Female Masturbation Techniques and Experiences - Collection 16


Hi my name is Ebony. I'm 14 and been rubbing myself down there since I was about 4 or maybe younger; I cant remember. The last couple of years I have started to experiment a bit more: inserting fingers, sort of tickling certain sensitive parts, even exploring the outer area of my anus. My anus doesn't hurt but my vagina does; I can only put one finger in and only about 1.5cm max before it starts to hurt (I hate using tampons- they hurt when I put them in but it's fine once actually in. My breasts aren't very developed so I don't get much stimulation there. The best way of stimulation for me is either reading something erotic or fantasizing about hot men and rubbing a sensitive part of my vulva. I don't say clitoris because although I've looked in a mirror I don't know where it is. Different parts feel extra sensitive at different times and I can't find anything like what other women describe. Maybe I am using my clit and just don't know it. When I masturbate or fantasize I get a tension in my lower abdomen but I've never felt a real release.

Webmaster's Comment: The size of a woman's breast does not influence their sensitivity, and some research has indicated small breasts are more sensitive than large ones, perhaps because the nerve endings are closer together.


I'm 42 and married. My husband doesn't know I do this stuff. I enjoy inserting a vibrating dildo into my anus and one in my vagina. But I have discovered a something new lately that I am addicted too. I take an empty shampoo bottle and fill it with warm water and give myself an enema. I do this two or three times. This cleans my colon so I don't get my dildo dirty. I also like to put shampoo on the end of the dildo before I insert it my anus. This stings but the pain feels good.

Webmaster's Comment: The shampoo likely irritates the colon and it is probably unwise to do this.


Sexy Black WomanHello. I glance at this site (and section) pretty often, so I figured I might as well share...

I'm an 18 year old girl and usually masturbate about once a day. Nightly, of course since that's when I have the most privacy. I lay on my back, naked, and usually start by playing with my breasts. I wait until my nipples get really hard and I feel that familiar tingling need in my pussy. I then take out a brush I usually use, the kind with a long handle and ridges. Oh, it feels wonderful when I pump it in and out of my pussy. But this doesn't make me come. After I get myself really wet and really needing I pull the brush out and cross my legs. I start a rocking motion with my hips, this makes my clit rub against my wet lips and makes my muscles spasm as well. While rocking, my pussy becomes soaked as I near orgasm; I play with my breasts and often let random fantasies come to mind. Soon enough the fondling, rocking and fantasizing pays off and I come long and hard, leaving my pussy swollen, sticky, and my body completely spent.


I am 23 yr old Lisa. I started to masturbate when I was just about 14 yrs old. I slipped in the bathroom and sat on the floor sobbing. The shower was running and the water was falling on my clitoris. I found that it felt good. So I stayed there and then a massive orgasm hit me. I was like damn, good thing I fell. LOL. From that day on I masturbated frequently in the bathroom. I would take the shower head and put it on "forceful spray" and just let it hit my clit until I climaxed. Eventually, I started taking things and putting them in my vagina and gyrating until I was having multiple orgasms. You all should try this. Even with a boyfriend I still do it. He watches me do it sometimes. And he gets so hot we end always having sex in the bathroom. I LOVE MY SHOWER!


I would like to start off by saying that I found this site about a year ago, and have tried many of the techniques that have been shared. I've enjoyed most (many times), but one that I will most definitely rehearse over and over again. I've done the shower heads and the toys and the manual stimulation, so.... I felt I needed to try something different. I've read about the grinding and I've never been one to grind when masturbating. But, because I am bi and I do like the feel of a hot, soft wet pussy, and I know the ultimate erotic feeling that my clit gets when it's being rubbed up against another clit there is one technique that I must say every female should try. Although I added a twist to it, It truly is just like grinding a swollen, hot wet clit.

After coming (no pun intended) on line to this site and reading many stories my pussy was hot and my clit was ready for some action. I had read the stories and flicked my clit until I couldn't take it. I had to give my pussy all of my attention, I went into my bedroom and fantasized about all of those wet pussies I had read about.

Once entering my room, and wondering which technique to try one came to mind. I was so horny and thought I should just rub it out then. But, by this time I knew this wouldn't be enough. My pussy was longing for something more, something soft, something HOT, and something different! Then I had recalled a post about someone saying they had gotten a towel, wrapped it in saran wrap, and had grinded until they came.

Well, that sounded good enough, but me being me had to add a twist. I must say, it is the BEST if you want to get the feeling of grinding a pussy when there's not one to grind.

I did get the towel, and rolled it up tightly. Then, because I had no saran wrap, I got a freezer size baggie and stuffed the towel inside. Because I know that when you grind pussy there is not only the feeling of the soft and wet, there is also the feeling of the clit (which is the best), I found a marble and placed it strategically on the towel before sealing up the baggie. The thought of grinding that home-made pussy made me so damn hot, that I almost came without even a rub. Hell no, I wasn't going to give in so easily. After I had my little package all ready, I had to get some lube for the slimy ride. As if my own juices wouldn't have been enough. Oh my gosh! I mounted my bed, placed my pussy right between me and my pillows, and started grinding away. The more I rode the hotter the baggie got, it was the heat from my own pussy I know, but damn... it was so freakin' awesome, and so real !!!!! I am bi and I have had the opportunity of grinding, if one wants to now the ultimate pleasure of grinding another pussy... they should with no doubt try this technique. Your clit will thank you!


I'm very interest in the large clitoris stories like the one Holly wrote about in part. Would love to see one in person. I'm wondering if it has more nerve endings in it than a normal sized clitoris?

I started masturbating I think before I can remember. I do remember doing it at age three. I used to get up on the arm of the couch, spread my legs and rub my clitoris up and down until I came. It's hard to believe a three year old can actually have orgasms, but I did. I thought something was wrong with me, because my Mother caught me a few times and thought I had an infection and brought me to the doctor. Secretly I kept doing it. By the time I was about 6 on up until I got married at age 21, I would lay on the floor on my stomach with my legs spread apart and wiggle and make my body move in such a way that the floor was rubbing my clitoris in an up and down motion. Finally I would explode by imaging sex scenes from pornos, like two women together, or intercourse. I would always do it in my bedroom at night when everyone was sleeping, or if I got the urge to have an orgasm during the day, I'd go in the bathroom, lock the door, and quietly masturbate. I was never able to bring myself to orgasm with my fingers, nor am I able to have an orgasm during intercourse. When I got married a back massager was giving to me as a gift. Well, needles to say, it brings on the strongest wettest orgasms I've ever had. I use it about three times a day, and yes it is still a secret. I never told anyone including my husband about my masturbation activities.

Webmaster's Comment: It is my understanding that the number of nerve endings in the clitoris is not determined by its size. A small clitoris is likely more sensitive, as the nerve endings are closer together.


I begun masturbating about a year ago. I simply LOVE sitting on an office chair to masturbate, because it gives me the feeling of working, which makes me horny. So what I do is I wear a sexy silk slip, and get out my vibrator, I rub my vibrator around my labia and slowly put it into my pussy, on full blast, then after a few minutes, I move it up to my clit. Since the office chair is near the computer, I often watch some lesbian porn, since that is what makes me horniest. I also enjoy taking sex quizzes. After I ejaculate, I finger myself until I orgasm. It is a wonderful experience!



I love to masturbate. Usually when I masturbate I to take the end a bottle and rub it gently against my clit. As I continue, I rub harder and faster until I finally orgasm. It take me about 5 minutes and whenever I even see a bottle my pussy starts to got really wet. I also get wet by watching masturbation porn.


I have had orgasms since I was 4, and I'm 16 now. I've tried all different ways, but I find that I need to clench my thighs to have an orgasm. I used to go to the bathroom and pull my trousers and pants down as if I was going to pee, but I would cross my legs and lean to the left so I was balancing on the edge of the toilet bowl. Then I would gently rub my thighs together till I came.

Now I put my pillows at the end of my bed and I sit on the side of my bed and cross my legs and lean over. I rest my body on the pillows and rub my nipples through my nightie, while rubbing my thighs together and I think about random sexy guys/girls fucking and me watching. That always gets me going, but for extra pleasure I a hand between my knees and that creates extra pressure.

I've always thought that I must have been a disturbed child, because I was touching myself myself from 3 years old, but after reading the stories on this website, I realize that most people have sexual encounters as young as that, but no-one talks about it because they are frightened (like I was) of being called a freak!

Thank you all so much!!! I hope I have helped some unfortunate person, who cannot orgasm, to achieve the wonderful heights of ecstasy that I do most night!!!



Hey. I have been reading this site for about two years, and thanks to it I am more open about my sexuality then most people realize in my life. My semester away at college proved to be slightly stressful. When I first started I did not know when to masturbate. When my roommate left I would masturbate furiously by taking my two index fingers, putting them on either side of my shaft and alternate them, similar to my fingers walking. While masturbating I fantasize about my long distance boyfriend, and my mind goes from there. After awhile I feel a great fullness. This tells me to use my middle fingers, and as I do that I get the intense sensation to urinate. I try to ejaculate but I only end up having an orgasm instead. I wonder about why I cannot ejaculate often, but it has never bothered me too greatly.

When I am at home I use a shower head. It is a showerhead that has a pulse function. I press it against the more sensitive side of my shaft and the other I aim into myself. It fills me completely and as it begins to go dull I push it back out to be filled to the brim again. It's an amazing feeling, having my clitoris stimulated at the same time. One day, when I was home I began to orgasm, and I ejaculated violently. Confused I did not take it out of me like I would normally. As it kept pounding I began to orgasm again, and again. I lost count after ten. I fell to my knees, groaning in satisfaction. I happened to be alone in the house, so it did not draw anyone's attention. It took me fifteen minutes just to get up and leave the bathroom. I was so weak I just plopped down and fell asleep once I got to my room.

I find masturbation to be the best gift I have to give myself, because I am still a virgin. Thanks for taking the time to read this!



My name is Anna and I am 67 years old. I have always had strong sexual feelings even when I was a little girl and I have always enjoyed masturbating, sometimes several times a day. Since I stopped having periods my sex life has really taken off. I have had a succession of women lovers and we have practiced every conceivable technique to bring ourselves off. They say that a woman's most sensitive erogenous zone is her brain and I am sure that is right. I can bring myself to a frantic pitch of arousal just by fantasizing. I can do this in a crowded train or a restaurant or a supermarket and I can't wait to get to a toilet where I can rub myself off. When I am very horny the lips of my pussy become swollen and puffy and sometimes I can get myself in a sitting position in which I can compress them between my thighs. The trouble is that when I do this I tend to shout out and so I can't very well do it in public.



I just read one experience from a woman (her name was anonymous) who read my masturbation techniques. I'm Amanda and I have written to you previously. This girl said she also could come by climbing poles, hanging on doors and other things. I was extremely turned on by just reading that she was just like me. Although I haven't had the urge for some other girl to touch me while I'm climbing a pole or tree, (or banister or door or water pipe in the basement) it's wonderful to know that at least there is one other girl out there that gets off like I do. Maybe it's just the full body tension involved, but when I'm climbing a tree or pole, it's... well... like magic. I'm 24 now and have had sex with my boyfriend, but it's just not the same. I just don't orgasm fully. I really care for him, but I just don't get off like I do climbing a pole. And whoever "anonymous" is, I want her to know that I'm still climbing! And I love it! Just getting to the top of a tree or pole and gently touching and then grabbing it with my legs is pure heaven. And then just moving up and down just a little for a few times and squeezing... oh well, you know. Whew! I hope she reads this one if you post it on your wonderful website.

Thank you so much. I don't feel so much alone knowing there's another climber out there that can enjoy orgasms (polegasms, treegasms, doorgasms, bannistergasms climbinggasms) like I do.


Susan from England

What a turn on it is reading through everyone else's experiences. At 47, married for 19 years, I was beginning to think I was turning into a lesbian!! But now I see I am just "normal". Wouldn't it be fun if this web site provided a chat room for women only? I always like to masturbate when my bladder is slightly full (not too much), then I like to lay on the floor, face down, so there is pressure on my stomach, then hump my hand, stroking my nipple with the other hand. Lately, I really want to do it with a women, and I am seriously considering visiting a a lesbian masseuse! Can't wait.


I like listening to the sound of my heart beat, I close my eyes and picture my heart writhing and beating massive plump red flesh, slow at first as I rub my clit feeling my pulse in my pussy then I go faster and faster until I reach an orgasm. If that's what I can do with my fingers, imagine what I can do with a fucking vibrator.



I started masturbating at an early age. I was curious about my own sexuality so I began to explore. I would touch my clitoris to a point of arousal but I would stop. Now, as a grown woman and very comfortable with my sexuality, and with the help of this website, I was able to find my "G" spot without the aid of a partner. I find that I orgasm most effectively when I masturbate. I usually begin by running cold water over my fingers and then gently massaging my clitoris. I then take two fingers and bring myself to climax. As I reach it and my body stiffens, I rub my entire womanhood. Sometimes I also bring myself to a climax, stop and start up again to make a powerful orgasm.


I masturbate and I will be 15 in about 5 months but usually just tickle my upper pussy until I get wet or cum but ever since early 14 late 13 I've used my fingers sometimes and I can't tell the difference to much between when I'm just really wet or I cummed. I started to use a Venus vibrating shaver but I would pop off the razor so it just looks like a wand and pushing that on my clit and I think I cummed but I'm not sure, I find it hard to touch my self and get my self wet facing up I usually have the lay on my stomach hold my breath and keep my muscles tight, I have tried some of the techniques here and experimenting with more of my body but it doesn't do it for me I want to be sure when I cum and I want to be able to use my fingers not a vibrating shaver do you have and tips for me to help me cum or know when I cum?

Sincerely, secret


Hi, I'm 17 and from England. I've been masturbating since I was about 14 or 15. I've used a variety of techniques.

I used touch my pussy and put my fingers inside, I never had an orgasm until one day i was playing with my pussy, and I discovered my clit I rubbed it hard for a few minutes and got this really nice feeling.

For me it's all about clitoral stimulation, that's how I get the best orgasms. I can get an orgasm from penetration with my fingers though.

I have used the shower technique, it doesn't always work but when it does it makes my clit explode!

The other day I finally invested in a vibrator and by god I'm so glad I did. It's a "Pocket Rocket" and its the best money I've ever spent.

I couldn't wait to use it and when I did my clit exploded and I had the best orgasm I've ever had. When I masturbate I always fantasize about girls. I think of them kissing me passionately whilst undressing me, then they play with my breasts while they play with my pussy, they finger me whilst sucking me on my hard nipples, then they lick me out. These fantasies always get me wet and help me on my way.

Anyway back to my orgasm. I took the vibrator and used it all over my pussy, then I inserted it in whilst I rubbed my clit. Then I put the vibe on my clit and came almost instantly! I wanted to stop because it was to intense but I carried on and had several orgasms in one go! I kept on coming!

I luv this site it always gets me wet. Thanx!


The way I masturbate is by rolling a sheet or a blanket's corner so it's tight. Then I get naked and put my vulva on it and go up and down on it, and move all around while making noise. The sheet or blanket usually gets very wet from my orgasms. It feels so great. I am 29 years old and still a virgin so that is my way for helping relieve the sexual tension.



When I really want to cum, I go grab the biggest insertion item I can find and I sit right on it. Then I grab my clit and pinch it like a penis and start jacking off while fucking my insertion item at the same time. Sort of like a gang bang.

Then when I orgasm from that I lie back on the bed grab an aerosol can, put a condom on it and fuck it till I am exhausted and while rubbing my clitoris. I massively orgasm into another world!!!!!!!!! It is so great the bigger the better for me.


I masturbate and I will be 15 in about 5 months but usually just tickle my upper pussy until I get wet or cum but ever since early 14 late 13 I've used my fingers sometimes and I cant tell the difference to much between when I'm just really wet or I cummed I started to used a Venus vibrating shaver but I would pop off the razor so it just looks like a wand and pushing that on my clit and I think I cummed but I'm not sure, I find it hard to touch my self and get my self wet facing up I usually have the lay on my stomach hold my breath and keep my muscles tight, I have tried some of the techniques here and experimenting with more of my body but it doesn't do it for me I want to be sure when I cum and I want to be able to use my fingers not a vibrating shaver do you have and tips for me to help me cum or know when I cum?



Hi I am 43 and have been masturbating since I was about 13 I thought I knew a lot of methods for masturbating but this website is simply amazing and I am learning so much from the letters people have sent in. I thought it was time that I sent in a masturbation technique I sometimes use I just hope no one thinks its weird because believe me it works. I have a thick plastic handled potato masher that I sometimes use. Because of the flat bottom of the masher part it stands up on its own. I put a blanket and a towel on the floor and then I place the potato masher on the towel and slowly lower myself onto it, over course I make sure my vagina is good and wet first. While I slide up and down on the handle I use two fingers on my left hand to rub my clit and in no time I am having a mind blowing orgasm. I am have to agree with the people who have written in wish the sensation could last longer. If anyone tries this technique I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it does me!



I'm 26 years old and from Wales, UK. I've been visiting this web site for around 5 years, and have picked up many techniques over the years.

I've been masturbating since I was about 14 but only did it every now and then. Unlike many girls on this site, my first orgasm was with my boyfriend when I was 16, when he rubbed my clitoris to make me come. It felt so good, and from that moment, I knew I had to masturbate more often. For some reason, up until my relationship with him, I only get turned on when with a guy. Nowadays I don't need a guy around to get turned on. Reading other readers experiences on this site usually gets me wet in seconds!

My technique now is to lie down on my bed, naked and start to stroke my inner thighs and pussy. When I feel the desire to, I start to stroke my clitoris using my middle finger. After a while, I then have the urge for something to be inside me, so I either insert a finger or two, or my Venus razor handle. After a while longer I can feel myself getting tighter and tighter, so I continue to play with myself until I come.

I usually need stimulation both inside and on my clit to come. I love the idea of female ejaculation, and reading about it makes me so horny, but I have not yet been able to. My husband says he would love it too, and often helps me to try.


This was my first time visiting this website. I really enjoyed the tips. I love to masturbate! I have tried a lot of these techniques. One of my favorite ways is to get in my car and have on a skirt and just drive down the road. I lift my left foot up and have my pocket vibrator and start just rubbing my self with it. I think the thing that really turns me on is when I get beside someone that can see me. Sometimes I have had people slow down or speed up to stay beside me. When this happens, I get wetter and wetter, then I thrust my vibrator in and out of my pussy until I cum! Oh I love that feeling. Thanks for letting me visit you website. I will continue to come back to get more tips!



I am 14, and I like to put a lot of lotion on my clit after I am already aroused. Then I fastly and roughly go left to right in big strokes hardly and it feels soo good! I usually use regular lotion.

Try It!


Oh My Gosh!!!!! I have the best technique....YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!! Ok, the next time you take a shower, put in the tub thing that you put at the bottom, when you want to take a back, so the water fills the tub. ok, once its almost full, ( ok so this is like taking a bath, but I do everyday :D), sit down. and take the shower head from the wall (if you can do that), and put it under the water, and spread your legs out, but first you have to switch the jets on the hard one where water comes out only from the middle, not all around in a circle....ok and then don't put it right on your pussy, put it just in front, so you can feel the water softly, not hard. and just imagine somebody being there and eating you out.....Feels so good, and happens fast, if you imagine a good one.



I've been masturbating since as long as I can remember. I used to only lay on my back with a vibrator on my clit or using my fingers but I tried something new this morning. I have this two head body massager and I placed it on a pillow and got on top of it to straddle it. It felt so good being in a different position. But I needed more so I took my dildo and put it in me. I kept my panties on so it wouldn't slip our and got back on top of the pillow with the vibrator on my clit. I placed my hands on the back of my legs and rode away until I had an amazing orgasm. Ladies, if you're like me and only come laying on your back, you have to try this. It works and it feels so different and amazing!


My fastest way to cum is to put the Shower Massager against my clitoris and adjust it to the most intense stream there is.  Nice and warm and in a couple of minutes I can feel an orgasm getting ready to happen...that is when I turn the hot up just a tiny bit...then aaaaaaaaaaah.


If I want to come fast, I will squat down beside my bed holding my vibrator to my clit. My clit quickly becomes swollen. If I start to rise slowly, my orgasm hits me fast.

If I want to come slow, I start by lying on my bed, spread my legs very wide, touching my whole body with light stroking movements. My clit is buzzing, I am on edge, I get out my 2 favorite dildo's, lube them up, push one slowly into my vagina, then the other even slower into my butt. The feeling of fullness is soooo great. I then get my vibrator, place it on my clit, and come, come, come.

Sometimes when I am a little stressed, and find it hard to come, I forcefully fuck my butt with a huge vibrator and finger and slap my clit. The pain and pleasure simultaneously creates a mind blowing orgasm, that helps me forget why I was stressed in the first place.

I also really get off on watching a man masturbate and do things to himself.


Hi my name is Lan. I'm 17 from Maine. I LOVE masturbating, in fact, I'm doing it as I type this by sitting on a chair with my legs wide open and a baby pacifier sliding up and down my slit...try it its awesome! Sometimes, well...all the time, I look at porn or read erotic stories while i touch myself. I love pics of women (I'm definitely NOT a lesbian, I just think it hot to get off to pictures of women like me who can relate to what I feel) peeing, being fingered, with puffy pussy lips, being examined by a doctor laying down with their knees up and apart and SEX. I can't stand any anal sex pics...maybe its because I don't like the feeling of touching my ass hole. I love the feeling of soaking my panties with girl juice... They get so juicy that if I leave them in my room for a day or two they get crunchy! I also love stroking my inner labia with a Q-tip... it produces such a great feeling, especially around my urethra. On that note, I have a little bit of a pee fetish. I love thinking about people who are incontinent, or can't pee or burn when they pee... I like to imagine that I'm a doctor, spreading their labia to see what's wrong. And peeing accidents turn me on like no other. Sometimes I fold a towel and then slowwwwwly drip pee into it...soooo hot. Or I pee into a cup. Can't wait to... buy a dildo, get eaten out, get fingered, masturbate in public and live alone so I can do all of this more freely! ooooooooooooooo Lan


Being able to climax and simply "let go" had somewhat alluded me until a little over a year ago at 34 yrs old. I believe I "tricked" my body into orgasm. My methods might not be kosher, but nonetheless it worked.

I was always into erotica and loved phone sex for some reason. Then when I got into cams, that was another story. I figured this was safe, as I was by myself masturbating and visualizing the person on the other end. Also not worrying about anything but cumming. After weeks of this, I found out that not only can I orgasm, but I can ejaculate. The fluid tastes really sweet. But anyway, the squirt is not as important as the ability to cum in the first place.

It also is not bad for us to be empowered as women and feel that our bodies are important and NOT a doormat....We are used to being nurturing and givers. But we need to be somewhat selfish with the masturbating...... 'til we tap our source.

Just put that finger arched up into the G-spot, hitting it faster than normal and caress the clit in a comfortable position. For me I can hit the G-spot good by sitting in my office chair, legs open, with feet up on desk. Open up your voice in your low natural tone and get into it.... Once you get to the ability to open up, you can key into the source of the..... tulip flower juices....Yes, consider yourself as a blossoming flower!! The main thing is, forget all else.... and just enjoy!!!!

Joy aka Joysquirt


I started with pole climbing before I really knew what I was doing. It became harder and harder to do this the older I got. One day I had the brilliant idea to get a balloon (the ones you use for making animal balloons) and I inflate it only part of the way and knot it. I push all of the air to the end with the knot leaving a deflated finished end. I put that end of the balloon over my finger and insert it all the way inside me, leaving just the inflated end out and nested in my vulva/clit.

I vary the second step, but most traditionally I put a pillow between my legs while lying on my side and gently close my legs. When I do this it forces the air on the outside of me to inflate the balloon inside me. It's amazing! I repeat this motion so that when I lift up my leg the air comes out and repeat. It's as if I am having actual intercourse. I have sat on chairs and bounced up and down etc. I've even filled the balloon with warm water for added sensation.

You can buy many different sizes of these airship balloons and who would think anything us up when you have balloons lying around the house?


I just found your website tonight after my boyfriend went to bed. I'm 16 (almost 17) and I have been masturbating since a was really young. When I was really little I would rub my pussy against things like my pillow or big stuffed animals. I use to think I was dirty or something but found out not to long ago now that I'm not. My boyfriend lives in another country right now and well to say we do find it nice to help each other when we masturbate. It's a lot of fun to ask him where I should put my fingers on myself and things like that. Usually when I'm alone and do this I just go for it without the foreplay but when it comes to us both he has me play with my nipples and run my hands on my lower stomach. I love to here his voice gasping for air as he's moving his hands over his penis and things like that. But what I do other times to make myself feel really good is taking a vibrator that I have. It's a little speeding bullet and it comes with things that go over it that are like jelly coats. The jelly coat is in the shape of a turtle and has a little jelly head that moves really fast and all around when I put it on the highest speed (speed 4). It drives me wild to just think how it feels moving against my clit. It brings me to an orgasm in minutes. And then if I keep on trying it seems like my body will explode in pleasure. I tend to find my self closing my eyes and dreaming of my boyfriends tongue there doing it. Other times I will lay down in my shower and let the water pound down on me. It feels amazing. I truly just want to say to women that you should get that little speeding bullet if you can find it. It also comes with a dolphin attachment.


Hi, I'm 13 years old and have been masturbating since I was 4 or 5. I love it. Your site has helped me find ways to pleasure myself at night. My techniques are I lay in the bathtub and turn the shower on then I bring my pussy up and open it so the water can hit my clit. I love the way that feels. I usually have a major orgasm right there. Then after I get out I'm still pretty horny so I dry off and I go on my bed and get this pillow massager and massage my clit. I usually cum right there. I want to have another orgasm so I get my electrical toothbrush and I start to rub it on my clit. It feels great. I start to moan and groan but I don't want anyone to hear me so I turn some music on and I'm there for about an hour prolonging my orgasm because it feels sooooooooooo good. Well that's what I do I hope you guys find my technique good and you can try it bye bye.



My experience was at school at the age of 13 almost 14. We had a gym instructor who took us swimming. It was a mixed school so the boys were in another changing area. The Gym instructor always hung about in or near the girls changing rooms. Its odd that they allow a man to be left in charge.

Anyway we all fancied him like mad and flirted like crazy. One time when we all first wandered into the changing room he came in as usual but instead of leaving he decided he wanted to use the toilet cubicle. Well that was all me and my friend needed. My heart was racing as we both wanted to get a look over the cubicle to see how big his penis was. You cant see the changing area properly from the toilets so we sneaked in beside him and I climbed up on the top of the loo. I was shaking with excitement. My friend Debbie tried to get up as well but I got there first. What a site.

He was standing at the door trying to see through the gap playing with himself. My heart was racing. My friend climbed up to see and I looked under the dividing part. I was just in time as he shot a jet of sperm onto the door. I could have killed my friend as she was unable to stay quiet and made a noise. We both quickly rushed back to our change giggling like mad and continued to get into our costumes. A short while later he came out looking flushed and left the room. After that we never got a repeat performance.

Shame because that night I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get the image out of my mind. I lost count of the orgasms I had reliving the moment . I had the pillow locked between my thighs that night imagining it was him pushing his penis inside me. I didn't sleep until about 5am. I suppose thinking back he was a pervert but I now have this constant desire to secretly watch a man masturbating. I try and think up bizarre way of achieving this fantasy but so far I haven't managed it. Ay ideas anyone.

This is a great site I enjoy reading mail.



My name is Irene

I have been reading these letters from other women and girls.

I also love to masturbate. I am 55 and divorced and lately it seems I masturbate 3-5 times a day. I love to cum, I love having orgasms. I want them all the time.

I have two techniques, but the only difference is that in one I use my fingers and the other I use a vibrator. I have two what I call "Pleasure spots". I do not like directly stimulating or touch my clitoris. The first spot is just underneath the clit at the shaft. The second is just inside my vagina. It feels like a second clit inside my vagina.

When I touch myself I make sure the tip of my finger (or vibrator) is inside the vagina touching the spot there, then it covers the spot on the shaft and rests on my actual clit. I can often bring myself to an incredible state and bring myself there over and over just short of cuming. Sometimes I can do this for 2 hours.

I started masturbating when I was about 17. My first orgasm was in the middle of the night. I woke up suddenly and put my hands "down there" and immediately came. It was incredible. I just wanted to feel that over and over.


My vagina gets really dry during my period when I use tampons. I don't have a personal lubricant available (I'm 17), and I don't always have water available. My solution to this is to sexually arouse myself to create natural vaginal lubrication in order to easily remove tampons.

This is easily concealed in my house where I can go into a room alone and rub my nipples until I get wet, but at school and work it's a little harder. Usually at school I discretely rub my nipples by crossing my arms and moving my thumbs over my nipples or by crossing my arms and using a pen or notebook to rub my nipples. It's never to the extent that I can do at home, of course.

Sometimes rubbing my nipples isn't enough so I take the tampon out of the package and rub it in circles over my clit before I insert it into my vagina. I can usually feel the rush of fluid and if I can't, I just stick a finger down there to make sure. This technique (not only for tampons, but for masturbating) has helped me very much. I think other girls should know about it, especially young girls first trying out tampons. I wished I would have thought of it sooner. Pleasure and practicality! But enough about tampons, here's how I masturbate without the help of tampons:

1) I usually think of a fantasy or look at pictures/movies online. I also found reading erotic stories helpful. I either sit upright (at the computer) or lay in bed with my legs spread wide open. Then I rub my nipples lightly and then sometimes firmly, through my shirt/bra at first and then not through anything. I keep rubbing until I can tell my vulva is wet. Once my vulva is wet and my clit is throbbing for attention, I stick my middle finger into my panties and start rubbing my clitoris. I usually change between rubbing back and forth/up and down and circles. Sometimes I rub my nipple with my free hand. When I near orgasm, I usually rub my clit very hard and fast, up and down. If I have been sitting, I usually stand up and squat when I'm near orgasm. My thighs and pelvic muscles get tense, and then I orgasm and release. I usually let myself calm down for a minute or two and then try again for another orgasm. I haven't exactly mastered the multiple orgasms yet, but I am trying. My legs usually shake uncontrollably on my second orgasm.

2) Until very recently we had a detachable showerhead. Boy, are those things great! I would squat in my tub and put the showerhead right under my clit. The direct sprays gave me powerful orgasms!! However, we have since gotten rid of it (it broke). So I have gone back to what I did before. I stand at the back of the shower. I position the showerhead back and up as far as possible. Then I lean against the shower wall and spread my pussy. It doesn't hit my clit as well, but it's okay. It's works better if you lie down in the tub and position the faucet or showerhead to hit your clit directly. I like masturbating in the shower because there is no clean-up.

3) I have tried using various "dildo-like" objects to masturbate. I have a bottle one inch in diameter that I like to use. But I have discovered a new toy. I would buy a vibrator, but my mom would find out. Instead, I have a curling iron (3/4" in diameter, 4" long) we used to use that has been disassembled. The base (the part that heats it) is separated from the actual iron part. It's more compact than your average curling iron, and it can't get hot! Plus, it's one for spiral curls so it's ribbed for my pleasure!! It's perfect. I haven't used it yet, but I can't wait to have the house to myself so I can try it out.

4) Sometimes I get adventurous. Once I put a marble between my labia by my clit. It didn't exactly stimulate me, but it was interesting. I like using ice cubes on my nipples and clit, but they get so cold! I once put a clothespin on my nipple. It was okay, but I don't think I'm the nipple clamp-type. My absolute favorite way to masturbate is to use an electric toothbrush! It feels great on nipples and clits. I don't have one anymore, but I'm going to buy one soon!

I hoped I helped some young (or not so young) girls out there looking for tampon (and arousal) tips and some new masturbation techniques.

Thank you.


I think I started masturbating when I was about 4 or 5 just like humping things. I didn't know what it was but I knew it felt really good. Me and my friend would hump my bed or the couch or his bed. Me and him have never had sex but we were best friends. As I got older I started laying on my back rubbing my clit hard and in a circle it only took me about 5 minutes to come but I wanted more I would watch R rated DVDs, just the sex scenes. Then one day I was online and I was horny so I typed in sex.com and I saw all these pictures that turned me on I started rubbing my clit and with in a minute I was coming. I saw on one porn site were a girl was coming. It looks like it feels awesome but it takes to much time to do everything. I wish I had new ways to masturbate I'm getting tired of the same old ways but I have no complaints. I still love it and do it every day !!! ~Brittany


I'm age 12 and I have been masturbating for about a year. I normally just press a bottle against my clit or rub it against the side of a chair. I find it feels really good and makes you quite horny. Try it out for


I'd like to contribute my story to your website. The stories I've read there have been very inspiring and have provided me with several pleasurable experiences! Keep us coming!

I have been masturbating to orgasm since about age 5, and am now 38. Until my teens, I used only my hands, and primarily my right index finger, on clit alone. At about 14, I began inserting items into my vagina, such as an extremely large pen, an squirt bottle (from hair colour) filled with warm water, dismembered legs from my old Barbie doll collection, bottle necks, and so on. At around age 8, I added a little bit of perfume to my vulva ­ who knows why ­ and this started a habit of adding fluids: Worcestershire sauce, alcohol (rum is not bad), vinegar (very nice!), a tiny bit of hot sauce (very sexy, but can potentially burn).

Usually, I masturbated 5 times a week, once each of these days, from my teens until six months before my marriage in 1995 at age 27. After that, I lost interest in sex altogether. My poor husband is lucky if he 'gets some' twice or three times a year!!

Last fall, I went back to university, a lifelong dream in the process of fulfillment!! One of my professors from my first semester (whom I, at first, intensely disliked) has become my best friend. He's not a young, tall, blond, blue-eyed hot academic. Instead, he's short, fat, dark, hairy and brilliant. He has a very dirty mind and is INCREDIBLY sexy!! Just the sound of Vadim's European-accented voice makes me very wet. We hang out at his place, drinking vodka, and often talk about masturbation, his cock, my boobs, but alas, we are lovers only in my mind. Since last fall (2005), I've started masturbating again, much to my delight! Sometimes I like to watch the action with a mirror between my legs. This is not an easy task, as my clit is buried very deeply. Other times, I will pull out a picture of Vadim and look into his eyes as I flick my clit to orgasm.

I use a couple of methods when I fuck myself. My husband has bought me several vibrators over the years, some of which are better than others. My favorite of these is a bullet-type vibrator, which I lubricate well and push deep into my twat, up against my G-spot, as I lie on my back, legs partly spread. Then I lube up my vulva until it is dripping wet. My new favorite toy to use on my clit, while the bullet-vibe is in my cunt, is an electric toothbrush. With both of these toys vibrating at full blast, and looking at my photo of Vadim, I have unbelievably explosive orgasms in just minutes!! You have GOT to try the electric toothbrush trick if you haven't as of yet!! (I've discussed my use of the toothbrush with Vadim. Hopefully it turns him on as much as his stories about masturbating work for me!)

My other technique involves the same placement of the bullet-vibe. Again, I lube my vulva well, and the fingers of my right hand. With my index finger, I make tiny circles near or on my clit, sliding my fingers into my pussy hole to extract more juice as needed, sometimes licking the pussy juice off my fingers. Imagining Vadim's thick, soft fingers or tongue rubbing my clit instead of my own fingers, I vary the pressure and speed on my clit until I cum ferociously, loudly moaning his name.

All of this delightful activity happens about 3 or 4 times a week, usually 3 times on each of those days. With some luck and a little more teasing, I hope to entertain Vadim in person, in my bedroom or his in the near future.


First I take a short trip to my garden, lay in the grass, and show my soft fat pussy. Start off by rubbing my fingers up and down my soft shiny clit then add a little of my thick spit and rub until I feel I'm at me peak. Tease my vulva with grass and stop JUST when I'm about to cum ....... then star all over again (I can spend over half an hour masturbating)


Twitching gets me off in seconds. I take my middle and pointer finger and hold firmly my clit. Then I gently pull, squeeze, stretch and tag my clit out and rotate it in a circular motion. It may take a couple tries to get a good enough grip on your clit, but it is well worth it. Or place 3-4 fingers around your clit. Then very gently, twist, tag and stretch. I like to pull out and see my clit get 2 inches from me stretching and tugging. Keeping all the fingers possible closely wrapped around the clit, begin to tap up and down like guys do, milking my clit fast and slow hard and soft----it doesn't take long



Hello. This is a very good site. It has given me so much information that I don't think you would learn anywhere else.

I started to masturbate when I was about 11 and I'm now 14. I can't believe some people started when they were 4. I'm not saying it was bad. I find it incredible even at that age how sensitive your cunt is.

Well I love the feeling of coldness down there. It makes my whole body shiver. I love it!

I usually masturbate in the bathroom and lock the door because I don't want my sister or mother walking in. I normally put down a towel because I like to use water. I have never been able to orgasm but I'm still trying.

I put a bottle of water in the freeze a few hours before I want to get horny. I know this may sound wrong but it is a method of getting myself wet without downloading porn or even going near the computer of T.V. I like to think of me and a friend touching ourselves and each other. I don't fancy her or anything. We'd just be incredibly open about these things and share techniques.

I never know were my hands are going. I usually keep my bra on because I don't have very sensitive nipples. I love feeling lightly tickling my breasts through the fabric of my bra.

I take off my pants and rub the inner parts of my thighs and tickle my cunt gently. I sit up, with my back against the bath and start rubbing my clit (I usually do it from left to right because when I go up and down it doesn't seem to have much effect. At this stage I think of my friend licking me out. fuck it makes me so wet. I grab the frozen bottle of water and spread my legs wide. Sometimes I can't control myself. I rub the bottle up against my cunt. Its so cold It's painful. I love it.

I flip over and lie on my stomach, still with the bottle between my legs. I hump it hard and roughly. The sensation it great. But unfortunately, NO ORGASM ACHIEVED!

I keep doing this until I'm wrecked. and then go back to using my fingers and so on.

But the cold feeling against my cunt is so unbelievably. I Love feeling cold down there I once put an ice cube in my cunt and lay on to towel and just let it melt while I rubbed my clit. It felt amazing.

I would love to buy I dildo or vibrator but unfortunately I have no way of getting one.

Anyway, thanks for the site it truly is amazing!


I masturbate lately in a couple of very self-satisfying ways. It depends on how much time and privacy I have. One can be done in the car on the way to work or on the way home, or I can do it in my private office at work if nobody else is around (during the lunch hour or before or after hours). I have about a 6-inch wooden dildo. I usually use a condom with that so that the scent doesn't remain on the dildo and give my secret away. Sometimes I start out by just gazing fondly at my dildo while rubbing my nipples or else just slipping it into my panties and gently rubbing against it and massaging my breasts until I'm getting hot...then I might rub it on my nipples. Then I insert the dildo and that way I can have the vaginal penetration that I really love. Rocking and bucking back and forth on my dildo rubs my clit against the base of the dildo gives me very enjoyable sensation. Additionally, I can use one hand against my clit or alternate between my clit and nipples. I get hot instantly from the rubbing of my nipples. But I also find it very stimulating and pleasure-ful to pretend to talk to my husband or just my "lover" in general, whether it be "myself" or my husband. I tell him/myself what I'm doing and how it feels and what I would like to feel...I just have a running fantasy of the sex-talk we engage in while having sex together. I can get myself off for about an hour or more this way, with multiple orgasms. I like to leave the dildo in my pussy as I drive or just sit in my office because then afterward, I might decide to go at it again and my pussy is still wrapped tightly around my "partner" -- all it takes is a couple of flicks of my nipples or a hot thought to pass through my mind. In the car I can be as loud as I want and bounce all around -- you'd be surprised at the people driving by -- I believe they think I am singing and dancing with the radio...when in reality I may be orgasming my heart out. I've even had people look over and smile as they drive by -- as if they see how much I am enjoying the music. So far so good, I'm able to pull over or stop if things get really out of hand and I have an orgasm building that is so good that it requires my full attention. This may not be the safest to masturbate but it's certainly a time saver. I can't imagine what I would say if I was pulled over for speeding or got into an accident -- but I do put the cruise control on and try to only engage in this activity when I am on the open road without much traffic. At my office I have been known to have to pop out on an errand -- walk out of the building with my dildo up in my pussy (good reason to wear panties!!) and get in my car, drive to the park a block away and really go at it when I park my car.

At home, when I can get the privacy (without kids and husband) I do something similar, only I arrange my pillows on my bed so that I can sit on my vibrator, and pump away while moaning and talking about my sexual fantasies out loud. I am always rubbing my nipples and breasts over these brocade pillows that I have. The rough texture of the pillows reminds me of my husband's beard and how hot it makes me when he is sucking my nipples while I masturbate myself into orgasm after orgasm. After I have cum several times this way, I take the vibrator out and rub the head of it on my clitoris and nipples until I have to SHOUT out to the world that I'm hot, horny, and coming again! Sometimes I will re-insert the vibrator and ride it again and again. I also like to still have it in my pussy when I'm just padding around the house in my negligee. If the kiddies are at grandma's house I can do this and when my husband comes in I can get him to watch me masturbate and then we can go at it together.

My husband has for years talked about wanting to watch me have sex with another woman. That is what a number of our sex-talk fantasies plays out as. Early on I didn't get so turned on by it, but later, after I became accustomed to this sex-talk that never was discussed outside of our sexual interludes, I began to use this imagery when fantasizing and found that it was quite intoxicating to me to use while masturbating. Partly because I knew how much it turned on my partner to hear me say these things, and also because it became more interesting to me to think of doing these things without him. I do not feel that I am a lesbian or really even bi-sexual as I have never been attracted to a particular woman. It may be odd, but the woman in my fantasies has breasts exactly like my own and her pussy is exactly my own. So in effect I'm fantasizing about making love to myself...which is very nice, because that's exactly who I am pleasuring and who is pleasuring me. I like to get really loud and graphic and the louder I get the more wonderful my orgasm usually is.

So when I am masturbating it is so totally ALL ABOUT ME. Very intoxicating. Sometimes I'm so good I fall in love with myself all over again!! And I'm a very good lover!!

As I have gotten older, I have become much more sexual and usually masturbate every single day at least once...at least for a few minutes. It has vastly enhanced my physical relationship with my husband. He is 17 years older than I am and he is enjoying my masturbation with and without him very much. The more orgasms I have, the more I want to have. Going solo is very fulfilling. And taking responsibility for making sure I have as much sex as I want and need has been quite fabulous.

My dildo and vibrator are exceptionally pleasing in addition to my husband and his mouth and penis. I also find that I enjoy his body the more I enjoy my own.

We have always discussed anal sex and have tried several times but it has been very painful for me. I have begun to have my vulva and anal areas waxed and I think that the hair removal from my anus will make it more easily lubricated and more accessible for his penis and not just his fingers. I have begun to stimulate my own anus while masturbating and I look forward to having him try to penetrate me anally in the very near future. I love to feel the vibrator in my pussy when I insert my fingers into my anus and I think he will really get off on that too. Also, after we have had intercourse and he has ejaculated into my vagina, I have begun to put my fingers in and get his cum on them and then insert them in my anus. I have orgasmed several times doing that and it makes him excited again so that he gets hard and wants to go all over again.

It seems that I am hot and bothered a lot of the time nowadays and that is a very "alive" feeling. Masturbation is extremely wonderful for me these days! My body is so inviting and so available to me!