and puts a lot of pressure on my clit. Usually I fantasize about my cousin who is 3 years older than me. She is the first female I had outercourse with. In that I mean one of us lying on top of the other while we grind clits together. That really gets me going. While on the clit grinding subject does anyone know of any sites where girls just grind pussy together? If you have any thing on that I would really appreciate it if you would let me know thank you!


I'm 15 years old. I start by rubbing my clit and I watch something that makes me arouse. I rub it on something for a long while. well must go but have been doing this since I was about 7.


I definitely love masturbation and this site of course. I'm 15 years old and start my session by getting in the shower then I sit on the floor and let the water run on me by this time I've already caressed by breasts and also my pussy. I then proceed to fantasize about another girl I think this is very common, okay n*eways I start by rubbing my clit and get faster and faster the penetrate myself with my middle finger damn! Its great!

A California Fan

I love your site and thank you so much for putting it together. When I first discovered it, I sat at my computer chair and masturbated while reading the erotic masturbation stories! I couldn't believe I was doing it, but It was GRAND! I am 54 years old and was married to a man for 31 years and have been divorced from him for a little over a year. The reason I left the marriage was because I discovered for the first time in my life, that I had feelings for a woman. For me the feelings were so strong that I could not deny myself and I left my marriage and have been alone for the first time in my life. I have masturbated since I was in my young teens. At that time, the only thing I did was to extend my legs out and cross them while squeezing them together tightly while laying down and sort of rock until I reached a climax. I did this fully clothed as the clothing seemed to help in the stimulation of my clit. In the past months I have met and fallen in love with a woman. We have hours of lovemaking together and for the first time in my life I am totally fulfilled. We live on separate coasts, so we do not get to see each other much. She has introduced me to different methods of masturbation that work for her and I have now branched out into what works for me. We are totally turned on listening on the phone to each other cuming and we describe what we do to ourselves to each other. One thing I did that really surprised me was when she was out here for a visit, we visited a local "toy shop" where we picked up a butt plug. I threw it in the drawer but came across it a couple of weeks ago. I lubed it up and put it in..... and WOW!!! At first I didn't' know what to do or feel. I just left it in there. Then, with the help of my egg vibrator against my clit and dildo just barely entering my cunt, I came to a FANTASTIC orgasm within seconds. and the BEST part is that it lasted and lasted! I have not yet figured out how to delay the eruption, but it is really a VERY INTENSE and long lasting orgasmic sensation!! It seems so unusual for me to be experiencing such wonderful feelings in what I think is my GOLDEN YEARS! I never wanted to do these things in all the years I was married. Sex with my husband was never good for me. I am shocked and excited at the same time that at my age I have finally found myself and am happy loving womyn!! Womyn are soft, smell good, taste good and I feel so content and happy. We also know how to please each other sexually. We connect with our minds, our hearts our souls and our bodies follow!!! Thanks for your informative site.


While I masturbate, here is what I dream of...

When it becomes dark outside, I slip off all my clothes & tiptoe into my outdoor hot tub. The warm water washes over me. My breasts float to the top of the water so I can stroke them easily & gently. I tilt my head back, look up at the stars & start to fantasize.

I imagine that there are other people in the hot tub with me; men & women. They are also naked so I can easily see the other women's breasts floating. I want to reach over & rub them. I gradually move around the tub until I am near the woman that I am the most attracted to. I slowly begin sucking on her beautiful, round breasts while she arches her back, letting me do what I want. The others in the hot tub have moved around to the other side, watching us. I put my hand down under the water & touch her knee, her thigh and slide my hand up until I feel the hot, slippery area between her legs. I go very slowly, making her want more. As I begin to stroke her pussy more & more, I let my body float up to the top of the water. I spread my legs wide apart so that the others can stare at my pussy while I continue to rub her. I take her clitoris between my fingers & rub. She is breathing heavier & heavier. One of the other women in the tub comes closer while the men are looking & stroking themselves under the warm water. I bring my partner close to orgasm, but slow it down as I pull her body up above the water. I nestle my mouth in between her legs, flicking my tongue over her clitoris. Then I place my whole mouth over her pussy & lick her until she arches her back & comes. As she rests & comes down from her climax, one of the other women in the tub starts to lick between my legs. She circles her tongue all around my clitoris until she lands on just the right spot. I stroke her breasts while she holds me up above the water. I stare at the wide-open legs of my other partner & can't hold back my orgasm. I feel engorged, flooding with desire. The open pussy in my face the entire time.


Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm 17

I started masturbating when I was around 12 I think, a year or so after I first started my period. I was reading a novel that had a sexy part in it, and I felt my nether regions growing hot. I was wearing jeans at the time, lying on my right side with novel in hand. I found that hooking my left leg over and pretty much crossing my legs while I was lying down felt wonderful. I proceeded to move my left leg, causing the seam in the jeans to rub against my clitoris.

I'm a virgin so I find penetration uncomfortable. I don't really like to touch myself down there either... I assume its block I put up now, but the only way I can get off is by the said method above. I've had a few female lovers, and only once was one able to bring me to climax because I had already gotten myself excited. My jeans are all wearing out in the crotch area too. hehe.


I love masturbating. I have been doing it since I was 11. I usually start by watching some porn so I get really turned on. Then I go to my bed and start rubbing my clit a little. I start soft and then get harder. Then I start fantasizing about women licking my pussy. Then as I am about cum, I insert a long rounded object into my vagina for the most intense orgasm. This is always the highlight of my day!


I love everything about masturbating. The thought of it, the action of it, talking about, reading about it... everything!

I started masturbating occasionally when I was in high school. I would wear a glove or use something other than my hand because I didn't like the way I felt, but now I love feeling my own thick cum. It's one of the things that turns me on the most.

I masturbate several times a day, whenever I get the urge- though sometimes I put it off because I like the aching feeling I get when I make myself wait.

I don't have any special technique. I use 2 or 3 fingers on my right hand to stimulate my clitoris, and occasionally into my vagina to make myself more wet. To me, it's better depending on the circumstance. For example, one of my biggest turn-ons in masturbating while other people are in the room and they don't know that you are getting yourself off. I do this when I'm watching TV with some friends, or on a long car ride with my family, or similar situations. I love it!

Another time I enjoy masturbating is doing it while my boyfriend watches me. He loves it, and it gets me really excited when I can turn him on so much.

One of my favorite sexual things we do together is watching each other masturbate- it is incredibly sexy. I think the fact that I masturbate is one of the reasons we have great sex- I know what my body likes and doesn't like, so I can help him figure it out too. He recently purchased a toy for us- a little vibrator- and he uses it on my clitoris and inside of me, and it is an amazing sensation. If you've never used a vibrator, I highly recommend it!

I think about a lot of things while I masturbate. I think about sex with my boyfriend, or another woman going down on me, like a sexy celebrity or something. I think about what it would be like to be a prostitute and have orgasms for a living (I know it's not that glamorous, but it's a fantasy). Some strange things I think about are being raped, or my boyfriend being sexual with another woman. While I would hate to really experience either of things in real life, for some reason thinking about them while I masturbate seems to really turn me on.


My name is Pam, I am 39 years old. Well, let me tell you about my experience.....Well, I like to be totally naked, lying down with my hips raised by sitting on some pillows. My legs spread and a mirror positioned so I can see my pussy. I also like to put Bobby-pins on my nipples. As I pinch my nipples with one hand the other hand spreads my snatch wide open. then I squirt baby oil on my pussy and rub it all over my clit then as it gets juicy--I start the vibrator. It is on "high" And vibrating all over my pussy until finally I feel as though my cunt is caving in! :)

Sabrina - My First Orgasm - Age 14

First off I'd like to thank whoever made this site...it has helped me reach my [first] orgasm. I was reading some of these experiences the other ladies had, and I got rather wet. I was home alone so I decided to try one of them out, I decided on the shower method. Already somewhat wet, I went into my bathroom and stripped off my clothes. I started teasing my nipples a little, and they were pretty hard already. So I turned on the tub faucet, and since I don't have a detachable shower head :( I decided to try something out. I lay in the tub on my back, and scooted up until my pussy was below the water. I put the water on warm, not too hot but not cold. Oh my...the force of the water felt sooo good on my clit and when I felt myself reaching my peak, I adjusted the tap so cold water came out. This really worked wonders. I had my orgasm in about three minutes. Although I started masturbating at a young age, at about 6 or 7, I had never had an orgasm. For those who haven't tried the shower method, I suggest you try it, it feels soooooo good.


I am probably the only one who does this... late at night I will pretend that I am the doctor (male) who is examining my vulva... I have never had a doctor examine my vulva and I am also a virgin... then as the "doctor" explores I fantasize that he is giving me oral sex while I insert (usually at fat carrot) into me. Then I place a small super ball with petroleum jelly on top of my clitoris and place a firm pillow under my vulva, and while on my tummy I "hump" the pillow. I am still exploring new ways to reach pleasure because these orgasms that I have are dull, they feel really good but I don't get that earth shattering feeling that most woman explain.

You can use my letter on your website. I think that it is the coolest place for teens especially to go to and learn more about that place that "feels good" and that they are not the only ones who masturbate.


I am fifteen years old, and I have just recently gotten into masturbation. I am not going to lie..I love it. My favorite way to make myself come is direct clitoral stimulation. Every night almost when my entire family is asleep, I lay in bed. I use my mind to imagine fantasies or I read up on your site! I begin by stroking my entire vulva outside of my panties. When I start to get wet I slowly begin to rub my clit. I start out slow, and then I increase the speed, moving in tiny circles. I usually close my eyes with my legs spread as wide as possible with my feet touching. Little by little, my hips begin to gyrate up into the air. It starts out small, and then as I near orgasm, they start thrusting into the air uncontrollably. At this point, I begin to feel an ache to be filled, but I do not penetrate my vagina. I keep rubbing my clitoris furiously with my hips thrusting into the air, bouncing up and down on my bed with nothing but a tank top on. Soon, a tingly sensation begins to come over me. My hips thrust at twice the speed as cum pours out of my vagina, dripping. My pussy is so hot. I can feel the contractions as I orgasm, quietly moaning under my breath so no one can hear. I keep circling my clit until the orgasm is over, and then I go into euphoria. I am so calm and relaxed. The feeling is incredible.


I'm 15 years old and just started touching myself about 5 months ago .. I always thought it was wrong and that no girls ever did it but then I read this site and realized every one does it .. It feels sooo good .. I usually stay up late and look online at videos of girls rubbing their clits which turns me on so much .. I then go to my room and lay on my stomach .. I use a round tube of lip gloss and slide it over my clit gently and get faster and faster until I start to quiver and it feels amazing .. I still haven't gotten up to actually putting anything inside me because I'm still a little nervous but I think that for anyone who doesn't want to stick something into them .. just rub yourself and play around with your clit because it feels great


Hi my name is Vic and am age 24! I love your web site. Truly inspirational. I also would like to share one of my "secret" techniques which you as it has and still gives me great pleasure. I have been masturbating regularly since I am 12 and I can not imagine a life without it.

Now to my favorite: May be some you remember playing as children with the sit-on bouncing balls. You know these 20 inch balls with two handles to hold on while bouncing along. Anyway having one around in my house, I one time was looking for alternatives to my masturbation routine and I thought well this big ball with the two handles looks like it would be interesting to sit own. This thought developed over some days and to say the least my fantasy went wild and I eagerly waited for a good opportunity to put it in practice. After a thorough cleaning ( I like to keep things hygienic) and putting a condom and a good portion of lube on both handles I slowly sat on the ball with one handle entering my waiting pussy and one handle penetrating my anus. Once sitting completely on the ball I started to make slow circling motions with my hips getting such a fantastic feeling all over that I got very excited quickly ( I guess the waiting for the occasion also helped). The freedom to move in all directions and to feel the movements inside me is just great. Needless to say that I just needed a few gentle clit strokes to get my first orgasm. Having the clit fully accessible is a must for me so this really worked out great for me but I have some fantasy on a more customized handle shape to increase the pleasure...

After this first experience I have treat to myself this way on special occasions. I can only recommend it.

Love and pleasure to all, Vic


Hello, my name is Jennifer and I'm 14 years old. I've been masturbating since I was 11 years old, and I've been doing it everyday ever since. I still remember the first time vividly, I was feeling really horny and I was dry humping a pillow when suddenly I felt some wonderful sensations coming from down there. I used to feel so dirty and unnatural doing it, until one day I walked in on my sister while she was masturbating, and then I realized I wasn't the only one. I'm not very experimental, so my typical routine involves me lying down in bed with my panties off and I place two fingers on my clit and rub in a circular motion to stimulate myself until orgasm. There's also G-Spot stimulation, where I insert a finger and rub it against the G-Spot. The resulting orgasm is pure bliss! And then, there's also showerhead stimulation (every girl's favorite!), where I kneel down on the floor and place the showerhead against my clitoris so the water flow is directed at it. But my BEST experiences are when I use a vibrator. I don't have one of my own, but one day I was looking for stuff in my sister's drawer when I found one. I was so excited, I immediately rushed to my room and locked the door. Normally I take around 15 minutes to orgasm, but this time I was done in like, a minute. It was faster, more powerful and lasted longer than a normal orgasm. Damn, I was nearly writhing with pleasure. I'm so jealous of my sister for having such a wonderful toy to use everyday.


I love masturbation. I been doing it since I was a child. It feels good. I enjoy it. First I take off all my clothes and I lay in bed and get under the covers, sometimes I don't use covers. I lay in bed with my legs spread apart and open and I start caressing my cootie cat with my finger on the out side of it. Or I will use my own spit to make it feel real good. Second, now that I'm laying on my back with my finger inside me I start humping the bed. It feels really good. I like to masturbate all the time but mostly at night. Because I completely naked. I like to use my finger the most. I never thought of any thing else.


Call me Roxanne :)

I have masturbated since I was a young girl. I have known about my clitoris since as long as I can remember; I can't ever remember NOT knowing how good it felt to pleasure myself there. For many years I masturbated by simply rubbing something hard (a brush handle, a wooden spoon, etc.) against my clit until I orgasmed. As I got older, I discovered the beauty of using your fingers to flick the clit and rub it in a circular motion until orgasm. I bought my first dildo in college and enjoyed rubbing my clit with the fingers of one hand while using my other hand to use the dildo in my pussy, working it in and out of my wet pussy while rubbing and flicking my clit. I always fantasize about women when I masturbate, even back in college. I love men...love a hard body during sex! But the female body is so beautiful and simply thinking of what it would be like to have a naked woman's mouth on my pussy, licking and sucking (maybe even a light nibble!) my clit, playing with and sucking on my nipples, etc. brings me to orgasm so quickly. I think I've tried every method of masturbation (shower head, jets in a Jacuzzi, jets in my spa tub, etc (for my clitoris), and until I bought my first dildo I had used cucumbers, fat markers, and various other objects to use inside my pussy).

The main way I masturbate now is I have vibrator (sold as a back massager) and I have a dildo. I will just lie in my bed, naked, and spread my legs wide...I'm usually already in the mood by this point so I get right to business with my left hand I spread my lips wide so that my clitoris is exposed and then with my other hand I use the vibrator to tease myself, placing it on my clit in little spurts...I do this until I can't take it anymore and my pussy is pretty wet. I will then use the vibrator with my left hand and with my right hand I will place a fingertip inside my pussy to make sure I'm wet (I may be weird but I do not enjoy putting my fingers inside my pussy). Then, with the vibrator still working on my clit, I insert the dildo into my pussy and working that in and out of my pussy, coupled with the vibrator on my clit, and fantasizing about a woman's mouth on my pussy and clit, I can have an orgasm within minutes! I have even video taped myself masturbating...what a turn on...not only while you're doing it, but then to watch you pleasure yourself--amazing experience. The facial expressions alone make me wet.

Tonight I tried the 'squeeze bottle' method I've read about on here several times. I had never heard of it or thought of it, so I furiously searched my house for the right type of bottle. I found one and, sitting here at my desk reading stories on your site, I pulled off my panties, spread my legs and put the bottle on my clit and let it 'suck' my clit over and over until I came. Super hot! Thank you for sharing that technique.


Technique 1: Spooning your G spot

I have been using this technique a lot lately. I don't think I have heard of anyone doing this. What you need is a stainless steel spoon, large or small. The handle makes things very easy and your G-Spot will thank you!

First, make sure you are well lubricated. Lay down on the floor or bed, placing a pillow underneath of your hips. This creates the perfect angle for G-Spot manipulation. Open your legs very wide and draw your knees up to your chest. Insert the spoon into your cunt making sure that the smooth, curved side is facing upwards. Press the spoon upwards directly against your G-Spot - or any spot that feels good. Keep doing this and increase the pressure the hornier you get. Tapping quickly and vigorously as you feel your orgasm coming is amazing.

To increase the pleasure, gyrate your hips. Slow down if you want to prolong the feeling. You can take out the spoon occasionally and firmly press it against your clit.

I get very, very wet when I am horny, so I like doing this while holding a mirror in front of my cunt. The sight of my pussy getting wetter and the  juice dripping down the spoon handle gets me going even more. The orgasms I get from doing this are mind blowing. Sometimes, I will come in five minutes. Other times, I will prolong the session to half an hour or so.

Technique 2: Banging Your Clit

Even though I tend to masturbate through penetration (I have always been able to attain vaginal orgasms very easily ever since I started masturbating), I do sometimes play with my clit. If I squeeze my thighs together, I come easily. This is great, but using a book is even better!

Again, lay down on the bed or floor. Make sure you are well lubricated. I prefer to have a pillow under my hips, but the choice is yours. Take a thick, hard covered book and 'bang' the spine against your clit. Move your hips up and down. You will come in minutes.

Because I am very sensitive, I will leave on my wet panty, as the intense, direct stimulation I get from the book can be too much.

Enjoy the techniques.

I would recommend using caution when striking the clitoris with anything. If you feel pain then you are likely hurting yourself. I had a woman respond very favorably to having her naughty vulva gently spanked with my hand, and this masturbation technique may have the same affect on the vulva and clitoris.


I am 45 soon to be 46. I was married for thirteen years and had a wonderful sex life. After it all came to an end, I found masturbation to be a wonderful release. I never knew how much I missed the intimate part of my marriage. I should say, the sexual intimacy of my marriage. I wish I had something new to add but my method is the usual finger on my clitoris. I am glad that I found this sight because I can see what others like myself are doing.


I'm 15, almost 16, and I've been masturbating for about 2 and a half years. When I first started I would just use a candle as a dildo, but I never orgasmed that way. I finally orgasmed when I got a vibrating flossing thing, called a Hummingbird, when I was 14. I masturbate almost everyday now, using different techniques.

Sometimes I take off my underwear and put on 100% polyester shorts, because the fabric is really soft. Then I rub the fabric against my clit, which feels absolutely amazing. It feels even better after the shorts are soaked from my own juices. I fantasize about a man and a woman masturbating together, and the man cumming everywhere while the woman is using a dildo to get herself off. I have a more satisfying orgasm this way, because I am doing my own work to get myself to climax.

Other times, mostly when I'm in the shower, I use a vibrating toothbrush. Despite it's small size, the toothbrush it actually a very powerful vibrator and sometimes it's too powerful for my sensitive clit. I lay under the hot water on my back, and rub the toothbrush head around my vagina and then I go straight to my clit with it. While I'm doing this, I rub my nipples until they are very hard. It takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to orgasm this way.

You site has helped me to realize that a lot of other girls my own age masturbate just like I do, and that masturbating is completely normal. Thanks.


I started masturbating when I was 11 or so (I'm 14 now), and loved it. I discovered a technique that I could use in places where you wouldn't usually masturbate. I used it in class the most, which wasn't the smartest... I ended up failing!

Anyway, I would have panty liners or a pad on, so I wouldn't get everything wet. I would move closer to the desk and stick my hand in my pants. I would, with my undies in between (so my hand wouldn't get wet) rub or circle my clit. I wouldn't always bring me an organism, but it sure felt good, and
kept me preoccupied.

It would be a good technique to use if on a subway, plane, ect. Or, if you graduated, at work, if you work in an office.