Female Masturbation Techniques and Experiences - Collection 23


Illustration by PatsyWow... this site is sooo helpful! I've been masturbating on a regular basis for the past year. It all started when I started having a "friends-with-benefits" fling with my best friend. It started off innocently enough... we were up late one night talking on the phone; then he asked me if I ever fingered myself and, although I had tried before, I was too embarassed to admit it. Then he asked if I would let him do it, and I got so turned on that I said yes! We then spent the next hour or so sending dirty texts to one another, and then within a week we hooked up. We lay on his bed making out and he fingered me and I gave him a hand job. It was fun experimenting because there were no strings attached.

From then on I began to explore my body more, and I figured out what to do so that I could reach an orgasm. I find that penetration doesn't really do it for me. I have the best orgasm from clitoral stimulation. I also like to watch these short videos that I got from this guy. I was browsing youtube one day and feeling horny, then I came across this really hot amateur video of a couple on a couch, and the man was putting his hand down the woman's pants and obviously fingering her. It really turned me on; I read the comments, and someone left one saying they had the full video. Naturally, I emailed this guy asking for the full video and he sent it to me! Afer watching it, I had one of the best orgasms because I loved picturing the guy taking off my pants and fingering me. I enjoyed it so much that he sent me another one... this time with a different couple, and the guy eats the girl out. It instantly gets me wet everytime! And if I don't have the time or I'm not near my computer to watch the video, I just fantasize about someone eating me out and then I'm in the right mind set to start rubbing my clit. I cum easily and it feels so amazing that I do it almost every day!


The first time I masturbated was the best time of my life. I was in my sister's room and I found a round pen. I touch the outside of my panties with it and began to move it back and forth...next thing I knew I was in the bathroom on my back with the pen inside me I was at it for like ten minutes until I had an explosion of pee shoot out of me....it was the best feeling in the world. To this day I have masturbated everyday. But now I use dildo's and vibrators....


I like to rub my clit ever so gently then as I get closer to getting off I stop so it would last. I do that till I can't take it anymore. Then I go faster and faster. Then I cum and then do it again all night or all day


I LOVE to masturbate. I use the shower trick sometimes, but I mostly just lie in bed at night, spread apart my legs, and rub my clit. I rub my pussy NOT directly but through my underwear; so I'm not ACTUALLY TOUCHING my pussy DIRECTLY...I LOVE to imagine that my fingers are actually my lover's lips!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was left in the dark for most of my life about masturbation.  I remember lying in bed when I was younger and getting a throbbing sensation between my legs but I had no clue about what it was.  But it didn't strike me as abnormal, either, so I just never asked about it.  Then as I got older I started touching myself--pressing my crotch against the arms of chairs when no one was around, but it wasn't until around 11 that I actually started using my hand.  Still not knowing what the hell I was doing I'd use my index finger to rub my clit, my entire body flushing with arousal.  I didn't orgasm until I'd already tried it a few times.  It was something new and mind-blowing and probably the best feeling I'd ever had.  At the time it was what I needed--having just gone into middle school and things beginning to pile up around me.  I was stressed and my new-found activity was my best (only) release.

I'd known what masturbation was basically--but I didn't know what I was doing was masturbation.  I just kind of figured I was touching myself and making myself feel good.  (I thought you actually had to stick your fingers into your vagina for it to be considered masturbation).  When I was 12 I Googled it and found out that it WAS, in fact, masturbation.  I kind of felt relieved because I finally had something to call it by.  Because being confused really sucks.

I'm 14 now and masturbate almost every day (sometimes I'm just not in the mood and I don't like forcing myself).  My parents don't know and if they do they don't care.  I don't know if anyone else I know does (I don't exactly have a lot of friends and the ones I do have, I'm not comfortable enough talking about it with).  For the most part I read online erotica.  Fan-fiction and band-fiction, mostly--because DAMN that stuff it hot.  I read 'slash'--which is basically sex between two guys (two women is fem-slash) or just fantasize right before I go to bed.  When I fantasize I think about women.  I'm pretty much straight but women are just so much...softer than guys.  I swear--the cock is god's joke on women.  It's so ugly and I really can't imagine having that thing shoved inside me as being "pleasurable".  I'm still a virgin so I'm not into the penetration thing while masturbating because when I try it just feels weird and awkward--like I'm just lying there, poking myself.  Not sexy at all.

This site was both incredibly informative and comforting.  I don't understand that much about masturbation and sex.  I only know what feels good for me and for now that's enough but this site is still awesome anyway.  Makes me feel like I'm not the only one out there (because no one truly likes being alone).


I like to use the jets on my jacuzzi. If you do it too much it is numbing and a little unpleasant, but it feels amazing. If you have access to a jacuzzi or hot tub, I recommend it.


I was deejaying at this club and I saw the most beautiful womanI have ever seen and right away my pussy starts to get moist and I get this overwhelming urge to frigg myself. I put a long song on the CD player and proceeded to steal my fingers inside my panties, found my clit and gave myself a wonderful orgasm. The nice thing about  this was that no one could see me in the DJ booth. Needless to say, I had a few more orgasms before the night was finished


Hi, I just love this site & had to share my experiance immediately. I was just looking at a sex slave site (which turns me on, by the way). I was playing with my clit while I explored, & I came upon a set of pictures that for some reason suddenly caused me to stop. I am proud to say that I have just experienced my first ever orgasm! To all you unsatisfied ladies out there: when you are masturbating, try playing with your clit using your nail. It certainly worked for me!


I started masturbating when I was very young. I have always thought that I was molested but had no recollection, and that's why I started so young. Reading these stories is encouraging; knowing that other women started so young. For as long as I can remember, I used either a stuffed animal's nose (my older sister's "Kirk" was my favorite) or a bunched up piece of blanket to rub myself until I had an orgasm.

I was always ashamed of my masturbation, and I didn't even know that what I was doing was called masturbation until 8th grade when I read about it in a book at church. When I finally realized that lots of people did it, I felt much better about it, but I wanted to stop before I started having sex because I feared that my boyfriend would somehow know. LOL

Up until I was 20, I used masturbation solely as a way to get to sleep easier. I didn't know why it helped, but I knew it did get me right to sleep afterward. I didn't experiment with it until I was in my twenties. The older I get, the more I try.

When I found this site today I got aroused by what I read. I had always wanted to look at myself while masturbating, but I always felt embarrassed, as if someone would see me. After reading some stories, I went to my bedroom, sat in front of the full lenght mirror and took a good look at my pussy as I started rubbing it. I realized how different it looks when I become aroused. I used some spit for lubrication (I prefer spit to synthetic lubes), and began caressing my labia and clit softly, applying pressure in short, infrequent intervals. I pentrated myself with one or two fingers from time to time, but for the first time ever, I did not feel the strong desire for penetration. I watched my pussy the entire time. When I knew I needed to come, I used all four fingers to rub up and down my whole outer vagina. I had the most intense, fulfilling orgasm I've had from manual stimulation. It was amazing. I can't wait to do it again!

I am 24 years old, and I've recently learned how much I want make love to a woman. I love my boyfriend and everything he does to my body, but I really want to lick another woman's pussy. Knowing the pleasure she feels (unlike making love to a man, when you don't know *exactly* what he is feeling because you've never experienced sex as a man) makes me so turned on. Knowing the pleasure that I am giving her will probably make me come without even touching myself! I can't wait to find her. :)


Hi. I'm 32 years old and I'd like to share my favourite masturbation technique with you all. It is a little different from the norm. I lay on my bed and gently stoke my breasts and pinch my nipples with one hand while my other hand plays with my clitoris, inserting two fingers inside me until I'm nice and wet, then I slip a stocking over a nice big cool juicy cucumber and ease it inside me - slowly at first, but increasing the thrusting as I become more turned on until I explode to an earth shattering orgasm.

Does anyone else use this or a similar technique?


I have been masturbating since I was about 12. The first time that I had a really intense orgasm was while I was watching T.V. Fist I slowly rubbed my index finger and middle finger around my vulva, then slowly, I pushed my pinky finger into my vagina. Then start to twist it in circles, I can feel my body tensing. Then all of a sudden, a wave comes over me and my contractions pushes my finger out.


Hi, I am a 24 year old woman and I have been masturbating since I was about 13 and I started off with stuffed animals and went on to carrots, cucumbers and nothing come close to my fingers, I love to stroke my clit and insert my fingers into my hole until I cum. And the feeling is sooooooooo good.

One of these days I want to try it in front of my bofriend.


Hi! First of all, THANK YOU! This site is amazing!

I am 16 years old, and I have been masturbating ever since I knew what I had down their was different then my older brother's! I never knew what I was doing.. I was always curious, pulling at my lips, feeling my vulva...etc.  When I was around 5 or 6, one of my friends brought her father's Playboy magazine into her room and began to turn the pages, I can remember getting really wet.  Then I can remember my clit getting hotter and began to throb.  I began to stroke it.  We would sometimes rub each other's...Like if we played house or doctor's.  When we played house we would take turns being the baby, and lay on our backs and cry and moan and who ever was the "mom" would come and take our panties off and rub.  We would stick our small hands inbetween each other's legs and "Change our diapers"  It was the most amazing feeling ever!  We would cry and moan and yell, pretending to be the baby and our parents never found out!  Doctor was more intence.  We would say "Open wide!" and spread our legs.  All the clothes needed to come off.  We would rub harder and rub lotion all over our vulvas and sometimes rub our vulvas against each other.  We stopped around the age of 7. 

When I was 13, I had not masturbated for years.  One day, I was showering...and oh yeah, you know the deal...the hand held shower hit my clit, and it was on jet stream, so it felt AMAZING!  I then began to shave my pubes, it really itched at first, so I suggest using some kind of ointment the first time.  The bare skin reminded me of when I was young and with my friends.  I also began to get really curious of myself, and I would take pictures of my vulva.  I would often stick Q-Tips in to see how many I could fit.  Then, I found out about rubbing my clit.  I would use 3 fingers and rub in a circular motion over my clit, I can orgasm in seconds!

One of my newest ways is with toothpaste.  Yep, TOOTHPASTE.  It soo cool and tingly...it feels amazing, and makes my legs shake!

I like to put a little on my clit, and then take a lot of tissues and stuff them in between the lips, pressing against my clit.  I try to stuff at least 4 or 5 in myself before putting on a tight pair of panties and walking around.  The pressure mixed with the tingle is a sure way to Orgasm!

Happy masturbating!
Love, Veronica


I just masturbated and it was wonderful! I've been doing it since I was 9 or so, and I was always very curious about sex and sexuality. Little things could arouse me. I'm 19 now. What I just did was lay some blankets and a pillow on the floor. My nipples were erect and I layed down on top of the pillow, slowly rubbing my clit against the fabric and my nipples simutaneously. I imagined I was slowly but surely riding the rock hard cock of a very attractive friend of mine, the sex being very passionate, pleasureable, and slow. I came extremely hard and enjoyed it all. I have been doing this since I can remember. Thinking about woman usually turns me on more though. :)


When I was younger, I would always take showers with my brother, who was a year older than me. We were only about 4 or 5 years old, so these memories are a little distant... One day in the shower I sat down and opened my legs, he threw a wash cloth at it, the hot wash cloth felt so good on my clit. I grabbed it and rubbed it.  He then put his hand on the top of the wash cloth and rubbed it too. From then on, we would always touch each other and rub each other and never really knew what it was... But it felt so good. We stopped once we started taking our own showers.


I have been masturbating for ever.  I never knew what exactly it was...but I knew I liked it!  I can remember exploring that area and getting a rush even when I was a little girl.  I remember when I was young, my friends and I would play house and we would all take turns playing the baby and have to touch each other's vulva, I never knew what that amazing feeling was and we would rub and touch each other and loved it!  We would take off our pants and "Change the baby's diapers" Now I love to use those same techniques on myself!

One of my favorites I remember from being little was I would lay on my back with my knees against my chest, and my friend would run her thumb nail up and down my clit. (You can do this one yourself) she would increase the pressure and the feeling was amazing!

I love to rub my clit.  I take my pants off and usually think about a guy I like and take my index and middle finger and rub my clit in a circular motion.  I move my hips faster and faster against my hand and I sometimes stick my fingers in my vagina, trying to get to my G-spot.  Grabbing my vulva works well too. 

Try using a massage head on a shower, it works amazing!


I've been masturbating almost every day, whether I've been in a relationship or not, since I was in my early teens. I've tried everything that I've ever heard of to get off, and a number of things I've thought up on my own. The trouble is, it now takes longer and longer to get off, with or without a partner. In order to get aroused, I have to think of kinkier and kinkier things. "Regular" sex does not turn me on anymore. I have to think about things like licking a man's cock as it thrusts in and out of another woman's pussy, or sliding my tongue in and out of another woman's anus (I would think about a man's anus, but they are usualy so hairy). Although I still get wet between the legs when I see a large erect cock, especially one that's uncut, I also start to get moist when I see tits with large erect nipples. I think that I must be bi-sexual or something.

Sometimes I masterbate as I drive my car. I might be thinking about some guy's large stiff uncut cock, or I might be thinking about some georgious blondes erect clit poking out of her shaven pussy as she squeezes her hard nipples until just a hint of moisture oozes out of them. All this is making me moist and erect now. It's hard (no punn intended) to type, squeeze my nipples and masturbate all at the same time, so I think I'll stop typing, and masterbate now till I get off.

Enjoy, I am!!


I only started masturbating about a year back, when I was fourteen - actually, it was the the summer just after eigth grade was over. Reading over what you guys have said, I guess I wasn't that young; at the time, though, I felt like a completely perverted freak.

I used to just rub myself against the edge of my bed, but that wasn't really bringing me, and I never got wet.

Then I figured out how to really get myself going.

First, I put on a miniskirt and a slutty camisole that I bought just for this purpose and never wear except when masturbating. I position myself so that I am reflected in my TV (this doesn't work with a mirror, I don't know why - I just like the way I look reflected in the TV) and study the way my breasts curve and slope and strain against the fabric. I admire how full they are - natural 34D's, baby! - and run my hands down and between them. Then I trail one hand down from my breast, trace over my stomach, and settle it on my hip. I knead a bit while still carressing my breasts with the other hand.

Finally, when I start to get good 'n' wet, I allow my hand to smooth over my thigh and between my legs, cupping me through my panties. I rub for awhile until my underwear is completely soaked through, then pull both my hands away so I can remove my clothing, sauntering to my bed as I do so.

I lay back on the sheets, my legs splayed to either side with my kness up in the air, and rub at my clit until I'm about to come - then stop and plunge my fingers inside of me instead. I feel around the back of my pubic bone until I find my G-spot, and then BAM! Presto. Orgasm. If I alternate between rubbing at my clit and searching for that special place, the orgasms can come as long as I keep at it.

Speaking of which...


I am in my early forties and remember the first time that I masturbated using the tap water method in the bath tub was when I was around 14. I had discovered my brothers stash of Playboy, Penthouse, Forum etc. and would read them when no one else was home and would finger myself while doing so. One letter was from a girl who talked about this method of masturbation. So, eager to try it I did so one evening with the bathroom door locked. I could hear my mom cleaning up the dinner dishes on the other side of the wall, my dad was just down the hall and I thought how naughty I was being. I started filling up the tub and once in I scooted my body towards the taps with my legs splayed open, feet braced on either side of the tub. I made sure the water was just the right temperature and then got it gushing really good and hard over my clitoris. Wow! What a sensation. I opened myself wider with the left fingers and just let the water hammer against my clit and pulsate against the opening of my vagina, which I very quickly put my fingers inside of. Well, holy shit! The immensity of my orgasm when starting was so overpowering and caught me so off guard that I had to stop before I totally climaxed as I could not keep from screaming out in ecstasy. I seem to recall having to settle for finishing off in bed later on. I did after that use the bath method of masturbating at every chance when the house was empty. What a turn on.

I remember early on my fantasies of masturbating in public, and finally got my courage up and had a really great session in the sauna of my local fitness club, in the ladies change room, when in my early 20's. I stripped my bathing suit off and wrapped a towel around my waist, got comfortable on the bench inside the sauna and started fingering myself with one leg bent at the knee to open myself up more. It was so exciting because there was a window in the door of the sauna and the thought of being 'caught in the act' was so! arousing. Of course it peaked my excitement further along with the fantasy of having a pair of woman come in to discover what I was doing and join in, going down on me and putting their fingers into my vagina while I sucked their nipples. The thought of that as I rubbed my clit harder and faster just about drove me wild. I came so hard it was thrilling. I never did get interrupted but that fantasy sustained me during many sessions of masturbating at home.

On another occasion I had gone for a walk along the beach in my area which was backed by a dyke separating the beach from farmland where a farmer was tilling the soil on his tractor. The beach area was slightly downhill on the opposite side from this farmland but I was so horny that day that I made myself comfortable against a log, opening my pants and inserting my fingers inside of my panties. Scanning the beach in both directions to make sure no one was around I began rubbing my middle finger against my clitoris, around and around, and sliding it downwards to my opening where I was really good and wet, then back to my clitoris where I began to circle more and more exhuberantly, around and around, back and forth, down to my wetness and back, over and over and the excitement was building, and the anticipation of being caught was so arousing and as I came I could barely keep myself from calling out and stop my body from writhing. A couple passed by a minute later and I wondered if they had seen what I had just been doing. It was such a turn on doing it outdoors and I frequently fantasise about having sex either with a man or a woman at various public places. So hot and I am wet just thinking about it. Got to go and get busy.



My name is Mariana. I'm 22 and have been masturbating since I was about 12 or so. When I first started out, I would fold up a pillow, put it between my legs, and ride it hard against my clit until I came. On occassion I still do this, but I like feeling my wet pussy much more.

I am not very breast oriented. Sometimes I'll pinch my nipples, but I like to get right to the good stuff--my dripping wet pussy! I slowly pull apart my pussy lips, dipping one finger in slowly, then adding another, pumping in and out with two fingers. I use my other hand to keep my pussy lips open while I finger fuck my pussy for awhile, then I start to attack my clit. I rub it HARD and FAST, up and down at first, then around in circles. Mmm, it feels so good--I'm horny just thinking about it! As I get closer to orgasm, I wet my finger from my pussy, and I shove it into my ass while I rub my clit. I start to jerk my hips against my hands, and then I cum allllll over my hands, soaking them with my fluids as I moan, contract, and cum while fingering my clit and ass at the same time. I like to do this while fantasizing about being ass-fucked, or by fantasizing about rubbing my pussy against another woman's dripping pussy...mmm...


I never really had such a great time as I do with masturbation until I read some of these stories. I read the one about the showerhead and I literally went downstairs to try it. At first it wasn't extremely satisfying, but time after time it got better and better. Last night for instance....I first start out by watching porn. That gets me horny and wanting to pleasure myself. I then go downstairs and get naked and rush into the tub. I turn the water on about medium and spread my legs wide open under the faucet. The feeling is sensational. My clit is really sensative so sometimes I have to stop a little but then I get back to it. Eventually, it leads to the most intenese organism (that only last for about 5 seconds) but the feeling is AMAZING. I stop a little and then do it again. Go try it now!


I love this site so much! I came into it completely unaware of my body, and I've read through everything and I feel so informed! Thank you!

So, I usually start by reading a few of these stories to get myself aroused. Then once I'm wet I undress and go to my bed and start pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts. Then I move my hand down my body and start playing with my clit-all the while I squeeze my breasts with my other hand. Then I move both hands down to my clit and place two fingers on either side of my clitoral shaft. I rub it in circles and slowly start to climax. I keep doing that until I go over the edge!

Another technique I use is the electric toothbrush. I leave on my underwear and place the end of the toothbrush (the part you usually put the brush on) and just leave it on my clit. I can climax in 2 minutes with that! Penetration just doesn't work for me, I don't get pleasure out of that.

Thanks for this site!


I love nothing better than having a great time with my own body, I love a hot soapy bath then get naked on the bed and suck my own nipples while my fingers do the talking to my clit. I can have an orgasm in 5 mins that way or I lie on my front and rub my fist on my clit and think dirty thought's, two some, three somes, and even wild orgies, and I have the biggest orgasm you can have, it is very much a turn on, I have been doing this for as long as I can remember, I am 48 now and I dont think I will ever stop the feeling is too great


I was just in my room and I was bored so I decided to masturbate. And I found the most AMAZING way!! I took a long beaded necklace, stood up, pulled it between my legs and grabbed either side of it and moved it back and fourth. I got wet within a minute!!

Masta Girl!

I really LOVE to masturbate. I have been masturbating since I was like 3 or 4, now I'm 13 and I love to do it. I have this technique, kind of uncommon, where I keep my pants on but lie on my back, head slightly raised, and grab the two opposite sides of my pant legs, close to my vulva. then, with the two "flaps" of pant in my hands,  I cross my legs and start pulling my pants up. While I'm pulling my pants, I clench my pelvic muscles rhythmically until I get an orgasm, then it feels SSOOOO good! I go a bit slower during the orgasm, then I reposition myself and go again. I can go for like 40 minutes straight!!

By the way, I LOVE this site, it gives me such huge urges just reading peoples messages and sometimes I can even orgasm by reading this site without even touching myself :) Thanks!!


Great site. I think I would say that I like to put objects in my pussy and rub my pussy up against things like a tall lamp pole (in my own home of course) and slide my pussy up and down the lamp. I like to oil up with heating KY-jelly and put on lesbian porn. I am sooo sexual with myself ~always looking for new and different perverted things to do to myself. God, I wish that I could eat my own pussy. My husband would be fired. :) Something about lesbian porn with close ups of pussy grinding really get me off. My husband does not understand this so I do it when he is at work. Also, I like to bring my vibrator in the shower and put it on the edge of the tub and sit on it and at the same time use the water pulse on my clit. Really, really good. I am wet now. Gotta go before hubby comes home!


I am 22 have been masturbating regularly since I was 17. Usually, I masturbate at night, face down, rubbing myself against a pillow, but recently I have become more adventurous.

Firstly, on some occasions I like to lube my middle finger, and insert it into my anus, whilst rubbing myself against a pillow. This feels to good as I can hit my g-spot from there, as I guess the finger is pressing against the vaginal wall. This really turns me on and I get really wet, and start rubbing my other finger against my slit. Eventually I come, and its a mixure of of a g-spot and clitoral orgasm.

Also, I have been masturbating in public, which turns me on so much. The first time I did it, I was waiting to meet with my supervisor at work and she was taking such a long time. I was by myself in an empty room and I started having all these fantasies. I was sitting down and before I knew it, I was rubbing my clit from over my trousers, with large strokes. This would not usually result in me cumming quickly but the risk of being caught at anytime turned me on so much I came quickly.

Today, I was in a shop changing room trying on clothes, and it had two mirrors, front and back so you could see yourself from all angles. I got turned on so much as I saw myself from the back, with my thong on. I kept on imagining a man  behind me, having sex with me from behind. So I bundled this summer dress I was trying on into a ball, and whilst standing up, I rubbed my clit against it. All that time, I was watching myself in the mirror from all angles, and could see my ass gently thrusting as I rubbed myself against the bundled dress. I came so hard that it was difficult to stop myself from groaning out loud.

When I was finished and dressed I felt so pleased with myself as I left the shop, like I had a naughty secret.

I would recommend this to anyone as I was buzzing afterwards, and I felt like the sexiest woman alive.


At late at night I turn on my TV. It isn't loud and it isn't quiet. I take off all of my clothes and put my pointer finger from my right hand on my p**sy. I lay there watch the TV and lay there for about 5 minutes. I then spread out my legs and start rubbing over my p**sy where my moist hair is. I get wet down there and get a baby rubber spoon and keep my legs spread open wide. Then I find the hole and stick it in there. I slide it in all the way and slide it out slowly. I then put it back in, and slide it more in than I did before. I have a goal that at the end I have to get at a certain point on the spoon. I then lay there after and lay there naked watching TV. It's so fun!! :D You should try it!! :D  :D 


I started masturbating at 13 when a guy I met on MSN that I really liked taught me how to do it and I found it exciting knowing he was watching. I got used two flashing for him and masturbating for him on webcam. When I first started I didn't know about the clit, I just fingered and used my hair brush handle (which not many people have used suprisingly) but then one day I put my shower head onto my pussy and it didn't feel that good but then I put it on my clit an it felt amazing, and I had my first orgasm (but I was scared) and another day I tried it again and it happend again and then it turned into a daily thing until my shower died. An then I used my electric toothbrush without the head and Oh My God, that was nice (but not as nice as the shower) and that got me off. And now I have a new power shower wcich is MINT an gets me off every day and sometimes its too much for me to handle. An at nights when I go to bed I use my hair brush. I sit on the side of my bed and thrust it in and out and Oh My God its amazing, it doesn't make me orgasm but I love it. So yea I use hair brush, electric toothbroosh, and my shower :) and I'm 15 :D


I have been married and had three kids and after I turned 42, I got divorced. I almost never orgasmed with my husband, so when I found myself alone, I always resort to my sure fire orgasm method I enjoyed in my teen years. I straddle the edge of my mattress and grind my pussy along the edge very vigorously until I have multible wet orgasms. I always wear panties while doing this as I get very very wet and I don't want to stain the sheets or the mattress. I recommend this very unusual method to any woman who needs extreme pussy or clitoral friction in order to orgasm. Most of the time I watch lesbian porn while I grind my mattress. The combination of the lesbian porn and the intense grinding gets me off big time.   


I like to read sex stories and fantasize about sex..... I use my left or right hand to masturbate and I use my middle finger and my ring finger to rub my clit..... some times I also hump a pillow or and bundle up sheets and rub my clit up and down in a slow motion so I won't come as fast.... it feels SOOOOOO good... you guys should try it!


My name is Samantha and I'm 15.  I've been masturbating since I was around 4 or 5.  When I do I usually lay on my stomach with my hands straight down on my thighs and press my clit into the bed, floor etc.  Then I move around and wiggle a little bit which helps me reach a climax fast!  It works best with pants on because then while your moving around the pants can be used to hit it easier. With your hands down it helps to make you move in which ever way feels best... Sometimes you can find something to use to put under your clit like a sock or something else small... But when you get the cllimax going you can not stop and if you do it hurts kinda.... But if you keep going and going you'll reach the point where a huge rush will go through your body and your clit turns very sensitive.  When I was younger I could do this for hours but now that I'm older and still learning the experiences of an orgasm I can only do it about 3 or 4 times with out falling asleep from being so drained......


Reading your experiences has made me so hot. I'm masturbating now. I love it. I used to go fast but found my orgasms were weak. I tease my clit now, sometimes for hours. Its lovely. The other day I had a mind blowing orgasm. My whole body shook it was so intense especially round my pussy. Mmm what can I say I love cuming. And the harder the better!


I'm Ellie and I'm 15 yrs old. I've been masturbating since I was 2 or 3 yrs old. I used to balance on the corner of a low table and hump it, pressing my vulva into the corner. I occasionally do this now but usually lean on my bed post and rub up and down on my clit until I can see the juice dripping down the post. This gives me such pleasure that I usually have an orgasm straight there and then but sometimes I look at porn and then slowly with my left hand I start stroking various parts of my body and then bringing in my right hand I pinch my clit and stick my right index finger into my vagina and start stroking the back wall. I do this until I reach orgasm!


Hey I masturbate probably about once a day, because I am in fear of getting caught.

My techniques use a Venus Shaver because the ridged sides that rub against your clit and your g-spot give you the most amazing orgasm! I also like to use hair brushes, and anything shaped like a penis.

I sometimes hump a pillow the feeling is good, but to me it is not as good as penetration. I usually imagine a man or a women on top of me licking my clit as I frantically push my Venus razor handle up and down my clit and in and out of my vagina.

It really turns me on listening to stories on here where your friends have licked and sucked your pussies! So thank you for this site! I wasn't sure about my sexuality because I was fantaszing about women, but when I read this site I realized it was perfectly normal.

Thanks for the site!


I had never thought of masturbation until recently. I had always found myself wanting sexual intercourse but was afraid of making out with someone (quite strange).

I would go on youtube and watch videos of people making out so I would know how to do it, but they always made my stomach fill with butterflys. Films with sex parts also made me feel the same. I am also afraid of the consequences of having sex like what if the condom would break. I found some techniques work really well but some not so good. Lying on my stomach and rubbing my clit at the same time as humping the floor produces the best toe tingling feeling while doing this with your hands and lasts ages after. My personal favorite with household things is the jets in my bath. If you have them try it, while the jets are on make a circle with your hips moving forward up back the down and continue, start on low speed jets then turn them up. Fingering myself doesn't always pleasure me as they don't reach my g-spot so I may wait for that but rubbing my clit works wonders.


I'm 16, and I've been masturbating for a little over a year now.  My best friend taught me over the phone how to lay on my back and rub at my clit with my pointer finger.  We like to role play over the phone, so sometimes when we were getting into an intense sex scene I'd slide my fingers into my pants and rub at myself as we continued.  Lately though I've been gaining my biggest experiences trying it in 'dangerous' places.  Like recently when my family was on vacation, I climbed into bed and brought myself off while my parents were down in the lobby.  Feeling like I needed to hurry or just the excitement of being in a new place made it all so exciting.  In my own bed though I've been trying new positions and techniques, otherwise I'm scared my body will become too accustomed to one style and I won't be able to perform well in any other way.


I lay naked in my bed on my back and rub three fingers on my clit. After a while I stick my index finger into my vagina and have a great sensational feeling like never before. Also I get a stuffed toy or something and hump it for about a minute and feel so good you wouldn't believe it. Both of my masturbation techniques have super outcomes and I cum like crazy! (It makes me so horny) I am not a lesbian but I generally think of women when I masturbate as that make me most horny and sexy.


I personally like the "shocker" technicue where you take your index and your middle finger and put them together and then put those in the vagina and then take your pinky and put it in the anus and it causes a very good sensation.


I first discovered masturbation as a child in the shower with one of those removable shower heads.  I was rinsing the soap off my vulva when the water sensually caressed my clit. I got so aroused. I kept it in that spot and came several times. After that I found myself finding reasons to go to the bathroom frequently so that I could use the shower head.  I had to be discreet I had six siblings at home and it was hard to do. I also enjoy rubbing my clit in soft circular motions. I usually come within a mintute or doing this.  I have had several vibrators that I enjoy using for clitoral stimulation only.  I find when I am with my man that I can only have an orgasm if he performs oral sex on me. Altough it does feel good when he penetrates me I can not have an orgasm. I enjoy watching when I am having my pussy licked.  I enjoy seeing the tongue of my lover slide across my clit. I tend to have the best orgasms when I am alone though.  I often fantasize about being with a women.  I have had the pleasure of having an experince with a very sexual female and it is true what they say a women knows how to satisfy another women. Me loving to have my clit stimulated have had the chance to bring another woman to orgasm by using my tongue on her clit and I found it to be amazing to see how talented I was in my first experience. I just spreaded her lips to expose her juicy clit and I licked and sucked her clit and pussy the way I enjoyed to have it done to me.  She came five times and was begging me to stop.  Afterwards she told me that she had never came so hard. I enjoy my clit and my pussy and I encourage all you readers to pamper your pussy often.


I am 45. I have many favorite masturbation techniques. My favorite right now is to slip a sample sized bottle of lotion into my undies. The one I am using is a small "fat" bottle with a hard lid. Then sit in front of my computer and read these delicious stories. I rock back and forth on  the bottle. The fat end fills up my pussy. The hard lid strokes my clit. As I sit here and read the stories I rock back and forth. The feeling is yummy! I can sit here for hours {or until someone comes home and I am no longer alone}, rocking on the lotion bottle and enjoying all these great shared stories. I can't think of anything more enjoyable to do. Can you?


The way I've always masturbated was humping a pillow. I've done that since I was about 4 or 5 and I couldn't have an orgasm any other way. Recently I discovered I could have an orgasm by rubbing my clit really fast and hard. I had the most awesome orgasm ever!


I like to masterbate outdoors. I dont know what it is there just something about it like the thrill of getting caught and the wind between my legs. What I do is I find a really quite spot in the woods or something like that and lie on my back. I get turned on really easy even the slightest thing can set me off its normally like trees or flowers so I just look around and look for things. Then as I get to be really moist I start with three fingers and gradually go in and out picking up speed then when I'm well lubricated I'll get my hand in and go in and out really fast and be like ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh ehhhhhhh eiiiiiii aiiiii wooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeee shakalaka just as I'm about the ejaculate I soil myself.


I am 25 years old now, but I have been masturbating regularly, even after I started dating and having regular sex. I was around seven or eight when I discovered how pleasurable it was to touch myself sexually, and by the time I was thirteen I was pretty experienced! At that time I simply used to rub and press my clitoris, wetting my fingers if necessary.

One day some girls at school were joking about the idea of inserting a candle into one's vagina, and, while I laughed  like everyone else, I had never thought of such a thing and secretly I found the idea made me very turned on. I couldn't wait to try it out, and when I did I found that it was really satisfying, particularly when my orgasm got near. Up till then, I had often pushed my fingers inside when I was about to cum. It feels fantastic to have something my vagina can "grip" when I climax. Maybe it's also just a sexy thought. I know the candle is rather a cliche, but I still often do it (except when I use a vibrator!).

Other than that, my technique mostly consists of using two fingers to flick my clitoris from side to side, although I also tease it by putting a fingertip just under it and flicking upwards. I also really like to rub my clitoris with leather, usually the hem of my leather coat (I've never told anyone this, but I sometimes put the coat on when I'm naked, it's extremely sexy to do). The main reason I began shaving my vulva many years ago was that masturbation felt sexier, and feeling something like leather against it increases the sensations.

I have masturbated in the presence of one or two boyfriends -- it's somehow extremely intimate to share something that is mostly only done in private. I love watching them, too! I do like to watch myself in the mirror, there's probably some connection there.

I normally do fantasize when masturbating, although the subject matter varies. Often it's about having sex in the open, such as in a forest or on the beach. An especially erotic fantasy is to imagine I'm in bed with several men who take turns having intercourse or oral sex with me -- or both, of course! ;-) I think that's because it feels really sexy to think lovers are competing for you, it makes you feel powerful and kind of in charge.

Someone else mentioned masturbating when on your period. I find I sometimes do it more, not less. I think it's good for relaxing if I have cramps. You just have to be careful not to make a mess, that's all.


Wow. Am I a freak ? I love to touch my clit. Sometimes I take a mirror and some oil.....I place the mirror in a position to see my clit. I make sure it is out and visible. I'm wet by now just thinking some one could lick it...........
I will open it for you......
see it now? It's standing up waiting for you to touch it lightly with your tongue
when you aren't there.....I wet my finger and yes......I touch it.
I circle my clit
around just very lightly
and wish you were here to taste me
I dooo taste wonderful
and now I an exposing my head to you
thrusting my hips forward
wanting you to take me and fuck me at the same time
what a wonderful way to think about an orgasm...........and FEEL IT


I am 25 and recently rediscovered my body.  I don't remember having any sexual experiences before the age of about 12 or 13.  Many people on here began to masturbate at a very young age, but for me sexual awakening came with puberty.  I used to touch myself, sometimes gently, sometimes roughly, and would get quite excited, but would never orgasm.  I used to feel very guilty about masturbation, I felt that it was dirty, and I wanted someone else to be touching me.  After a while I suppressed my desires to the extent that I masturbated very rarely.  When I was 16 I lost my virginity to the man I am now married to.  It probably took two or three years for him to give me my first orgasm, and it is only in the last year or so that I have regularly orgasmed with him.  In the last year I have also occasionally orgasmed in my sleep, which I love.  If I have sexy dreams I don't remember them, I will just judder like someone is flicking a light switch on and off, and wake straight after, strangely excited and satisfied.

I have always known that my husband masturbates, and never had a problem with this, but it is only recently that I realised what a double standard I was applying to myself.  I felt that it was fine for a man to give himself pleasure, and for us to have mutual pleasure in each other, but for me to enjoy myself alone was dirty?  How stupid!  And so one night, he was away, and I really, really, wanted some pleasure, I began to touch myself.

It is a very mental thing for me, that's how I discovered this site.  I need to be thinking sexy thoughts.  I don't fantasise about my husband, or other men, or women for that matter.  It is all for me, about me.  Which is why I find reading other people's techniques inspiring, because it is all for yourself.  I will lie on my back, naked on my bed.  To begin with I touch my breasts, gently, squeezing, caressing, flicking my nipples.  Then I will gently stroke my body, barely touching, tantilising myself, returning to my nipples, but not, or barely, touching them.  As I get more excited my hand will move lower.  All the time I will think about myself and how this is my time, for myself, to feel good, for me.  I will gently tickle the inside of my thighs, and the curve of my hip bones. And just barely I will brush the outside lips, with one hand, while the other is still dusting my breasts and hips and sides.  And every second I will feel softer and sexier and more excited.  And I will gently part my lips, and caress my clit, and at the same time I will lick my lips, and maybe a finger, very soft and wet with saliva.  And I will draw on my body with my wet finger, while I push inside with the other hand.  I will massage my bottom and the top of my thigh with fingers, while I stroke my clit with my thumb.  I will breathe very slow and deep, and focus on myself and my mounting excitement and I reach and stroke, deep inside myself and still flicking my nipples and stroking my curves.  I will change hands frequently, but both will always be touching me, on my body, or inside me.  When I am reaching the point of intense excitement and pleasure I will reach in with my thumb, stroking up inside my vagina, pressing up against my vaginal wall towards my rectum, pushing and pushing and pushing with my thumb, while the knuckle of my thumb stimulates my clit.  At the same time I am pinching my nipple and squuezing my breasts and licking my lips and tipping back my head and raising my hips off the bed as I climax, shaking and whimpering and almost forgetting to breathe.  And then, if I want to I do it all again. 

I love my husband, and I love having sex with him.  But I also love making myself feel good.  Thank you for this website, it is good to read of so many women, of all ages, who are loving and learning to love their bodies.  I wish that more women could be open (in every sense) to this pleasure; although I know that I would not discuss this with my friends, so I hope that many of my friends also share in this secret, intense pleasure, even if they, like me, do not discuss it.  Maybe my silence is residual guilt - but I also love this sexy secret all my own!  


This is for the ladies who enjoy sex in the missionary position - or who want to give it another try.

Lie on your back, insert a dildo or vibrator, and put your butt on one end of your blanket, pulling the rest of the blanket through your spread legs towards you. This way, the toy is somewhat fixed in position, and you can control the depth of it in increasing pressure by pulling the blanket. By moving your hips and bringing your legs into various positions you will find out about the amount of different feelings just one small movement can evoke. You won´t get tired cause you don´t have to hold the toy itself but can cuddle with the blanket, which will stroke your clit just the right way all the while, depending on your movements. Because your butt is in a higher position than the rest of your body (you can pile the blanket under it as much as you like or add pillows) you can bring the toy into the perfect angle you need for vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation. Well, I get fantastic orgasms doing this, and I don´t even have to turn on the vibrating function. I just imagine my boyfriend lies on top of me and off I go. Have fun experimenting!


I use a few different techniques but my favoutite way is to pile up a few cushions or a duvet and sit on top (I'm naked), then I put a vibrator in my pussy, and my vibrating bullet against my clit and ride till I have an orgasm.  I can only do this one when I am alone in the house as the bed makes quite a lot of noise!  I also like to lie on my back and plunge my vibrator in and out of my wet pussy, or sometimes just use my fingers.  My vibrating bullet against my clit is amazing, as I can slowly speed up the vibrations.  I have been masturbation since I was too young to know what I was doing and I'm 23 now and still do it at least three times a week but usually more.  This site is great as we all do it but no one likes to talk about it!


To get myself in the mood, I start off by watching a girl on girl porno or looking at a naughty website. Once I feel myself start to tingle and get wet, I start picturing me and my best friend naked together. It kind of helps that we have been together so I know what to picture. It makes it soo much better. Once I get to a certain point, I grab my vibrator and place it right over my clit. Sending amazing  tingly feelings all the way through my body. I start to shake and quiver as I feel my pussy throbbing and getting wetter and wetter every second. I start breathing heavy and that turns into loud moans and groans. I try biting my lip to help quite the noise but it doesn't work. I feel my body shake uncontrollably and my throbbing pussy is wetter than ever and as I being to cum, I feel myself start to squirt and my squirts turn into rushing rivers. After I finish I lay there trying to catch my breath and run my fingers over my clit a couple more times, rubbing my sweet juices all over my sweet spot. MMM


I read Ashley's plastic bottle technique on this website and I am totally hooked.  It made me cum so hard that I now save every plastic bottle I use.  The warm water added to it is excellent.  Thank you for sharing!!!!


I love humping pillows I've been doing it since I was five! I usually get off 5 times in about fifteen minutes but when I have the time I can have up to 18 orgasms in an hour! Love IT!!!!!


I've only started masturbating recently, I'm 14, I've always had my hands down my pants touching trying to recieve pleasure but nothing really happend. My luck changed when I found out about shower heads, on a hard water pulse, directed at your clit.. It gave me an orgasm within minutes.

I really would like a dildo, but Iam scared of my parents finiding it.

Orgasms are pretty lush haha x

Good shit..

Oh and all you women who touched their sisters when they were little, isnt that a bit wrong?


First I print off pictures of sexy naked women off the internet and then I use an old toothbrush and the non bristle bit (the back) I rub that up and down on myself getting harder and faster when I cum it get slippy and tender. Try to think about this.


THIS SITE IS AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!! I've been masturtbatins since I was like seven or so, and I love the feeling..when I put my hand inside my panties and start rubbing it it makes me so wet and turns me so on that I can barely think about anything else but the pleasure I'm feeling...its amazing


I have only just started masturbating, but I have known about it for a while. I share a room with my little sister and about a year ago she used to lie in bed with me in the same room and I would see her rubbing up and down. At first I was so mad and told her to stop it, at least when I was in the room.

The first time I realized about masturbating was one night I was at home with my sister and i just felt so horny I really wished I could just have sex to experience what an orgasm was like!! So I came online and looked up female masturbation! It opened up a whole world for me!!!

It took me about two weeks after that to actually orgasm but oh my god was it a good one! I was in the bath and I had soaped myself up and I felt really hot, I then slipped the shower spray down on my clit and after about five minutes I had an orgasm! It was amazing!!!! After that I went in the bath every day which my parents found strange because I have always said how I hated them.

I never got any joy out of orgasming using my hands but I was determined one night as I was so horny!!! After I lay there for about 30 mins touching my clit and gradually getting faster I finally had a orgasm, it wasnt the best but it was a start!

Now what I do is I fantasise about going to a doctor's surgery and the doctor looking and playing with my clit and me wondering if there is anything wrong with it. I act the vulnerable teenager and act as though I don't know why I am feeling these things, this gets me very hot and I come in no time!!!

Hope that can help some people like this has helped me!!!!


Hi, I have been masturbating since I was very very young, I was an infant.  But the earliest years of masturbating that I can remember only due to the intense orgasm that I experienced was at the age of 2.  I remember I used to hump the stairs, rub my vulva on my Teddy, rub my vulva during bath time, rub on the floor.  All these acts were so satiating!  But now at age 19, I use a vibrator...but when one isn't handy, I spread my lips with my left hand, and gently tap my clit until I burst with juices. Wow.

One of the best orgasms I would have was when I was 11.  I was getting ready to fall asleep, but then all of a sudden, I felt a lil horny.  I rolled over on my back, and started touch my mons on top of my pjs. Boy was that a good feeling...more though,...I took off my pjs and my panties...I took my middle and third finger on my right hand and touched the tip of my sensitive little lips, slowly stroking (not rubbing) from the mons to the end where the lips are.  I then proceeded to rub myself, but not in the normal way I usually do. Usually, I rub all over from where the clit begins, till it ends (only no direct contact just rubbing on it).  But this time, I decided to focus on the tip and rub that for a long amount of time and then rub the mons.....boy lemme tell you, that has been an orgasm I have been trying to repeat for years...I was unsuccessful. It was a deep orgasm, a heavy cum.  It wasn't that screaming cum, it was a deep moaning cum.  Thats the best way to define it.  And there are the regular cums where you make no noise. You ladies know what I mean.  If you masturbate with your vibrator, try to bring yourself to different kinds of orgasms....intense, so good it almost hurts ;), deep, just try it.  This is to all the other women who enjoy masturbating in the prone (facing the floor/bed), I heard that doing that all the time MAY affect your orgasms for sexual intercourse in females, but I am not sure. I know that was one of my favorite ways as a child...you would always find me on the top of the stairs just rubbing the skin off my pussy.  I swear, I would rub my pussy (naked) on a carpeted step, orgasm, after orgasm after orgasm...until it was red.  But the orgasms were less intense and were quick, within two min.


I want to say I love this site!  There are many out there but this offers the most fantasies and people with their techniques! I started masturbating at a very early age, I can remember as early as 3 or 4.  I knew I loved it.  I went through stages of masturbating.  When I was 4 or 5 I would usually rub myself up against objects or on the staircase (yummy when you are in diapers). But sometimes, if I wanted to be quiet (although I couldn't, I would always wriggle my legs and hips and breathe heavily), I would take my hand while laying on my back and rub myself (over the diaper or pj's). That felt good too, but I loved humping stuff, anything too!  Now, when I got older, what I would do was either roll up some blankets, maybe a pillow, get a stuffed animal, etc., and just hump and rub. I found this to be somewhat unsatisfactory after a while because I seemed to be insatiable...I wanted stronger orgasms, and I really wasn't having orgasms at a young age, I was just humping endlessly, getting really close, but never cumming.  Until one day, I decided to lie on my back to avoid the humping noises so I wouldn't get caught, I started rubbing myself UNDER my panties this time (I wasn't directly touching my clitoris). Oh MY! I could do this for hours!  I would feel the juices coming out of me each time I came. I do believe I was 6 or 7 when this occurred, maybe older like 9 or 10.  But it wasn't until I was 12 or 13 until I started to get back into laying on my back and touching myself.  I did it that way (with some occassional prone masturbation aka humping) until I was 16.  I then met a cyber buddy, and he had me so horny, that when I went home to touch myself, I decided to directly stimulate my clit.  Boy, it was so intense at first and felt weird, that I didn't do it again for a week.  Then I picked it up and had the yummiest of orgasms....But if you all want a good technique for a quick cum, go find a staircase, start at the top and rub your way to orgasm by the time you get to the bottom, just slide down and rub per step!  Its fun.  I also usually like to fantasize about a man licking my clit softly, but quickly and his tongue is really wet.  That is when I grab my vibrator and masturbate relentlessly. 


Hey everyone! First of all, I would like to say that I love this website! So lets get on to the masturbation part of this...=]

I first discovered my clitoris when I was five. Me and my friends were playing "doctor" and I just happened to have no panties on. My girl friend started to rub one of the toy tools down there, and it immediately gave me a rush of pleasure. I had never felt anything like that before, but didn't really know what it was. I then began to put a Raggedy Ann doll down there and rub and hump away- it felt so good. I never did come to orgasm, though.

When I was about 11, and had learned more about the female body, I was downstairs home alone with a back vibrator. I was completely naked and sprawled out on the couch, and I put the vibrator on my vulva. The pleasure was amazing! Then, I heard the door open. As much as I wanted to stop, I couldn't. My mother walked in and looked at me as I came. I had my first orgasm in front of my mother. I screamed out loud as my clit went crazy and I came all over the vibrator. My mother did not scorn me, but asked if I enjoyed it. I said yes, and she told me I had just had an orgasm. She said that I could do that whenever I wanted, but to make sure I did it in my bedroom next time. =]

I took my mother's advice, and I am now 14 years old. I have a boyfriend, but we have never gone further than him caressing my breasts. I did come to orgasm once with him though- I was straddling his leg while we were making out, and suddenly, I was humping it! He began to hump back, and it was quite the enjoyable experience! We look forward to losing our virginity to each other sometime.

Anyway, I have a traditional way of masturbation. I turn on some music and put the lights on low. I take off all my clothes, and begin to touch my breasts. I love to watch my breasts(they are a little large for my size) swell with the pleasure and my nipples get hard. I touch the end of my nipples and I can feel my clit swell and my vagina become soaking wet. I then can't resist, and slip a hand down there. It feels sooooo good to pump my fingers in and out of my vagina. Then I concentrate on my clit. Sometimes I use an electric toothbrush(those things are amazing!) which makes me go crazy! Other times I use my fingers to play and tease my clit. It makes it better for me if I try and resist coming. I try and not let my muscles clench up, while increasing the pressure and fastness on my clit. Finally, when I cannot resist anymore, I clench my muscles and have an orgasm. I like to scream and moan with the pleasure as I come all over my fingers. Then, if I'm in the mood, I'll do it all over again!

I must be honest, I've had my hand down there the entire time I've been writing this. My clit is going crazy, and I think I should go...OHHH!


I've only been masturbating for a few years like maybe one and a half. Well, when I first started doing it, I used to hump my pillows, I still do sometimes, and I didn't know what a orgasm was until like a couple months after a experienced one. But riding my pillows really get me going. I usually only have one orgasm in a session. There was only one time that I had multiple orgasms at one time, and I had three. Then I started taking off the shower head in my shower, so I could get more pressure, and I hold my lips open and I let the water flow over my clit, then reach orgasm. It feels so good, but usually after I do that, my clit get really sensitive. Then recently I found out that I could orgasm by rubbing my clit. Oh that felt so good the first time I did that. That's usually the way I do it now.


I started masturbating when I was about 12 years old. (I know it is kind of late compared to the other girls on this site). I was in my bed, under the covers and I saw a telvision program that aroused me so I started to rub my pussy with my panties on. It felt good. I took my panties off and then I humped my pillow. The sensations felt so good. I started going faster and faster and harder and harder and I climaxed.

I am still a virgin. I am a high school student.

My techniques include the pillow, my hand, vibator, holding my bladder has I great sensation and most recently the bath tub facuet. I love the water technique the most....Fantasies I have just like any other human being on this earth...Masturbation is a gift...I just love my clit...orgasms..self pleasure..the human body is just so awesome...

Masturbate on ladies!


I first started masturbating around age 11. I overheard my sister talking to her friend about a project she had to do for health and she was thinking of doing it on masturbation. This got me curious. So, I locked my door, took off my clothes and laid down on my back on my bed. I started to just feel around my pussy. I didn't know anything about masturbation so when I felt this sudden rush of pleasure, it took me off guard. And since then I've been masturbating. My older sister got me a vibrator when I was about 14 and now I can reach orgasm without it. I usually start off on the lowest speed and then gradually work my way up to the highest. It feels so good against my clit and in my pussy. I love this site, the stories always get me worked up.


I love orgasms, so I usually start of by humping a soft pillow over and over again while caressing my nipples, then I get my toothbrush or something with a long end and put it just inside my labia and wiggle it up and down and fast and I can. I focus on breathing heavily to get more into the mood. Then when you feel the sensation start to come go back to the pillow and start to hump on it really fast. Yummmy


I like to lay on my bed with my legs streight apart and think about a really hott guy then when I get wet I start massaging my clit until I'm close to climax then I stick my fingers in and out of my vagina until orgasm!!


I absolutly luv this website, I started masturbating when I was 12. The way I get my pleasure is my peeing on a towel through my panties then slowly taking them off, once I've done that, I put an electric toothbrush on the floor and lie on it so its just above my clit the I slowing start moving around on it and Oh My God the sensation is GORGEOUS!

I would just like to say a BIG thank you to whoever invented this website as it has taught me soooo much!




Well I like to take hot baths and as the water is filling, sit under the water faucet thing and let it just wash my vagina and it's really relaxing. I also like to stick a finger or two up and I usually masturbate taking a shower or bath and yeah


When I was 33, after an unhappy love affaire I decided to enter the Catholic fraternity of the benedictines. From then on I was sister Catherine. I sweared the vow of eternal chastity. I thought that the capter of sex is closed for ever for me. But it was a misapprehension. Some months later my desire for sex grew stronger and stronger, but masturbation was strictly forbidden for me as a sister. I fell in a deep depression could not sleep anymore and became really sick. One day I told my problems to my gynaecologist and he advised me to caress my sex regularly with a feather or a peace of cotton. "Every organ has to be used, otherwise it will degenerate. Bend your legs back, so that your knees lie besides your boobs, so that you can observe your sex and pet it very tenderly with the feather. Let the feather lick at your anus, then open your sex lips and let the feather titillate the region between but, most important, let the feather nudge at your clitoris until you feel your cimax." I did what he told me and after some weeks I regained my health. I installed a mirror at the end of my bed to observe myself, when I did it. I restarted to use my cosmetica and to make-up. I bought sexy stockings and shoes to enjoy my own beauty. At last I bought a dildo over the internet. It's a strop-on dildo and looks very natural. It looks terrific, when I pose before my mirror with this penis, which stands exactly on my clit, erected over my belly. Then I masturbate it, I masturbate like a man and I feel every movement of the dildo on my clit.  Try to
reach it with my tongue, to take it into my mouth and suck it. I penetrate my vagina with the feather and rotate it. Sometimes I'm able to ejaculate this way. I didn't know before, that a female ejaculation is really possible. But my juices squirt wide out of my pussy. It's wonderful!!



I first started masturbating when I was about 12...I had a life size stufffed toy clown that was my fucker! I would put on my shortest skirt without any panties and I would stuff my bra so I had huge tits...I would then do a sexy strip tease dance including a lap dance on my 'friend'. I'd do this until I was so hot I couldn't stand it...I'd jump into bed with him and grind on him until I came...oooooooohhhhhhhh!

Now that I'm 16 I like to use my fingers...after I've had a hot shower I look up erotica and erotic photos on the net. Once I'm dripping on my computer chair ;) I lie spread eagled on my back on my bed. I rub my clit so hard and fast that I almost can't stand it. I start to buck my hips and my pussy starts to groan. I cum hard and try to keep grinding while I'm orgasming...its pretty difficult. I like to fantastise about another woman with huge tits lieing on top of me and giving me the 'ride of my life'. I'd really like to get with another woman even though I'm not a lesbian...its just sexy! I'm soaking wet now...I'd better go deal with it!

Happy grinding ladies!


When I was about ten me and my friend that lived down the street decided to play a game... I don't really know how but we were laying in my bed under the covers and started making out. Then we slowly took off our clothes and started to rub our pussys together. We didn't really know what we were doing but we knew if felt really good so we started to rub faster and we got really into it. Neither of us cummed but we kept doing that for about a month. Then when I was 14 almost 15 I was telling my best friend about that experience and she told me she would love to do somthing like that and that she has never had an orgasm. Well I have had many. I masturbate everyday. Aometimes more so we took off each others shirts and sucked on each others nipples and then we lay so that one of my legs was in between hers and one of hers was in between mine and we started rubbing our vulvas against each others legs and it got more and more intense. I cummed but I dont think she did. So a few weeks later we watched porn together but nothing. Soon I hope we will have full out lesbian sex. It would be a lot of fun. I am bi so I would also love it for a guy to finger me... until that happens I will just have to stick with masturbating  :D


I've never been able to bring myself to an orgasm.

I've tried many techniques in the past, shower head, vibrator, fingers, it was good, but it got slightly boring after a while
until now!

I read earlier on this site that the end of candles can be very usefull

So I decided to get a candle, and I placed it into a pillow, wrapping the pillow around it, and put my legs to the side of the pillow so it didn't unravel.

Then I sat on the candle at the top, and rocked backwards and forwards so my clit was rubbing against the pillow.

The sensation was amazing, like I've never felt before and I brought myself to an orgasm

It's brilliant!

Try it!


My first mastubation experinence would have been when I was 11 years old. And that is when I first found my Dad's porn magazines. I would look at the pictures and feel a tingly feeling down below, then I put my hand there and it felt really nice, so I kept rubbing and nearly brought myself to an orgasam. I am now 16 and I can use a hairbrush handle to acheive an orgasam. And something that is useful is clipping bobby pins (hair pins) to my niples which makes them really hard. And yes I have also fantasized about having sex with another woman like all of us!;)


When I was younger I humped a lot, I humped couch arms, chair arms, table edges, bike seats, door knobs. I would get pillows and put warm water in a bottle and put it on the stack of pillows and hump. I've humped my bed matress, bed frame, my hands. Ii would go in the bathroom and hump the corner of the sink. I would place hard objects in towels and put them on a chair or toilet seat and grind on them. I also humped the water faucet in the tub. I humped the top of the stairwell. I humped on my boyfriend's hand, face, knee, back, penis. I even humped his foot. One day I humped the side of the tub. I have grinded on oranges, potatoes, and aerosol cans. I've even humped the cornes of the washer, the cordless phone, shampoo bottles, soda bottles. I've humped pillows. I humped the pointy side of an ironing board. One day I humped the square fan. I humped the toilet lid. I masturbated for years. I found the way I liked best was humping. I masturbated everyday, sometimes several times a day. Then I learned it was against God. I confessed and repented and would you believe I haven't masturbated in a couple of years it gets realy hard sometimes. I used to think something was wrong with me because I never realized other women hump things. But I'm here today to say I found out it was wrong, and if I can quit maybe this will help someone else. I heard its wrong because its sex by yourself which was intended only for marriage. Right at this point I'm really studying masturbation, it doesn't make someone a bad person, it just happens.


I love to masturbate in the bath tub. I put the water to a compfortable heat and then slide my clit under. It feels amazing and I orgasm in less than a minute.


I am 13 and I have been masturbating for a while but the thing is I never knew I was.

I think I was in year 4 (so I was about 8 or 9) and the lesson was finishing but you couldn't go to lunch unless you had finished the work so I was rushing the last question when suddenly I felt a really nice feeling in my vulva. I lent forward and pushed hard on my vulva and I had a orgasm (of course I didn't know what it was at the time, I only knew that it felt really good!!) Sometimes I feel guilty when I masturbate but then I think but it feels so good. I tried fingering myself but it dosen't work. I have to rub my vulva up on my quilt fully clothed, I hump it as well. Sometimes I can do it naked but with a towel. Another good technique is to read stories on this site that make you really horny. Then put your hand between your legs and push really hard then start rocking in a sense or humping it. I used to get really long orgasms but now they are just a little tingle is there anything else I can do fully clothed to get a long orgasm? How does nipple erection help and if it does help how do you do it?


Being 13, I've always thought there was something weird about me being so horny all the time and the fact that I've been masturbating since I was in kindergarten, but now I know I'm not the only one ;) The first time that I ever got turned on by something was in preschool during naptime. One of the boys got up, pulled down his pants, and started playing with himself right in front of me. Seeing his penis really turned me on and I felt warm and wet down there. I didn't even know what sex was, but after that, I really wanted to see other boy's penises. Another time, me and a boy were in the bathroom when he asked if I wanted to see his and he pulled down his pants. He let me play with it for a little bit until we got caught. In kindergarten at naptime, I started pulling down my pants under the blanket and touching myself. Not really fingering or trying to have an orgasm, because I didn't even know what that was. Just touching myself. I did that pretty much every day. Once I saw this boy that I had a crush on lying next to me and playing with himself, and that gave me that warm feeling again. Once grade school started, I didn't really do these things anymore because there wasn't any naptime and boys weren't so open about showing their penises.

Now, I do masturbate, usually every night. I haven't really had an orgasm in a while ;_; The last time was when I was with my now exboyfriend. We never did anything (I'm a virgin) but once he just asked me if I wanted to have phone sex, just to be dumb and mess around. Well, I was a bit hesitant but secretly wanted to really badly because I was and am an incredibly horny girl, so we started off kind of awkwardly. I kind of coaxed it out of him to let him know that I didn't mind if he said pussy or tits or anything like that. We both ended up naked lying in our beds. While he told me how he was going to fuck me, I put my fingers in and out of myself and pretended that they were his penis. It was hard to keep from moaning, and we both got really excited and turned on. The funny thing is, I was better at it than he was (I guess the internet sex stories helped) and I got him to cum quite a few times over the phone. But he got me to a few orgasms as well, and made me really wet. We did this a few times over the phone and with text messages, but then it stopped after a bit, probobly because sometimes he would ask me to do it when his friends were there, which I didn't want to do. I ended the whole thing soon after, but I swear, those were the best orgasms I've ever had.

If I ever got the opportunity to fool around with a guy, I get really turned on by my guy friends sometimes, but I get turned on from my girl friends too. I don't really know if I'm bisexual, but all I know is thrill, I would. I usually fantisize about sucking a girl's tits and eating her out like there's no tomorrow, and I always wonder if any of my friends feel the same way. Hopefully these new ways to have an orgasm that I've read about will work tonight because I think I'll go crazy if I don't have an orgasm soon =]


I usually take off my pants and panties and then lay on the couch or my bed or the floor!!!  Then I open my legs wide.  I use my left hand to keep my pussy lips open and my right index and middle fingers to rub my clit.  Sometimes it's dry so I use cooking oil or water to moisten my clit or if I'm fully aroused I use my own natural lubrication from my vagina.  Then I rub my clit and actively fantasize!!!  I hate it when I get an orgasm because I want to have the pleasure for as long as possible!!!  Other times, I have used the shower.  My shower beats really hard, so I lay down in the tub and open wide my legs.  This time I use both hands to open my pussy lips.  With the shower head, I can orgasm as much as three times in a row!!!  And my clit wouldn't become to sensitive.  Then when I come out of the shower, I feel relaxed and satisfied.  I like direct clitoral stimulation on the head of the clit!!!  I think that my masturbation has caused me to have a little bit of interest in other women because I get turned on at seeing another women come to pleasure because I can imagine being in her shoes.  Sometimes I fantasize about another woman rubbing her clit against my clit and both of us coming to ecstasy!!!  I love to masturbate!!!  I do it up to five times a day!!!  It feels wonderful!!!!


I've just started masturbating.
I'm 13 at the moment. Usually when I have the urge to masturbate it when I'm laying on my bed, getting ready to sleep.
I squeeze my thighs muscles together and rock my vulva up and down.
After doing that for about 4 to 5 minutes.
I go to my computer and look up certain pictures on woman masturbating.
I'm not a lesbian but have some interest in other women.
Although men attract me more.
After watching lesbians pleasuring each other its gets my horny.
So I lock my door and strip down.
Lay on my bed.
And tickle my vulva.
Slowly inserting one finger.
Then I go to the floor.
And mess around with my nipples.
Touching my feet and then going to my pussy, using a circular motion.
I like to fantasize about another woman licking my cunt.
Thats gets me realllyy hornyyy.
Or I usuallly fantasize about having a threesome with two other woman and have one man watching us.
I haven't done it yet.
But would like to soon.
Just typing this is geting me horny.
-I havent reached orgasm
But would like to know how.
I also wanted to talk to other woman on the internet but dont know where to go.


The first thing I do is think about it for a little while. Then I get the bag with my silver bullet, batteries, lube, and nipple clamps from the closet. I grab a couple girl on girl porn videos next. I put the DVD in the player and make sure it's loud enough for me to hear, and then let the video play while I'm finishing doing other things. Then I take of my bra but leave my shirt, shorts, and panties on. I start right away with the bullet on full-speed.

It feels amazing. I could seriously do this for hours. I am so close to cuming but I don't want the amazing feeling to end!

I have a problem here because I want to masturbate all night, but I can't hold it off very long.

Can girls cum more than once in one night?

Any tips or whatever to cum a lot or just be able to hold it off?


I'm 15 and love to maturbate. I've been doing it since I was like 5 or 6. I started out by just humping the edge of my bed or a pillow. Then when I was about 10, my best friend showed me how to rub myself so that it feels good. We were both on my bed with nothing on and then we just licked each other and stuff. It was soo amazing. Now everytime I masturbate I think of that time and it really makes me explode. Sometimes, thinking about being raped by my Dad or a teacher gets me off too. Its weird but it works like magic! Matter of fact, I'm rubbing my pussy against my desk chair as I write. It's amazing!!!


I remember masturbating since I was 5 with my sister, cousin (a girl), and sometimes my brother. One day we were all playing outside when we found video tape with no title. I was the only one who knew how to work the VCR at the time, and the only person in the house was our grandma, we all lived together. It was a porno tape were the girls were fingering each other and the guy jacked off. We were 5 and didn't know what the hell they were doin. They looked like they were having fun and feeling good. I wanted to know why it felt good so I took my finger and put it up my pussy. My sis and cuz and bro and I all started pleasuring ourselves. Around later in the month, we were playing outside again and we were in the neighbor's yard playing with their kids and the parents were giving "The Talk" to their girl. I overheard and ran over too the rest of us to tell them we can't let anyone know we were masturbating. From then on we would masturbate in our room, we all shared a room, after we got home from shool. We all got more curious and started fingering each other and, not knowing what it was, all eating my bro's cum. We would take turns masturbating as the rest of us watched. Now I'm 19 years old. Me, my cousin, sister, and brother still hang together.  Every four months or so we will all get together and go to sex patries or more often, like every month, we will invite our three friends over (2 girls and 1 guy) and start a masturbation circle. 


I love using a muscle massager. It can go to different speeds and it feels awesome against my pussy. While doing this I thrust my hips in the air and make moaning noises. Also while doing this I think  about naked girls (and  sometimes look at them!) I am not gay but this really turns me on when masturbating. Also looking at my self in the mirror and rub lubrication all over my pussy it is awesome.  Once I do these techniques I can't stop thinking about doing them later that day.

Dana X

Hi All,

I think I started masturbating when I was around 13 and haven't stopped since. I play with myself quite regularly.

I have inserted all sorts of things inside me, vegetables/fruits, handles, bottles, and what not. My favourite toy is home made, its a condom filled with silicone (purchased in a Do It Yourself store). The beauty is you can make it as big or small as you like.

Something else I like to do is get a small cola bottle filled with a fizzy drink and shake it as I insert it my vagina, feels like it explodes it feels so intense.

Dana X

Caution: Injecting liquids into the vagina will likely alter the vagina's natural flora and increase the risk of infection, and contents under pressure may pass through the cervix into the uterus and result in a pelvic infection. The carbonation may feel really good, but is risky to use. Plain carbonated water may be better to use, no sugars or the like, but again changes the vagina's pH, which is normally slightly acidic to help ward off infection by unwelcome visitors.


Hi, I'm 21 years old and I can't tell exactly when I started masturbation or how old I was. I remember starting  touch myself, to feel pleasure by rubbing my clit but I had no idea of what I was doing. I just knew it felt go but I knew it was a private thing, my secret. Now I'm older and I understand what I do and I've tryed different ways of doing it. I love to masturbate, I love to touch myself and I love the way it makes me feel, not only the pleasure but the sensation of being totaly in control of my own pleasure. I know when to touch, when to stop, whow fast... I've been discovering my own body and the how to orgasm. I can make it last for an hour, stoping now and then to extend the pleasure of I can make myself come in two minutes, it depends on how excited I am and if I have a lot of time or not.

My favorite place to masturbate is the bathroom. I love to use the pressure of the water to caress my clitoris. Sometimes I need a lot of pressure, It almost hurts... but it feels so good. Other times it only takes a little water, touching lightly. I vary the position, I lay on my back with my legs wide open or I sit opening my legs just a little. Sometimes I take the shower handle and point it to my clit and keep it in the same position until I orgasm. Other times I move it up and down to caress the whole area. I really enjoy myself like that. Once I tried on my knees, with my butt pointing up and the position of the clit made it more sensitive to the water pressure and I had one of the best orgasms of my life.

I don't always think of any particular thing while masturbating, sometimes I just focus all my senses in the feeling. But a recorrent fantasy I have involves women. I love to think of other women touching each other, licking each eather. I image a woman touching me and licking my clit and breasts. I would love to have a lesbian experience. Nothing makes me so excited as to think of women. And I really love to read other women fantasies and masturbating techniques. It makes me so horny that I really have to masturbate imagining it.


Hey, I am 15 years old and I have been masturbating since I was young (maybe around 7 or 8). When I first started I would just rub my fingers on my vulva or my clitoris. Then I would start to use Teddy Bears or furry toys and I would dry hump them until I came (sometimes I would even pee while doing so). One day while at home by myself I would sometimes use curling irons, when unplugged, with a round tip like a penis and rub it against my vulva or insert it into my vagina slowly. It felt so good and cold. I would experince great orgasms by this. I've experinced great orgasms by doing a lot of different things. It's all so great! Thanks for this site I can finally say what I want to and not feel weird because of thinking others don't do the same. Your site is wonderful don't ever take it away! See Ya!!


Hello everyone, I thought I would finally share my own two cents with you all. I've been a huge fan of this site for a few good years now, and It's helped me learn a lot about myself and others.

Anyway, thats enough of that, lets get on with it.

I am 20, never had much sexual interaction with girls, just this one time I will get at later on. I'm not bisexual, gay or in any way interested in girls normally, but when I think about another girl touching me, or me touching her, instantly I get aroused. I feel my pussy start to get wet, swell up and begging me to touch it. I like to then come on here, read some experiences that some of you ladies have had with another woman, or fantasies, and that just puts me right to the edge. hoping one day that I will get a chance just to see what it's like, but for now, the anticipation just kills me:)

This one time though, I was drinking with a friend before we headed to the bar to meet some guys, she suggested that we both get off once before we get there, and we'll not be as needy to the boys we try to pick up, or something like that. It had been a few drinks,  I was curious, and quite frankly, pretty turned on.. So I asked her what she meant. We never did kiss, but she pulled out a bullet shaped vibrator, and put it up my skirt, told me to hold it on my clit, as she put one finger inside of me. This thought even still just, wow, so turned on. She began fingering me, I turned up the speed of the vibrator, and just let it sit there as we were on her bed. I then decided to see what she'd do if I put my hand on the crotch of her pants... She smiled. So I undid them, and made my way under her panties, and felt how wet she was, I began playing with her clit, hearing her moan, was just amazing. I was so horny for her by this point, she pulled off her pants, and I proceeded to play with her. I put a finger inside of her, then two, played with her clit, and I was so intruiged into this, I brought her to orgasm before I let myself, but once I did, oh my gosh. Wow. Thinking about this now.. very turned on, once again. I hope one day I can experience something like this, but even more so with a friend, or any woman really. I am going to have to go now...some things to take care of.

Happy humping everyone :)


I am 15 and I started masturbating when I was about 13. I usually start by getting undressed and lying on my bed. I first like to play with my tits so they get really hard. Then I slowly move down to my clit and I rub as fast as I can. I usually have to do it when I am home alone, cause I make the loudest sounds ; )


I started masterbating at nine. I would go in the bathroom and hump the counter. This created a lot of pressure on my clit. Soon my panties would fill up, my mom knocked one day to see if I was ok, cause I was in there so long. Just hearing her voice and knowing I could be caught made me get hornier, as I said to her that I'll be out soon. I continued to hump, this time faster, soon I was so wet it started to drip down my legs, I even bit my lips to stop from screaming, the orgasm was sp intense. I've moved on to the showerhead but sometimes return to the counter, you can never go wrong with tradition.


I masturbate often. I am a squirter. I only cum form clitoral stimulation. So I rub my clitoris then lubricate with my wetness. I rub the under side of my clitoris and I cum and squirt everytime.


I'm 13 now. I started masturbating when I was 10. I rub my clit round and round and round. Sometimes I use a back vibrator on my clit...thats my favorite. I started when I just was touching myself. Peeking around to see what was growing. I was 10! And I feel its better in front of the mirror.

Ok, love ya, bye!


Firstly I just want to say what a fabulous site this is.

I started masterbating when I was young, about 5. I used to lie on my front and press down on my clit. I can remember making grunting sounds too as it felt so good.

As I got older I started to try new techniques and found that clenching my legs together whilst pressing on my clit is my trusted favourite position. Fantasing also turns me on whilst I play with myself. My favourite fantasy is about being a naughty girl and my punishment is to lie naked on a bed whilst a load of men touch me and play with me so they can learn new sexual techniques. When I fantasise about this I lie with my legs spread wide apart and gently touch myself in different ways, sometimes I just tickle my thighs and others I gently insert my fingers pushing them in and out slowly at first then get faster just before I climax. Anyway I better go as I can't touch myself and type at the same time.


I just LOVE to masturbate and I do it almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I look at pics of nude women and men making love and this excites me a lot. I wet a lot also and it's such a pleasure when my juice gets in my pussy hairs. I don't shave and have a very hairy pussy which is most exciting. I often look at my pussy in the mirror and this arouses me. The smell from my wet pussy exictes me and I caress my lips with my fingers and then smell this odour which drives me crazy. I masturbate slowly until I just can't hold the orgasm. It's so good and I feel so good after each masturbation.


I use stuffed animals.  I lay down in my bed and get myself nice and slippery down there and then I put the stuffed animal right on my clit and get a pillow and put it between my legs and hump it really hard and fast till I feel weak and like I've lost control of my body.  It's the best feeling no doubt.


Well I started masturbating when I was about 9, and now I'm 16. I didn't really know what I was doing at the time-but I knew I liked it and so didn't want to stop. I don't have the most common of masturbation techniques-altho there were a couple of people posting a similar technique. I normally start with erotic texts or web cam chats with my crush, then I go upstairs and I have my own special cushion, I have a little rub of my pussy, making sure it's really wet. Then I get on my stomach with the cushion underneath my pelvis and rub my vulva against it, still reading the text messages and sometimes the naught pictures I've received ;) I text back for a little break, and make the experience last as long as possible to get the best orgasm. I really does work. I am glad I'm not the only one who masturbates like that. I love your website and it has helped me SO much with understanding many things xxx.