Female Masturbation Techniques and Experiences - Collection 5


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Hmmmm.....lets see, I have been masturbating since I was a young teen.....All my life I have been very orgasmic....I think I had my 1st orgasm at about 14.....I used to sit in the tub and just start out stroking my clit softly....just small circles.....I would sometimes have a mirror, because visual stimulation turns me on....I would watch my finger gently stroking my clit and get all excited...usually inserting something into my pussy as I felt the strong sensations mount....God it was awesome....I loved to fantasize about things when I do.....usually someone doing it for me.....I'm not into women...so it was usually a man between my thighs licking wildly....I love oral sex.....I love to have someone get me right to the point of orgasm and then have them put their cock inside me and let their fingers or mine take me the rest of the way....I love the feeling of a strong finger touching my clit....leaning back and letting my mind wander...OMG...can cum for hours.......Just nothing better :0)...............................Eli


I am going to be sixteen and I masturbate using pacifiers (rubber nipples.) I am a virgin so one big nipple in me and the other moving fast around my clitoris makes me quiver. Everyone should have a few in all different sizes and texture. You might laugh because you think of them only for babies but they feel so good...try it. I hope people try this.

Part II:

Ok, well they feel like flesh when you rub them down there. So what I have done is after a shower I spread my legs and rub them around my whole pussy until it kind of opens and then put the bigger one in the bigger hole and then use the little hard one to play with my g-spot. You should try it, it gives you shivers all over. I have tried a lot of things but this is the best...and rubbing them wet on your nipples helps a lot too.


My name is Jinous. I am a 20 years old girl and love masturbation. One of my most favorite methods of masturbating is by using an object that is warm, soft, smooth, and slimy. For this purpose, I use an Aubergine (French for egg-plant ) with a suitable size and straight length because it is soft and its skin is smooth enough. For total pleasure the Aubergine should be warm. I warm it by inserting it into warm water. Before doing that, it should lubricate completely with lubricating jelly. At this time, everything is ready for a very delightful masturbation session. I rub my nipples, clitoris and labia minora until I am thoroughly wet, then I insert my fingers into my vagina one by one and for this I use my vaginal lubrication. When my vagina becomes ready, I insert warm and slimy Aubergine into my vagina. Ohh!!! is lovely thing. I move it back and forth many times for my first orgasm. The next step, I rub my anus and play with it and by using lubricating jelly, I lubricate it. Then I insert my fingers inside.

After relaxation of my sphincter, I insert Aubergine into my anus. Ohhh!!! it is very pleasurable too. I love it so much. It is unbelievable but lovely Aubergine goes into my anus very conveniently. I move it back and forth into my anus and at the same time rubbing my clitoris till I reach my second orgasm. Try it. This kind of masturbation will be very desirable so that you cannot forget the pleasurable times with your lovely Aubergine. Good Luck.


I am a 27 years old and been married for 8 years. I read the emails regarding the masturbation technique of lying on your stomach with interest. I have been doing this all my life although I have tried on many occasions lying on my back. I honestly thought I was the only one. Recently I have tried lying on my back without much success. I get aroused and well lubricated but have to always switch back to my stomach to achieve orgasm.

I have finally managed on some occasions to reach orgasm with my husband when he lies on his back and me on top. I have to really grind myself down on him varying the movements so that my clit rubs on him. It helps if I bend forward to kiss him or if he raises his head to suck and bite my nipples. I have to be very relaxed and in control with erotic images and thoughts in my head. He knows this is the only position that I can cum with him and he is very loving while I ride him, always caressing my face, body and ass. Sometimes we cum together or when I am done then he turns me over and then it's his turn. I don't try to fake it because he can feel the difference in my vagina when I cum. Also him sitting on a chair or the bed and me on top rocking back and forth helps me to cum.

Another way I discovered recently is if he does me from the back with me lying on my stomach. This way I can just masturbate normally...only problem is he cums too quickly because he can feel my vaginal walls contracting. But we working on that by starting that position first (usually we do that position last after various other ones)

I hope that this may help some of your readers who masturbate on their stomachs. Don't get me wrong I am still practicing the other methods that all your other readers are raving about.


I'm going to start by saying that I'm also like Betty, I think of men with men and occasionally incest.

I was never molested, my family was wonderful. The thought of someone doing something they shouldn't is wonderful! I had my first orgasm around 11. I had to climb a pole to unwind a swing and on the way up it happened. From then on I'd rub against anything I could. As I got older, I would lay on my stomach with my palm facing up and rub against that. I'm 27 now and can do it on my back. I still have to use the palm of my hand on my clit but can use a finger inside of me also. I haven't used any toys yet but can't wait.


I think that this is a great site! I started masturbating when I was 4 years old. At the time, I just pressed my hand up against the crotch of my panties, crossed my legs, and pressed. I did this for many years. Then when I was about 12, I found out where my clitoris was and started doing things differently. I like to touch it in several ways. My favorite way is to use the second and third fingers of my right hand against the right side of the shaft. I move it in small, hard circles--giving it a good massage. Sometimes I like to use those same fingers and touch the tip of the clitoris directly in gentle circles, but only if I'm really worked up first. I like the way it feels all wet and slippery. Always, I like to press my left fingers on my left labia and pull it up to intensify the feeling. If I have a lot of time, I'll tease my clitoris for a long time before rubbing it. I like to use light, feathery strokes until I can't stand it anymore. I'm always on my back with my legs spread and knees bent. Sometimes I'll watch myself in a hand mirror and sit propped up. I like to watch myself get wet. I can only have one orgasm with myself, but when I'm with a partner, I can have five or six.


Hi, well I'm 17, and I've been masturbating since I was about 7. I love fantasizing about women. But I've been using this one technique since I started and to this very day it's the best I've ever come across. My technique is that I get into my shower....I take the shower head (the one that has a hose and extends) I sit on the floor, spread my legs...adjust the settings and temperature...and after that I sit in an "Indian style" position with it trapped in between my legs hitting my clit. I start touching my breasts and leaning forward...then I have this monstrous orgasm so quickly and it's almost unbearable. Are there any more shower/bathtub techniques?


I have been masturbating since I was 15 and started by rubbing my clitoris in a circular motion whilst lying in front of a mirror naked. The sight of my large breasts used to turn me on no end. I love tweaking my nipples so that they become erect and then I skim them with my free hand. This in turn makes my clitoris more sensitive and I become wet almost immediately. I soon afterwards discovered the pleasure to be had by pointing a shower hose at my clitoris and by gently moving the water pressure from side to side, in this way I would experience the most intense orgasms that often last for what seems like minutes. They are so intense that my body shakes and tears stream down my face. I have since shown my girlfriend this way of coming and she too now enjoys the same pleasure with the shower hose!


This isn't so much of a technique... but I find that men rub or even lick too hard on the clit... I love to have it kissed, blown or rubbed ever so gently, yet fast, butterfly wings I call them. Anyway, back to myself. I find that I can have the most amazing orgasms when I am alone. I lie on my back, smooth oil over my breasts and tummy and work the oil downwards until I reach my pussy. I gently press it open with 2 fingers and with my middle finger run it the length of my pussy until I reach my clitoris. I gently rub my clit with this finger, gently all the time, but getting faster as I get more turned on. It sounds corny, but I get this warm feeling inside, to the tips of my toes, and when I start to quiver and my finger can't go anymore, I start with my vibrator. Sometimes I just hold in on my clit, and let the vibrations take me to orgasm, other times I rub it fast over my clit, when my orgasm is building up and I don't think I can take anymore I keep going, I start to buck my hips onto the vibrator which gives me such a powerful orgasm... All this and no penetration...... I finish off by either inserting the vibrator or my fingers to feel the muscles of my pussy contract with the orgasm. It is soooooooooooo good. Want to do it now!!! lol.


I have one masturbation technique; it is to turn the water in the tub on full and to open my vulva. It is great. Then I rub my nipples with my right hand. I hold my vulva open with my left hand.


Hi. I'm Shelly. I'm 14 and have masturbated since I was 11. I was always interested in sex since I was like 4. I'm horny all the time and luv to cum. I like to sit on the edge of the couch (in the basement where no one ever goes) and bend forward and stick my hand in my cunt. I turn on my favorite song that makes me so horny cuz they talk about fucking*. I get all wet and start rubbing my clit with my right index and middle fingers. I move my pelvis in circles so that my anus rubs against the edge of the couch, which makes me so wanna fuck! I cum in about 3 minutes, and I like to pee myself right there a little bit before and while I'm cummin. I love this site and visit it everyday.

*The song l listen to can be found on the album "LUDACRIS- Back for the First Time" ............ track 15-What's Your Fantasy Remix.


I really like the site, good job! After reading through the masturbation stories from other girls I've learned that many began pleasuring themselves at very young ages. This makes me feel better, cause I remember masturbating when I was as young as 5 maybe? I don't know how, but I discovered that climbing a rope felt great and it went on from there. So I have a lot of different masturbation techniques. One that I didn't read about is my creation that I call the "pillow mound." I like to take off my panties, and just leave on maybe a tank top or something, and then stack up about 4 or 5 pillows on my bed. Then you just straddle the mound and rock, or grind back and forth to orgasm, but you need to put a towel or something over the pillows cause it gets all wet and slimy down there. If you want something firmer to ride, you can put a beanie baby, or something of like matter, under the towel, and adjust it between your lips. This feels great, but gets you sore the first time. After I take a shower or bath, and still naked in the bathroom, I sometimes straddle the side of the bathtub and grind my pubic area all over it. This gets me really excited when I start to hear wet, dirty noises....this gives you a real slimy, wet, and warm orgasm.......mmmmmm.......: )


I'm 49 years old and have been masturbating for my entire life. I love my clit. No one has loved my clit as much as me. I only play with my magic button about once a week. After everyone goes to bed I stay up. I sit on the couch and pull down my panties. My clit is already swollen at this time. I usually use my own saliva to really get my clit slick. Then I stroke back and forth. I sometime drool my saliva onto my clit. It's so warm. I cum almost immediately.


My mother - who is very old fashioned, lives with me. So whatever I do, I must do quietly as discretely. Since I'm a shy person who can't find the courage to by a dildo or a vibrator - I purchased an Easytoner from K-Mart (It is a small cylinder w/ a vibrating ball at the top.) I press the ball against my clit and think of that secret love.


Hi my name is Mandy I am 16 years old and I love to masturbate. First, I start by start by taking off my shirt and pants then I take off my bra. Second, I usually start to rub myself above my panties; usually a thong. Third, I slide a finger into my vagina and I also make small circular motions with my middle finger on my clit. Then I take two fingers and I slide them into my vagina. I slide them in and out very rapidly until I cum. When I try other things to get off, I slide two fingers into my anus and with my other hand I just rub my pussy.


I read many of the entries, but found none that described one of my techniques. I start out as most women do, gently playing with my nipples and teasing myself. When I'm wet and juicy, I dip my fingers in ice water and then begin to play with my clitoris. It feels so good! It's a very nice contrast from the heat of my pussy and clitoris. If I'm really hot, I will take a small ice cube and rub it around my clit. I can't continue this to orgasm because it is too intense, but it is a great way to get me really hot. After the ice melts and I feel like I couldn't take anymore, I play with my clit and simultaneously slide 2 fingers in and out of my vagina. If I go slow enough, I can come more than once. The bathtub also works great. However I can usually only get one orgasm out of that.


Hey... I'm 15 years old, in high school. I've been masturbating since I was really little, so far back I can't remember. I had all these crazy techniques like riding a bike with no panties, or just playing with myself. It would suck getting caught by my mom though, but that kind of made it "dangerous."

My friends all think masturbation is dirty but I think it's seriously the best thing. Since my boyfriend lives in another state, I don't really get to see him that much and masturbation is a very good thing. I've done it over the phone a couple of times for him and he gets so turned on by it, so do I.

My favorite way is probably the whole running water thing. When I'm alone and I hafta be alone cuz I make alotta noise, but anyway, I start the water, making sure its not too hot but hot enough, and very forceful.. Then I position myself under the running water so it hits directly on my clit + oh my god. I swear, it feels like you're floating and your clit throbs for hours afterwards. When I want to be really quick, I'll go to my room. I have a semi-hard pillow that I roll up and lay on the edge of the bed, then straddle, with my legs over the edge of the bed. Then I grind from there, going slow then ending up faster until I hit an orgasm. I can do that in about 5 minutes, not long at all; and it feels great.

I don't have a vibrator yet cause its not really something you can ask your mom for.. hah.. but yeah, soon. Hope your little masturbation adventures are going well too.


I love to masturbate... I've been doing it forever, it feels like. My favorite way is to lie face down and gently grab my breasts and feel my nipples. I imagine some older man whispering, "your hot" or "I can't wait to be inside you," in my ear. Then I slowly unzip my jeans and place my hand on my already wet and warm vulva. I stroke my clit up and down slowly imagining this man is taking all this time just to enjoy me. I then began to quicken my speed and I breath hard and moan. I place one of my fingers inside myself as I come. It's so great and amazing to come like this. Sometimes I imagine he is eating me out, so to say. I guess this is one way to let my fantasy's become reality.


I'm 17 and I masturbate almost everyday, I do it at night when everyone is asleep. I rub my clit in small hard circles and insert two fingers into my vagina. I love feeling my walls get tight around my fingers, a few minutes after I start, I hit an orgasm. It's SO good!


Hello! My name is Lillie I'm 16 and I love to masturbate. I have been masturbating since I was about 5 or 6. At first I didn't know what that feeling was but I knew it was a great feeling so I kept doing it. I was also sexually abused when I was little so that might have some thing to do with how I act now. I am not ashamed that I masturbate. I love it. The best thing that I have found to do is when I lay down on my back, I often start to touch my nipples to get me started, then I work my way around my body. At first I would start to circle around my clit then use the tip of my middle finger and slide it up and down my whole pussy. After I start to get worked up I roll on to my tummy then start to fantasize about a man about 20 or so taking a little girl and ripping of her panties and licking at her before he enters her. For some reason this usually get me really going, Then sometimes I get this fantasy that there is this teacher who is teaching sex ed. and he demonstrates how to have sex by getting a girl from the class room to help him. This ends up him taking her. I don't know why I get so work up about this. I used to think masturbating was wrong, because of religion reasons. But since I found this site I have found myself more comfortable with myself, and talking about it.


My name is Sally, I'm 54, I love to masturbate and have been doing so since the age of 6. I am a twin and while on vacation with my family in 1952 my sister and I were taking a bath and her foot accidentally pressed against me with her toe directly on my clit. At first I told her to move her foot off of my nu-nu but instead she just pressed harder and wiggled her toes. It was immediate and it was powerful and I immediately did the same to her and she had the very same reaction.

After that first accidental discovery it became a daily (and sometime more frequent) indulgence. We would often masturbate ourselves but most frequently we would do each other. This practice continued until we were 10 years old. That was when I caught my brother Terry (he is exactly one year older) jerking off. It scared him to death but I convinced him that it was okay and his secret was safe because Molly and I played with ourselves also.

It took a little coaxing but we finally convinced him to join Molly and me. We were both totally infatuated with his cock and the way it felt in our hands as we jerked him off and regularly let him rub our clits. The more we did it the more we enjoyed it and our climaxes continued to get stronger and stronger.

By the time we were in our teens we had started to engage, occasionally, in oral sex. We would all do each other, but most often it was just masturbation. While we talked about it quite a lot we never actually fucked each other.

Our practice of masturbation and occasional oral sex with each other has continued to this day. We all married by the time we were 23 and are all still happily married. Our spouses have not a clue about what has been going on for all these years.

My brother recently moved away and I don't get to see him as often so we have started to engage in phone sex. I receive a call from him every morning right after my husband leaves for work. This has been even more exciting than any thing that we have ever done. My sister and I have decided that it is finally time to take this three-way relationship to the next level. Maybe?


When I was a teen and desiring penetration I discovered a hairbrush with a long and wide oblong handle. I would lie on my back and hike up my hips and legs like in the bicycling exercise, using my hands to hold my butt up. This allowed gravity to 'push' the brush down. Then I would rotate the brush in circles using my thighs. Grind and squeeze, rotate and grind. It was great. I am 47 now and have always used masturbating to release tension and teach me about how my body enjoys pleasure.