Female Masturbation Techniques and Experiences - Collection 21


Illustration by PatsyI have been masturbating since I was at least 5 years old, I remember using and older chair that had a wide back but was open. I could slide one leg directly through the back and the other leg dangle the side and rub my crotch against the right or left back end... God those were good memories... Since I was in my teens I masturbated at least twice a day, once in the morning when I woke up and before I go to bed.. I have had boyfriends who loved to watch me masturbate and I had one boyfriend who loved to watch me rub my clit with my fingers while he stuck a Popsicle inside of me... Now that I am 31 years old and married with two beautiful little boys.. I masturbate still at least twice a day, but now that the husband is deployed I watch good porn at night and I like to lay in my bed spread my legs wide and put my purple dildo inside my pussy hold it in place with my left hand and with my right hand rub my clit... it is outstanding especially when I am orgasming and I can feel my muscle contracting around the dildo.. I also have what they call a rabbit vibrator but I don't turn the vibrating piece on just the rabbit because I love I how it vibrates against just the clit... and yes I do fantasize about another woman playing with herself in front of me or her fingers on me... great website and great ideas....



I just got out of the shower and I masturbated by picking up my hood and putting a massage setting on my shower. Oh my gosh it felt soooo good. I think you should try it.


Hey I'm 16 and I been masturbating ever since I was about 10 or 11. I used to just hump pillows and didn't know it was masturbating. I would lay in bed all day and just touch and rub my pussy. It would feel good and I liked how it felt when it became wet and slippery. But I didn't know what I was doing. After a while I realized what I was doing and started to feel guilty but I got over it and started touching and pleasing myself.  I'm not lesbian, but girls turn me on and I would love to lick a young girl's pussy and taste her. At the moment my favorite way of masturbating is rubbing my clit really fast until I climax. I like to get my fingers wet and rub my nipples too.  I do it everyday while I watch lesbian porno on my computer. I love to see girls grinding their parts together.


Whenever I masturbate I lay flat on my back, start by rubbing my tits and then my stomach and then my clit with my four fingers very softly at first then very quickly. I always hold my breath and I cum real hard.


I have read your website on several different occasions and have found it quite useful. In fact tonight I was able to insert a candle a full 18cm [7 in] into my vagina because of it. I am a virgin and I was concerned that my first time would hurt so much that I wouldn't enjoy myself. So I took the advice about gently inserting larger and larger objects into my vagina and now I can insert a candle 2cm [0.8 in] in diameter, 18cm [7 in]into my vagina. Although on this occasion I didn't rub my clitoris, I did the other day and had my first 5 min orgasm. I took another reader's advice about stopping and starting to prolong the climax. I am so glad I found this website and I will continue to masturbate using techniques mentioned in this site.


I started to masturbate when I was about seven I think. It started out one day when I was waiting for my mom to come home and I leaned up against one of my stuffed animals. I loved the feeling of it so I began to hump them, but without much succes. Then when we had our hot tub I would sit along the sides of it and let the jets penetrate me. As I got older I began using a pillow, it was hard and I would insert the tip of it into my vagina and then hump it in a slow then fast motion. I had to throw it away because it was getting to worn out (What a shame!) Then when I was around twelve I started to get interested in adult movies, because some frineds at school were talking about it. I realized as I watched it happenning I got really excited and I began experimenting with my fingers, though insertion sucked because it didn't give me the pleasure I wanted. Masturbation is my favorite thing to do now that I'm sixteen, thanks so much for this website!

-Lizzie :) !)


My name is Eliza and I am only 15 years old. Masturbating is something that I do frequently but I have never really experienced pleasure from any one besides myself. I masturbate to the thought of two girls making love, even though I am straight. I also think a lot about this guy from a band I like coming into my room and having sex with me. It gets me so excited!...

One technique that works is using a Venus Vibrance Razor!!


First off let me say THANK YOU for this website! I thought I would share my masturbation experiences with you guys! I started masturbating when I was around the age of 10. I was using the bathroom and I always use baby wipes because they make me feel cleaner but this time I don't know how it ended up feeling good as I rubbed across my clit but it did. After that I would always rub it. Especially in the tub. But after school I would come home lay across my bed naked and just play with myself not knowing what I was doing but also liking it. As I got into middle school I started doing it more often especially before I went to bed because it helped put me to sleep. In middle school is when I discovered the SHOWER HEAD! =) which I still use to today at the age of 19. It is absolutely wonderful. I looove laying in the bathtub as the water gently pulsates on my clit as I hump up and down or in a circular motion until I reach the point where I can't help myself and I give in. I also discovered using my pillow in middle school. Which I still use today also. That's what I use when I want to have multiple orgasms in less than 10 minutes, it really gets me going. But when I really want to feel good I use my index finger. Rubbing and flicking in all the right places at all the right times can really get you going. I thought I was the only one that tried humping the arm of the couch before, I thought something was really wrong with me when I did that but now I'm not ashamed of it any more because I was not the only one.

In order to get me started I usually watch a lesbian porno..... watching them tease, lick, rub and suck as there partner screams, moans,and shake in ecstasy gets me wetter than I ever imagined. That's when I really let my finger go into work. I usually fantasize about me and another woman caressing, feeling, really knowing what each other wants and gives it. I haven't had an experience with a female yet but I'm definitely up for it and really looking forward to it. So ladies I'm waiting for my first time =) lol


My story begins at about 11 years old.  I was already masturbating each morning and many nights and had orgasms every time.  One day I was wrestling my older brother when he pinned me down in such a way that his leg was putting pressure between my legs.  I found that he seemed to do this on purpose and I loved it.  By the time I was 12, if we were wrestling, I could achieve orgasm and although we never spoke of it, I know he knew I loved it.  Over summer break he woke me each morning by yanking my covers off.  Our parents were at work so the house was ours.  At this age I was always horny in the morning and he always wrestled me on the bed.  We would roll around for a minute and then get me pinned to the bed with his arm or knee between my legs.  It was no matter to me, I just started slowly humping.  I was usually in panties and a night shirt.  We would be face to face and I remember after a couple minutes I would begin breathing heavy.  Even at 12 I remember wondering if I had morning breath and stuff like that but he didn't seem to care.  My orgasm would come and I would grab him tight panting and he would leave.  I even cut his face with my upper braces once because I would get so crazy humping and breathing.  What I really wanted was for him to masturbate me with his fingers but that never happened, and now I am glad.  This happened EVERY weekday morning that summer and never progressed further (a good thing).  I would masturbate the night before thinking about our morning to come.  I would sometimes hump my own arm to pretend it was him.  I noticed my pubic hair would show when I did this and he frequently looked down and he must have had quite a show when he did it.  My panties never did a good job covering me when we began rolling around. Great memories! 


I've read several of the messages here and was prompted to tell my experience.  I am now a 32 year old married woman with three children...I am happily married and have a wonderful, if somewhat conventional sex-life.  I have been masturbating since I was about 12 years old, when I spent the night with my girlfriend. 

It started as something entirely innocent.  Both of us had crushes on boys at school (fortunately, not the same boy!) and had spent many close hours exchanging strategies for getting their attention...I had already had all kinds of vague fantasies about my crush, some more sexual than others but none really graphic.  I knew about sex but thought of it as something way too adult for me.  I was familiar with my anatomy, but beyond some very mild and pleasant self exploration and stimulation, I had never "touched" myself in an overtly sexual way.  Instead my fantasies were more about kissing and holding hands, or being trapped together in a snow-bound cabin in the woods...I always cast myself in those fantasies as an older woman (all of 16!).

Anyway, my friend and I were sharing similar fantasies into the wee hours of the night after watching some sappy movies.  Alone in her bedroom, we dressed and went to bed where we continued our private girl talk about the boys we were sure we would marry.  Karen, my friend, asked me if I had ever kissed a boy and I admitted I had not (my daddy didn't count).  She on the other hand claimed to be something of an old hand, having been the kissing queen of her third grade....She giggled, and then leaned over and kissed me quickly on the lips.  That kiss remains with me to this day, so innocent, pure, and guileless....

To make a long story short, she kissed me again, and then we began to experiment with kissing (practice?)...Nothing gross like French kissing, but sure enough full on the lips.  Soon her kisses were very arousing to me and insistent, and though we would punctuate them by giggles at how silly we were, we both were getting flushed.  At one point she mounted me in a long kiss and soon was grinding against me....At first I was reluctant, scared, and then relented, parting my thighs while she humped me.

I did not orgasm but enjoyed her touch and the rhythmic movements....When she rolled off me, she laid next to me and then showed me how to masturbate with my hand....I knew it was wrong, but felt so compelled that I let her touch me, stroking my pussy....I was surprised when I touched her how developed she was, with almost a full patch of pubic hair, which felt almost magic to me....I do not think I did so well with her, nor did I climax with her touching me....We kissed some more, but when she started to kiss my budding breasts I got very nervous and we stopped, falling asleep...Later in the early morning I was aware that she was masturbating herself and I felt very warm beside her.

Several times afterward we repeated these performances, once in my home, but we never really talked about it...I think I felt as though it wasn't really sex, odd though that may sound.  I sometimes would stroke myself, and frequently I would approach now what I know to be orgasm but always felt that when I did it myself it was wrong.  About a year later, after I was confirmed in the church, I made confession to my priest that I had "impure thoughts" and was so frightened by the severity of his reaction and my penance that I broke off the relationship with Karen....neither of us seemed to regret it, simply gave it up, like some silly girlish thing. 

Several years later, I gave up my squeamishness about masturbation when I was in high school, doing it often but always convinced it was something only I did, not other girls.  I lost my virginity in college and have been sexually active since then.....Frequently though I'd find myself drifting in my imagination back to those nights in my girlfriend's house.  About six years after my marriage,  started masturbating again and fantasized about Karen and the feel of her young pussy to my fingers....I have since then had some of my most powerful orgasms with these fantasies.

I do not worry that I am a secret lesbian, but I must honestly admit that those youthful experiences are among my most erotic encounters.  I would never seek them out now.

Oddly, about a year ago, I met Karen again at a mutual acquaintance's wedding.....We had a wonderful time recalling some of out seventh grade adventures but not even a hint between us about those nights under her sheets....I find no interest in the grown woman she has become, but I can always make myself warm between my legs thinking of her youthful kisses and the feel of her adolescent pussy...

Am I strange?


Saturday afternoon and my husband was away for the day. I had had a shower and was relaxing on the family room couch in my house coat when I had an "itch". I scratched and it felt good so I continued. It was a "normal" masturbation session for me, rubbing my clit and using my fingers, satisfying enough until I started thinking about a few weeks before when my husband used a cucumber and how good that felt. Not wanting to stop and ruin the mood I grabbed the first thing handy, the TV remote. Although not that big it was a shape completely different from anything before and eventually, with one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the couch it was almost all the way in me and I was turning it. That pretty much did it, one of my better masturbation orgasms. Once I stopped shaking and twitching I opened my eyes and was horrified. The drapes were open and standing ten feet away outside the sliding glass doors was one of my husband's friends staring at my still spread legs and the remote still in me. I realized he had seen most of it because he was holding his penis and there was semen on the glass. I just tried to cover up as he opened the door and asked if Bill was home. I said no and he turned around, said thank you and left. We have never looked at each other the same and although the family room is now my favorite place to masturbate it's never happened again.


The first time I masturbated, I was around 11 years old. I had a bottle of shampoo, and I rubbed it really fast between my legs, and loved how it made me feel tight and hot down there. I didn't orgasm, though. I tried rubbing myself on pillows, but it didn't work very well. I then discovered the wonders of electric toothbrushes.

For a lot of women I've talked to, their clits are so sensitive, they can't handle too much direct stimulation. Not mine! On masturbation sites, they say to use the back of the toothbrush head, but I like to use the front of it. The bristles swirl around my clit, and are absolutely amazing.

About a year ago, I finally bought a dildo and vibrator. Putting the vibrator on my clit while I slowly pull the dildo in and out of me is amazing. Just thinking about it is making me horny right now. I think I'm going to go take care of that. :-)


Well... let me start of by saying that I am 14 years old and with this technique I experience orgasm at least two times a day. See in my shower I have an adjustable showerhead, you know they ones that you can change the rhythm and pressure of the water, well I put it on real hard so it shoots out like a water fall and let it hit my clit and it feels REAL good. For me my orgasm comes in about 5 min at the most. It feels wonderful. GIVE IT A TRY


I love to put on a pair of tight cotton thongs and pull them up really high so it puts pressure on my little butthole....then I lay on my stomach and rub my clitty with two fingers until I come.


From an early age I was taught masturbation was wrong. I remember my mum catching me pants down in the bath, shoving a small tube which used to be full of bath salts up into myself. I can remember this because I was so close to orgasm, and then I was scolded. So naturally, I built up a very irrational fear of having an orgasm or even touching myself down there.

Anyway, when I was about 11 mum went out to the shops, and me being my sneaky self went into to laundry to get some paint out so I could paint something in my room. I sat on the washing machine, which was turned on, to reach the shelf. Ohhh what a good idea this was! I could feel it vibrate against my bum, and I thought.. what if I could put it elsewhere? So that's just what I did ^.^ I took my pants off and pressed my clit against the vibrating washing machine. Needless to say I got that indescribable feeling which built up like a wave, and soon enough I was shaking and moaning all over the place. The washing machine became my best friend for a while.

Now, I'm too young to buy a dildo, or a vibrator, or anything like that :( so I have to make do. Recently I bought a hairbrush, which has a handle shaped like three balls stacked on top of each other. I was laying in bed the other night, fantasizing about my best friend licking me out. I was getting wetter and wetter, then all of a sudden my pussy ached, like it needed to be filled. So I searched around and found the brush. Well I was wet enough to slide it in with no worries. Then came the good bit. I started to move it in and out of me, slowly, until I felt.. a wave of pleasure hitting me. So as I got faster, this wave built up. I could hardly move, it was soo overwhelming. I couldn't even moan! All I did was lay there, fucking myself with this brush, breathing heavy until there was a sense of urgency in my fucking, and I needed to cum pretty hard. So I started to move it in and out faster, and press the heel of my free hand down on my clit and buck my hips. I let out a mighty scream, I could feel my pussy muscles gripping the brush as I pulled it out, like it needed to go back in there. Wow.

Thank you for this site, it's made me so much more aware of my body :)

Love Olivia


I masturbate at least once per day & often experience multiple orgasms. What I do is lie undressed on my bed with a mirror & a Sharpie marker. I begin by slowly rubbing my clit in a circular motion, then when I am wet I insert the marker. It brings a feeling of fullness & gives me something to contract on. I start to rub my clit faster, from side to side & fantasize about a woman licking me. I do this for about two minutes, then orgasm. Afterwards I take a short breather, leaving the marker in. Then I rub my clit again. I do this about three times every night, & it relieves much of my stress.


I have been masturbating since I was sixteen.  I started out by humping anything in sight.  I would first take off all my clothes in my bedroom with the door shut and locked.  I would usually hump one of my slippers on the bottom on the rubber part. It would only take me fifteen minutes to come.  The first couple of times that I masturbated I had no idea what an orgasm was or what a clitoris or a vulva were. I just knew that when I masturbated, I felt a throbbing sensation on my pussy and it felt good so I kept doing it. The first time I located my clitoris I was eighteen. Rubbing my clitoris did not offer much pleasure when I rubbed it with my fingers either in an up and down or circular motion. After I got the hang of masturbating more and more, I would take my vibrator and place it on my clitoris or some other place on my pussy. I would think about girls licking my clit or eating my pussy and thinking that would make me come, come and come.


I usually start off by looking online for some dirty video to get my pussy a clit a little wet. I'll watch a few videos and I can feel my clit getting swollen.. I usually take my right hand and move it in a circular motion and spread my lips open..right at the computer desk. Sometimes I like to lift my leg and spread my undies to the side... I even get my mirror sometime as to see a peek of my pussy throbbing.


I am a 44-year-old mother of two, and I learned much of what I know about masturbation from my stepmother when I was 12. At the time I alternated weeks at my father's house and my mother's house.  I think my stepmother, who was a registered nurse, believed my mom was too prudish and religious to teach me what I needed to know about sex.  So at some point after I turned 12 or 13, she began coming into my bedroom on Saturday mornings to give me talks about sexuality, hygiene, and the like.  I wasn't totally clueless, so at first I was mostly embarrassed and a little bored. But that all changed on the morning she decided to give me an anatomy lesson. After nonchalantly removing her jeans and underpants, she sat on my bed, spread her legs, and gave me a guided tour of the female genitalia. She was very clinical and detached, using the proper terminology for all the parts, and even spread her "labia" to make certain that I saw everything in detail, including her clitoris. And things really got interesting two weeks later, when, after asking me whether I had ever touched myself down there (I told her I hadn't), she disrobed again and both explained and demonstrated masturbation for me.  I couldn't believe it, but never having masturbated myself, I was curious about what I was seeing.  The whole thing was pretty straightforward, actually. She rubbed her clitoris in circles using one finger and said that some women enjoy vaginal penetration at the same time.  She explained what an orgasm was, but she did not masturbate herself to orgasm.  (I've always wondered whether she was actually getting off on the experience and needed to finish herself off later on.)  For the next (and final) lesson, she brought along one of those vanity mirrors with magnification, and she had me explore my own vagina while we both looked on in the mirror, comparing and contrasting my equipment with her own.  She eventually asked me whether I had tried to masturbate since our last session.  When I told her that I had tried it a little bit but nothing much had happened, she had me lie down on the bed and she kneeled down my legs.  Then, to my surprise, she spread my lips with her fingers and began rubbing my clitoris with one finger. She told me several times to relax and just feel the sensations. I'll always remember how she kept looking over to see how I was reacting and then looking back down to watch her hand stimulating my vagina. The speed of the circular motion she was making with her finger slowly increased, and the next thing I knew the most incredible thing I had ever felt was exploding between my legs.  I don't know whether I moaned or screamed or squirmed . . . the next thing I perceived was my stepmother leaving the room and saying, "I think you'll do just fine." I became a big fan of masturbation that day.

I still masturbate regularly, even though I am happily married and have a satisfying sex life. I have graduated to far more advanced masturbation techniques and equipment over the years, but I still love to lie on my back in bed with my legs spread and imagine my stepmother kneeling there, while my middle finger does circles on my clitoris until I come (though now I do put two or three fingers into my vagina when I am close to orgasm). I can't imagine ever giving such lessons to my own daughter, but I have to thank my stepmother for giving me a great start and a lifelong masturbatory fantasy.


Like many others, my sexual experiences started at a young age, probably  about five or six, I remember my baby sister having a blow up book to teach her abc's, it was kept in the bathroom, and while I was lying on the floor one night I opened my lips and placed the cold book (I'd run it under the cold tap) against my clit, which as I wriggled around on top of it began to throb, it was an amazing feeling, and one I craved almost constantly. I am now 20, and still masturbate on my front, by cupping my pussy in my right hand, and wiggling around until all my body starts to spasm, and I can barely move. My partner loves to watch me do this, I suppose its the ultimate fantasy to watch your girlfriend masturbate, and although I use all sorts of objects, and techniques, this is the one both he and I enjoy most, he says I move in the same way as if I was wrapped around him, and that's why its such a turn on. What he doesn't know is, I think about his sister's cold fingers slipping in and out of my wet pussy as I do it. (Not that I'd ever tell him that!!)


Hi! My name is Constanza & I'm just delighted to find your site.

I've been masturbating for quite a few years now and have used nearly all the techniques that I've read on your site during that time. I have recently discovered a new toy that gives loads of pleasure and can be bought in any pharmacy. It's the little kit for treating bites and stings that contains a vacuum type syringe and several different adaptors (presumably for different kinds of stings) Anyway I've found that if you place it over your nipples and clit, the suction causes them to be pulled up into the syringe. This causes them to swell up and almost fill the plunger area. You can leave them in place for as long as you like. I walk around with one in place under my skirt and the feeling is just tremendous. I end up soaking wet and when I finally release the suction my clit is almost an inch long and pokes out from between the folds of my labia. It is also super sensitive and just brushing it lightly can make me come harder than you can imagine. When I first started doing it, my clit soon returned to it's normal size, but after about six months it has stayed like a mini penis and I can actually masturbate like a guy! A girlfriend stayed overnight recently and we ended up talking about sex (surprise, surprise ) and I told her about my new toy. Of course she wanted to see the results and was blown away when she saw my clit. She ended up sucking me to the best climax I've ever had and she said it was just about the sexiest thing she's ever done. I then had to try it on her and she came virtually as soon as I pushed the plunger and suctioned her in! She kept in it place for almost an hour and then let me suck her to a mind-blowing orgasm.She ejaculated for the first time ever thanks to her super sensitive and swollen clit. Next day she went straight out and bought three of them - one for each nipple and one for her clit! Give it a try girls  and enjoy having the biggest clit on the block!

Webmaster's Comment: Only use very light suction for twenty minutes or less when starting out so you don't rupture blood vessels or cause other harm.


I always thought I was younger than most when I started to masturbate, I'm glad to see that 4 or 5 isn't too young. I masturbated all the time and it got better and better as I got older. When I was about 10, two of my friends and I started to meet daily, we wouldn't watch each other but we would masturbate simultaneously with either our fingers or hairbrushes etc. shoved in our pussys. We would describe to each other what was happening. I'm 36, married with two children and still love masturbating whether alone with him or others. One of the best things I think I ever did was to rub Vicks vapor rub on my nipples, attach clothespins to them and then shove my vapor rub finger inside my cunt. The sensations brings on the hardest orgasm ever!

Webmaster's Comment: Vicks Vapor Rub may irritate the delicate tissues of the vulva and vagina. Use only a very tiny amount. The active ingredients are: 4.8% camphor, 2.6% menthol, 1.2% Eucalyptus Oil. Many topical sexual stimulates contain the same ingredients but in much smaller amounts. You might be able to dilute it with petroleum jelly, but remember petroleum based products cause condoms to fail.


I use a playstation controller, it feels amazing (set it on vibrate)


I'm 36 and happily married. I love to masturbate when I'm alone. I would pop in a porn DVD, and I get really horny watching two females eating each other. I then use my back massager that I put on my already wet pussy, and I put it on the highest speed, and will come in about 2 seconds. I would love someday to be able to make love to a woman just to see how it feels to be with another woman, even though I know I am not a lesbian. It is just one of those things that I would love to experience.


Hi, I'm 16. I've been masturbating since I was about 7, and I do it at least once a day. Usually with stuffed animals or pillows, and while watching porn (orgys or gay guy porn). I orgasm every time and it is incredible. Use stuffed animals they're amazing.


Here is something that is really fun for somebody who isn't shy.  Why should we ladies masturbate by ourselves????   I do this often and I have the most fun with this.  When you are out somewhere, why not slip off to the bathroom and remove your bra.  Put your shirt back on ( preferably one that is almost see through).  This works great at bars and night clubs.  I stroke my nipples in the ladies room so that they start to get excited and erect.  I then walk out of the ladies room with those babies shining for all to see.  I tend to have large nipples so this works really well for me.  I then put something in both of my hands and walk up to someone that I think is really cute and ask him if he could scratch my right nipple because I have too much in my hands.  You can also ask him to hold whatever is in your hands so you can do it yourself.  It is so funny to see who will actually do it for you.  I have had so many men and women touch my nipples in public.  Mind you, I don't pick up my shirt or anything, I just let them massage my nipples.  They and I both love it.  One can definitely see those nipples become more excited and erect with each touch.  It is something about an erect nipple that turns me on.  I love woman who are not afraid to wear a tight shirt and show off an erect and hard nipple.  Works all the time ladies. 


I'm a 17 year old girl who can't get enough of masturbating! I've been with my boyfriend for about a year... We currently have a long distance relationship (he lives in the east, I live in the west), and I'm only able to see him twice a year. He is a virgin and rather shy, so we never brought up sex until January of this year... He was playing the piano for me over the phone and I was incredibly turned on. Instead of telling me how beautiful it was (like I always do), I started saying how wet I was. We ended up masturbating over the phone, each sharing our fantasies with each other, and I had my first orgasm right then and there. He would tell me where to touch, when to touch, and how to touch... Just thinking about his husky voice whispering naughty things to me is making my pussy wet.

Sometimes I even mail him photos of myself naked with a very descriptive letter of how badly I want to do him, or I leave voice mails of myself moaning and calling out his name. We haven't had sex yet (waiting for him to visit over the summer!), so I tend to play with myself about two to three times a day. I love touching my clit, imagining it's my boyfriend's lips over it instead. Sometimes I even fold a pillow, and I play it in between my legs while I'm laying face down on my bed. I rock my hips back and forth, up and down, or I move my hands underneath the pillow and guide it upwards to put pressure onto my clit - it drives me crazy. In fact, it's driving me rather insane right now... Mmm, happy masturbating~


First off, I would like, no, love to thank the incredible person/people who made this site. It seems to be a huge help to a lot of people, including me. So, thanks!

I don't want to say my age, but I'm in 8th grade. I found this site while looking for new ways to masturbate, since my favorite method, which I'll tell about in a moment, seemed to be a little boring. I admit that I sometimes look up erotica online and re-read the parts of books that mention sex, which gets me turned on in different ways, depending on what I've been thinking about. Most often, I fantasize about F/F sex, which makes me wonder about my sexuality the next day.

I usually start by sticking a hand in my pants and groping around. Then I'll rub my clit really fast, which gets me really wet. I'll slide a finger or two into my vagina, depending on how I'm feeling, and thrust in and out while playing with my clit. Then, once I feel like I'm ready, I run over to the bathroom and strip down, sometimes giving myself a little smile in the mirror because I know the reason I'm in there. I get the water running in the shower and fantasize for a while, then put the showerhead halfway between "drip" and "massage" so I can run water over my clit and keep the rest of me warm. I turn the showerhead so it points down and lay under it, letting the water run over my clit. I usually brace my feet against the side of the tub and pull up my clitoral hood. I can only say for sure that this has brought me to orgasm once, but it still feels really good!


I get naked, play some groovy music and dance sexily in front of the mirror in my bedroom. The sight of my 36D breasts bobbing up and down; the way my nipples stick up longing to for attention is enough to make me feel the familiar tingle down there. I squeeze my breasts and langourously rub my nipples with baby oil till I'm wet and ready. Then I lie down on my bed, insert my favorite dildo up my cunt and start moving it in and out with my left hand. The index finger of right hand is rubbing my clitoris up and down and side to side, first slowly and then faster and faster till I can feel myself almost coming. Then my left hand moves to my nipples. I tweak my left nipple and the right, jiggling each breast by turn even as my right hand is rubbing against my clit furiously. I close my eyes now and imagine I am sucking noisily at my neighbor's erect nipples and she's thumbing my clit. She has ample boobs with thick brown teats that stick out through any dress. By this time, my cunt is making squishing sounds. Ah..ah..ah..ah..ah...I explode into a fantastic orgasm. Ummmn...I cant wait to do this again.


Hi, my name is Tina and I've been masturbating since I was 11. I'm now 37 and still enjoy masturbating even though I don't have to because my boyfriend makes me have any orgasm every time we make love. I'm so happy I was able to find this site and share my experiences. There is a woman who wrote about masturbating in her pantyhose, and wondered if it was wrong or weird. Well, it's not weird and if it feels good than do it! I actually became turned on by wearing pantyhose at a young age of 13. I have always loved the way they feel on my legs and the way men check me out when I'm wearing them. I don't wear panties though and this usually make it feel better for me. The only problem is it feels so good sometimes I have taken to masturbating at work. I generally start by taking my heels off and rubbing my feet up and down my silky legs, then I will slowly start to rub my clit through the pantyhose until I'm very wet. This will bring me to climax every time. Once I was at work and began to get extremely aroused, and decided I could touch myself and rub my pantyhose clit through my skirt and no one would notice. So I kicked my heels off moved forward in my seat and began to slightly rock back and forth in my chair while rubbing my clit through the pantyhose. I kept looking around to make sure no one could see me or tell what I was doing. I became so aroused thinking about my pantyhose and how good they felt that I decided to slip my hand up my skirt and directly rub my pantyhose clit and pussy. I could now feel myself start to reach orgasm, and could not stop at any cost. I brought myself to orgasm and it was so powerful my legs were shaking and soaked my pantyhose as my clit and pussy pulsated. I hope this my help someone to not be afraid of what makes them feel good and to continue to try new things. Not so sure masturbating in the office is a good thing though. I masturbate in my pantyhose about 5 to 6 times a week and sometimes three time in a day if I'm very horny. So go ahead and slip into a pair of pantyhose and see what you can do for yourself. Take care all!


My latest tip to get wet is to stick Mardi Gras beads (clean of course) into my vagina, even just inside the lips and just moving around a little, they'll hit my clit and it makes me excited. Sometimes I also read erotic stuff to become wet and then stick the beads in...they work wonders.


I'm 33 year old and I have a passion for masturbation.

I do it several times a day, regardless of my having a partner or not.

I do it in many different ways but my favorite one, when I have time, is to do it in front of the mirror. I Get in a comfortable position in my armchair, usually in panties and tank top. I like to spread and watch and rub my pantied crotch  before moving the panties to the side and watching my bare pussy.

Sometimes I use a small vibrating egg in my anus, some other times a small dildo in the same place, other times a bigger dildo in my pussy. The first toy is for the physical stimulation, the other two mainly because I like to watch as I am being penetrated.

I am bisexual so my fantasies while I do it run from men to women, most of them are a bit unusual like pee sex or men masturbating and ejaculating on my face and body.

I get fairly wet too, while masturbating, although I have never squirted. I sometimes pee myself a little while doing it.

I would love to discuss this with the girl-friends here.

I would.


The first thing I do when I'm about to masturbate is feel my breasts over my shirt and start to think about kissing a woman or about two women kissing each other. I usually get to the point where I either have to lift my shirt up or take it off completely and start rubbing my nipples with my fingers and hands. I usually do that for awhile and I can feel the wetness and aching in my vagina start to swell. At that point I spread my legs, lick my fingers and feel my clit with my right hand while I pinch my nipple with my left hand. After my pussy is very wet and I feel like I'm close to cumming, I either spread my legs as far as I can or get on my knees (usually my preferred area) and rub my clit until I cum. It feel so great! It sounds basic, but it always works for me. I can usually cum 2-3 times in a night because the first time has felt so good.


I'm 15 years old. I started "pleasuring" myself when I was about 12. I was taking a bath and the shampoo bottle had floated and brushed the lips of my pussy. It felt great. So I picked it up and began to experiment. I rubbed in on my lips and circled my clit with it. After that I did it every day. Experimenting in different ways. Playing with shampoo bottles and my fingers. Sliding sample lotion bottles in and out of my vagina. When I was 14 I got a pop-up on my computer, I had just gotten my own computer, so I clicked on it. It was some porn site. So I watched a few of the movies and got completely aroused, and began touching myself like they did. I watch lesbian porn, and pretend somebody is doing that to me, and it felt SO good. Ever since then I've been doing it nearly every day. Now, I just pop in porn and do it quick, by circling my clit. Humping pillows is just amazing. I love experimenting MANY ways. The only thing is I know I'm awfully young to be watching porn. But what can I say? I love it. If you have any interesting techniques let me know :]


I rub the top of my vulva...... but I sometime have sexual intercourse with the corner of a chair.... I get an orgasm very quickly and its very nice.....!

Please try it......


I am 30 years old, and I been masturbating since I was very young. After a long day of work on Friday, I go straight home and strip out of all my clothes and grab a mirror. The first technique is that I lay flat on the bed with the mirror propped up against the bed and spread my legs wide open and start off rubbing my clit really slow, just relaxing my mind. I will do this for about 30 minutes and I start the get really fast with it and moving all around, moaning until I orgasm. My second technique in sitting on a sofa with the mirror propped in front of me with my legs spread wide open. I really enjoy it and only do it once or twice a week.

Gorgeous Girl

I like to start my masturbating sessions by lying in the bath, with only about an inch of water in the bottom, then squeezing a little toothpaste on to my cunt and nipples. I massage it on my tits, and play with my nipples for a few minutes while the minty paste makes them tingle and erect.

By this time, the paste has worked its magic on my cunt and I am wet between my lips. I slowly rub the paste up and down my slit and over my clit hood. I won't allow my fingers inside my lips until they are so dripping wet that they won't stay closed. Then I stick 2 fingers in and draw out the juice and rub it in with the toothpaste over my clit. The minty sensations are driving my clit wild and just a couple of minutes stroking it is enough to bring me to a massive orgasm. After a minute's rest, I shut my legs and just gently stroke my cunt and clit through the hood and top flesh. Because it is already so sensitized, I can get another, more satisfying orgasm this way.

My preferred method of getting myself in the mood in the beginning is reading erotic fiction featuring girls giving each other cunnilingus. I fantasize endlessly about licking a girl's pussy and having a 69 with her. I am married but the sex with my husband is not that great and I have little sex drive for him. I am hoping to be able to go to a lesbian club and meet someone for a one-night stand in the next couple of weeks when I am in the city again. 

Amanda B

It is so rare to hear from girls like me that masturbate by climbing. (Poles, trees, ropes) I guess I was about 9 or 10 but still do it at age 25. I guess it is all about the tension in my legs, the pulling with my arms, and finally the total gripping with my thighs, hanging there, going up and down an inch at a time, back down, back up, well, you get the picture. Grip oh so tightly.. and ... bliss. I love you ladies that do it. (Banisters work as well as water pipes in the basement), flagpoles, playground poles, you name it! I'm going to keep doing it, and you can too!

From Amanda


I love the site. I have been masturbating for nearly 60 years.  even while I was married.  Actually it was the only way to enjoy sex then. This site had me gum so many times. I almost lost the ability to have good time. I love to read the stories and experiences of others. It is almost like sharing the bed with them.  I have used my methods several times because it gets to be harder and harder to get orgasm.  It is always a pleasurable to masturbate even when it takes time.  I use my hairbrush handle inside my vagina and stimulate the clit with my middle finger these days.  I reintroduced the shower head method.  Thank you for reminding me.


I've been masturbating since childhood and much as the feeling was remarkable, I always felt embarrassed about it. Now all grown up and independent, single I realize that's its the only way to let go of the stress and just be myself totally sexually empowering.

I usually have to experience deep thrusting penetration, so I lie face down and insert well wrapped cloth in a studded condom, and I push it in and out. The feeling I get is terrific and tremendously exciting, I do masturbate anytime, especially when I'm feeling relaxed. I'm glad to say that I'm not alone in this.


I'm almost 17 and started masturbating when I was probably 13, not very often, it was more experimenting and getting used to my body. Three of my friends made it out to be wrong and were completely disgusted by the fact that me and two other girl mates had tried it.  At 14 I used to fantasize about having sex, although didn't actually loose my virginity until three months ago. Anyway, as I was fantasizing I decided to as you say 'hump' my pillow and pretend I was having intercourse, I was just messing about and not much was happening when I started to get a nice sensation when I thrust my clit against the pillow, so I kept doing it and the sensation built and built till suddenly there was an amazing explosion of pleasure, making my whole body tighten and my jaw lock, it was so pleasurable and I'd try to get it to last as long as I could but it never lasted as long as I wanted, how unsatisfying. So after this first experience this became a regular thing and I wouldn't stop each night until I had this feeling. As I got to 15 I'd grew out of this, thinking I was such a weirdo and feeling embarrassed, what if someone were to walk in and see me!

So I hadn't experienced this feeling for almost two years.

Now that I have a boyfriend and now sexually active things like that never crossed my mind. My boyfriend often goes 'down on me' but for some reason this doesn't do much for me...or at least it didn't until a couple of weeks ago when he focused on my clitoris. He would flick his tongue up and down against my clit really quickly and just as he was stopping I got that same sensation I used to when I was younger, so I made him start again, he hasn't managed to do it quite long enough yet to give me that explosion of pleasure, but its certainly amazingly pleasurable. Try it!


I lay in the bathtub with the shower head on my clit. The water pressure from the shower head feels so good and intense. I would rub myself all over doing this and play with my anus.  Eventually, I apply a little soap on my hand and slip a finger inside my anus. I always thought of this as something that would never excite me but I was wrong. I have a very strong orgasm from this and sometimes more than one orgasm at a time.


I have several ways to do so depending where I am. Mostly I like to watch myself on the morrows while I open my legs and "check" what's inside. Then I clean myself. This gives me always pleasure to point of placing my palm over the whole area. I knead my self for awhile like I was kneading bread dough. This some times makes me cum. After a while I "search" for clit and give it a little stroke. Usually I follow with my other hand that I have moistened by my tongue. It looks so nice that I usually do that few times. I rub that wet finger over the clit. Then I like to go further down and check the rest very carefully. I have no actual toys, but I manage to get pleasure from my brush handle. I put it inside my vagina and start again massaging my palm. The brush handle usually gives me the area I need to come to. I can do this all night when I am stressed out and by the morning instead of being tired I feel refreshed and still wanting more.


Hi Peyton

There are many ways to please ourselves. I am 15 yrs old and I never thought I would have a orgasm until I found my Aunties vibrator. I started masturbating when I was 7 years and the pleasure was so great that I started to cry because I couldn't handle the pleasure it gave me. I only rubbed my clitoris, it became hard and erect, but it would not go down so I had to wait because it was getting a little too uncomfortable for me so that I was going to tell my Auntie what I done. So I waited and it went down and I was not afraid anymore. Now I'm 15 yrs old and I never could make me reach an orgasm like that until now. What you do is lie on you stomach and lubricate your vagina and anus. But you have to play with your clitoris so you can get turned on then put your finger in your anus while masturbating. Wow that feel good to me it make my clitoris hard and I can have a orgasm very easy that way. While my finger is in my bottom I can feel me cuming from the contraction in my anus. OR you can put a vibrator in anuss to feel even better.


I'm 17, and have been masturbating as long as I can remember.

I remember being about 5 or 6 and pushing my vulva against my bed at night, and noting how good it would feel.

When I was about 11, I don't know what prompted it, but I decided to run the shower head underneath me. I'd sit on the floor in the shower, and just push the jet stream of water against my pussy. I'd shake and cum multiple times. I was sitting on the floor, over the drain, so almost every time, the water would flow out and onto floor the bathroom.

My clit just doesn't have any feeling.

But the jet stream works well.


Wow these stories are intense and make me very hot! First of all, I love masturbating... I think it is amazing and I do it at least once a day. I started when I was very young... my friends and I would play with each other and it was amazing. I used to have a life size tweety bird stuffed animal and I used to pleasure myself by humping it so hard that I would orgasm repeatedly. I am a teenager and I find no shame in masturbating... I am straight, but I often fantasize of other women pleasuring me... I would love it to happen because I believe that women know how to pleasure each other. As for now, I just play with my massager and a soft scarf (weird I know) But its soft and makes my pussy very aroused! I would love to try cyber, I be live that Tasha was the one looking for a partner with that. I love this site, I am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks of the same things that I do.


Hey!!! I have been masturbating since I was like in 5th grade and every time I do this I feel extremely guilty because my religion forbids it. I am a Christian. And at times I just can't help but do it. And I have a problem .. All these women and teens talk about how inserting a finger feels so good but whenever I do insert a finger .. I don't feel anything but the goooey stuff and I'm just like what... Honestly I don't know what I'm doing wrong.. However when a guy even just presses it.. I feel so excited and I just don' know why.. How come when I try touching myself down there I simple don't feel anything but when someone else touches it .. it feels so good. And the only way so far I've been getting pleasure is the little bulb thingy.. I'm not sure what it is called. Sigh. hahahaa. And it sucks because whenever I do touch myself down there I feel so ashamed of myself and I don't know what to doo.. Is it really wrong to masturbate.. And how come it doesn't feel good when I touch myself down there?


I love to grind pussy, getting clit to clit with another girl really gets me going! I masturbate face down on a bed using a folded up pillow between my legs. While rubbing myself up against the pillow, I think about another girl on top of me, grinding her hairy mound into mine. We get a good rhythm going, with just the right amount of clit to clit pressure. Rubbing pussy together gives the best orgasm ever.


I have been masturbating since I was about 6 or 7. I am now 16. I am not promiscuous or anything, but I've been around the block, technique-wise. I have tried everything from bath tissue to bottles. One of the most pleasurable things I have ever done to please myself was peeing while I come. Usually, when you have to go pee, you get this insatiable urge, right? Well, I figured that it was a good feeling. So, one day when I had to go pee, I went into my bathroom and started rubbing my clit and fingering myself. I finally couldn't hold my piss anymore and just let it out. The feeling was SO powerful that it also caused me to have my first 'sqwirt'. Now, whenever I am in the mood and have to go pee, I just rub one off along with it. All women should try it. I also got my boyfriend hooked on golden showers this way. It is the best feeling in the world. (And don't worry ladies, golden showers doesn't mean you have to DRINK it)


I have been masturbating since I discovered this site when I was 16. I am now 20. It's such an amazing site and I wouldn't have had so much fun masturbating without it!

My technique is usually just lying on my back or side, watching some porn or reading a hot story. I always use my middle finger on my right hand, I cant come with anything else. I think the shower trick is overrated, but whatever works for you!

My advice to all women would be to try as many different techniques as you can, and think about different stuff, coz you never know what you might like. Once you find your fetish, it's like striking gold.


This is how I usually masturbate. First, I think about having sex with my boyfriend to get me horny. I just picture him putting his penis into my vagina and cumming. Right now I start to feel a sensation down there. Then I stick my hand into my pants, and tickle the pubic hairs. I slowly move my finger down, to my clit. I start to rub it, gently and slowly at first, gradually getting faster and harder. Next I take off all my clothes and get on the floor. I close my eyes and imagine my boyfriend watching me from above. I can't help but picture us having long, rough sex. Then I get my two fingers and stick them up my vagina. I rub my G-spot for a long, long time. By now the juices start flowing out of my vagina and on the floor. Before I start I  always put my vibrating dildo next to me. I grab it, turn it on, and put it on my clit. It starts to get even more red and swollen than before. As I start to breath hard and moan, I insert the dildo in the vagina, and hold it for 10 seconds. After that I remove it from my hole, and just move it fast all over my pussy (in between my labia minora). At this point my pussy is so wet it is red as a cherry and clear liquid is coming out like a river. After a few minutes my girl parts begin to hurt. So I just stop touching them, I just relax. I get in bed, contract my vaginal muscles, breath softly, and gently drift off to sleep.


Hello! This website has been the purveyor of many a hot self-love session for me!! I love reading other stories of masturbation and picking up tips here and there.

I am a 39 year old divorcee, and I have masturbated since the age of sixteen.  I happened quite accidentally, the discovery of my clit, and the subsequent orgasm that followed. It was summer vacation and I was visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico. I was in the shower and was washing my vulva and my fingers grazed my clitoris. To this day I remember the electric shock that went through my body!! I jumped out of the tub, and went straight to my room. I stood in front of the mirror and spread my legs. I remember parting my hairy lips and seeing, for the first time, what my pussy looked like. It was beautiful!! My clit was pink and swollen and when I touched it again, the electric feeling returned and my knees buckled. I knew I was on to something good!!

My favorite technique, (and I have tried many, many different ones from lame to bizarre) to this day, is alone in bed laying on my back with my legs spread wide. I usually start by rubbing my huge tits and very large brown nipples. I pull and twist my nipples hard; I love rough nipple play. By this time my pussy is sopping and I usually rub my clit slowly at first, and then I alternate sticking 2 fingers in my vagina for a few deep strokes, then a few strokes of my engorged clit. I usually fantasize about being taken by a man with a large black penis, so large it barely fits in my gaping vagina!! This will usually push me over the edge in no time!! I will continue to fantasize and to rub my clit over and over and can have up to 4 orgasms - back to back - until I am barely conscious!! I am a very sexual woman, I enjoy all things sexual/sensual, am very open minded, but my very favorite sexual activity is and will always be masturbation!

Excited Girl

It was night, so I put my pyjamas on and went to bed. In bed I got naked and started to caress my breasts and then I lick them and put one in my mouth and start to suck it, and then I went with the other.  It was the first time that I sucked my nipples and I really like it. I get very excited doing that.


I began masturbating daily at 11 years old.  I humped things mostly and could orgasm easily.  By the time I hit 12 I was horny all the time.  This lasted until I was about 16.  When I was 12 I attended camp and once a week we visited a local water park.  We all ran around in our bathing suits and it was fun.  I was sitting around and was noticing many of the girls developing like me.  Their suits would gape open and the brown haired girls all had pubes and most of the blonds did not.  This was in the 80's and girls didn't shave at this age like today.  I noticed men, usually lounging with their families taking in the same glimpse of skin as I was.  There was a girl my age sitting on her foot across from me and a man was staring at her.  Her suit was pulled over and her pubes were showing.  She changed positions and was pulling her heel against her crotch rhythmically.  Her eyes were unfocused and her mouth was open.  The man got up and moved within 3 feet of her and stared at her from her right side.  After a minute her breath quickened and she pulled her heel hard with her mouth open wide.  I could not believe what I saw and was so horny from the show.

From then on when we went to the water park I would sit close to a man and when he wasn't looking, pull my suit to the side and sit cross legged.  It never took long before he would notice and stare.  For 12, I had a fair amount of brown pubes (even though I had reddish blond hair on my head) above and around my vagina.  I was thin, but not bony and had braces.  My legs were very pale, so it was easy for him to see my pubes.  After a while I would usually pull one leg up high and my slit would show too.  Everything I did looked accidental, like I had no idea what I was showing.  Never in my life was I so horny as the times I did stuff like this.  I could feel my slit open and feel cool as there was wetness too.  Many times the man would get up and leave for whatever reason and I would look down and see what he saw and it was such a turn on for me.  Sometimes I would sit cross legged, hand on my inner thigh with my thumb under my suit bottom.  I would orgasm this way every time.  It was amazing how the man would just plain stare at my legs and crotch.  I would slowly move my thumb in circles over my clit.  My pelvis would move up and down slightly too as he watched.  I even remember once with both hands in my lap pulling my suit all the way over and rub with my other hand.  I only did that when there were few people around.  Then I would pant audibly as orgasm approached and would purposely make sexy faces (or what I thought was sexy).  As open as I was that summer, I felt like it was crazy by the next and never did things like that again.  I would say at least 15 men saw me orgasm that summer and I still think about it when I masturbate today.